1. Promethean Knight

    Promethean Knight22 detik yang lalu

    Should have been called Ghostbusters roadkill cause there's no way putting a stranger things kid and a bunch of props from the original is going make everything better after the last one.

  2. KingInTheNorth

    KingInTheNorth24 detik yang lalu

    Is this a joke?

  3. s bright

    s bright30 detik yang lalu

    Wow not even funny

  4. Cody Brown

    Cody Brown30 detik yang lalu

    We need to let a lot of these franchises die already. Terminator, Die Hard, Ghostbusters. Just STOP

  5. pokemonteaml

    pokemonteaml37 detik yang lalu


  6. Rommel Andaya

    Rommel Andaya59 detik yang lalu

    When you do a Ghostbusters film trailer right, you get #1 ON TRENDING!!!

  7. Tanghouling

    TanghoulingMenit Yang lalu

    Let's just pretend that other Ghostbusters movie never happened.

  8. Mr. CatsRule

    Mr. CatsRuleMenit Yang lalu

    I'm all for it, but I kinda wanted a sequel to Answer the Call.

  9. Xdninjagaming 248

    Xdninjagaming 248Menit Yang lalu

    Fôłłöw extra_memes_v2 øñ îñštàgram

  10. Xdninjagaming 248

    Xdninjagaming 2482 menit yang lalu

    Fôłłöw extra_memes_v2 øñ îñštàgram

  11. Ninja k

    Ninja k2 menit yang lalu

    Stranger things ghostbuster 2.0

  12. Xdninjagaming 248

    Xdninjagaming 2482 menit yang lalu

    Fôłłöw extra_memes_v2 øñ îñštàgram

  13. Jazyzamp

    Jazyzamp2 menit yang lalu

    Stranger things the movie is looking *strange*

  14. Xdninjagaming 248

    Xdninjagaming 2482 menit yang lalu

    Fôłłöw extra_memes_v2 øñ îñštàgram

  15. Mogh

    Mogh2 menit yang lalu

    Baby Ghostbusters is not what we want to see either.

  16. John Lerch

    John Lerch3 menit yang lalu

    (it has a Gunners Seat) procides to drive around town. just hopw they don't drive to close to any street lamps. XD

  17. Trent Swofford

    Trent Swofford3 menit yang lalu



    GREEN SCREEN SHOP!3 menit yang lalu

    A some one have the ghost buster car... And i hate the sound... And now its abandoned on warehouse... And some kids use the car again... Time to buy some headset

  19. Michael Swan

    Michael Swan3 menit yang lalu

    Yeah stranger thing's is a cool show ppl, but lets not forget that the same actor's and actresses can be in different movies and that doesn't make them the same characters does it? I'm from the 80s and damnit I say we're over due for a sequel to one of the coolest movies from then.. who ya gonna call?🤔😂

  20. Zarkenchisonku

    Zarkenchisonku4 menit yang lalu

    Yeah, this movie is going to bomb very badly!

  21. Allister Smith

    Allister Smith4 menit yang lalu

    They retconned out Leslie Jones?!?!?! Hard pass

  22. The Crimson Shadow

    The Crimson Shadow4 menit yang lalu

    Egon is DEFINITELY the grandfather. I am SO GLAD this was made and I can't wait for summer. It looks like the right thing was done.

  23. View This

    View This4 menit yang lalu

    Jason Reitman --- Son of Ivan Reitman

  24. Ace Wilcox

    Ace Wilcox4 menit yang lalu

    The grand kids of Egon Spengler... Epic!

  25. Diego Martinez

    Diego Martinez5 menit yang lalu

    I’m getting tired of Finn wolfard and just people copying stranger things and IT

  26. Donald

    Donald5 menit yang lalu

    A childish ghostbusters spin-off is far less painful to watch than the previous lesbian spin-off. They're learning. Maybe after this one they'll do an actual ghostbusters movie worthy of the title.

  27. demasa

    demasa5 menit yang lalu

    Looks garbage.

  28. DJ CRAVE

    DJ CRAVE5 menit yang lalu

    Only sponge bob stans will get “How many times do we have to teach you a lesson old man”

  29. Adalberto Álvarez

    Adalberto Álvarez5 menit yang lalu

    Looks like a cheap Stanger things copycat.


    VFXforFilmmakers.com6 menit yang lalu

    Call it fate, call it luck, call is nostalgia.

  31. Benjamin Phillip

    Benjamin Phillip6 menit yang lalu

    There hasn't been any ghost sighting in 30 years....... Ghost busters 2016 never happened.

  32. Jake

    Jake6 menit yang lalu

    Get dunked on, Ghostbusters 2016.

  33. R Davis

    R Davis6 menit yang lalu

    A little upsets I didn’t hear the theme song in it 😐

  34. bigtx77

    bigtx776 menit yang lalu

    finally, ghostbusters 3!

  35. Connor Shaw

    Connor Shaw6 menit yang lalu


  36. hdhejehwkaje

    hdhejehwkaje6 menit yang lalu

    Let's go Finn!

  37. Michael Williams

    Michael Williams6 menit yang lalu

    No Ghosts in 30 years? Okay this is my guess After the events of the second film, all ghosts in New York are eliminated, The Ghostbusters go out of business again for the second time, (they are forgotten) no money to store the Containment Unit. Egon transports and buries the Unit in a small town in the middle of nowhere for safe keeping, he has a daughter with secretary that worked with them. he dies, years later his grandchild finds out all about him while the Containment unit starts to become faulty, Paul Rudd helps put the pieces together. All original captured ghosts are let free, the original cast come back to help fight etc etc. they pass on the torch for a new generation. and we completely forget about Ghostbusters 2016.

  38. Alan

    Alan6 menit yang lalu

    So we’re just gonna forget about that female lead one 😂😂

  39. Paul Nightwolf

    Paul Nightwolf7 menit yang lalu

    Hollywood please stop..🐺

  40. Wendy Wilson

    Wendy Wilson7 menit yang lalu