FUNNY CURLY HAIR PROBLEMS || Girls With Curly Hair Struggles by 123 GO!


  1. Nae Nae C

    Nae Nae C3 jam yang lalu

    That moment when you can cut your hair shorter lol. She would look adorable with an Afro

  2. Alex Chikomo

    Alex Chikomo5 jam yang lalu

    the stuff coming from her hair at the start is fake

  3. Kevin R

    Kevin R6 jam yang lalu

    Her hair looks so dirty

  4. Ezo and the family

    Ezo and the family6 jam yang lalu

    I broke 20 hair bands a day 😭

  5. slime addiction and much more

    slime addiction and much more7 jam yang lalu

    You should straighten your hair

  6. jyothi chandana

    jyothi chandana11 jam yang lalu

    emilys day

  7. noanneivunicorns

    noanneivunicorns19 jam yang lalu

    my curls bouncing on a trampoline

  8. Moolander Time

    Moolander Time19 jam yang lalu

    My aunt and mom have same struggle

  9. Feven & Heran

    Feven & Heran20 jam yang lalu

    My to

  10. Tahlia Jones

    Tahlia Jones21 jam yang lalu

    Thid video is accurate but inaccurate at the same time....

  11. yaa boatemaa

    yaa boatemaaHari Yang lalu

    Because my hair is curly/tangled

  12. yaa boatemaa

    yaa boatemaaHari Yang lalu

    Every time it happens to me exactly

  13. Kawaii galaxy power

    Kawaii galaxy powerHari Yang lalu

    I’m lucky I don’t have curly hair

  14. Gabriella Gonzalez

    Gabriella GonzalezHari Yang lalu

    You guys are so funny I could blow up

  15. Abrar Ahmad

    Abrar AhmadHari Yang lalu

    I have a perfact strait hair

  16. John

    JohnHari Yang lalu

    Why am watching this when I have StRaIgHt hair

  17. Evans and Elisha Family fun

    Evans and Elisha Family funHari Yang lalu

    Everybody wants to touch my hair

  18. Mahi Kashyap

    Mahi KashyapHari Yang lalu

    Thank God my hair is not curly

  19. Rachael Cary

    Rachael CaryHari Yang lalu


  20. Vavaponnu Vavaponnu

    Vavaponnu VavaponnuHari Yang lalu

    I not have a curly hair but you have so many problems in the curly hair

  21. Vavaponnu Vavaponnu

    Vavaponnu VavaponnuHari Yang lalu

    Oh my god

  22. Sama Keddis

    Sama KeddisHari Yang lalu

    That’s exactly what I feel every day because I have curly hair

  23. Ren Paw

    Ren PawHari Yang lalu

    Video so much so amazing so cool the funny videos that people route really like

  24. Jacqui McNutt

    Jacqui McNutt2 hari yang lalu

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  25. Jacqui McNutt

    Jacqui McNutt2 hari yang lalu


  26. Krizhna Moorthi

    Krizhna Moorthi2 hari yang lalu

    Soo cuteeee

  27. Leah & beau Deviries

    Leah & beau Deviries2 hari yang lalu

    o i love your hair touches STOP GRRR

  28. Unique Potato Kat

    Unique Potato Kat2 hari yang lalu

    *i have been watching 123 go since yesterday*

  29. Laila Wieteska

    Laila Wieteska2 hari yang lalu

    Bye scrunchies the don’t snap

  30. Afreen khan

    Afreen khan2 hari yang lalu

    Nice curly hair and damage of girls

  31. Auggie Tube

    Auggie Tube2 hari yang lalu

    I feel your pain, I have curly hair too.

  32. Walaa Al-Fares

    Walaa Al-Fares3 hari yang lalu


  33. Marwoa Seddighi

    Marwoa Seddighi3 hari yang lalu

    Why is this so relatable for me 😫

  34. faiza shahzad

    faiza shahzad3 hari yang lalu

    Are these real hair

  35. Rolien Fuls

    Rolien Fuls3 hari yang lalu

    I know how Olivia feels

  36. Nur Syakilla Shila

    Nur Syakilla Shila3 hari yang lalu

    But you still beautiful

  37. Hareem Faisal

    Hareem Faisal3 hari yang lalu


  38. BFFS AMELIA CHARLIE & ZOE bffs forever

    BFFS AMELIA CHARLIE & ZOE bffs forever3 hari yang lalu

    I have curly hair poop hhehahahaha lols

  39. ღ raιny . leмon ღ

    ღ raιny . leмon ღ3 hari yang lalu

    мore lιĸe тнιcĸ нaιr proвleмѕ ∩( ・ω・)∩

  40. jWøøf yass

    jWøøf yass3 hari yang lalu

    Some of these aren't true....

  41. thegirlthatlovescats hoi

    thegirlthatlovescats hoi4 hari yang lalu

    The same happens to meh

  42. Melody Playz1

    Melody Playz14 hari yang lalu

    Use scrunchies they don’t break

  43. Despina Zoum

    Despina Zoum4 hari yang lalu

    I hate my curly hair😭😭😭 I wish I had straight hair 😭🙏🙏🙏🙏(if you have curly hair pls like)

  44. Ekta Panchal

    Ekta PanchalHari Yang lalu

    @ItsWolfy CookiePlayz Thats good

  45. ItsWolfy CookiePlayz

    ItsWolfy CookiePlayzHari Yang lalu

    I have straight

  46. Ekta Panchal

    Ekta Panchal2 hari yang lalu

    Actually it becomes frizzy

  47. Phoenix Flame

    Phoenix Flame4 hari yang lalu

    I have curly hair and all these have happened at least once its so annoying

  48. Nooby Penguin

    Nooby Penguin4 hari yang lalu

    She should defenetely go to the salon =_=

  49. Charisma Clark

    Charisma Clark4 hari yang lalu

    I wish I have curly hair that's my dream

  50. Jada Reed

    Jada Reed4 hari yang lalu

    U missed one getting nappy when u d0nt have the things to let it out oh and I have mega curls I feel u sis

  51. Camille Thomas

    Camille Thomas5 hari yang lalu

    Lied my hairs curly and I have none of those problems

  52. maly maly

    maly maly3 hari yang lalu


  53. Tamara David

    Tamara David4 hari yang lalu

    Me too sis

  54. Kylie Beller

    Kylie Beller5 hari yang lalu

    I don't have curly hair but i want curly hair :) For the curly peeps out there the struggle is real XD

  55. Roblox Cookie

    Roblox Cookie5 hari yang lalu

    Every time I wake up like that it doesn’t feel like that

  56. Sienna Chez

    Sienna Chez5 hari yang lalu

    I have curly haired hair naturally too

  57. Fallen Leaves

    Fallen Leaves5 hari yang lalu

    Love you girls HaHaHaHaHaHa

  58. シラ桜ガチャ《 Cilla Syakura 》

    シラ桜ガチャ《 Cilla Syakura 》5 hari yang lalu

    I'm a simple person.. I se someone smiling brightly i click... :(

  59. Urmi singh

    Urmi singh5 hari yang lalu

    Same bby

  60. 4. perfect angels Forever

    4. perfect angels Forever5 hari yang lalu

    I also have curly hair

  61. Anju Kanojia

    Anju Kanojia5 hari yang lalu

    Who can relate this make it blue cause I can

  62. Anju Kanojia

    Anju Kanojia5 hari yang lalu

    Who can relate this make it blue cause I can

  63. Melissa Boulton

    Melissa Boulton5 hari yang lalu

    Ava-Mae 🌈🦅

  64. Oladeji Abiola

    Oladeji Abiola5 hari yang lalu

    I have coarse curly hair

  65. Casey Baxter

    Casey Baxter5 hari yang lalu

    it was sooo funny wen she sed ooooo curly