1. Joe Crain

    Joe Crain16 detik yang lalu

    It actually doesn’t look bad tbh. It’s new I’m just glad they never did Women 😉

  2. Monte 260

    Monte 26030 detik yang lalu

    I don't understand people saying the last movie sucked. Ghostbusters 2 was pretty okay, I have a soft spot for it.

  3. Marvdogger2

    Marvdogger232 detik yang lalu

    All that CGI!! wew lad.

  4. DaGaZ Rune

    DaGaZ Rune44 detik yang lalu

    I can't wait to share this movie with my daughter! She loves the REAL GHOSTBUSTERS and she will love this.

  5. theimporter

    theimporterMenit Yang lalu

    Wish I could give this 2 thumbs up. See SONY, this is all we wanted. We don't care about a new cast, even if they're kids (hell that little girl seems like she'll steal the movie), we just wanted a passing of the torch movie. So Thank you.

  6. Reinaldo Favoreto

    Reinaldo FavoretoMenit Yang lalu

    If there´s no strong-"funny" SJW wahmen it will be a hit

  7. John Charles

    John CharlesMenit Yang lalu

    Another "woke" mess?

  8. Aaron aka Kairex fan Best of look Kairex

    Aaron aka Kairex fan Best of look KairexMenit Yang lalu

    Paul Rudd is in it cool

  9. Reinaldo Favoreto

    Reinaldo Favoreto2 menit yang lalu

    If there´s no strong-"funny" SJW wahmen it will be a hit

  10. Kaeble

    Kaeble2 menit yang lalu

    Its easy to pretend the last movie didnt exist......

  11. H R

    H R2 menit yang lalu

    Looks pretty cool tbh, past and present mixed up, nice to see ecto 1 barn find 👍

  12. TheGamingMonkey128

    TheGamingMonkey1282 menit yang lalu

    I got some Vietnam flashbacks when I heard them sirens again

  13. ErnieSandwich

    ErnieSandwich2 menit yang lalu

    Hopefully Louis Tully (the nerdy gatekeeper) is in this movie😂😂

  14. Jose Eduardo Aceedo Jauregui

    Jose Eduardo Aceedo Jauregui3 menit yang lalu

    Diana: Everything is art! **Trevor watching the 2016 Ghostbusters movie poster** Diana: No, that's the trash can.

  15. ERik

    ERik3 menit yang lalu

    This kid is getting every part of every major franchise. He's gonna be the next default character in every video game about a white guy.... Ugh

  16. Phuck Faggotson

    Phuck Faggotson4 menit yang lalu

    This is basically stranger things the movie

  17. Frogt

    Frogt4 menit yang lalu

    seeing Finn Wolfhard drive the ecto-1 is something that can actually be so personal

  18. MadRushe

    MadRushe4 menit yang lalu

    Awesome can't wait

  19. Justin Greiner

    Justin Greiner4 menit yang lalu

    no. just stop.

  20. Alexizonf1re

    Alexizonf1re4 menit yang lalu

    This looks interesting but pacific rim uprising has made me really cautious about sequels with children.

  21. Paper

    Paper5 menit yang lalu

    The last movie was half a cookie, this movie is a whole molten chocolate lava cake from chili’s

  22. Drawty Devil

    Drawty Devil5 menit yang lalu

    So the original Ghostbusters are all dead and they're now in the Afterlife as Ghosts telling their grandkids how to use the proton packs?

  23. elier64

    elier645 menit yang lalu

    Jim carrey where it should appear

  24. Chas Music

    Chas Music5 menit yang lalu

    Ghostbusters 2016 buried Ghostbusters 1985... Afterlife comes out... Ghostbusters 1983 :our turn pls...give me the shovel girls.

  25. LilPizzaBoi Jr.

    LilPizzaBoi Jr.5 menit yang lalu

    So.... stranger things except now they live back in the town pennywise is and they are hunting ghosts with antman.

  26. Charles Jones

    Charles Jones5 menit yang lalu

    Nepotism at its best. The only reason this little man is directing this film is due to "daddy." It never ceases to amaze. Let’s be diverse, let’s be inclusive-as long as you do it and it doesn’t affect my family. Hey Reitmans, why don’t you give this film to someone of a lower class in society? Someone who hasn’t had opportunity! No? That’s because your phony liberals-two little putzs in which the mohel clipped the wrong heads.

  27. Vincent Asatru

    Vincent Asatru6 menit yang lalu

    What happened to the Feminazi-version we got tortured with the last time

  28. 6 menit yang lalu

    Please no more spoilers 🤚. This is awesome enough 🤩

  29. Justin Woods

    Justin Woods6 menit yang lalu

    This looks like a love letter to the originals for fans, so glad this exists, so glad they never tried rebooting this until now

  30. Atley Rawlins

    Atley Rawlins6 menit yang lalu


  31. Imran Becks

    Imran Becks6 menit yang lalu

    Finn Wolfhard dressed up as a member of the Ghostbusters in Stranger Things, now he is in the new Ghostbusters movie.... Mind blown.

  32. Nick

    Nick6 menit yang lalu

    Hooray! I saw a male in a film :)

  33. seksy cakes

    seksy cakes6 menit yang lalu

    I like this.

  34. Neha The Jedi

    Neha The Jedi6 menit yang lalu

    Paul Rudd is always a win.

  35. Robin Jabroni

    Robin Jabroni6 menit yang lalu

    No original Ghostbusters? C'mon!

  36. Luke64

    Luke646 menit yang lalu

    it has a gunner seat

  37. Imran Becks

    Imran Becks4 menit yang lalu

    That explains the suicide doors in the spy shots. It wasn't there on the original Ecto-1 though...

  38. Kameron Wright

    Kameron Wright7 menit yang lalu

    They should have put the Cast that was on there in 2015 because it was funny as hell

  39. Brian Rubscha

    Brian Rubscha7 menit yang lalu

    This trailer alone is already 100x better than all of GB2016....

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    Ghostbusters: Apology

  41. Golden SiddiQui

    Golden SiddiQui7 menit yang lalu

    You will be dead in season 4!!! ~El