George Conway: President Trump is 'mentally unwell'


  1. 50zcarsman

    50zcarsman20 hari yang lalu

    My spouse is of the opinion that Kellyanne and George are cynically colluding with one another, "good cop/bad cop" fashion. The only way their marriage could survive without homicide is if they secretly have a common objective and approach, and are playing the long game. If this is true, however things turn out, ONE of them will have been right and will be recognized as a hero/expert/senior statesperson of the side that prevails. And BOTH will be able to write bestselling tell-all books after the fact -- hers, of the "Eyewitness Account of the Last Days in the (Trump) Bunker" variety; his will be "A New Hope for Democracy" or some such. They will serve as each others' sources for parts of each book. Remember, these are two veteran PR flacks we're talking about. They are hedging their bets, ideology be damned. That's my wife's take on this bizarre relationship. Follow the money.

  2. 50zcarsman

    50zcarsman20 hari yang lalu

    In his dotage, Trump acts like an *infanta* (child king). He sits on the throne while the GOP Senate delegation pulls his strings (in consultation with Putin). Trump makes a lot of petulant noise and from time to time knocks over priceless heirlooms in the palace, but at the end of the day he signs the decrees they put in front of him. They praise him to the skies, give him ice cream for being such a good boy, but above all these courtiers *protect* him -- lest they have to face the bloodletting that would ensue if they had to choose one of their own to replace him. He's easily manipulated and intensely disliked by all (behind his back), but convenient for the $billionaire class to get its jobs done.

  3. Moha Bellouki

    Moha BelloukiBulan Yang lalu

    Stop talkin and start actin

  4. Johnr1997

    Johnr1997Bulan Yang lalu

    I agree with George Conway 100 trillion% Somebody yelled 25th Amendment right now as part of the Impeachment process+ the whole world is watching+knows this !!!!

  5. Silly Willy

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  6. MyMy Haley

    MyMy Haley2 bulan yang lalu

  7. MyMy Haley

    MyMy Haley2 bulan yang lalu

    People who voted for him are also mentally ill...

  8. Rocky Ricardo da force

    Rocky Ricardo da force3 bulan yang lalu

    Donald trump has always been a nutcase looney bin even before he become the president❗️

  9. Gadolini Rutherfordium

    Gadolini Rutherfordium3 bulan yang lalu

    How is this psychologist right if he hasn’t even interviewed him? This makes no sense whatsoever. How can you say a man is mentally dangerous if you haven’t even assessed him psychologically?

  10. Bo Duke

    Bo Duke3 bulan yang lalu

    I think joe biden needs more attention to his lack of mental stability. biden doesnt know what state he is in 95% of the time.

  11. IT'S ME FROM 713

    IT'S ME FROM 7133 bulan yang lalu

    I think Kellyanne despises Trump. She knows Trump is the most incompetent, inept moron in modern presidential history and while she puts on this show of being a staunch Trump supporter, she is privately attempting to tame Trump and keep him from acting on his worst instincts. A babysitter, if you will.

  12. Larry Sherrill

    Larry Sherrill3 bulan yang lalu

    Venting frustrations, is that code for strung out...

  13. Larry Sherrill

    Larry Sherrill3 bulan yang lalu

    Those that cannot get jobs because of drug testing want and need free government handouts...SNL might be funnier on drugs...

  14. Larry Sherrill

    Larry Sherrill3 bulan yang lalu

    Wasn't intended as humor it was political engineering by people that think they are smarter than other people. Your desperation will only grow. You can tell a looser by how desperate he is, He knows he is loosing and tries to act stronger than he is. He dents trash cans that offend him because it makes noise and give his street creds. Stop me when I describe you. If you were to win the violent would come for you and yours, look at the innocent that have died in Mexico. Those forces are coming for you and if they cannot make a profit off you they will get rid of you and yours... Over three hundred thousand Mexicans have died and it is accelerating, those forces group at the border and Mexican authorities control only about seven percent of Mexico. Those forces wait to move into this country. They will take your guns and corrupt of murder your police. They they will force your children into corruption. If you care about Mexicans give Mexico back the the Mexicans, take the profit out of drugs coming into this country. Build the fence and take the profits out of trafficking humans and slavery and stop completely the flow of drugs into this country. They we will know the drug users by their desperation... Is that what we see here. Is this all drug desperation. The desperate can be nasty, need to be nasty... Surely there is no drugs on SNL. When they make movies do they do drug testing??? They do when I take a job...

  15. Herman Justice

    Herman Justice3 bulan yang lalu

    Lock him up. In psych ward.

  16. Cedric Ro.

    Cedric Ro.3 bulan yang lalu

    There was an article in Newsweek Jan 2018 that stated there is s link between his hair loss treatment and its affects on trumps mental health. Two of the symptoms raised were depression and erectile dysfunction. Thus, he gets his hair to grow and his genitals and brain sink. No wonder he is claiming to be the Messiah talk about overcompensation.....yikes!

  17. Claudia Sutton

    Claudia Sutton3 bulan yang lalu

    I totally agree with George Conway. But since Corp. media is paid by the oligarchy they talk but do nothing. Every one is making money writing books about this dummy President.

  18. TJ Wilson

    TJ Wilson3 bulan yang lalu


  19. Kool Change

    Kool Change3 bulan yang lalu


  20. Jabez Sembegere

    Jabez Sembegere3 bulan yang lalu

    Trump is mentally deranged.

  21. Chris Foster

    Chris Foster4 bulan yang lalu

    trump is mentally ill but this must not stop him from being Prosecuted

  22. The Madone

    The Madone4 bulan yang lalu

    Can't fault the progress made by the President ? Let's call him childish names and pretend we're the adults !

  23. Brian Jones

    Brian Jones4 bulan yang lalu

    Trump loves to give names to others. So we need to fight back. TRUMP THE RAT TRUMP THE BIG FAT RAT TRUMP THE RACIST RAT TRUMP THE LOSER RAT ANY OTHERS come on let's start a revolution

  24. George Moss

    George Moss4 bulan yang lalu

    Of course, George Conway is the epitome of someone who is mentally well. And so are the hosts on CNN, all mentally well as can be seen by their obsession with Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton, which took place 3 years ago. They are all mentally well. There is absolutely no doubt about it. You can ask them yourself if you doubt it.

  25. mimsicle1

    mimsicle14 bulan yang lalu

    This family is playing two sides against the middle because they know at some point this will end and their credibility is in shreds.

  26. Kripto Nite

    Kripto Nite4 bulan yang lalu

    The Bogus, Zombie-like president, and the White House of Horrors must be cleanse.

  27. Kripto Nite

    Kripto Nite4 bulan yang lalu

    Katie Johnson: please be brave and come out of your anonymity. You got to have your voice heal those who may have also have been sexually violated by the Bogus president. You will encourage others to come forward. You' ll be a hero.

  28. Alan Jones

    Alan Jones4 bulan yang lalu

    Trump for 2020. No problem!!!!

  29. Alan Jones

    Alan Jones4 bulan yang lalu

    I dont know about Trump, i think kelly A must be a retard to be with this guy. Look at him. A big bag of sh...t!!!.

  30. James Adkins

    James Adkins4 bulan yang lalu

    America and the whole world need JESUS CHRIST!!!!

  31. rosekiller123

    rosekiller1234 bulan yang lalu

    Conway is a problem to his wife a very big one too. Jim is a tool

  32. Dave Jenn

    Dave Jenn4 bulan yang lalu

    George is a little dumb fucker. He calls beating his meat exercise....

  33. Siony Bana

    Siony Bana4 bulan yang lalu

    George Conway comment calling the President" mentally unwell. Is a disgrace and uncalled for , the very fact that his wife , kellyanne ,is working for the President . hurting the dignity and credibility of the mother of his children in.many ways. Am sure kellyanne is contributing a lot financially to this marriage and if he is a good person, if he didnt wish to support the Pres , the least he can do is res pect his wife for the kind of work she's doing for America. He is an unhappy man.

  34. better state of affairs

    better state of affairs5 bulan yang lalu

    Haha hahaha. Search for George Conway....... First things to pop up are all CNN clips. #FAKENEWS. Understanding the source..... Worthless

  35. 4topher2

    4topher25 bulan yang lalu

    Yeah, any other job the Ignoramus would be fired but not with the most important job in the world?? This is because almost all of the Republican Party is silently standing by at the least and at the most they are supporting everything this BABOON does, just so they can stay in power! They are suppose to be the checks and balances for this great country but they are not doing their job! Its appalling, so when will they put the country first and their little world second???

  36. Dorcia Parham

    Dorcia Parham5 bulan yang lalu

    George Conway is CORRECT.

  37. Alexandra Symeon

    Alexandra Symeon5 bulan yang lalu

    If Trump, was mentally ill, he would not have a business empire. People want to get rid of him because he is not bowing down to the elitists. Way to go Trump!

  38. Henry Cantrell

    Henry Cantrell5 bulan yang lalu

    George Conway is telling the truth if Trump is so wonderful as the Republicans say he is why dont he release his tax returns why didn't Trump serve in the military why are there so many women saying Trump tired to have sex with them why does Trump lie all the time?

  39. Wabi Sabi

    Wabi Sabi5 bulan yang lalu

    I so appreciate George and his comments...... the reason? He's a conservative, highly decorated lawyer who doesn't give a rat's rear about his poliitcal preferences when it comes to Trump. He's honest, blunt and speaks the truth.

  40. Blood Sport

    Blood Sport5 bulan yang lalu

    Lol it’s ok dems just let it go get over it and live your life