Frozen II - Movie Review


  1. john cameron

    john cameron3 jam yang lalu

    Your review is 1000% spot on!!!!! I just wanted Elsa and Anna staying together. The ending was awful. Loved your video!!!! Would you want a Frozen 3?

  2. john cameron

    john cameron6 jam yang lalu

    I hated this movie. That ending sucked. Elsa/Anna separation no way. Bring Elsa back home to Anna.


    VERGUCO9 jam yang lalu

    the only good thing this movie have is the animation, everything else is shit and you can like it but still is shit. and the ending makes absolutley no sense

  4. J*ker

    J*ker14 jam yang lalu

    Olaf is the star of the show

  5. foxy hunter

    foxy hunter15 jam yang lalu

    Anna I know

  6. Msmeliss ox

    Msmeliss ox16 jam yang lalu

    Oh... he's talking about Anna... yeah

  7. Nonya Business

    Nonya Business23 jam yang lalu

    Too bad. The ending was the best part for me.

  8. Andrew Guilmain

    Andrew Guilmain23 jam yang lalu

    oh come one, Kristoff had the best song in the entire movie. hands down, it parodied everything that was so cliche about boy bands and power ballads. It was funny, and fit his character, because he's not a very seious character and neither was the song or anything he really sang about. I was laughing through the entire song and enjoyed it really well. But to each their own

  9. Megan Grimison

    Megan GrimisonHari Yang lalu

    please follow up

  10. Ixerarim Voldemort

    Ixerarim VoldemortHari Yang lalu

    I have seen it!!!

  11. annie c

    annie cHari Yang lalu

    not worth seeing in the theater, shoulda been a straight to video, very disappointing film imo

  12. EtchedInStone

    EtchedInStoneHari Yang lalu

    I only saw this because my girlfriend forced me to. As it turned out, this film put me to sleep.

  13. Tae Tae

    Tae TaeHari Yang lalu

    I think they focused on olaf beacause Spoiler: Because he dies later on in the movie. - Also I think the point was Anna saves Elsa this time. Visually the movie was very good the story was all about spirits and magic which kinda was reaching. The movie was more mature I liked this one more because it had great songs and visuals. Elsa has to kinda prove herself to be the fifth spirit through different challenges. I was bummed to see Anna and Elsa went their separate ways but overall I give it 7.5, would definitely watch it again.

  14. Ariette Hung

    Ariette HungHari Yang lalu

    I loved it! :)

  15. diki k

    diki kHari Yang lalu

    Nothing's perfect yet there's frozen.. yes i totally agree with you disappointed with the ending.. i can ignore all the flaws in storyline, songs, olaf all but the ending was jist so unnecessary..

  16. Laurel Welch

    Laurel WelchHari Yang lalu

    So, are we going to get that commentary about the ending (or a spoiler review) now that the movie's been out for a few weeks?

  17. Christophe P.

    Christophe P.Hari Yang lalu

    I came back just out of curiosity (I left after you ask for money to make short film) ...well I am glad I left

  18. markatkinson167

    markatkinson1672 hari yang lalu

    Must be honest I thought this was a pretty poor follow up. Your left thinking surely after several years there must have been a meatier plot than this. It made little sense. It just was not entertaining enough. Sadly disappointed.

  19. Janko M.

    Janko M.2 hari yang lalu

    There is a villain. Villain are all the people combined, and their stupidity. Because they are stupid, they want to start a war with one another. Main character, who is so powerful, that he cannot deal with only one villain, has to tell them, that their reasons for conflict are stupid. The same type of main protagonist and story as Elsa and Frozen II are Hiccup and How to train your dragon, Carol Denvers and Captain Marvel and probably Kylo Ren and Star Wars sequel trilogy.

  20. Milstead on Movies

    Milstead on Movies2 hari yang lalu

    I preferred the story in this one, but then again, I really didn't like the first movie

  21. Nintendozilla17

    Nintendozilla1715 jam yang lalu

    The first one actually made me care for the characters when i first saw it. The 2nd one doesn't make me care about the characters. its not because they're boring, its because its uninteresting. The film trys to be so funny, but it turns out the film was kinda annoying. Plot was not interesting or shocking. C+ for frozen 2.

  22. eggnoG

    eggnoG2 hari yang lalu

    Why is no one talking about pocahontas and frozen being connected through gale? I thought that was super obvious

  23. Ibidefredi

    Ibidefredi2 hari yang lalu

    Is elsa now a lesbian

  24. jared garden

    jared garden2 hari yang lalu

    Water doesn't have memory. This is bad to teach kids, they will go out and spend hundreds of dollars on water.

  25. 4leafclover

    4leafclover3 hari yang lalu

    "Let is go Chris...let it go...." LOL

  26. Saiyan 2775

    Saiyan 27753 hari yang lalu

    Spoiler review! Spoiled review!

  27. Killer Bee

    Killer Bee3 hari yang lalu

    I honestly love Olaf BECAUSE he’s annoying lol

  28. Benjamin Dunne

    Benjamin DunneHari Yang lalu

    I found him a lot less annoying in this film actually

  29. Sara Sam

    Sara Sam3 hari yang lalu

    I love it I’m 28y 😁

  30. Melissa Mermaid

    Melissa Mermaid3 hari yang lalu

    I wanna hear you talk about the spoilers now!

  31. MissZoey007

    MissZoey0073 hari yang lalu

    End racism against White people Disney is dead

  32. Juan Jose Pineda

    Juan Jose Pineda3 hari yang lalu

    Huh the wrongs made by the grandfather was the villain and they had to correct the wrongs of the past. Dislike this critic review what makes a great Disney musical? Let’s hear it out :)

  33. c0mpu73rguy

    c0mpu73rguy3 hari yang lalu

    I actually hated the forced villain in the first film, so there being no villain here is an improvement. Actually, I enjoyed Frozen II while I hated Frozen with a passion, so it must be doing something right even if I can't put my finger on it (because it's too cold and and could get stuck).

  34. Kelly Pagano

    Kelly Pagano4 hari yang lalu

    I agree with you on the Olaf thing. The movie was visually fantastic. I didn’t mind the story choices as much as you. The two Elsa songs are amazing. The song with the dude made me laugh because they did it like a Brian Adams or Peter Satera video from the late 80’s early 90’s. I thought it was fun. Lol. I liked the story a lot more than you now that I think about it. I know the choice you’re talking about. I actually liked that choice. Anyway... good times as always Chris. I gave it an A. I get where you’re coming from thiugh

  35. Gabriel Anderson

    Gabriel Anderson4 hari yang lalu

    Please review Klaus!

  36. Astaria Naira

    Astaria Naira4 hari yang lalu

    Please post a spoiler review sometime. I was confused and disappointed by the movie and really want to hear you vent.

  37. Fodwocket

    Fodwocket4 hari yang lalu

    I'd love to see a spoiler video when it's okay to do so 😁

  38. Tim Willson

    Tim Willson4 hari yang lalu

    Chris, I normally vibe with your opinions, but I felt like you were way off on this one. It's a very insightful story about identity, and I for one found it to be compelling and deeply satisfying. Just wanted to respectfully disagree! I love your reviews!

  39. Misty Rose

    Misty Rose4 hari yang lalu

    I absolutely loved it because that was the was just so out of place that it was hilarious, and as much as I love it, that is something I just cannot overlook. As soon as those guitar riffs started I knew I was in for something weird, and had a great experience, just not something I expected in a Disney movie at all 😂😂 Totally something you could just play anywhere else and no one would guess it’s a Disney song.

  40. eggnoG

    eggnoG4 hari yang lalu


  41. Musfirat Hasan

    Musfirat Hasan4 hari yang lalu

    THANK YOU for saying this! The whole movie was sooooooo good! but the end didn't make sense (to me). It really made me sad! I mean that seriously was not a happy ending man! (maybe it isn't a proper reason not to be satisfied with the ending BUT IT IS!) Me and my little sister relate so much with Elsa and Anna as we practically grew apart but are really close now. I am having a slight bit of anxiety cuz of the ending as I literally feel Elsa so much. what? can there not be two queens? that's why she has to go to exile? -_- Narnia had 2!

  42. uno23sleep

    uno23sleep4 hari yang lalu

    I just watched this recently. The animation is so damn amazing, but I get your point about the flaw with the story. But you can't deny the setup on the lore for the opening hymn!