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    no one: absolutely no one: every comments: no one:

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    Hey girlie!!!💋

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    Hey girly

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    Yes 💀

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    SHIMI AKARI4 jam yang lalu

    M like where did I see that person where where fukcimg where AND THEN I REMEMBERED "HUSH HUSH HUSH BLUSH BLUSH YOU ARE NOW MY BIGFAT CRUSH" LMAOOO

  10. josie W

    josie W6 jam yang lalu

    larray 😔

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    omy gosh sis you made this vid on mah burdday

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    me , selena gomez , & larri have the same bday !

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    “It’s not what it looks like “😂😭😂

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    Larray we have the same birthday July 22 baby

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    Notation on and liked and subscribeed

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    Omg I fucking dead I looked up eskimo sisters and the thought of larray and Selena Gomez being eskimo sister sends me 🤣🤣🤣

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    I’m dead😂😂😂😂💀

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    I was eating while watching this and you don’t want to know how many times I choked and was about to die😂larray you almost killed me😂😂

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    It’s funny that you said “step throat tings” at the beginning...because I currently have strep throat.😂😭😭 btw I love your vids💖🥳

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    Him eating his food and ignoring Larry memmememememem

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    The kiss one was a thing on tik tok

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    Laray u are my God me and my friend always say randomly to each other "you call me gay but your dad texted me hey " and your intro u are da best 👌🤩

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    Gurl:oh s*** there kinda cute Me:GURL Larri:he's gay I'm Latina Me:thinks Me: he's a GURL

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    Is honey free? girlieeeeeeee

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    Omg so we like not gonna talk about the legs thing? That crap killed me

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    Honey is laterally making most of the youtubers advertise them 😒😒

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    Tbh every time they say "y'all gay" it sounds like their interested

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    i hop you are ok

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    Woah, my sister's birthday is also July 22 xD

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    Boy:beat her ass girl beat her ass Me when I see a fight 4:49 when ur hear something fall in ur fathers room *enters ur fathers room* 7:42

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    no one

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    Me love you

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    8:24 saw her she’s a famous tik toker

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    Larray is honest Person:look at my dog Larray:that is not a dog b!

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    i love all your vids so much♡♡♡

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    It’s 3:00 am and I am laughing my head off watching your vids can’t even type rn xDDDD

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    I like how he shows the phone wallpaper as PEPPA

  42. XxPotato.owo. Queen

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    The doll:Latina Me:laughs so hard

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    I thought your a girl?? Or g()y

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    i feel so bad for that dog when larray called it a demogorgon but i till love larray

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    His waves be lookin like ratatouille shit on a brick 🧱