Flipped Interview: John Oliver


  1. NiGHTcapD

    NiGHTcapD18 jam yang lalu

    My gods...their meme song game is so strong!

  2. Blitznstitch2

    Blitznstitch2Hari Yang lalu

    LOL so glad Oliver lightened the mood with that last joke

  3. Roberto Fontiglia

    Roberto FontigliaHari Yang lalu

    Jon Battiste's version of Feels So Good is AMAZING !

  4. Rochelle Ann

    Rochelle AnnHari Yang lalu

    That part about his wife was both sweet and a little sad because that really does happen

  5. wyvern132

    wyvern1324 hari yang lalu

    Anyone know the specific song by Mangione that stephen sang? Amazing vibes.

  6. LadyE100

    LadyE1004 hari yang lalu

    John looked so tired. His eyes are so puffy.

  7. And OnceAgain

    And OnceAgain4 hari yang lalu


  8. zog zog

    zog zog5 hari yang lalu

    Camembert and Olives

  9. jb888888888

    jb8888888885 hari yang lalu

    "What friendship have you had that has impacted you the most" might be a good first date question but I suspect "my wife" is a _terrible_ first date answer.

  10. Mary Rose Kent

    Mary Rose Kent8 hari yang lalu

    *My first concert:* Santana, Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, 1969; I went with my stepfather *Last time I sang with myself:* As with SC, I sing all the time; I was a choral singer for 35 years *Secret idea of how I’ll die:* When I’m ready to move in, I think that would be the best time to try heroin *Most important friend:* My brother Anthony

  11. Titan7771

    Titan77719 hari yang lalu

    Minneapolis IS the most amazing place in America, JOHN

  12. Amal Francis

    Amal Francis9 hari yang lalu

    2 rules of first date: 1. never talk about your wife 2. never talk about your wife

  13. Daniel Shin

    Daniel Shin9 hari yang lalu

    "one of those websites posing as a sustainable business"

  14. Sma 556

    Sma 55610 hari yang lalu

    The MSM missed the show as they suffer from Unintentional Mass Delusion. As an example is MSM tries to dictate to the public through technical propaganda by "Word Repetition" - Manufactured Crisis at the border, Women and Children in Cages, ICE are thugs, He has his finger on the Nuclear Button, He Does Not have Confidence in his INTEL, Biggest Liar, Sexist...................When you have two extreme views in the MSM, it means that the messages they are sending out can not be trusted; when the messages are relatively the same, the MSM can be trusted. The MSM fails to learn that Trump is a Genius.

  15. Fred Spek

    Fred Spek10 hari yang lalu

    John Oliver, you don't clink, (twice !) and then don't take a drink ! A bartender knows that. Did you get fired? Love you though, good show.

  16. Fred Spek

    Fred Spek10 hari yang lalu

    oh sorry, maybe John doesn't drink....

  17. ShaylaRCakes

    ShaylaRCakes10 hari yang lalu

    John Oliver saw Prince and I, someone from Minneapolis (the most amazing place in America) never did and I should just launch myself into the sun now kthx

  18. Recruit 107

    Recruit 10710 hari yang lalu

    Genuinely thought that they were the same person

  19. Ben Sisti

    Ben Sisti11 hari yang lalu

    This is hilarious

  20. Don Dailey

    Don Dailey11 hari yang lalu

    Well I’m insanely depressed with anxiety hitting me like a truck. That last one really doesn’t lift the spirits. yay.

  21. W Will

    W Will12 hari yang lalu

    Conan = kimmel > colbert >cordon >fallon =Oliver

  22. Jdaegger

    Jdaegger12 hari yang lalu

    9:05-9:15 was great 😂

  23. einc70

    einc7012 hari yang lalu

    Your brit doppleganger.

  24. Eiderly Man

    Eiderly Man12 hari yang lalu

    I know a couple who died like that. They weren’t even that old. Wife died and husband followed 1 mo later. The family were expecting the wife to go for years, but the husband dying was unexpected.

  25. Elizabeth Spitzer

    Elizabeth Spitzer12 hari yang lalu

    Minneapols is the most amazing place in America. True fact

  26. Brian Russ

    Brian Russ12 hari yang lalu

    I now wish last week tonight had interviews

  27. Aiden Hayes

    Aiden Hayes12 hari yang lalu

    I’m a trumpet player, so to see him doing Feels so Good, uh, it just felt so good. But, what kind of mouthpiece was the saxophone player using? Sax players, please enlighten me.

  28. Morgan McDonald

    Morgan McDonald12 hari yang lalu


  29. Big country's poundcake

    Big country's poundcake12 hari yang lalu

    I’m so happy this happened I’m twerking. I twerk when I happy

  30. Razbuten

    Razbuten14 hari yang lalu

    they dunk on minneapolis, but, honestly, it is one of the greatest cities in the us

  31. Rockmyballsplease

    Rockmyballsplease14 hari yang lalu

    So what does that say about men who live way after their wives go?

  32. Tomoko Dawson

    Tomoko Dawson14 hari yang lalu

    Good chemistry they have

  33. 한수진

    한수진14 hari yang lalu

    The other day, i watched his audition tape for dana carvey show. Shortly after he started talking he cried holding his baby in a diaper that was too old, too smelly yet he couldn't afford to buy new one for his own child. Since then every time i see Stephen mention his wife it reminds me of the video. From that point for me Stephen is a kind of guy who remembers his hard time and really really appreciates what he had even back then and his wife definitely was there for him. And he is still very grateful for that, i believe.

  34. Noel Bentley

    Noel Bentley14 hari yang lalu

    this was amazing

  35. David Wolf

    David Wolf14 hari yang lalu

    Well, they must be made for each other. I'd find that level of adoration (and dependence) cloying, humbly preferring my brilliance and panache to be treated as granted. ;-)

  36. EmpyreanLightASMR

    EmpyreanLightASMR14 hari yang lalu

    I always used "Jingle Bells" to get rid of earworms. Works like 70-80 % of the time. I'll try the By Mennon thing lmao

  37. anxious dog

    anxious dog15 hari yang lalu

    Lol these two have no chemistry whatsoever it's very entertaining

  38. Clumpfy

    Clumpfy15 hari yang lalu

    I would pay solid money to watch and or listen to those two having a conversation for an hour - easy

  39. Insaf Basirov

    Insaf Basirov15 hari yang lalu

    "What is yours as a human fatal weakness?" Shish, I love how effortlessly John just spit out a good joke like he was making a small-talk point on the weather conditions

  40. Laylla's Locker

    Laylla's Locker15 hari yang lalu

    My grandpa died because of that reason. Grandma died 2y before him and all he ever talked is how he wants to go after her. I remember his face, he was smiling. That was the only funeral I didn't feel sad at.

  41. abhay chavda

    abhay chavda16 hari yang lalu

    Is rugby football so socker is also football, baseball is not cricket, grasshoppers & preying mentis (dont do maths & meth) can do cannabis

  42. Seetiyan

    Seetiyan16 hari yang lalu

    Wait. Are John Oliver's balls poisonous? What kind of wine does Stephen like? Bourbon.

  43. Jonathan Arendale

    Jonathan Arendale17 hari yang lalu

    Is he wearing a 1st Calvary pin?

  44. khuang96

    khuang9618 hari yang lalu

    All the flipped interviews I've watched are great but this might be the best 😊

  45. Vardhan Shrivastava

    Vardhan Shrivastava18 hari yang lalu

    Damnit that wife bit made me cry! I did not come here to cry!

  46. ET Silverman

    ET Silverman18 hari yang lalu

    [8:33] (and onwards) Did anyone else almost get the feeling like possibly Colbert's wife HATES him? ...It reminds me of the kind of movie where a crooked politician is showcasing his "perfect" family for a TV commercial and the minute the cameras stop rolling the whole pretense goes out the window. Colbert's nobody's movie villain, but he is giving the kind of polished performance of spousal devotion that feels a bit too close to that plotline. If I'm wrong, then I sincerely apologize - and if not, I see the fault as lying equally much with agents and studios who insist that all elements of a celeb's actual real human life can be co-opted. I'm a big Colbert fan, and I'm also fine (really! I swear) with not feeling like I'm a family member or close personal confidante. PS I realized the "flipped" interviews are probably fully scripted - conventional guests, I think, are escorted through the interview primarily on the strength of the host's on-stage persona. But Colbert and Oliver are pros - excellent ones - and longtime collaborators. When you have two people who can really make a script sing, I know I want material for them to work their magic on.

  47. M Chaney

    M Chaney19 hari yang lalu

    I would date John Oliver...

  48. M Chaney

    M Chaney19 hari yang lalu

    King of the hill would be so proud

  49. Cristina Fernandez

    Cristina Fernandez19 hari yang lalu

    Steven: "It's been..." Me: >:C

  50. B Kingski

    B Kingski19 hari yang lalu

    Awwwwwwwww. Colbert loves his wife ❤️

  51. raemellie

    raemellie20 hari yang lalu

    Aww, I feel the same way about my wife. You're a good man, Stephen. Single people, don't settle for less.

  52. Laura Ritter

    Laura Ritter20 hari yang lalu

    I never comment on videos, but I saw this earlier today and it made me smile and laugh the whole time. I could genuinely watch them joke and enjoy themselves for an entire episode. 💜

  53. Jessi Frenzel

    Jessi Frenzel20 hari yang lalu

    I have come to believe men like this don’t exist, those who have sincere appreciation for their wife and understand what a gift her presence is. Stephen has proved me wrong.

  54. Zach VanDuser

    Zach VanDuser20 hari yang lalu

    Half expected Jon Stewart to pop up during that last question

  55. Polaris Walls

    Polaris Walls20 hari yang lalu

    This is too funny

  56. Jodi Miller

    Jodi Miller21 hari yang lalu

    Who else needs a "Stephen Colbert" in their life?.. *purposely sounding desperate... lmao

  57. Scott Rich

    Scott Rich21 hari yang lalu

    Worst EARWORM ever: Delta Dawn

  58. Jeff Blue

    Jeff Blue17 hari yang lalu

    Listen to the Dash RIP Rock version. It is amazing!

  59. liselautenbacher

    liselautenbacher22 hari yang lalu

    Wow. What a voice at 3:21, tremendously beautiful singing voice! That vibrato at the end, chills!

  60. Michele Barard

    Michele Barard22 hari yang lalu

    John Oliver and I both saw Prince for our first concert and at the same age! OMG!

  61. Antonio Brewer

    Antonio Brewer23 hari yang lalu

    I gotta write a script for these two. I’ve waited long enough for someone else to do it. Crazy mofo’s 😂😂

  62. minh ha

    minh ha23 hari yang lalu

    John Oliver is probably the best 1 coming out of the daily show