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    This slime wipeout is CRAZY! Be sure to leave a like if you want to see more!

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    Hey preston you are the best man in texa hope you troll unspeakable love u

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    Hi Preston

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    Preston himself

  5. Charlestggg gr 4 thump Chapin

    Charlestggg gr 4 thump Chapin14 hari yang lalu


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    Preston is an idiot

  7. Amogelang Ramakoba

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    Preston come to Botswana

  8. Amogelang Ramakoba

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    Preston keep on pranking bri😀😜😎

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    click bait

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    Pleasen. Play. Gta

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    I am

  12. Esteban Fernandez

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    Preston, funny story, I told someone I know how to draw creepers because I watch your videos and content that I know how to draw creepers from experience, but........... I drew it wrong and I drew the face like all the spaces together and square instead of making the mouth rectangular and I came home and watched one of your videos ( the creeper boss video ) and saw all the creepers faces and looked at my drawing and I told myself the same thing over and over again “Ima pleb, Ima pleb, Ima pleb” Then the next day I told them what happened while showing them the picture and I said it again “ I am such a pleb “ and told them why, when the day before they told me I did it wrong and I didn’t listen.🤦🏻‍♂️

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    Is breana pregnet

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    K Preston and I like the starting point of the video so I will like

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    I think Preston won 'cause rob cheated

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    You are the best minecraft player

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    You are The best IDreporter

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    I give you and rob husban n HUSBAN

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    I wish I had your merch but me no have mineys

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    I mean moneys

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    Hi I'm new:D

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    I am fan and I found your Minecraft skin and Prank girls lol 😂

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    Preston really won because woolfless cheated

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    Preston is the real winner

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    I am buying your mertch

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    dont play with woofless anymore because i caught him cheating when you both play games

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    tok to us

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    I subscribed all of you’re videos and clicked the thumbs up

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    13:01 did he say leveiosaw or leveiosa? and is he from Harry Potter?????? LOL SAID THAT BECAUSE LEVEIOSA IS A SPELL IN THE HARRY POTTER MOVIES!!!!

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    I have a dare for u preston

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    i dislike ur video cause it has de y word in it u dum-dum

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    HALALULELA SLIM!!!! BTW I got the slim merch

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    What is that Preston

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    Woofless is a cheater.

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    My son 's birthday is 2012!!!!

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    Preston is so cool!!!

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    Your the best

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    preston dont push him. it make he wins.

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    Flip insane video