Gabbie Hanna needs to be stopped.


  1. 45trlu

    45trlu56 menit yang lalu

    Not going to lie... I TRIED to watch Gabbie's videos back when she was like super super popular. Something about her personality threw me off, idk what it was but I never liked her. I do this with a lot of people that I simply "don't like them" but later on some wack shit comes out and it all makes sense. This is one of them lol like damn. wtf.

  2. growwitharie

    growwitharieJam Yang lalu

    cancel gabbie man... c a n c e l t h i s p o t a t o l o o k i n g f o o l

  3. T. J.

    T. J.4 jam yang lalu

    I don't want to offend anyone. I do not want this to come off as saying, "get over it," but at what point does a person have to say, "I was traumatized by x,y, & z." To bring that trauma up, again & again & again isn't helping to heal the trauma. I struggle with this in my own life. I have said a times, "Yes, I'm going to hang on to this because it's important." But for me personally, perhaps it isn't. I can learn from what I've suffered through but to bring something up over & over & introduce people into something that they had no idea about, what is the point of it? You clearly know what you're doing. Over 5 million views says something.....I just wish you didn't have to put yourself through unnecessary pain. Is it really worth it? You have a husband, son, wonderful life. Why give this person 1 second worth of your life now?

  4. Xxlon3wo1f16xX

    Xxlon3wo1f16xX7 jam yang lalu

    We need to get her to a million!!!!!

  5. Aqila Farah

    Aqila Farah8 jam yang lalu

    Jessi omg hun. I felt really bad for you. Seeing you holding back tears, voice cracking here and there. I even felt your sadness and dissapointment. Just so you know, ppl like that aren’t worth for your tears. Stay strong! we support and believe you.

  6. coral scott

    coral scott11 jam yang lalu

    She thought the tweet was about her because you know if the shoe fits 🤷‍♀️😂

  7. SleepyHead

    SleepyHead12 jam yang lalu

    thats why gabbie hanna is keep getting bigger because her soul is full of lie

  8. Kendalls aesthetics

    Kendalls aesthetics12 jam yang lalu

    Thank you for being so strong and making this video, if it werent for you I wouldnt be strong like you

  9. Pandababy1992

    Pandababy199213 jam yang lalu

    Gabbie sounds like a narc

  10. Haylee Wehring

    Haylee Wehring13 jam yang lalu

    Okay I know that this is very serious and important but why is the category comedy

  11. CandyJJ

    CandyJJ15 jam yang lalu

    From my view, during those messages, gabbie was putting what she does onto jessi

  12. Brooke Quinn

    Brooke Quinn17 jam yang lalu

    I think you are just mad Gabbie dose not want to be friends with you anymore

  13. Kayla Marie

    Kayla Marie17 jam yang lalu

    GOOD FOR YOU standing up for yourself!!!

  14. Squid Skid

    Squid Skid20 jam yang lalu

    Herpes is not that big of a deal. It’s one of the most common viruses that humans get. No need for shame about herpes.

  15. misses elise

    misses elise21 jam yang lalu

    The “Curtis’ friends didn’t rape you” comment shows how awful of a person she is

  16. Short Haired King

    Short Haired King22 jam yang lalu

    Gabbie reminds me of my manipulative mother and that’s disgusting

  17. Elio Sabbagh

    Elio SabbaghHari Yang lalu

    Is it a trend now ?! Blured thumbnaill with small captions getting 5m + views ( sis tf )

  18. Anja

    AnjaHari Yang lalu

    I'm sorry but I can't help staring at Gabbie's's like her nose is wearing her face lol is that mean? >_> also a kind person would NEVER say they're kind lol they rather DO kind stuff. she's a hot mess.

  19. cookie gatcha

    cookie gatchaHari Yang lalu

    Look I'll say this to you I'd say it to gabbie too but you're both playing the victim and it makes it harder for viewers (me) who loves you both to unstabd the situation it's so confusing for us to tell who is telling the truth and who is lying how do you expect us to believe you are telling the truth and she is lying or that she is telling the truth and you are lying? I don't think we're getting the full picture yes I'll admit she is in the wrong for saying and calling you bad things but tbh neither of you are completely innocent and soon viewers are going to be picking sides which will cause a whole bigger conflict that no one needs and this whole thing will be effecting more people then it should and honestly I believe people are being to harsh towards gabbie which is so out of order and rude and it though this happened recently it was still all about a conflict that happened 5 years ago and it angers me that everyone is bringing it up again and makes me want to lean towards a Gabbies side more which if It wasn't brought up again wouldn't happen and y'all can dislike this comment all you want and hate on me but you a'int gonna change my mind and to think this whole thing came up again because one person made a petty remark and the 9.4k people who disliked this video probably agrees with me

  20. lexie nicole

    lexie nicoleHari Yang lalu

    I love gabbie but i don't pick sides the situation needs to get solved and u both should live yr own life ... I saw the texts about herpies on gabbies Instagram and I respect her and you

  21. Ava Adams

    Ava AdamsHari Yang lalu

    Gabbie Hannah is almost 30 and acts like a 9th grader in some drama.

  22. holly lija

    holly lijaHari Yang lalu

    Stop 👏 cancel 👏 culture 👏

  23. Igloo Klutz

    Igloo KlutzHari Yang lalu

    24:33 I’m not going to defend Gabbie but the disclaimer on the screen is literally one of the reasons you guys are hating on Gabbie but y’all aren’t going to say anything about this girl logging into someone else’s account to post without acknowledging the fact that it wasn’t the account owner posting that again I’m just playing devils advocate here

  24. Igloo Klutz

    Igloo KlutzHari Yang lalu

    I’m not going to defend gabbies action but I’m going to play devils advocate. Even though This isn’t an excuse but Gabbie is human if she wasn’t famous nobody would care but she’s famous so y’all are going to pounce on her

  25. Rana Mo

    Rana MoHari Yang lalu

    You guys freaked her out, it’s too much pressure for her to put anything out now. 🙆🏻‍♀️

  26. electricalbananaful

    electricalbananafulHari Yang lalu

    This is going to probably be long, so long story short, you’re my spirit animal. Long story long, I seen you on Kathleen’s channel first and was like “no” lol Then I “really” found you from this video and cried and then watched just about everything you put out and died laughing. Keep posting mama!!! The baby is perfect and you’re evolving!! **good vibes** P.S: I am an Aries, and I *think* I’m a Taurus moon and an Aries rising. ❤️u.

  27. OurLifeMoreLife

    OurLifeMoreLifeHari Yang lalu

    Wait so what was the reason u stopped being her friend in the first place? I feel like that was clarified. Maybe I missed it

  28. Traci Morgan

    Traci MorganHari Yang lalu


  29. Tiffany LaLove

    Tiffany LaLoveHari Yang lalu

    I remember that curtis tweet. Screw gabbie hanna she's literally the most untrustworthy youtuber ever. She's only been on IDreporter to gain followers

  30. Alexa Calderon

    Alexa CalderonHari Yang lalu

    I can’t believe gabbie is so trash mans

  31. Tesse’s Life

    Tesse’s LifeHari Yang lalu

    I think that you just want to deny all of the stuff you’ve done and want to say these things about gabbie even if they aren’t true I am a gabbie fan and I know her well because she will tell us everything even on camera so think you need to be stopped cuz the vid was 2 years ago and the meggages where mouths ago so get the fuck over it and just don’t talk to her if you don’t want to get involved worth her if she says something in ignore it please people like to reply of you agree that this would not be going on and she should just ignore her and not get herself in to these bad situations with big people like gabbie and her

  32. victoriaremmons

    victoriaremmonsHari Yang lalu

    Can we talk about how shiny and pretty your hair looks??💜💜 I remember you from vine and I stopped supporting Curtis after I heard what he did. I’ve been sexually assaulted and I’m so sorry that happened to you. Gabbie clearly needs help. I think she’s secretly very miserable.

  33. Rachael Zarzaur

    Rachael ZarzaurHari Yang lalu

    I just now randomly found your channel and i totally agree with you. this gabbie hanna girl needs to stop

  34. The strange, questionable person

    The strange, questionable personHari Yang lalu

    Gabbie: Manipulators are good at manipulating Me: Yes, the floor is made of floor

  35. JustDrew

    JustDrewHari Yang lalu

    Ok so basically Gabbie manipulates people and is pretty bad. Your welcome.

  36. jenna stauffer

    jenna staufferHari Yang lalu

    I like your hair clips.

  37. Sloane Haynes

    Sloane HaynesHari Yang lalu

    I al so sorry about this stitch😭 Love support and prayers are headed your way. And i hope gabbie one day acully gets the help she needs because she is ovioslly in pain.

  38. jared 19

    jared 19Hari Yang lalu

    gabbie’s story times are probably all lies.

  39. sophie’s gachacookie

    sophie’s gachacookieHari Yang lalu

    Can’t wait for this to go meline martinez . (Everyone will hate gabbie and then it’s proven that it’s fake and everyone goes back to gabbie)

  40. sophie’s gachacookie

    sophie’s gachacookieHari Yang lalu

    Gabbie stans where you at???