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    Want to win a FREE BATTLE PASS, just comment with your Twitter handle!

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    My twitter handle is @iibro06

  3. Epic Vlogs & Games

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    Uno reverse card...... wait wait no no

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    Love the content keep up the good work. handle @Kgb27861095

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    Don’t play fortnite but still watch the vids keep it up

  7. Sonic Mobian

    Sonic Mobian27 hari yang lalu

    Maybe its one of those things where the more he spends the more they up the price for him. XD Nahhh I don't think so.

  8. Lord Gcrallgames

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    Yay you are back

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  10. Austin King

    Austin King27 hari yang lalu

    me and my friends tried to leave and rejoin then we just thought it was in downtime, but it was longer than we expected. I want a ps4 because I want to play with my older brother and my nephew

  11. Cod clips and More

    Cod clips and More28 hari yang lalu

    Sorry don't have a Twitter but I have a ps4 if you could add me for battle pass if I win give a way

  12. Drax Shiroko

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    Is it worth it?

  13. Lance

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    Always pay the basic one a grind to tier 100 on the pass

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    I would like to win a battle pass. New skins, new map, new opportunities new everything. It's gonna be great. My Twitter handle = @LinusWalstedt

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    Postboy gaming!!!

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    I want to win.. the snake eyes is pretty dope twitter- OVERW84

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    I thought you were done with videos like this what happened to the Marvel content?

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    I wanna win it Chaos!

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    Season ends in time for Christmas

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    I don't have Twitter but can you give me my brother the battle pass we share an Xbox one and are epic account is XxninjarulesxX8 pls give battle pass

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    Twitter: colenfenton1216

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    I'll get back into fortnight when the bloom is gone.

  26. The Great One

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    Man epic knows how to get attention

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    Twitter: thekienzan

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    @GerardoB1008 👍🏾👍🏾

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    I’m not interested in fortnite just here to show support

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    It's just you Jimmy buying tiers has always been the same 150 vbucks for each tier

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    @DADunninger5 thanks Jimmy!

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    Can you sub to me

  37. Christopher Santibanez

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    Is it me or does the final skin’s final White variant remind you of taskmaster? Also the fisherman variants remind me of David mason and menendez

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    @DAsep2012 dude it looks awesome

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    Love the content! Twitter: CharlesRyderPic

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    I want the battle pass. The guitar solo background music is SICK and the skins are really cool. It’s like a tradition for me to watch all of your new season vids. My Twitter handle is @Frenchurro_

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    Huge fan

  42. Angel Sierra

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    Twitter handle angelsi79588989 for fortbite chapter 2 battle pass thank you

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    I want a free battle pass! Pick me pick me!

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    Great video man! 👋🏽 My Twitter is demetriee_ Hope I win a free battle pass!!🙏🏽

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    @fanfavorite84 thanks 🤟

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    2:05 watch Chao's eyes 😂😂

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    😂😏Lynx is THIIIC


    FIREPHANTOM 11528 hari yang lalu

    every tier is 150 vbucks, but it feels more expensive every time, even though it's always 150 vbucks per tier, at 100 tiers

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  50. Felipe Barreneche

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    Damn wish it would’ve ended

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    @cody70384430 bro I love you videos just for to say

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    My Twitter is handle is riley2retiz hope I win

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    I got vbucks no need to gift me :)

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    Fortnite is not over

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    my twitter handle: @ShaunCost hope I win! great video dude!

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  58. DeathVenom29

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    yall be waiting on a black hole 2 days straight for this lol. just play apex already. halloween event dropping today btw

  59. Exit Playz

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  60. Sleepypandaboi

    Sleepypandaboi28 hari yang lalu

    Ima stick to my old skins and emotes

  61. Jeti Playz

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    Can you do a video talking about all the new stuff they added

  62. JahMarks X

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  63. Spoinks

    Spoinks28 hari yang lalu

    And here I thought it was really ending...I'm disappointed.

  64. Mostafa

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    Let people enjoy pls :) I know u wont :) And I know that circlejerk is gonna continue :) Because we live in an amazing world and amazing people :)

  65. CoCoClark

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    What up

  66. DBZ TaCtICaL

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    The skins are underwhelming

  67. Epic Vlogs & Games

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    U mean overwhelming yeaaahhhh Wait.

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    Shut the hell up be greatful

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    I haven’t been this hyped for a season since season 5