Former Gang Member Gives 15-Year-Old Wannabe Gangster A Reality Check


  1. Madisen Rose

    Madisen Rose4 jam yang lalu

    Dawson didn’t choose the thug life. The thug life clearly chose him.

  2. Lizzy !!!!

    Lizzy !!!!8 jam yang lalu

    This kid at my school needs this💀

  3. Clappy Gaming

    Clappy Gaming8 jam yang lalu

    Dude just got a hardcore reality check

  4. Doroteo Arango

    Doroteo Arango9 jam yang lalu

    I’ve never seen a Gang member with a haircut like that 😂

  5. Silas Burr

    Silas Burr9 jam yang lalu

    No cheering for Joseph. That's disrespectful

  6. Peter Arellano

    Peter Arellano10 jam yang lalu

    Why are the chairs so big on the show

  7. Josh Doehring

    Josh Doehring10 jam yang lalu

    Incorrect he would not pull the trigger he would instantly fall to the ground

  8. Rod Steel

    Rod Steel11 jam yang lalu

    I was a high ranking gang member on the streets of Chicago in the early 1990s. I still have nightmares from that lifestyle. I thank God that I made it through.

  9. Riddens

    Riddens11 jam yang lalu

    Every body gangsta til he pulls out 『Gold Experience』

  10. Justin Puyear

    Justin Puyear12 jam yang lalu

    Dr Phil looks like in angry owl when he looks at the camera

  11. Mr Obsidian100

    Mr Obsidian10012 jam yang lalu

    Did anyone laugh when he said DisneyLand

  12. FreezinFury

    FreezinFury14 jam yang lalu

    0:27 when the chair makes you look like a hobbit.

  13. Courageous Bubbles

    Courageous Bubbles14 jam yang lalu

    That man is a wonderful inspirational person, massive respect to you sir

  14. rty08

    rty0814 jam yang lalu

    Justin bieber was tryna act hard too. He's just following his idol

  15. N Makarova

    N Makarova15 jam yang lalu

    I just want to hug that former recovered gang member. What an amazing soul and powerful testimony he is.

  16. GOFLuvr

    GOFLuvr15 jam yang lalu

    I saw a more convincing white boy gangsta in Malibu's Most Wanted.

  17. ll Angel ll

    ll Angel ll15 jam yang lalu

    This kid looks like a $5 shoreline mafia😂

  18. Gekyumes Father

    Gekyumes Father16 jam yang lalu

    “Standing in front of a Porsche” Oh no don’t let him do that

  19. Logan A

    Logan A16 jam yang lalu

    Yea he sound dumb tho can’t even 🧢 dis white Niqqa one of the dumbest I’ve seen so far can’t even hold you

  20. RGZ

    RGZ17 jam yang lalu

    Vibe check

  21. Brandon Agüero

    Brandon Agüero18 jam yang lalu

    Damn it’s hard to take it serious when dude has to jump back in his chair.

  22. FeroxCinereoLupus

    FeroxCinereoLupus18 jam yang lalu

    I grew up in rough neighborhoods. Most of us living there were either black or latino. I watched my brothers dabble in gang life, my cousins and a few friends in school. It’s not just a cry for attention, it’s a plead for a sense of belonging....a sense of community for those living in poverty or in broken homes. This kid has everything he needs. His parents are still together, they seem well off and deeply care about him so Im genuinely convinced that this kid is just stupid and delusional.

  23. Mike vaeth

    Mike vaeth18 jam yang lalu

    Leave shoreline mafia alone damn😭

  24. Timothy Maldonado

    Timothy Maldonado18 jam yang lalu

    Sad to see Andy Milonakis go down this path...

  25. Jonas Torres

    Jonas Torres18 jam yang lalu

    That thug dont really look like 1

  26. Isaia Falo

    Isaia Falo20 jam yang lalu

    Joseph's street cred went out the window as soon as he jumped in that chair and kicked his feet in the air.

  27. Tigran Yeremyan

    Tigran Yeremyan20 jam yang lalu

    Theres nothing gangsta about a justin bieber haircut

  28. Papi LiTTY

    Papi LiTTY21 jam yang lalu

    "Foo u dnt bang PALABRA u dont bang" Lmao 🇲🇽😎

  29. Shane E

    Shane E21 jam yang lalu

    Disney land is a pedo palace

  30. niet dieter

    niet dieter21 jam yang lalu

    He plays creeper on mayans mc now

  31. Diego Perera

    Diego Perera22 jam yang lalu

    This is sooooo stupid

  32. PureFootage

    PureFootage22 jam yang lalu

    Maybe he meant join a gang on fortnite? Nice hair bieber idol

  33. Fear Arcaine

    Fear Arcaine22 jam yang lalu

    my little sister could beat him up

  34. Nicole Rosales

    Nicole Rosales23 jam yang lalu


  35. Wes Lee

    Wes LeeHari Yang lalu

    Shaved head man is an actor. Odd a former gang member wld reveal himself on a popular show. Extremely rare fr anyone to leave a gang on sympatico terms.

  36. Robert Walker

    Robert WalkerHari Yang lalu

    This kid? A gangsta? Ha, I know real gangstas all over St Louis & he don't strike me as that type...

  37. Xeno Young

    Xeno YoungHari Yang lalu

    Is that skinny P from breaking bad?

  38. milos Veselinovic

    milos VeselinovicHari Yang lalu

    cringe af

  39. Expert Gamer

    Expert GamerHari Yang lalu

    The kid is trying not to laugh

  40. Felipe Sanchez

    Felipe SanchezHari Yang lalu

    If You bring That kid too the real hood he would be shitting it straight facts

  41. Riri Fi

    Riri FiHari Yang lalu

    Go Disneyland

  42. iPleatheTV

    iPleatheTVHari Yang lalu

    Hmmm...I like this guy Joseph 🖤. Much love homie

  43. Aasmund Tyskö

    Aasmund TysköHari Yang lalu

    He doesn’t care😂

  44. Jarett Schneider

    Jarett SchneiderHari Yang lalu

    God bless this guy

  45. sb

    sbHari Yang lalu

    theirs no way he doesn't show gay tendencies

  46. S197 David

    S197 DavidHari Yang lalu

    Stupid little kid enough said

  47. Jay Bustos

    Jay BustosHari Yang lalu

    Dawson? Maaaaan gftoh

  48. Omar camrren

    Omar camrrenHari Yang lalu

    Man when I was 17, I was squeezing in plastic bottles in between my bike tires to make it sound like it was a motorcycle. Dafuq is wrong with this kid.

  49. Earl John Marcadejas

    Earl John MarcadejasHari Yang lalu

    2:38 😳

  50. 615 Bred

    615 BredHari Yang lalu

    Joseph "No Disrespect To You As A Person But you look like a Little Chubby Fat Fucin Poser Homes" Dawson "So I killed 10 White boys playing call of duty this morning" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  51. The ShaBOMb

    The ShaBOMbHari Yang lalu

    0:15 why wasn’t anybody clapping?

  52. Bobby Rodriguez

    Bobby RodriguezHari Yang lalu

    Let's be honest kid probably doesn't even know how to fight 😂

  53. Cristian Luna-Hernandez

    Cristian Luna-HernandezHari Yang lalu

    Kid: are you a paid actor? Gangster: no. 6ix9ine: yes he is.

  54. Alan Parkinson

    Alan ParkinsonHari Yang lalu

    If they paid an actor to be the gang member with the best make up and voice coach they could not have done a better job.

  55. yo itzflex

    yo itzflexHari Yang lalu

    I’m shocked the comment are on lol

  56. Native Boy

    Native BoyHari Yang lalu

    Was it just me or was that kid trying not to laugh

  57. Fair Logic

    Fair LogicHari Yang lalu

    It's all these corny white kids wannabes

  58. Just me

    Just meHari Yang lalu

    This former gangster... has all the respect in my book... I salute you sir! Hope you do well going forward.. God Speed!

  59. Gavin Seath

    Gavin SeathHari Yang lalu

    Dr phil is the true gangster here, destroying the lives of bratty 16 year old girls

  60. Josh Jackson

    Josh JacksonHari Yang lalu

    This kid needs to hit up a dojo and learn dignity, honor, and respect! I've literally seen miracles happen to kids like this! If he's real as he thinks than challenge yourself! We've got 3yr olds challenging themselves