Free Fire Battlegrounds - BOOYAH! Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1(iOs, android)


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    It's my favorite game free fire 💪😎🤗

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    Free Fire is a best game

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    Fan of free fire like

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    Best game

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    Nice this video

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    16:22, 17:50 What song is this?

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    Aayush7676 id of freefire


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    How to download

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    Haha this is hilarious yet your level now is some dangerous shit.

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    Bisa Mabar sama android ?

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    First time I played it, I was scared out by the last safezone song

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    I miss the old music that played at the death match.

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    Bhai mushrooms to le leta

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    its garena free fire, on my iphone says garena free fire, updated?

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    Noob detected

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    At least this game is working in my 🥔 potato mobile


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    Can someone explain this to me.... what is a "walkthrough" with no commentary?? Seriously.... is everyone dumb, or just plain st st stu stupid??

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    Good game /😎😎😎😎😘😃

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    He didn't get the AWM sniper!!

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    @ramjeet gupta no noob

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    AWM is bad. SKS and VSS are good

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    mano I could get your Gameplay and make a video zueira because my Android can not record free Fire I'll be leaving the credits to you


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    you are the noobyou go to rush you wait shit you are the shit

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    SKS is way better than vss,vss is just a shitt ,#noob_spotted..

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    yep true sks deals more dmg than vss sh1t

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    Now im booyeh in free fire i use the sniper

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    Sniper is not the best

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    Stop using the vss it only has range and doesn't do good damage #noob

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    But you can shot at head