Floyd Mayweather Jr: The Training Of A Warrior/Motivational


  1. Akrho Stronger than all

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    The Best Ever.. From Philipines

  2. Akrho Stronger than all

    Akrho Stronger than all22 hari yang lalu

    Nothing but TBE

  3. Soham Gupta

    Soham GuptaBulan Yang lalu

    Hard work , Dedication

  4. Melvin Mohammed

    Melvin MohammedBulan Yang lalu

    The Baddest Untouchable Fighter Who Ever Laced The Gloves Up.

  5. Brandon Olguin

    Brandon OlguinBulan Yang lalu

    I can name one athlete and that’s Messi 5 ballon de or

  6. javon Wright

    javon Wright7 bulan yang lalu

    Floyd maybe arrogant and cocky but throughout history many boxers have been arrogant and cocky but u cant deny his work ethic and dedication to the sport Many boxers that have fought him Have admitted hes the most advanced fighter they have ever fought he might might not be the most power puncher or brawler But professionals say hes an expert at adapting to his opponents he's the total embodiment of what it means to stick and move in boxing Do as much damage to your opponent while sustaining the least damage to yourself Hate him or love him he's a dedicated trainer And he is not the only outspoken arrogant man or women in sports today or yesterday

  7. nb0616

    nb0616Bulan Yang lalu

    Back in his "Pretty Boy" days, he was a power puncher and aggressive fighter until his hands gave out. He even called out Prince Naseem Hamed. Nearly all of his 27 KOs happened in his "Pretty Boy" days.

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    What kind of is this, wtf ?? Motivational?? Get ur music game up!!

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  12. Rocky Nartatez

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    Its not about Domination..you stupid ass floyd..i figured boxing out scientifically..and you..!! im underground...

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    pretty boy to tmt to tbe to life$tyle!

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    Name of the song

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    You are the best

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    Just like Kobe ... The Actual boxers who have boxed him say he's the best they've ever fought

  18. amaru dan.s

    amaru dan.sTahun Yang lalu

    Floyd est très très disciplinée et FORT mentalement

  19. Anh Vo

    Anh VoTahun Yang lalu

    All 44 dislikes they don’t know shit about boxing and the most of them are fan of MayWeather’s opinions who’s used to get Floyd kick ass

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    Hard work and dedication

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    Terrible music

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    Really good video

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    5:24 nasty son of a bitch!!!!!

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    Wtf i nvr knew floyd chopped wood

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    Legend, thanks from ukraine!

  26. Hunt Richardson

    Hunt Richardson2 tahun yang lalu

    Don't matter what they say about you, you beat Canelo, Maidana, Oscar, Sugar Shane, Ricky, Manny. You the best. My money on Munny. Hard work. Shut that leprechaun mouth and send him back to Ireland


    BRIGATE BRIGATE FCD5 hari yang lalu

    he dont beat manny, he dont beat oscar in the prime fight, he dont beat maidana.,.....what the fuck

  28. Felipe Vieira

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    beat manny. Lol

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    song ruined it...

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    what´s the name song ?

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    Mark Lucas bring me back to life

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    I like his techniques and mind games and speed

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    What do you like about his technique

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    love your video man!

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    Really inspiring video

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    quiero ser como floyd mayweather

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    yo también viejo ese tio es un dios

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    Shit song

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    This inspires me have to admit it

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    track plies

  43. Carlos Baez

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    He win in the Gym is clear he won all his fight before the bell

  44. Mohamed Ali

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    Carlos Baez Si si

  45. Juan Francisco Sanchez Jimenez

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    con que aplicacion editas ?

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    hello YGHD good video !!!! what name of song or artist????? please i'm emanuel from Argentina

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    the man!

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    amazing? yes. best ever? I don't think so.

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    Top 10atg without dispute...arguably top 5.

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    Mars Insanity u stole that from Floyd lmao

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    i don't see anyone better living today

  53. Mars Insanity

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    +blackops2isreallybad every boxer should say that they're the best ever. if they can't say they're the best in their specific sport then they should'nt be doing that sport.

  54. blackops2isreallybad

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    You'll never see another one like him that's for sure

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    you british g

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    @Jordan b HAHAH thanks mate.

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    +YGHD yye keep em going vids r top lad

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    Yeah bro

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    best video of floyd ever

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    Floyd !!!!!!!!! 👍

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    This music is booty

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    Joe Calzaghe.

  63. DeAutre Henley-Lewis

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    People can say what they want about this man but they can never question how hard he works and his skill.

  64. javon Wright

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    True dat

  65. DiaryOf AnAverageHunter

    DiaryOf AnAverageHunter3 tahun yang lalu

    Awesome Video! by far the greatest and most rounded boxer of all time. Putting the amazing 49-0 state aside for a minute just think about about a couple other things. - Most accurate puncher of all time per punches thrown and landed - The Greatest defensively, least hit boxer per punches thrown and landed of all time. - The Greatest counter puncher to ever step foot in the ring (cannot be argued) - 26-0 from title fights and defenses. - 49 fights, not only has he not lost, he's never touched the canvas. - Haters actually recall solitary punches or moments where he got caught...a true testament to how truly incredible this man has been in the ring. It might be years and years before we see anything quite like him again. Should have enjoyed him while you had the chance.

  66. Cotton 49

    Cotton 49Tahun Yang lalu

    Fabio FilmsProductions his touched the canvas for a split second when zab Judah hit him with a right hook and it was more of a slip. Second time he touched the canvas was when he slipped, third was when he hurt his hand and went down on purpose without being hit. So no he hasn't actually touched the canvas in terms of being knocked down. This man is fucking legendary, no one has made him touch the canvas.

  67. Mansory Shaw

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    real talk

  68. Fabio FilmsProductions

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    But no doubt about his greatness

  69. Fabio FilmsProductions

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    He has touched the canvas lol

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    what song is that...

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    Royce Gracie. Works as hard had compareable winstreak

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    He wasnt on top for 20 years

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    cool story

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    Good boxing

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    NEW VIDEO - 👑 Floyd Mayweather Jr: "THE END OF AN ERA" | ULTIMATE CAREER HIGHLIGHTS | HD idreporter.net/v/video-8auKEstj11U.html

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    @Zain Hussain Glad you enjoyed it bro!

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    +YGHD saw it its sick

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    @Zain Hussain I already have Its on my channel

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    majke a muhammad ali 1

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    great video man. keep it up 👌

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    very inspired for hard work, thank you very much.

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    19 years without a lose

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    Shuby Duby Pro blackness 21

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    YGHD it's back 50-0

  85. YGHD

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    NEW VIDEO - 👑 Floyd Mayweather Jr: "THE END OF AN ERA" | ULTIMATE CAREER HIGHLIGHTS | HD idreporter.net/v/video-8auKEstj11U.html

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    Motivațion 👌🏿👌🏿

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    whats the name of the song?

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    +Pedro Amaral Ht Bristol l - Bring Me Back to Life

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    This is epic bro. Good job

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    great video.

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    Work song is this