FUNNY Brain Teasers That Only The SMARTEST Can Answer | Riddles w/The Blonde Squad


  1. Elizabeth Dorelus

    Elizabeth DorelusMenit Yang lalu

    Zach made me laugh after my brother abused me and my ten-year-old brother I'm only 7 though

  2. Raivyn Griffin

    Raivyn Griffin25 menit yang lalu

    One like to save lizzy

  3. Kayla Voisine

    Kayla Voisine2 jam yang lalu

    The apples isn't with the pie username IPScrazyunicorn

  4. Ximena Martinez

    Ximena Martinez2 jam yang lalu

    The oven is missing knobs

  5. MIBRO5308

    MIBRO53082 jam yang lalu

    Guys which one is more dumb lizzy ailx

  6. Mark Colette

    Mark Colette2 jam yang lalu


  7. Jade Pham

    Jade Pham2 jam yang lalu

    I love alex

  8. Kimone Roth

    Kimone Roth2 jam yang lalu

    You don’t eat pie with a spoon 19:59 (I LOVE YOU ALEX ❤️❤️❤️

  9. AnoushkaNair09

    AnoushkaNair092 jam yang lalu

    in other countries soccer ball is actually called football

  10. Eva Barbarino

    Eva Barbarino3 jam yang lalu

    Blown up the toilet lol

  11. traceyyguzmann

    traceyyguzmann3 jam yang lalu

    Zach throwe that hamburger 🍔 outside it’s old

  12. Margaret Patrick

    Margaret Patrick4 jam yang lalu

    my name is maggi but it was spelled maggy

  13. seji and xiyeng yang

    seji and xiyeng yang4 jam yang lalu

    And the pie was on a bowl

  14. seji and xiyeng yang

    seji and xiyeng yang4 jam yang lalu

    Username is xiyengyang

  15. seji and xiyeng yang

    seji and xiyeng yang4 jam yang lalu

    There were 3 nobs on the oven

  16. aliyah marano

    aliyah marano4 jam yang lalu

    EW Zack pooed!I DONT mean to be MEAN I mean to be silly

  17. areene erakoze

    areene erakoze4 jam yang lalu

    No plates

  18. Keira Cheeseman

    Keira Cheeseman5 jam yang lalu

    I am like lizzy

  19. Sience Lalenoh

    Sience Lalenoh7 jam yang lalu

    I love you Bloond squad❤❤

  20. Radha Persaud

    Radha Persaud8 jam yang lalu

    The pie was left out although it is nighttime and it isn’t in the fridge or anything. My username is akonomes and I am a Boy not a girl

  21. Xxgacha wolfieXx

    Xxgacha wolfieXx9 jam yang lalu

    I litarelly died by zach😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤗

  22. Vetshella Vh

    Vetshella Vh9 jam yang lalu

    wait a minute... WHEREZ MEH TIEEEEE hey have you seen my tie Gacha kawaii Potato *.*

  23. Jamee Cabungcal

    Jamee Cabungcal9 jam yang lalu

    dude its the ring its missing

  24. ima grill

    ima grill10 jam yang lalu

    Who's older Lizzy or Alex please answer

  25. Sydney White

    Sydney White10 jam yang lalu


  26. Rtba Abaas

    Rtba Abaas11 jam yang lalu

    Well alex that was dumb bec ur just gunna kill your self like that but i love you vids

  27. Shaylee Scott

    Shaylee Scott11 jam yang lalu

    I don’t know if any body knew XD but 16:39 on purple hair girl look at her hand why is it a diff color?? XD

  28. crazy XPgirl

    crazy XPgirl13 jam yang lalu

    What i was to late it was 2 days ago and that was when i went to the dentist :(

  29. Kailey Lam

    Kailey Lam15 jam yang lalu

    No Edweed

  30. Kailey Lam

    Kailey Lam15 jam yang lalu


  31. Kailey Lam

    Kailey Lam15 jam yang lalu

    boy on the right

  32. Kailey Lam

    Kailey Lam15 jam yang lalu

    Malanie's Manager

  33. Kailey Lam

    Kailey Lam15 jam yang lalu


  34. kirbe12

    kirbe1215 jam yang lalu

    the moon is closer then normal name kirbe11 im thanos

  35. Jasmine Johnson

    Jasmine Johnson15 jam yang lalu

    you look pretty inside your heart just believe in your self just believe everybody is butifull

  36. Angie Gaona

    Angie Gaona16 jam yang lalu

    Zack is stupid Alex and lossy are smart

  37. MoriahElizabith and krew itsfunneh biggest fan

    MoriahElizabith and krew itsfunneh biggest fan16 jam yang lalu

    I wish i went but its too late :(

  38. Ronald Magdaong

    Ronald Magdaong17 jam yang lalu

    I love you alex

  39. Arianna Hunter

    Arianna Hunter17 jam yang lalu

    In the last one you said in the comments, the apples were on the trash can

  40. Stephanie lucas

    Stephanie lucas17 jam yang lalu

    2or 3 oven knobs are missing, and my username is DarkStalkerSteph13

  41. Ana DJ

    Ana DJ18 jam yang lalu

    Wears the ociana i dont know that is IM a pilipino waer did you live enyway

  42. Coti Bearchief

    Coti Bearchief18 jam yang lalu

    Why is Zack eyes white?!?!😔😔 i was my eyes were white

  43. gachagrl_rox chan

    gachagrl_rox chan19 jam yang lalu

    Where are. The other 2 nobes on the oven

  44. Cotton Candy Plays -Skits Animated Vids & More

    Cotton Candy Plays -Skits Animated Vids & More20 jam yang lalu

    I’m Scared Of Sharks BUT I’m Not Scared Of Mr Paws!🦈🐱

  45. MLBB Zane

    MLBB Zane20 jam yang lalu

    The pic at the end... The wrong there is the pie! IT IS NIGHT AND NO ONE PUT IT IN THE FRIDGE OR NO ONE ATE IT BEFORE SLEEP... What a dumb person who didn't ate the pie... (or what a dumb person who didn't ate the pie...)

  46. manil0u

    manil0u20 jam yang lalu

    The little girl is Anna

  47. Elizabeth Pedroza

    Elizabeth Pedroza21 jam yang lalu

    M im a BIG FAN

  48. Jessica's Channel

    Jessica's Channel21 jam yang lalu

    I want to meet you but it’s July 16

  49. Tyler Rossi-Hawkins

    Tyler Rossi-Hawkins21 jam yang lalu

    There are no stars

  50. Lamesha Robinson

    Lamesha Robinson21 jam yang lalu

    Susan was wearing her wedding ring when dillan and susan were in the house