SRTHEMIMOPAR31 detik yang lalu


  2. BaasB007

    BaasB00734 detik yang lalu

    again a girl flick NO thx will skip this one as well

  3. claze games

    claze games59 detik yang lalu


  4. Jose Pablo Morales Lara

    Jose Pablo Morales LaraMenit Yang lalu

    The only thing it was missing in this trailer was the original ghostbusters song

  5. Regan Flames

    Regan FlamesMenit Yang lalu

    Oh great, another crappy remake of the original

  6. The Wilk Report

    The Wilk ReportMenit Yang lalu

    I'm cautiously optimistic about this movie. It's obviously not going to be the Paul Fatigue boor-fest that went out of its way to disrespect the original films and all involved with them. But I do see too much fan-service material hearkening back to the trailer for The Force Awakens (another dumpster fire that went out of its way to disrespect the source material). We'll see.

  7. sidehatch69 -

    sidehatch69 -2 menit yang lalu

    Looks worst than the woman one hahahahhah

  8. Schpankme Verimuch

    Schpankme Verimuch2 menit yang lalu

    NAtional ZIonist J e w Hollywood, promoting White genocide, Black Victims, and White Guilt. Political Party Conversion Zionists > Bolsheviks > Communists > NAtional ZIonists (NAZI) Judaeo ... NAtional ZIonist Corporate Ownership Vatican, NASA, UNITED STATES, CANADA, ISRAEL, AUSTRALIA, Educational System, Wall Street, Federal Reserve, Banking, News Media, Hollywood, Chrome, Google, IDreporter, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Wikipedia, other

  9. Traxxas Smiff

    Traxxas Smiff3 menit yang lalu

    👻Can’t wait 🤩 50 likes gets u slime 😂

  10. Yo boi Ash

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  11. 2Fast4You

    2Fast4You3 menit yang lalu

    Stranger Things Season 4

  12. kjtj397

    kjtj3974 menit yang lalu

    Is it me or does this remind me of the force awakens trailers

  13. Huw Kenna

    Huw Kenna4 menit yang lalu

    Ffs it’s just gonna be ant man stranger things

  14. Just The Facts

    Just The Facts4 menit yang lalu

    Hey 👋🏾 please watch my video thank you ☺️

  15. Cristian Ene-Miron

    Cristian Ene-Miron5 menit yang lalu

    Now THIS is the sequel we needed

  16. Erik Davidson

    Erik Davidson5 menit yang lalu

    I want to see this. Regardless if Dan Akroyd or Bill Murray are in it.

  17. Jug Head

    Jug Head5 menit yang lalu

    this legit looks so boring what about that 2016 one

  18. MichaelNicle

    MichaelNicle5 menit yang lalu

    I think the whole idea of re-discovering the car, the proton packs, finding out about what happened back in the 80's i think is such a cool idea, it's making me feel like i'm one of the kids re-discovering and going back to this world i fell in love with when i was 10.

  19. Dario Garcia

    Dario Garcia5 menit yang lalu

    Disappointed. Doesnt seem like a comedy

  20. David Creek

    David Creek5 menit yang lalu

    What? Lol

  21. clermi69

    clermi695 menit yang lalu

    Let me recap, they took the kid from Stranger Things and the guy from Ant Man (avengers) ... guys, it smells bad 😐

  22. Jackson Davis

    Jackson Davis6 menit yang lalu

    "No fracking" Really, you needed to shove that bs in there?

  23. Evrin Galindo

    Evrin Galindo8 menit yang lalu

    And suddenly Ghostbusters 2016 no longer exists

  24. Chedz only

    Chedz only9 menit yang lalu

    Stop making remakes

  25. the kingnumberone

    the kingnumberone9 menit yang lalu

    To be honest with you I do not know what to think of this new movie. It's like Ghostbusters meet stranger things meet Smallville in one big mismash.

  26. Tyler Ahrens

    Tyler Ahrens9 menit yang lalu

    Ghostbusters should have never had sequels. The original Ghostbusters one and two should have been enough.

  27. R.G.A. Club

    R.G.A. Club9 menit yang lalu

    uhh, kids busters

  28. Darcy Doe

    Darcy Doe10 menit yang lalu

    🚬😎 can finally rest. No females protagonist

  29. froppy the frog

    froppy the frog10 menit yang lalu

    These movie are the best

  30. John Marshall

    John Marshall10 menit yang lalu

    To me Ghostbusters was not just cool and fun but also had a lot of substance. Working in academia, starting a business, dealing with publicity, politics, relationships, and fame. As well as trying to understand the supernatural and reconciling it with religion. A lot of social commentary in the original Ghostbusters.

  31. Matthew Harris-Levesque

    Matthew Harris-Levesque10 menit yang lalu

    Haven't been to a theater in 6 years.... ... Okay f*it. I'm in. Gimme Tix.

  32. Michael Schuett

    Michael SchuettMenit Yang lalu

    And I thought I was a sad individual

  33. CeilingFan VEVO

    CeilingFan VEVO10 menit yang lalu

    IDreporter: Hey look at this new Ghostbusters trailer! Also IDreporter: rEMeMber dA wUn wItH gOrLs?

  34. Passport Kings Travel

    Passport Kings Travel10 menit yang lalu

    They should bust Trump since his impeachment will leave a ghost of his cabinet.

  35. Dylan Jones

    Dylan Jones11 menit yang lalu

    Yes paul rudd

  36. Jutt Rockjaw

    Jutt Rockjaw11 menit yang lalu

    In retrospect, this newest franchise entry may be a saving grace to the original fans. The last attempt proved to be a steaming pile of woke nonsense. I hope the company learned its lesson from its failures of the past.

  37. Newt

    Newt11 menit yang lalu


  38. 666 Gc8

    666 Gc811 menit yang lalu

    Is Hollywood actually learning that their extreme leftwing feminist agenda is not working and nor making them money 🤔😂

  39. TheMidnadarkness

    TheMidnadarkness12 menit yang lalu

    This looks better than the girl ghostbusters version

  40. homeless slob idris

    homeless slob idris12 menit yang lalu

    Zzzzz come real jokers will not regret

  41. Swanchy

    Swanchy12 menit yang lalu

    Everyone, waiting for a sequel possibly with the original cast Sony, puts kids in it Everyone, we’ll take it!