Frozen 2 Official Trailer


  1. Broski

    BroskiJam Yang lalu

    If Elsa isn’t gay I WILL THROW HANDS!!

  2. Mario Hiccup Witwicky

    Mario Hiccup WitwickyJam Yang lalu

    Frozen II: Skyrim

  3. Audrey Votaw

    Audrey VotawJam Yang lalu


  4. Eyeless Jack Solomon

    Eyeless Jack SolomonJam Yang lalu

    I think we will see here how elsa got her power and they will find their parents

  5. Lauren Phillips

    Lauren PhillipsJam Yang lalu

    I love it and my friend loves it to

  6. Veronica James

    Veronica JamesJam Yang lalu

    Fourth grade me is quaking. Anyone else have chills ?

  7. -Nico- -chi-

    -Nico- -chi-Jam Yang lalu


  8. Peerapong pratas ball 2019

    Peerapong pratas ball 2019Jam Yang lalu

    *WOW* ❗ *Frozen* *2*

  9. Kathleen Hanna Wannabe

    Kathleen Hanna WannabeJam Yang lalu

    This seems like a fever dream. Terribly excited

  10. Mario Hiccup Witwicky

    Mario Hiccup WitwickyJam Yang lalu

    Frozen II: Ever After

  11. Sound Prophet

    Sound ProphetJam Yang lalu


  12. Olivia Wilson

    Olivia WilsonJam Yang lalu

    If Elsa isnt a lesbian I-

  13. Elianne Kuiper

    Elianne KuiperJam Yang lalu

    Where Olaf at :'(

  14. Mario Hiccup Witwicky

    Mario Hiccup WitwickyJam Yang lalu

    Disney: "How attractive do you think Elsa is?" Everyone: "Yes!"

  15. Mario Hiccup Witwicky

    Mario Hiccup WitwickyJam Yang lalu

    1:39 "Friend!"

  16. Lyox_ 56

    Lyox_ 56Jam Yang lalu

    Okay lets see. *Opens video* 0:02 Jesuswtffjcfleejfjed-

  17. Brenda Iriho

    Brenda IrihoJam Yang lalu

    ME; confused about trailer and typing comment 5minutes later.....still typing comment then I give up 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

  18. Sebastian

    SebastianJam Yang lalu

    It's in Norway

  19. FallOut!atmyChemicalDisco

    FallOut!atmyChemicalDiscoJam Yang lalu


  20. Lomax Games

    Lomax GamesJam Yang lalu

    They will need so much talent (and maybe luck) to surpass Let it go

  21. Cherry Dreams

    Cherry DreamsJam Yang lalu

    I love frozen so much I have a bed seat of frozen and a shirt and a purse I can’t wait until frozen 2 comes

  22. badache badache

    badache badacheJam Yang lalu

    waw it is very cool I want watch thus film

  23. Gatcha Boiii

    Gatcha BoiiiJam Yang lalu


  24. StyleFreex

    StyleFreexJam Yang lalu

    What if she met Ariel :)

  25. Armel Cizarre Tan

    Armel Cizarre TanJam Yang lalu

    Frozen II: The new Avatar

  26. She Who Must Not Be Named

    She Who Must Not Be NamedJam Yang lalu


  27. Anonymous

    AnonymousJam Yang lalu

    Wait a minute. Am i the only one here who though that as soon as i played this, but is kinda similar with mockingjay sound from the hunger games ?

  28. Bts Lover

    Bts LoverJam Yang lalu


  29. Juno Shane

    Juno ShaneJam Yang lalu

    Um, whhhatttt??? (I don’t understand the trailer)

  30. Aarit Joshi

    Aarit JoshiJam Yang lalu

    maybe anna does have powers, LOOK AT HER ORANGE FIREY OUTFIT pause at (1:26)

  31. Dearbhaile -1605

    Dearbhaile -1605Jam Yang lalu

    Mom:come home Me:haha nope Mom:I got pizza rolls Me: 0:13

  32. Shreya Potter

    Shreya PotterJam Yang lalu

    I love the frozen theme song

  33. lily boopabu

    lily boopabuJam Yang lalu

    I have a really bad feeling that something REAL bad is going to happen... yes here i am, my 16 year old self thinking what is going to happen

  34. panggop jio

    panggop jioJam Yang lalu

    This story related one more sandal

  35. Aneke Dudy

    Aneke DudyJam Yang lalu

    Is this going to be like those Video Game trailers that say "not actual gameplay?", except that it doesn't? 😏 Oh well, it works: I'm interested... 😁

  36. فراشة الربيع

    فراشة الربيعJam Yang lalu

    فدوة اشتركو بقناتي قناة كلش حلوة تخبل بروح امكم

  37. Sadie Lassiter

    Sadie LassiterJam Yang lalu

    I thought that horse was a kelpie

  38. Sana-ah Minatozaki

    Sana-ah MinatozakiJam Yang lalu

    Waaaaaaah nice😍💞

  39. bún ôc

    bún ôcJam Yang lalu

    Mong đợi

  40. Salehe Raj

    Salehe RajJam Yang lalu

    I literally want to see it at any cost!!!😍🤓

  41. Jakc WWE

    Jakc WWEJam Yang lalu

    When I first watch the video it took me 30 seconds to find out this isn’t a fan made trailer because it looked a lot like the backdrop of Star Wars XD

  42. Jonathan Quatro

    Jonathan QuatroJam Yang lalu

    Turns out Elsa is basically Frozone from the Incredibles.

  43. KiwiYanx

    KiwiYanxJam Yang lalu


  44. Anonymous Person

    Anonymous PersonJam Yang lalu

    So rumor has it Elsa gon be gay. What y'all think ?

  45. Ramanand Singh

    Ramanand SinghJam Yang lalu

    When this movie releases I am so excited to see this

  46. Jonathan van dorsten

    Jonathan van dorstenJam Yang lalu

    I soooooooo dont wana see this. What?

  47. Elsa Saad

    Elsa SaadJam Yang lalu

    My name is elsa

  48. Ioana-Georgiana Vancea

    Ioana-Georgiana VanceaJam Yang lalu


  49. 주지성

    주지성Jam Yang lalu

    한국인 손

  50. Addison Arnold

    Addison ArnoldJam Yang lalu

    Why is this so much more mature lol

  51. Only Asmr

    Only AsmrJam Yang lalu

  52. mae lin

    mae lin2 jam yang lalu

    Pls make jack frost meet elsa T.T .. *this is what happened when watching too much FMV xD.. i was influenced by fmv lol *




  54. immu shaik

    immu shaik2 jam yang lalu

    This story related one more sandal

  55. Stephanie Rhodes

    Stephanie Rhodes2 jam yang lalu

    Bitch how the fuck she aint dead from that wave

  56. p123

    p1232 jam yang lalu

    Me: hear's the name of place named "Uknown" Also me: OVER THE GARDEN WALL

  57. Troupe Member 14

    Troupe Member 142 jam yang lalu

    Who disliked this??

  58. Rejane Añonuevo Mendajao

    Rejane Añonuevo Mendajao2 jam yang lalu

    I'm so excited to watch it😍😍😍

  59. SparkySpice0911

    SparkySpice09112 jam yang lalu

    Yo who heard the black ops zombies theme in the beginning

  60. Srishti Verma

    Srishti Verma2 jam yang lalu

    Love it💙

  61. blossom

    blossom2 jam yang lalu

    I felt like Frozen was a bit overrated after I watched it, but watching it over and over again made me realise how amazing it was and how I could never get bored of it. I hope Frozen 2 gives the same feeling of watching it over again and never getting bored! This trailer looks dope af.

  62. Jeon Somi

    Jeon Somi2 jam yang lalu

    Frozen fan since 2013 lol

  63. Antea Anticevic

    Antea Anticevic2 jam yang lalu

    Was'nt the part Out now?

  64. Lovely Kim

    Lovely Kim2 jam yang lalu

    I think anna has an power the fire If you agree just press the like botton

  65. Shalini Nautiyal

    Shalini Nautiyal2 jam yang lalu

    Waiting for it

  66. Roby Plays

    Roby Plays2 jam yang lalu


  67. Einjhel Marquez

    Einjhel Marquez2 jam yang lalu

    I think their parents are still alive in this story. Add: Maybe that's why they wanted to save them.

  68. NotAliya

    NotAliya2 jam yang lalu

    Me: What is is happening...? Disney: yEs.

  69. pakhispassion

    pakhispassion2 jam yang lalu


  70. Dhany Dhany

    Dhany Dhany2 jam yang lalu Maaf...numpang

  71. Kanakam Prabha

    Kanakam Prabha2 jam yang lalu

    wow.. cant wait to see

  72. Shahedin Akter Sompaty

    Shahedin Akter Sompaty2 jam yang lalu

    Sooo excited😍😍😇😇

  73. coole smartie

    coole smartie2 jam yang lalu

    nobody: leT it gOOOoOoOOo elsa: yes.

  74. Almagnav

    Almagnav2 jam yang lalu

    Elsa is the answer of the global warming

  75. Haley Jacobs

    Haley Jacobs2 jam yang lalu

    This makes me very excited!!!

  76. rose milk

    rose milk2 jam yang lalu

    The animation looks so beautiful!!!

  77. anna Victóriaツ

    anna Victóriaツ2 jam yang lalu

    I shivered

  78. HowTo BeRegular

    HowTo BeRegular2 jam yang lalu

    I think her makeup is water proof and her eyes are like goggles

  79. R a d i o p h o b i a

    R a d i o p h o b i a2 jam yang lalu

    Is no one talking about the animation quality because omg

  80. Winda Piglet

    Winda Piglet2 jam yang lalu

    So Amazing

  81. HowTo BeRegular

    HowTo BeRegular2 jam yang lalu

    This looks fun

  82. Johnson Family

    Johnson Family2 jam yang lalu

    O.M.G that looks AWESOME!! Like if agree

  83. Rana Kilic

    Rana Kilic2 jam yang lalu

    Yes me baby !

  84. Nhân Thảo

    Nhân Thảo2 jam yang lalu

    Cant wait to see it ill save money

  85. Alicia Daniela Lema Torres

    Alicia Daniela Lema Torres2 jam yang lalu

    I think I just got click baited

  86. Mas Zee khan

    Mas Zee khan2 jam yang lalu

    Indonesian acungkan ☝☝

  87. Tabark Samir

    Tabark Samir2 jam yang lalu

    Are they gonna find out about their parents' drown?

  88. SP_Octo Pie

    SP_Octo Pie2 jam yang lalu

    Does she lose her power >.>

  89. hotelsetiabudi madiun

    hotelsetiabudi madiun2 jam yang lalu


  90. All Kpop Stuff

    All Kpop Stuff2 jam yang lalu

    Lmao in the beginning Her footsteps match the beat of the music

  91. Derp_Official

    Derp_Official2 jam yang lalu

    1:30, is that rock statue from Brave???

  92. Mohammed Ehssan

    Mohammed Ehssan2 jam yang lalu

    اموت على فروزن

  93. Raul's cooking list

    Raul's cooking list2 jam yang lalu

    Children should not be allowed to watch this movie as God said a man should leave his parents and marry a woman and they shall be one. There is nothing in the Bible that endorse a woman marry another woman. Parents wake up and don't allow society to confuse your small children. A boy is a boy just like a girl is a girl and there is no thing as a boy being a girl inside as that's hogwash and ridiculous.

  94. Nushrath Banu

    Nushrath Banu2 jam yang lalu

    Im sooo excited 😍 im nt kid still love to watch frozen 😍😍😍😘

  95. Skanti Dope

    Skanti Dope2 jam yang lalu

    I feel like this will be related to brave

  96. Jen De Vicente

    Jen De Vicente2 jam yang lalu

    Excited na me 😍😍

  97. Sayori

    Sayori2 jam yang lalu

    i want them to yeet elsa to space at the end of the movie

  98. Suizamen boilu

    Suizamen boilu2 jam yang lalu

    I can’t wait 😍

  99. Top 5s Unexplained Event

    Top 5s Unexplained Event2 jam yang lalu

    Another ice cold movie

  100. siti maryam

    siti maryam2 jam yang lalu

    Why the trailer now? We had to wait for 5 month, it's too long.