Ghostbusters: Legacy - Officiële trailer [Sony]

  • 9 Des 2019
  • 127 401
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  1. Tim Westerveld

    Tim Westerveld15 hari yang lalu

    Ghostbusters 2016 is in a alternate dimension

  2. Dinoklein

    Dinoklein18 hari yang lalu

    Where is bill muray

  3. Aryiia Creator

    Aryiia CreatorBulan Yang lalu

    *sigh* finn again

  4. Mick van Breugel

    Mick van BreugelBulan Yang lalu

    Should have picked different acteurs, the 2 are absolutely trash

  5. Lanfeust Marius

    Lanfeust MariusBulan Yang lalu

    Fin wolfhard yay #strangertingsfan

  6. Dion St. Michael

    Dion St. MichaelBulan Yang lalu

    ❤️Ghostbusters Afterlife: “there hasn’t been a ghost sighting in 30 years.” ❤️Ghostbusters 2016: “Am I a joke to you?” ❤️Real Fans: “Y’all are so woke and smart. Figure it out!”

  7. Daniels wunderbare Welt der Filme

    Daniels wunderbare Welt der FilmeBulan Yang lalu

    Good Trailer... Stupid Titel. Why not Afterlife?????

  8. just say nope

    just say nopeBulan Yang lalu

    can't wait also

  9. Amy van Rhee

    Amy van RheeBulan Yang lalu

    Can't wait 😃