"Follow Me" | Minecraft FNAF Animation Music Video (Song by TryHardNinja) The Foxy Song 2


  1. ZAMination Productions

    ZAMination Productions5 bulan yang lalu

    Thank you all so much watching the continuation! If you haven't seen PART 1, watch it here! PART 1: idreporter.net/v/video-fiC6AaCJBNU.html Also be sure to check out the full Behind The Scenes! BTS: idreporter.net/v/video-NmYc5peJCYM.html

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    Plz make part3

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    No problem mission completed and for 100000000,46451100000 likes for you

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    ZAMination Productions

  7. Fear Punish

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    Me: Trying to find a song witht eh word follow me in it cause i dont remember the song IDreporter search: here do you want to listen to a fnaf song ? Me: *clicks* Me: Damn this is good

  8. Life with Bleona

    Life with Bleona15 jam yang lalu

    When will Foxy be brought back to life?

  9. Caleb Gilliland

    Caleb Gilliland17 jam yang lalu

    Purple Guy: *runs past police* Police Officer 1: "isn't that guy a little suspicious." Police Officer 2: Nahhhhh

  10. El Minecraftero XD

    El Minecraftero XD17 jam yang lalu

    Que mierda el policia que se estaciono de seguro dijo "estan matando niños voya estacionar mi coche y luego voy"

  11. Ramin Arshad

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    Ko kmjkmjn

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    Foxi i love

  13. Maria Ramirez

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    Foxy is so adorable 😍

  14. Teresa Cabrera

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    Very good!

  15. April Contreras

    April Contreras19 jam yang lalu

    Wow I actually feel kinda bad

  16. Corey Gumball

    Corey Gumball19 jam yang lalu

    The police be like: AY YO LEZ GO QUICK LETS GO LET'S GO

  17. Kaylin Burton

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    Oh crap this was amazing but terrifying

  18. Alex7846

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    Me: i like it

  19. the horse lover 22

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    YA!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE TryHardNinja! Thanks for putting this up!

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    Moving a single into the suit in spring-trap suit I'll make it come loose a single inch will make it come loose

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    Eso nos enseña no hacer caso a los extraños No alegarse de papi y mami No hagas caso a los extraños

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    eres un estudio

  23. Ayesha Asif

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    Please don't hate on me if I get this wrong. Hmmmm... I don't get it. Foxy had already been killed! In the Foxy Song, there is no proof that he was killed after Bonnie, Chica, And Freddy. How did he come back to life? Foxy Song shows that he goes in with purple guy and gets killed alone, gets stuffed in the animatronic suit and his soul got stuck inside. Later, he was stabbed again by purple guy and his soul lived in peace. His body was STUCK in the suit. How can he even possibly come back from the dead in the same body if his body is stuck in the suit? Then this song, shows the EXACT SAME model and 3 other models get stabbed in dubstep beat by purple guy. This song should be BEFORE Foxy song. This song shows what actually happened while Foxy Song just shows HIM getting stabbed. All alone. Can somebody please explain to me? I just wanted to let this out. I honestly don't get this. Sorry if this is a rather detailed complaint about such small things!

  24. ibarrosoa bro

    ibarrosoa broHari Yang lalu

    ¿que tal si haces una canción mostrando la historia de fnaf 1 al ucn?

  25. Артём про 228 Ее

    Артём про 228 ЕеHari Yang lalu

    Кто русский

  26. Gerry McCartor

    Gerry McCartorHari Yang lalu

    Every time why does the purple guy always puts on the suit and die from the suit that makes no sense

  27. Jack Wenrich

    Jack WenrichHari Yang lalu

    I hate animatronics

  28. Samuel Rodrigues

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    de arepia

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    follow me

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    Amazing animations!

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    Make Foxy song 3

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  35. виктор майоров

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    Payback time

  37. Thaw Zin naing

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  38. green armory

    green armoryHari Yang lalu

    This animation was really well made, though where was Mangle? And will you make a FNAF 3 video that is the sequel to this?

  39. Juan Francisco

    Juan FranciscoHari Yang lalu

    De fksnd dld dndkdnldnnkddf lldemdofndlf ldd ldmlfml Dmdmoddmdldmf dlf dlfml

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    Here is the channel where the creator sins his own content.

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    Need blood!😇

  43. Jeremy Hernandez

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    Stab stab .kids kick his as

  44. Sarah Coronado

    Sarah CoronadoHari Yang lalu

    Guys I’m sry to say this but the girl was dum she just stand there ready to die lol

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    Ox Bisarro

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    The next episode purple guy/the animatronic will probably come back cause purple guy was not died like the others he was still alive Like if you agree!

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    I fuck elian

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    Tris cool men

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    where the HELL where their parents when the we're killed?!

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    Beb Cruz watching

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    Fallow me tree

  55. Daniel Cabral

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    Tô be continue

  56. EBC Xingo Royale

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    Something we all should have learned from this video:STRANGER DANGER(unless you want locks to crush you and die in a animatronic suit and get killed by a psycho child murderer.)Another thing:IF YA EVER THINK ABOUT GOING INTO SPRINGTRAP SUIT,REMEMBER TO TURN OFF THE SPRING LOCKS UNLIKE WHAT STUPID PURPLE GUY DID! -R.I.P children -R.I.P purple guy I guess the second one no one really cared about.

  57. Vixen Foxtail

    Vixen FoxtailHari Yang lalu

    I am more likely to feel bad for the kids

  58. Diondre Beloria

    Diondre Beloria2 hari yang lalu

    zamation you miss the purpls eye dude

  59. Diondre Beloria

    Diondre Beloria2 hari yang lalu

    well i found something if police in parts and service i saw purple eye if its a anymatronic or a human?

  60. david4 demirovski

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    Wow j adore cette chanson

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  62. Paget Almodova

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    He is stupid should have hide behind it dum dum 😑

  63. Anali Salazar

    Anali Salazar2 hari yang lalu

    I hate those anamattronacs

  64. Jake Hughes

    Jake Hughes2 hari yang lalu

    Now we know why the animatronics come to life Because they think the Night Guard is Purple Guy and try to kill him

  65. Selene Tequida

    Selene Tequida2 hari yang lalu

    Like si eres español y comenta si...ammh...nose...comenta si quieres....pero a mi me encantó si el creador me entiende lo khelo mucho :3

  66. Roak Larson

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    I remember this, Tryhardninja part of everyone's childhood!

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    Part 3 everyone is waiting for part 3

  68. Or1on8

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    That was wrong, Susie (Chica) was killed first And the puppet gave them the masks And William would not be scared of them, he would kill em again

  69. Køøkïė Áéšthėtïç

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    Idk why but I cried when the kids got killed lowkey 🥺😐😶