Giannis Dunks on Thon Maker Game 2! 2019 NBA Playoffs


  1. Geez Is Goat

    Geez Is GoatBulan Yang lalu

    missed last year watching these type of videos

  2. MrPrizziceless

    MrPrizzicelessBulan Yang lalu

    Uh, dannica Patrick is the focus in that shot brother smoove

  3. Six rings Of steel

    Six rings Of steelBulan Yang lalu

    Dunking on a 78 year rude!

  4. Royal Me

    Royal MeBulan Yang lalu

    Double team on giannis

  5. Ryan McKenna

    Ryan McKennaBulan Yang lalu

    Giannis should join the avengers

  6. Nathan iel

    Nathan ielBulan Yang lalu

    Who think smoove about to hit us w the cheese in a few minutes

  7. Pale Ronin

    Pale RoninBulan Yang lalu

    I read it Giannis dunk on Thanos !!! 😐

  8. Gabriel Soria

    Gabriel SoriaBulan Yang lalu

    Bring Minecraft back

  9. Wasted Walnut

    Wasted WalnutBulan Yang lalu

    Giannis though being a glitch 😂

  10. JapaneseDramaClips&Ost

    JapaneseDramaClips&OstBulan Yang lalu

    Greek God vs. Flying kick

  11. Khari Lawrence

    Khari LawrenceBulan Yang lalu

    How does smoove still not know Luke Kennard’a name he’s a beast lol

  12. Andres Chavez

    Andres ChavezBulan Yang lalu

    can you do a gameplay of world war z,PLEASE

  13. Memes

    MemesBulan Yang lalu

    Giannas man

  14. josh howard

    josh howardBulan Yang lalu

    1:20 gainias gave thon maker a little booty tap old teamates

  15. Shoney Carpenter

    Shoney CarpenterBulan Yang lalu

    Remember when folks were calling Thon Maker a "Cheat code"

  16. Anthony Kole

    Anthony KoleBulan Yang lalu

    Damnnnnn so Thon used to be on the Bucks too🤦🏾‍♂️

  17. Ya Boy Blue

    Ya Boy BlueBulan Yang lalu

    That's Danika Patrick with him...sayin'. She famous too pimp.

  18. D1stboy

    D1stboyBulan Yang lalu

    Ayoo smoove! release some old never before seen MW2 commentaries for the hell of it lol

  19. Sam Sam

    Sam SamBulan Yang lalu

    Giannis has the potential to the greatest player ever no 🧢

  20. Go Bucks

    Go BucksBulan Yang lalu

    Lol, Giannis wasn’t cherry picking. He went into the first row on a layup and about time he recovered, Bledsoe had the steal.

  21. umaru sesay

    umaru sesayBulan Yang lalu

    Damn Waite until brogdon comeback the warriors is in trouble

  22. Arcanine 1107

    Arcanine 1107Bulan Yang lalu

    Hold I late? When did the Bucks trade Thon Maker? He was a rookie with the Bucks right?

  23. Clayton Bigsby

    Clayton BigsbyBulan Yang lalu

    Once Giannis decides to twist his hair or lock it up, it’s a wrap for the league. Dread-head Giannis, with an attitude and a reliable jumpshot......... Issa wrap. ✌🏾🏃🏾‍♂️⚡️💨 👀🤫🥴🙅🏾‍♂️

  24. Daniel Berri

    Daniel BerriBulan Yang lalu


  25. Khan of Anatolia

    Khan of AnatoliaBulan Yang lalu

    Thin Maker 😂

  26. MyTopSpinner

    MyTopSpinnerBulan Yang lalu

    Bucks fear the bullet lol

  27. kkr studios.

    kkr studios.Bulan Yang lalu

    Thon met his maker that night

  28. Jay Blast

    Jay BlastBulan Yang lalu

    *Greek Freak is just a different beast!!!*

  29. tjallday45 Gaming

    tjallday45 GamingBulan Yang lalu

    Giannis 4 MVP

  30. black news

    black newsBulan Yang lalu

    He might be a modern shaq

  31. KwikDraw 35

    KwikDraw 35Bulan Yang lalu

    Giannis really is a real life glitch gotta patch him

  32. Jose Rocha

    Jose RochaBulan Yang lalu

    I feel bad for thon maker

  33. lwonlwon

    lwonlwonBulan Yang lalu

    please allow Hong Kong viewers to watch your NBA videos

  34. KingAlphA_ _

    KingAlphA_ _Bulan Yang lalu

    They can’t stop bledsoe

  35. KingAlphA_ _

    KingAlphA_ _Bulan Yang lalu

    Blake needs to comeback ASAP or it’s gonna be a blowout in Detroit

  36. Kevin Doe

    Kevin DoeBulan Yang lalu

    For some reason the pistons are always annoying in my career

  37. KingAlphA_ _

    KingAlphA_ _Bulan Yang lalu

    Jesus Christ that Giannis poster

  38. Storms

    StormsBulan Yang lalu

    Giannis got murder on his mind🤭 Playoff Mode Activated

  39. Obeynist

    ObeynistBulan Yang lalu

    Giannis be that OP cheat code everyone uses


    TOTOY BITTERBulan Yang lalu


  41. 1000gohead

    1000goheadBulan Yang lalu

    The NBA is rigged

  42. Bailey

    BaileyBulan Yang lalu

    And 1

  43. VY MaJoris

    VY MaJorisBulan Yang lalu

    Mentions Aaron but not Luke... Come on Smoove...

  44. thomas b

    thomas bBulan Yang lalu

    Haha Smoove doesn't know who Danica Patrick is..

  45. Marlou Cabalquinto

    Marlou CabalquintoBulan Yang lalu

    The Greek Glitch.

  46. Substitoad

    SubstitoadBulan Yang lalu

    Idk what pisses me off more? How Smoove says Brogdon or how people in the comments say Giannas instead of Giannis

  47. Flickzy

    FlickzyBulan Yang lalu


  48. ZZBossGaming

    ZZBossGamingBulan Yang lalu

    1:24, and Danica Patrick too lol

  49. thomas b

    thomas bBulan Yang lalu

    Smoove shows Danica no love

  50. Jean N

    Jean NBulan Yang lalu

    Giannis AntetoGLITCHo

  51. Deividas Pačkauskas

    Deividas PačkauskasBulan Yang lalu

    Say what you want, but Giannis is the best player in the league, maybe Durant is a bit better in scoring but overall Giannis💪💪💪

  52. Νίκος Αναγνωστόπουλος

    Νίκος ΑναγνωστόπουλοςBulan Yang lalu

    Giannis is more better than snake Durant...Giannis is MVP Durant is nothing hahaha

  53. steve steven

    steve stevenBulan Yang lalu

    That means, deep down, you know KD is better!)

  54. KorayNation

    KorayNationBulan Yang lalu

    Giannis can't dunk on the Hippo tho

  55. Dylan Rizzo

    Dylan RizzoBulan Yang lalu

    Loving that 360p video quality Smoove

  56. William Vandergraph

    William VandergraphBulan Yang lalu

    Great video Chris

  57. Ahmed Ghorzi

    Ahmed GhorziBulan Yang lalu

    Remember when Westbrook dunked on Thon that was amazing

  58. Ahmed Ghorzi

    Ahmed GhorziBulan Yang lalu

    Prince Ali that dunk made him think about life

  59. Prince Ali

    Prince AliBulan Yang lalu

    Ahmed Ghorzi lol hell yeah, “The rim is crying”.

  60. Orlando Ortiz

    Orlando OrtizBulan Yang lalu

    Does Aaron Rodgers go to every bucks game

  61. Jiggy Josh

    Jiggy JoshBulan Yang lalu

    Giannis MVP💯

  62. Dead Beef

    Dead BeefBulan Yang lalu

    Sweep 🧹

  63. J S

    J SBulan Yang lalu

    God what is wrong with Rodgers.. sociopath af

  64. Beaver Joe

    Beaver JoeBulan Yang lalu

    Someone Born for the playoff. Some injury for the playoff. Blake is overrated or not? without hesitation these several years.

  65. sight

    sightBulan Yang lalu

    When was the last time he was in the playoffs

  66. Jakob H

    Jakob HBulan Yang lalu

    it’s so much fun to watch giannis shoot around

  67. qwertyuiop king

    qwertyuiop kingBulan Yang lalu


  68. Ryan Shane

    Ryan ShaneBulan Yang lalu

    Bro thats just so frkin unfair lmfaooo

  69. aj aparicio

    aj aparicioBulan Yang lalu

    its time to pull out the flying kick to turn around the series lmao

  70. Liam Laz

    Liam LazBulan Yang lalu


  71. Amadou Ndiaye

    Amadou NdiayeBulan Yang lalu

    that was a statement dunk to thon for sure

  72. Random Funz

    Random FunzBulan Yang lalu

    Wait since when was thon on pistons?

  73. Godz29

    Godz29Bulan Yang lalu

    99 standink dunk damn 😂🔥🔥🔥

  74. CloutedDeeTv

    CloutedDeeTvBulan Yang lalu

    When did Giannis dunk ?

  75. samoanfun11

    samoanfun11Bulan Yang lalu

    When hasn't he dunked?

  76. Nick Young

    Nick YoungBulan Yang lalu

    Shit the bucks better be blowing out a team where their only consistent scorer is hurt.

  77. Lakenzie Mayweather

    Lakenzie MayweatherBulan Yang lalu

    GREEK FREAK AND THE BUCKS GOING FOR THE SWEEP! Give the PISTONS a map, where are they going? 🏀🦌

  78. Anna

    AnnaBulan Yang lalu

    Giannis being a glitch lmao 🤣

  79. thekillakid99

    thekillakid99Bulan Yang lalu

    The freak has the cheat code needs to reach level 99 for the 3pt code

  80. Nav Negruj

    Nav NegrujBulan Yang lalu

    That part "Giannis being a glitch" it's hilarious

  81. Yggh Gggh

    Yggh GgghBulan Yang lalu

    Crazy how when Lebron leaves everybody goes crazy

  82. ADAJ3

    ADAJ3Bulan Yang lalu

    Yggh Gggh people can't go 5 seconds without mentioning Lebron...

  83. LveMlike

    LveMlikeBulan Yang lalu

    The Glitch is better name for Giannis than the freak Whos with me!?!

  84. The Truth

    The TruthBulan Yang lalu

    The Claw vs The Greek Freak in semi hope it happens

  85. sight

    sightBulan Yang lalu

    Toronto is a 2 seed

  86. Tanguy Laloy

    Tanguy LaloyBulan Yang lalu


  87. kallibaer32

    kallibaer32Bulan Yang lalu

    Giannis is an animal...holy...

  88. Samuel Soares

    Samuel SoaresBulan Yang lalu

    "Giannis being a glitch" 😂😂😂

  89. JEWELSChannel

    JEWELSChannelBulan Yang lalu


  90. Daniel Keem

    Daniel KeemBulan Yang lalu

    We livin in a matrix

  91. saz19s8

    saz19s8Bulan Yang lalu

    Lol Blake still being injured in the playoffs even after leaving the Clippers

  92. Lil Wooo

    Lil WoooBulan Yang lalu

    Haydot Zero Chris Paul just finally got to a WCF last year...he ain’t no better than Blake as far as playoff production

  93. Haydot Zero

    Haydot ZeroBulan Yang lalu

    Jackson Wu Chris Paul has been more productive than Blake Griffin post season even when they both played in LA

  94. Life's Failure

    Life's FailureBulan Yang lalu

    CPGoat #3 what do you mean, cp3 has done nothing in his career besides go across teams to chase rings

  95. Sleepy Archived

    Sleepy ArchivedBulan Yang lalu

    Blake Griffin still having allergies in the Playoff season

  96. Super Man

    Super ManBulan Yang lalu

    Griffin will return after playoffs

  97. Lucas Lucas

    Lucas LucasBulan Yang lalu



    CAMERYN PURVEYBulan Yang lalu


  99. AnkleZ

    AnkleZBulan Yang lalu

    I loved when u referred to Gianna’s as the glitch😂😂

  100. conflicc ricks

    conflicc ricksBulan Yang lalu

    Giannis gives me that feeling when d rose first came to the league and was going off...

  101. Daddorix

    DaddorixBulan Yang lalu

    Cmon cuh how you gon call 1:27 a tipslam that is some cheese

  102. Mary Joice Sapalasan

    Mary Joice SapalasanBulan Yang lalu

    Thon Kicker got dunked on

  103. Dhan Acebo

    Dhan AceboBulan Yang lalu

    Thon maker kicks giannis

  104. raymond igbineweka

    raymond igbinewekaBulan Yang lalu

    Somebody bring out the broom

  105. Jerome Yudiet

    Jerome YudietBulan Yang lalu

    Lebron and the Lakers vs fish coming up next!!

  106. Ettore Pelosato

    Ettore PelosatoBulan Yang lalu

    That trash ass of Griffin will not make any difference

  107. J. Co

    J. CoBulan Yang lalu

    1:50 I see what u did there.... That ZAZA move again... -.-

  108. Vince Allen Meneses

    Vince Allen MenesesBulan Yang lalu

    antekanumpo reg season mvp and finals mvp. 😊

  109. Mr gettingitdone

    Mr gettingitdoneBulan Yang lalu


  110. Athul Krishna

    Athul KrishnaBulan Yang lalu

    I thought they were team mates 😰😰😰

  111. airhxm

    airhxmBulan Yang lalu

    Back to back uplaods smoooove moooove

  112. Ilmārs Suveizda

    Ilmārs SuveizdaBulan Yang lalu

    Giannis beasting and feasting on Pistons. :)

  113. Arken Arken

    Arken ArkenBulan Yang lalu

    The only way to beat the Bucks is for Thon to Flying Kick Giannis

  114. L G R W

    L G R WBulan Yang lalu

    Meep they pistons have zaza already

  115. Lil Phil Swift

    Lil Phil SwiftBulan Yang lalu

    Rob McCallister that was slightly racist tbh but ok i guess

  116. Jerald Posadas

    Jerald PosadasBulan Yang lalu

    +knee guh oo brad

  117. Rob McCallister

    Rob McCallisterBulan Yang lalu

    filipinos are trash. name me a pure blooded filipino player playing in the nba

  118. Hairon Family

    Hairon FamilyBulan Yang lalu

    new to the nba decided to support the bucks because i support green bay, which players apart from Giannis should I look out for

  119. Shah Hashim

    Shah HashimBulan Yang lalu

    And no warrior fans are bandwagons....

  120. Shah Hashim

    Shah HashimBulan Yang lalu

    Yep he is 6

  121. Tyler’s Dad

    Tyler’s DadBulan Yang lalu

    errol23dotcom how is he a bandwagon

  122. Hairon Family

    Hairon FamilyBulan Yang lalu

    +Shah Hashim Is Bledsoe number 6?

  123. Hairon Family

    Hairon FamilyBulan Yang lalu

    +Shah Hashim Thank you

  124. Gambit Bronson

    Gambit BronsonBulan Yang lalu

    Thon Maker is a bum.

  125. testchief 7

    testchief 7Bulan Yang lalu

    dude is 40 years old

  126. CPGoat #3

    CPGoat #3Bulan Yang lalu


  127. CRGundy

    CRGundyBulan Yang lalu

    That’s what thin, I mean thon gets for wanting to leave. FOH

  128. Tony Meister

    Tony MeisterBulan Yang lalu

    I see what u did there 😉