Fortnite - High Stakes Returns


  1. Javier

    JavierJam Yang lalu

    Remove balloons

  2. Leaning King

    Leaning KingJam Yang lalu

    Can someone help me i acidently bought a pickaxe

  3. Savage gaming

    Savage gamingJam Yang lalu

    plz breang back double pump ant it wood be cool if you guys can make harvesting eazyer beaus im not a good player so i cant kill people so I have to git mats my self if you cant breang back dub pump than plz make a LTM cepe up the good wark

  4. Scy them

    Scy themJam Yang lalu

    Your game is straight up garbage now. I stopped playing fortnite

  5. Frozen

    FrozenJam Yang lalu

    Add laguna to mobile

  6. Jkmackness Ps4

    Jkmackness Ps4Jam Yang lalu

    And you only tell me now

  7. God Dragon

    God DragonJam Yang lalu

    One shot solos

  8. N.J Gaming

    N.J Gaming2 jam yang lalu

    @epic games, I have lost my account and I have been trying to message you guys but I don’t think anyone has been checking the messages

  9. Wolverinebeast21

    Wolverinebeast212 jam yang lalu

    Can you make different types of crosshairs in the settings. It's ok if you don't want to.

  10. Darien Aguilar

    Darien Aguilar2 jam yang lalu

    Why did I just receive a notification of this video 1 week after the game mode was renounced? 🤔

  11. Crystal Tran

    Crystal Tran2 jam yang lalu

    Is this really epic games/fortnite’s channel? 🤔

  12. Skylar Productions and gaming

    Skylar Productions and gaming3 jam yang lalu

    Add muskets like if you age

  13. Skylar Productions and gaming

    Skylar Productions and gaming3 jam yang lalu


  14. xxxtentacoin _fan

    xxxtentacoin _fan3 jam yang lalu

    Add x into fortnite in his song "king of the dead" he mentioned fortnite unlike drake

  15. time to react

    time to react3 jam yang lalu

    Fortnite please make save the world free

  16. Rider_Playstv

    Rider_Playstv3 jam yang lalu

    Please delete lynx skin thank you.

  17. Cameron Williams

    Cameron Williams3 jam yang lalu

    Hey fork night

  18. Da real ASASSINTOAST7

    Da real ASASSINTOAST74 jam yang lalu

    Plz add the fly explosives

  19. Hook

    Hook4 jam yang lalu

    Ihr seid solche hurensöhne epic games ihr haut die größten dünnpfiff Updates raus und bei den einem Update tauchen plötzlich nur sweats auf wer kommt bitte wieder auf so eine dumme Idee zwei verschiedene Plattformen zu kreuzen das ist einfach nur dämlich wie fast jedes Update ich hab gar kein Bock mehr das Game zu spielen weil nur sweats überall sind jeder hat gottes aim kann bauen wie ein halbgott bin ich hier in scrims oder was ? So ein Müll

  20. itsmebob

    itsmebob4 jam yang lalu

    Everybody with 20 wins needs to be in matches with people that also have 20 wins but not dudes like me with 0 wins against dudes with 100000wins

  21. Idalky Köhler

    Idalky Köhler4 jam yang lalu

    Omg or omfack

  22. Lol 12

    Lol 125 jam yang lalu

    please football skins in the shop please epic Games I love you

  23. Dxtowe

    Dxtowe5 jam yang lalu

    ‪Can i please get a support a creator code 😭😭‬

  24. TotzD99 Denobis

    TotzD99 Denobis5 jam yang lalu

    Im a pro at fortnite

  25. TotzD99 Denobis

    TotzD99 Denobis5 jam yang lalu

    Your game is the best game ever

  26. TotzD99 Denobis

    TotzD99 Denobis5 jam yang lalu

    Epic can you fix your flint pistol becaus when i shot a person i got knocked back and died by the your game is the game i ever played in my whole life thank you for making this game we all love your game its better than any game i played

  27. Red Line

    Red Line6 jam yang lalu

    Srevers Medl east

  28. Robots vs Ninja

    Robots vs Ninja6 jam yang lalu

    Is fornite gonna come on samsung 5 note

  29. DaMoose1104 Live

    DaMoose1104 Live6 jam yang lalu


  30. DaMoose1104 Live

    DaMoose1104 Live6 jam yang lalu

    like my other post if you agree

  31. DaMoose1104 Live

    DaMoose1104 Live6 jam yang lalu

    fortnite you need to fix damage drops because tactical shotguns are supposed 74 damage but in reality they do 22 and I do 105 HEADSHOTS with a golden pump shot gun when other people to 220

  32. زيوني العراقي

    زيوني العراقي6 jam yang lalu


  33. Bradley floo

    Bradley floo7 jam yang lalu


  34. Péter Cservenyi

    Péter Cservenyi7 jam yang lalu

    When is fortnite 2 coming out?

  35. Pronto falei

    Pronto falei7 jam yang lalu

    Plis plis fortnite lite for j2 prime 728 mb

  36. P L F O R

    P L F O R8 jam yang lalu

    Server middle east??

  37. Caido 11

    Caido 118 jam yang lalu

    What is it with the fazing

  38. Z4O- -R4NY

    Z4O- -R4NY9 jam yang lalu

    Please ad the gold M4


    ADVANCED WAR739 jam yang lalu

    Guys the new meta: double Flint knock pistol

  40. TeletubbeFS_Playz 690

    TeletubbeFS_Playz 6909 jam yang lalu

    Will the daydream emote come back

  41. Speedysparrow55

    Speedysparrow5510 jam yang lalu

    Dont know why they cut out the part with rook

  42. iTi XPe

    iTi XPe10 jam yang lalu

    سيرفرات عربيه

  43. Wendy Nigga

    Wendy Nigga10 jam yang lalu

    Fortnite is fucked. Not the game itself, but the players. I don't know who started it, but it happened. TRYHARDS. Some idiots are gonna say, "Get better at the game scrub" or some other bullshit, BUT ITS NOT ABOUT SKILL. You can't play like you used to, you have to use the exact same scumbag tactics these tryhards are using. Even streamers have this dumbass problem, whether you're good or not these tryhards take a toll. Bitchfest over lol.


    КАНАЛ САБИТА10 jam yang lalu

    Lakin Azərbaycan

  45. Lynx Lynx

    Lynx Lynx10 jam yang lalu


  46. Lynx Lynx

    Lynx Lynx10 jam yang lalu

    Fortnite ios 5 plz

  47. ゲーム大好き人間

    ゲーム大好き人間11 jam yang lalu


  48. Ro looking

    Ro looking11 jam yang lalu

    Dark dinasty bleass

  49. thegodessambrosia

    thegodessambrosia11 jam yang lalu

    Next thing that NEEDS to be added to fortnite:tanks! Like if u agree

  50. Faze_Apex 215

    Faze_Apex 21511 jam yang lalu

    Epic please take the gold/purple pump out of the game its too powerful its broken


    JEFF ZHENG12 jam yang lalu

    Mobile voice chat is not working for me

  52. XDodo Magical

    XDodo Magical12 jam yang lalu

    Give oblivion different edit styles for her lights : green purple red

  53. hi subscriber

    hi subscriber12 jam yang lalu

    Everytime I go to playgrounds. My skin is a default. But I am using a skin.

  54. Emani robinson

    Emani robinson13 jam yang lalu

    Can you give me Vbox for free my name is this on Fortnite Supremekid34356

  55. Zac Marsh

    Zac Marsh13 jam yang lalu

    Can you bring motion blur to the original PS4?

  56. Mark Bwihambi

    Mark Bwihambi13 jam yang lalu

    Not this again

  57. Jeya Thamayanthi

    Jeya Thamayanthi14 jam yang lalu

    Where is the guided missile

  58. ThunderKing Hello

    ThunderKing Hello14 jam yang lalu


  59. Diamond Sander

    Diamond Sander14 jam yang lalu

    PLZ epic give us 3 more refunds plz a lot of player would want that

  60. XxAligamer14

    XxAligamer1416 jam yang lalu

    Please return soccer skin

  61. John Wick

    John Wick16 jam yang lalu

    Plz put the drum gun back epic games

  62. YoBOI Cryptic

    YoBOI Cryptic17 jam yang lalu

    Hi can you give me alote of skins

  63. Number #1

    Number #117 jam yang lalu

    Just when. I thought I had An OG Skin ..They reReleased it...

  64. GalliantGallade 2005

    GalliantGallade 200516 jam yang lalu

    *Heavy Panting*

  65. GalliantGallade 2005

    GalliantGallade 200516 jam yang lalu

    You still got Drift, Huntress, Redline, Ragnarok, and the others I forgot the names of because I couldn't get them and I only remember Ragnarok because reasons

  66. Zanto xD

    Zanto xD17 jam yang lalu

    Y want fornite for android

  67. Gerald Agregado

    Gerald Agregado17 jam yang lalu

    Epic games can you release a save the world for free on ps4

  68. Ivan Medrano

    Ivan Medrano18 jam yang lalu

    Fortnite the best game ever

  69. savagexX-3 yt

    savagexX-3 yt18 jam yang lalu

    Everybody go to my channnel

  70. Anthony Yon

    Anthony Yon18 jam yang lalu


  71. Mary Barrett

    Mary Barrett18 jam yang lalu

    Put an aim on the sniper

  72. despa cito

    despa cito18 jam yang lalu

    Yall banned voice overpete

  73. despa cito

    despa cito18 jam yang lalu

    *spits on you *leaves

  74. RaNdoM270

    RaNdoM27019 jam yang lalu


  75. MLGKayd3n

    MLGKayd3n19 jam yang lalu

    Laguna starter pack?

  76. MJ Hernandez

    MJ Hernandez19 jam yang lalu

    And btw this is my personal thing but you should add in a new wrap and skin and it has to be in the military and get rid of the stupid inventory rifle because it sucks per

  77. MJ Hernandez

    MJ Hernandez19 jam yang lalu

    Epic this is a big deal you must ban ever sweaty kid in the game because they are sweats DO IT OR ILL FIND YOU

  78. TheGGuy `

    TheGGuy `20 jam yang lalu

    When fortnite is too lazy to make a new trailer so they make the thumbnail different and make the trailer shorter to make it seem different

  79. Red Dragon

    Red Dragon20 jam yang lalu


  80. MEARWAGON223034 Hansen

    MEARWAGON223034 Hansen20 jam yang lalu

    Put jason voorhees in

  81. Alli Jarvis

    Alli Jarvis21 jam yang lalu

    Hey Epic, I’m not trying to complain, but I play on mobile and I can’t get the new starter pack. Will you please release it on mobile?

  82. Andres Escobar

    Andres Escobar21 jam yang lalu

    Fortnite please bring save the world on the switch

  83. Jenni Lynn

    Jenni Lynn21 jam yang lalu

    Hey fortnite I love fortnite please don’t shut it down

  84. default Drift14

    default Drift1421 jam yang lalu

    This is the same trailer as the one that introduced high stakes, just saying at the end that there's a prize for forcefully playing it.

  85. Soldier The war gamer

    Soldier The war gamer21 jam yang lalu

    Remote explosives are legit vaulted in the trailer

  86. Camper's Guard Victor

    Camper's Guard Victor22 jam yang lalu

    Fornite why did u remove High stakes

  87. th play

    th play22 jam yang lalu

    My Android are not playing fortineti my Android playing

  88. Gamercraft 8390

    Gamercraft 839022 jam yang lalu

    I quit forever if you had 2000000 million play - me = 1999999

  89. Space

    Space22 jam yang lalu

    Pls add stretched res for console players

  90. BOP GAVI

    BOP GAVI23 jam yang lalu

    Bring back mobile mics

  91. Bradley Jennings

    Bradley Jennings23 jam yang lalu

    3/4 items they hold have been vaulted lol

  92. Tomato Head

    Tomato Head23 jam yang lalu

    Fix the hamster ball glitch when I got out one it killed me

  93. Carlos M González

    Carlos M González23 jam yang lalu

    Alguien que hable español 👨‍🦳

  94. goku migate no gokui

    goku migate no gokui23 jam yang lalu

    Fortnite podrian meter las skin de fútbol o de Basket

  95. tiny dog

    tiny dog23 jam yang lalu

    Can we get jack gordan back in the shop please me and my brother want him

  96. Natez II

    Natez II23 jam yang lalu

    Fortnite, I’ve been crashing constantly on xbox and I never have crashed like this before, can you fix your game?

  97. CousinPranks AndVlogs

    CousinPranks AndVlogs23 jam yang lalu

    Hey I personally think that the burnout and redline should have styles where they can remove the mask

  98. True Xtroyerツ

    True Xtroyerツ23 jam yang lalu

    Fortnite for the 9 season make a music of Electro Swing

  99. MLG Quikscoper

    MLG Quikscoper11 jam yang lalu

    llama bell will probably be there

  100. Loot_Llama Boi

    Loot_Llama BoiHari Yang lalu


  101. CoatedMedal 123

    CoatedMedal 123Hari Yang lalu

    Bring back Greasy Grove NOW! I'm heartbroken over what u did to it!

  102. ShadowIsHyped Gaming

    ShadowIsHyped GamingHari Yang lalu

    Fortnite it’s unfair how iOS and Nintendo never got like a skin only X box ps4 android and computer get skins while iOS and Nintendo don’t have crap plz add a skin to iOS and Nintendo

  103. ShadowIsHyped Gaming

    ShadowIsHyped Gaming10 jam yang lalu

    kasper Markus oh then iOS then

  104. kasper Markus

    kasper Markus13 jam yang lalu

    Nintendo switch has a skin

  105. Unique Mikhaila

    Unique MikhailaHari Yang lalu

    Im here to complain about fortnite Bc my solo win did not count

  106. Ingy Beck

    Ingy BeckHari Yang lalu

    Also fix drifts coat

  107. Albina Ramadani

    Albina RamadaniHari Yang lalu

    Dear epic game, Plz make a new series of dances called duo dances soo basically dances with two people