Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!


  1. The Game Theorists

    The Game Theorists10 jam yang lalu

    #1 on Trending? It's almost like IDreporter is calling our bluff...

  2. Jeseentha Anne Joji

    Jeseentha Anne Joji40 menit yang lalu

    Congratulations!! You fking deserve it💕

  3. Fennel Swor

    Fennel Swor41 menit yang lalu

    @XXBluemistX96 Wrong

  4. Keiji Johnson

    Keiji Johnson46 menit yang lalu

    Or it’s just because they’re playing favorites with you again...😒

  5. Abraham Levin

    Abraham Levin53 menit yang lalu

    I think they want the truth heard

  6. Ethan Pease

    Ethan Pease58 menit yang lalu

    The Game Theorists why? Because you’ll get demonitized if the video’s are inappropriate? (Ex: doing a Fatality in MK11 on someone that has Red Blood. I dunno if this makes sense to anyone)

  7. No Clu Review

    No Clu Review38 menit yang lalu

    Surprised this is on trending all things considered

  8. Joseph

    Joseph38 menit yang lalu

    Minecraft is compiting with fortnit

  9. Snowman Player

    Snowman Player39 menit yang lalu

    at 12:51 i thought my laptop ran out of battery

  10. BURK

    BURK39 menit yang lalu

    Honestly Matt is not wrong. IDreporter has been a dick when it comes to demonization but I didn’t know they would demobilize your video even when you censor. I think it’s bullshit

  11. IV Rehz

    IV Rehz39 menit yang lalu

    Great Intro for E3 Topic

  12. Scorlex

    Scorlex39 menit yang lalu

    So why are guns family friendly but certain words a way to inappropriate? Isn't this just ironic? Little kids can literally watch videos where it's necessary to kill other players to win, but they are not allowed to hear someone say the F-word? How is this possible, youtube? This is just bullsh.. I mean bad.

  13. Feonix 77

    Feonix 7739 menit yang lalu

    Dude I thought the begining was an ad

  14. Leviadragon

    Leviadragon40 menit yang lalu

    Well... the reason that the demonetization escalated seemed to be less the content of videogames themselves, "fringe" though these companies may consider it, but by how toxic many entities associated with it has become in the public eye. IDreporter didn't change these systems because of "edgy" Dante, they were trying to cripple people like Pewdiepie because of the repeated controversies and poor behaviour, and considering that this is a problem those bad actors brought onto not just themselves but e-celebs who aren't actually reprehensible, it's important to point that element out.

  15. Luis Martinez

    Luis Martinez40 menit yang lalu

    Wait ... I forgot it was a game theory video

  16. Jasmine

    Jasmine40 menit yang lalu

    As if IDreporter going to have a solution for the world's problems with this demonetization

  17. The young Conservative

    The young Conservative40 menit yang lalu

    I was going to say blue haired “feminist” but ok

  18. TsunamiYT

    TsunamiYT40 menit yang lalu


  19. RedBoxGaming YT

    RedBoxGaming YT40 menit yang lalu

    MatPat: No one is able to compete with Fortnite Minecraft who just took the throne back from Fortnite: *Am I a joke to you?*

  20. Chelsea B Willick

    Chelsea B Willick41 menit yang lalu

    can you keep your pre-intro?

  21. Lemounge

    Lemounge41 menit yang lalu

    Fortnite: I am the most popular game. Nothing is going to stop me! Minecraft: *laughs in block*

  22. Meekah She

    Meekah She41 menit yang lalu

    IDreporter definitely ruined Madden lol

  23. Rebhi Ajjour

    Rebhi Ajjour41 menit yang lalu

    I didn’t really understand why advertisers don’t want to advertise on gore and blood content if its the most watched content on the internet? … if anyone understands this please explain

  24. JealousMoose

    JealousMoose41 menit yang lalu

    2:30 What is a 'Halo Stan' ??

  25. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobi42 menit yang lalu

    *Video titled "IDreporter is Ruining Gaming" is #1 on Trending* Does not compute! Either a IDreporter employee has gone rouge or something bigger than all of us is going on. And if the latter is correct, then - man oh man - I don't even want to know what IDreporter is planning!

  26. Zatanna Zatara

    Zatanna Zatara42 menit yang lalu

    What kind of joo trick is this?

  27. metalmario

    metalmario43 menit yang lalu

    Voice Crack: Pay attentionnn

  28. Alice Dubois

    Alice Dubois43 menit yang lalu

    First youtube ruined horror channels and made too many problems for horror youtubers. Then the company is making problems for IDreporterrs that review movies, and analyze games... Now, this. All this because Susan wants her website to be another TV network. She is literally stealing profits from content creators and knocking down those that she doesn't like. Can anyone tell me if there is another video sharing site? I think I will be uploading my video's there.

  29. NuttyNate

    NuttyNate44 menit yang lalu

    This is one of the funniest episodes in a long time, good job Matt.

  30. Oto Suchomel

    Oto Suchomel44 menit yang lalu

    Ok, time to rise up.

  31. A more common name that will get me views

    A more common name that will get me views44 menit yang lalu

    Before I even watch the video I just gotta say that intro was dope ;-;

  32. Kingziii

    Kingziii45 menit yang lalu

    I had a quick scroll through my recommended page and the only thing I saw was mine craft + fortnite videos and challenge videos, I don’t even watch most of that content that pops up

  33. Jezza Lenko

    Jezza Lenko45 menit yang lalu

    I don't know if I have the hots for this guy... Or find him really annoying.. But he is pretty. And smart...

  34. Ruby Knight X

    Ruby Knight X45 menit yang lalu

    I dunno... I will search for the game I wanted to view and I sub to a few channels that will intro new games release on the market. Maybe contents creator won't get monetizing for those new games but I will watch those games Let's Play Anyhow, maybe IDreporter should get those game developers to put some ads so those IDreporterrs who are mainly gaming channel will get monetizing from Games ads

  35. Zatanna Zatara

    Zatanna Zatara46 menit yang lalu

    Jewtube and y'all having shekel shell anemia.

  36. Ayden Russo

    Ayden Russo46 menit yang lalu

    That couch has ruined gaining

  37. Galacticord

    Galacticord46 menit yang lalu


  38. iTz John

    iTz John46 menit yang lalu

    Let's just hope that there will be more better videos then fortnite

  39. Keiji Johnson

    Keiji Johnson47 menit yang lalu

    You know, this REALLY says a lot coming from someone that was up on Google’s stage a few months ago hyping up unrealistic ideas for what their service can potentially do in the future. 😒

  40. And

    And47 menit yang lalu

    Y’all all gay asf mane rt 😭

  41. Mangle

    Mangle47 menit yang lalu

    Mat Pat why you orange?

  42. Rugras

    Rugras47 menit yang lalu

    Great, another rant. We don't want actual game theories anyway.

  43. Sujaya B.K.

    Sujaya B.K.47 menit yang lalu

    Who else is happy for mat pat that his video is no 1 on trending😂👍👍👍👍👍

  44. Septlaxer Gaming

    Septlaxer Gaming47 menit yang lalu

    Is it so hard to enable an opt in mature content for viewers and then advertisers an do so with wanton abandon since theveiwer has disclosed that they expect to see ads irrespective if the content they were watching? No? Is that too hard? Okay.

  45. soundreal entertainment

    soundreal entertainment47 menit yang lalu

    Number one on IDreporter IDreporter: ok, who let that through

  46. SilentwarH

    SilentwarH47 menit yang lalu

    IDreporter: Meh, I will make you number one trending, to act like we got nothing to hide.

  47. Monkey Armada

    Monkey Armada48 menit yang lalu

    Mat Pat, can you do a trailer analysis on the new Botw 2 trailer?

  48. Scor Zero861

    Scor Zero86148 menit yang lalu

    3:54 No one is able to compete against fortnite Minecraft: Am I a joke to you?

  49. Carter Ogden

    Carter Ogden48 menit yang lalu


  50. Deeth Irteen

    Deeth Irteen49 menit yang lalu

    Maybe the advertisers should stop being cunts toward Gamers.

  51. Indah Pujiastuti

    Indah Pujiastuti49 menit yang lalu

    Hey mat pat which one do you think will in a fight win between thanos and saitama

  52. Jonathan Jansen

    Jonathan Jansen49 menit yang lalu

    And this is number one on IDreporter is ruining something

  53. Man Spider

    Man Spider50 menit yang lalu

    Aren't they just balancing out these games with stadia?

  54. rodya255

    rodya25550 menit yang lalu

    Jon Tron is racist trash

  55. John

    John50 menit yang lalu

    I got no ads they knew he was right and they said no money so drop the topic like everything else but we are not going to drop it are we.

  56. Opy

    Opy51 menit yang lalu

    1 minute in can't annoying AF

  57. Pippin Katz

    Pippin Katz52 menit yang lalu

    MatPat is genuinely a really smart person when it comes to this stuff, they need to hire him

  58. Shadow Hunter

    Shadow Hunter52 menit yang lalu

    You should check No Dilivery out! It's a creepy retro horror game that has some interesting possible theory material in it

  59. Raptor

    Raptor52 menit yang lalu

    *gets number 1 on trending meaning youtube clearly saw this video* *youtube does nothing as usual* In conclusion youtube and fortnite are garbage and thats why they go so well together. Nothing will change.

  60. Raul Elgueta

    Raul Elgueta52 menit yang lalu

    Thank you matt for making this video cuz now I understand why many of the youtubers I love have stopped playing fun games, and I think youtube should get rid of demonetization cuz in 2014 you could see more fun games then fortnite

  61. Lyrical Vizzard

    Lyrical Vizzard52 menit yang lalu

    Senorita - Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Lyrics video available on my channel : Visit Please

  62. JEprogamer

    JEprogamer53 menit yang lalu

    IDreporter agent:so what should we do? IDreporter Ceo: *demonitise the channel right now*

  63. Lara Lulu

    Lara Lulu53 menit yang lalu

    Omg you got 1 trending!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!

  64. zombiemanjosh

    zombiemanjosh54 menit yang lalu

    Google has been screwing itself over for a while now, the giant is collapsing, good riddance.

  65. Pro Noob

    Pro Noob55 menit yang lalu

    It's Scary how right you are

  66. Man Spider

    Man Spider55 menit yang lalu

    IDreporter is ruining gaming. But it's not their fault.

  67. I Shoot Stuff

    I Shoot Stuff55 menit yang lalu

    no u

  68. Koothodil Abhijith Augustine

    Koothodil Abhijith Augustine56 menit yang lalu

    The irony of having fortnite in this video's thumbnail.

  69. RYUKI

    RYUKI56 menit yang lalu

    This saddens me mostly because a lot of cool games are being affected and that I myself am a gaming youtuber. IDreporterrs I watch have to use shitty censoring on their MK11 videos to get demonetized. Things need to change so Content Creators and Developers alike can get the benefits they deserve. P.S. I am not earning money off YT yet, but I'm just sayin.

  70. Diego Gameplay

    Diego Gameplay56 menit yang lalu

    Hey matpat see the new teaser for fnaf

  71. Skyler Rodman

    Skyler Rodman57 menit yang lalu

    #1 ON TRENDING!!!

  72. Jun Du

    Jun Du57 menit yang lalu

    11:46 it's not 5 times, it's about 3 times...

  73. Carter Stephens

    Carter Stephens57 menit yang lalu

    What can we do? There has to be something we can do

  74. -_--_-

    -_--_-57 menit yang lalu

    Pretty sure Its marketing bending the actual vision of the developers killing the franchise. Not YT or Google or the big AAA heads. Blame Candy crush 2012 GTA V and Overwatch .. but mainly People paying google play in digital paperless Child gambling. 2012 the birth of Smart phone gaming as a trend habit and addiction. and the start of games that were worked on since to leap into the transaction service market. just wait till 2025 when streaming microsoft OS is a beta threat. and boy oh boy when Project prism grows into Cloud OS Microsoft TV computing services

  75. Cole Hudson

    Cole Hudson58 menit yang lalu

    wow i am surprised that this got #1 on trending... *especially after he mentioned pewdiepie*

  76. Mallk238

    Mallk23858 menit yang lalu

    I love watching major companies panic because they shot themselves in the foot. It forces them to change their strategies every once in a while. It’s especially funny to watch when it’s because of a strategy that’s obnoxious from the beginning.

  77. Shmexy Crocodile

    Shmexy Crocodile58 menit yang lalu

    Anyone sub for a sub?

  78. Ms Quinn

    Ms Quinn58 menit yang lalu

    I love the "Life Is Strange" series but the videos get copyright claimed right away.

  79. Mistah Bryan

    Mistah Bryan58 menit yang lalu

    Back when I was in college, I spent my free time at the college arcade, I played Virtual Fighter and was damn good at it. Another student asked my opinion on "Violence in Games". I laughed and said, give me about 10 minutes and I'll give you an ear full. She happily waited for me. Ok, Violence in Games. What IS "Violence" ? is Tennis violent? Your firing a projectile AT your opponent. Is Checker's violent? Your "killing" your opponents pieces. Original Super Mario, you STOMPED on the heads of your enemies to kill them. All of those games are "violent" Let's go WAAAY back to Atari 2600, Tank Command, was that "violent" ? Yes it was! My 7 year old brother and I played it constantly. The Problem as I see it stems from the people who DECIDE "Is that violent?", and with no stretch of the truth I guarantee most of them don't play ANY games. Except maybe Bingo at Church or maybe Poker with friends on the weekends. Bingo, a Game where ONE person out of a group of people (maybe 30 to 60 players) wins "survives". What happens to the rest of the players? They lose "DIE!" How is that not violent? Poker, 2 to 4 players deal with chance, and try to lie their way to winning. What's at stake? I'll leave that to your imagination. Maybe they'll starve to death, having spent all their money playing. The TL;DR is ALL Games are "violent", the REAL problem(in my opinion) is HOW the violence is portrayed. Mario squashed the enemies and the disappeared Virtual Fighter you K.O.'d the opponent. Mortal Kombat you're getting gouts of blood and seeing depictions of major bodily harm. Just because you CAN show more Blood and virtual pain, doesn't mean you have to.

  80. Enzoss100

    Enzoss10058 menit yang lalu

    For real, IDreporter needs to learn to listen to their creators

  81. Thomas Bottomley

    Thomas Bottomley59 menit yang lalu

    Do a game theory on days gone

  82. Taltzi

    Taltzi59 menit yang lalu

    omg they made a video bases on that breathtaking meme format. i've spend too much time on r/memes

  83. Hunter C

    Hunter C59 menit yang lalu

    "Fortnite is gonna be untouchable." Except by minecraft apparently. XD

  84. blueblaze 98

    blueblaze 9859 menit yang lalu

    Fortnite should be put down.. plus that 10% down please.. there were 2 games that got 50% off because it released horribly.

  85. Bryan bob

    Bryan bobJam Yang lalu

    No one is able to compete with fortnite. League of legends and team fight tactics being 1 and 2 for like weeks now on twitch. Am i a joke to you?

  86. The Solar Wolf

    The Solar WolfJam Yang lalu

    Jesus, then overthrow capitalism if you people have such a problem with it.

  87. Random Comment

    Random CommentJam Yang lalu

    I kinda thought you we're Shawn Mendez.

  88. Boot TV

    Boot TVJam Yang lalu

    I enjoyed the shot at Raid

  89. Callum Baurley

    Callum BaurleyJam Yang lalu

    Google: We know you gamers like to stream games, so we will do that, some of the biggest most violent games on our system. IDreporter: You show blood, banned, You showed tits, banned, you @$#&# used a @#%#*ing swear banned

  90. Headless0418

    Headless0418Jam Yang lalu

    Ugh, i thought Fortnite had finally died

  91. Henderik Jan Buter

    Henderik Jan ButerJam Yang lalu

    i hope sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much youtude sees this video

  92. Lemounge

    LemoungeJam Yang lalu

    he looks high...

  93. Adam Badri

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  94. xSoporific

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  95. jblvs

    jblvsJam Yang lalu

    I love how this is on trending....dissing the platform it was uploaded on

  96. Wade Wilson

    Wade WilsonJam Yang lalu

    Advertisers are going to advertise where there are people. I firmly believe that this censorship of channels only hurts the potential profit and growth of the platform.

  97. Brian's Late Night Whatever

    Brian's Late Night WhateverJam Yang lalu

    IDreporter at Algorithms: you were supposed to do that!

  98. The Delta

    The DeltaJam Yang lalu

    594 is like 5 times 183....I see Matpat's basic maths is still on point.

  99. Astrithor

    AstrithorJam Yang lalu

    Can we actually murder Fortnite? Like, can we somehow form it into a physical entity and slay it?

  100. Seb

    SebJam Yang lalu

    Your channel is trash and it’s channels like this that are ruining gaming.

  101. Level 4 Helmet

    Level 4 HelmetJam Yang lalu

    Getting 3 months premium for free without ads, that helps by a lot...

  102. Kadurakho .K

    Kadurakho .KJam Yang lalu

    Why isn't anyone talking about that awesome intro?!

  103. Jason Sterle

    Jason SterleJam Yang lalu

    brilliant analysis, as per usual.

  104. Joseph Freese

    Joseph FreeseJam Yang lalu

    My mind was just blown. I learned so much and wow. Google and IDreporter need to change fast. Or they will bury themselves.

  105. Al

    AlJam Yang lalu

    We need a new YT successor