Fuchsia OS - The DEATH of Android!?


  1. M

    M2 bulan yang lalu

    I got this in my recommended today, even though it's over a year later it's such a good one.

  2. Cire Sogir

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  3. dalvin boby

    dalvin boby3 bulan yang lalu

    Can we have him once a week

  4. Juan Mendez

    Juan Mendez4 bulan yang lalu

    This dude is stoned as fuck


    PEACEWALKER4 bulan yang lalu

    Where can I get that NVidia Phone, Dennis?

  6. Gitana Maldita

    Gitana Maldita4 bulan yang lalu

    This is so lovely messed up 🤦‍♀️

  7. hailyeri

    hailyeri5 bulan yang lalu

    I cringe when I hear Fuchsia OS will replace Android, come on! The only possibility that they'll replace Android is they will create other devices other than Pixel. Android is rising and kind of impossible to dethrone.


    UNLOCK-TURBO7 bulan yang lalu

    🤣 he said " please don't dislike my video"


    UNLOCK-TURBO7 bulan yang lalu

    Good way to learn English 👍👌

  10. rope

    rope7 bulan yang lalu

    I hope Fuchsia isn't open sourced like Android.

  11. Mower Moddin

    Mower Moddin7 bulan yang lalu

    That keyboard is practically an iPhone. Mine lasted about a week before something breaking inside of it and killing the entire keyboard

  12. Rayray

    Rayray7 bulan yang lalu

    poor dennis

  13. The Sandwitch

    The Sandwitch8 bulan yang lalu

    Don't worry about not seeing Star Wars, you ain't missing much.

  14. Abdullah Sarwar

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  15. Reshad Qudoos

    Reshad Qudoos9 bulan yang lalu

    I like it more with him now

  16. Paul Rongcal

    Paul Rongcal10 bulan yang lalu

    More Dennis please?

  17. Stuart J 1210

    Stuart J 121010 bulan yang lalu

    more Denis

  18. Donald Baun

    Donald Baun10 bulan yang lalu

    Charming and funny.

  19. Todd

    Todd10 bulan yang lalu

    More Dennis! dude rocks

  20. Pa Du

    Pa Du10 bulan yang lalu

    the outro earned the like alone

  21. Loyiso Mantanga

    Loyiso Mantanga10 bulan yang lalu

    Dennis is the glue that holds the funny together in that company.

  22. KaibaCorp HQ

    KaibaCorp HQ10 bulan yang lalu

    I demand more Dennis in my life.

  23. Russell Smith

    Russell Smith11 bulan yang lalu

    no experience, LOL

  24. Camden Bruce

    Camden Bruce11 bulan yang lalu

    Yo. Right now building fuchsia. I have correctly downloaded files and i'm at the creating the image stage. I find that getting no errors is impossible but if your lucky it will still work. Like what happens everytime I built it. And also... fuchsias UI (armadillo) has been deleted. And 3 more test UI's are on the way. (that I know of) But all of this android is being deleted nonsense is a bucha baloney. Fuchsia is not even in its alpha yet so it may be likely to be finished by 2021. And if you want a video of fuchsia working I would be delighted! just reply (and some photos too.)

  25. iHelloway

    iHelloway11 bulan yang lalu

    technlinked + Dennis = more than average views = profit ? so please milk him gently

  26. iHelloway

    iHelloway11 bulan yang lalu

    just in case u did not noticed , this is the only tech linked video which has subtitles :D

  27. TheRealPuzzlecube

    TheRealPuzzlecube11 bulan yang lalu

    you still get pictures of donald trump when you search IDIOT

  28. bradly sinusun

    bradly sinusun11 bulan yang lalu

    This like a comedy show. But i like this video .. hahahhahahahah

  29. Sucrose

    Sucrose11 bulan yang lalu

    this guy earned you a new sub, he's hilarious lol

  30. M.Devendra

    M.Devendra11 bulan yang lalu

    I thought as always Dennis thumbnail was click bait but Surprise !!!

  31. L' enfant

    L' enfant11 bulan yang lalu

    so painful to be patient with Asians these days I basically dont want to go through the video and here I am nothing learned just going to bed now, and actually this is the first time that I havent learned anything from a LTT video

  32. Ron.M

    Ron.M11 bulan yang lalu

    Don't let him talk

  33. Sk Jain

    Sk Jain11 bulan yang lalu

    Boy that last disappearing act made it real

  34. xidigaha nairobi

    xidigaha nairobi11 bulan yang lalu

    Sharing is caring he is a pirate

  35. ProBarokis

    ProBarokis11 bulan yang lalu

    why does dennis look so happy that it's funny

  36. Good Sensimila

    Good Sensimila11 bulan yang lalu

    nah nah nah nah nah nah

  37. that Guy

    that Guy11 bulan yang lalu

    What a stupid name, how about just call the new one Android. Hay Google don't make a big deal out of nothing.

  38. AUSsaultBird2454

    AUSsaultBird245411 bulan yang lalu

    Should have just keyed the blue fabric and replaced it with an image of the background... MAGIC! Then again, Dennis is already super stealthy

  39. Nikita Dostoevsky

    Nikita Dostoevsky11 bulan yang lalu

    it was hilarious, but completly impossible to understand)

  40. yusif katulie

    yusif katulie11 bulan yang lalu

    Is this guy related to jinyeng?