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    NikkieTutorials hey girl!! I just started doing videos more and I would love for your support! I’m starting out in my older years, but I want to put out the message that you don’t ever have to give up on beauty and making yourself feel amazing!! Thank you!!

  4. titanium is better than nickel

    titanium is better than nickel22 hari yang lalu

    I’m not mad just disappointed you had the opportunity to make your title fall-less

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    Oh yes hunny

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    Your a🐱now, not a 🐨

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    I love your makeup tricks! Thank you for sharing

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    Why is no one talking about how beautiful her autumn headband is?

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    Can you wear the glitter lips through the day of this just for photos?

  10. SugarNSpice46

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    Herfst is my fave season! The sunny, chilly days, cozy sweaters, booties, apples, hot drinks, the changing of the leaves! I live in Canada and the leaves are glorious in herfst!

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    Who wants a fiancé does my makeup

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    that glitter lip is EVERYTHING

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    Ik ben veel video’s aan het kijken maar ik vraag me af waarom je je wenkbrauwen buiten de camera doet?🙈

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    Wow i love it! I think this is one of the prettiest looks you’ve ever done in my opinion! ❤️

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    I am just now getting into wanting my make up to help my face. And I am finding your videos very encouraging and helpful. I haven't really tried in the make up game since high school. 10 years ago🙈 I also have hooded eyes. Along with other things that make me more self consious. Thank you for these videos!

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    "I think we all can agree that fall has arrived" People in Brasil with an F 35°C weather: sobs

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    Believe it or not much prettier w/o it, and I don't say that often.

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    Dude I just started watching your channel but OH MY GOD YOU’RE SO TALENTED

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    this look is flawless!

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    *what's the song please ?*

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    Am I the only one who feels like the highlighter on her nose makes her look oily?

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    You’re so beautiful 😭😍🥰!

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    9:53 aaaawwww

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    “Winter is coming” *Laughs in middle east*

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    Makeup and tatoos all over.. Women like this are only good for a throat fuck.

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    I feel like you calling that girl “iconic” is a bit of a stretch. Cuz I ain’t ever heard of her. 😂😂😂

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    Does anyone else see the liner extremely cracking on her left eye?

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    most flawless

  30. Lexi Hoffman

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    “Fall has arrived” Me in Southern California: “wow that’s really funny last week it was 97° F (36.1° C) in the middle of October”

  31. Hush

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    Can someone tell me why her chin is abnormally sharp and thin while the rest of her face is normal. It’s honestly distracting for me.

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    Is nikki's skin made of steel? like she is able to tolerate all makeup lol.

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    Lol thats how I do my nose highlight

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    In german its “Herbst” haha

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    I love it 🖤

  36. cassandra shiller

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    should have left the lashes off . i liked it better without them.. the lashes almost cover up the cat eye liners .

  37. Mollie Green

    Mollie Green17 hari yang lalu

    Lovely video 💕 I also did my own ‘autumnal’ makeup routine ✨

  38. Sharon Freeman

    Sharon Freeman18 hari yang lalu

    Falling in love with this look!! Yes maam

  39. Andi Alexander

    Andi Alexander18 hari yang lalu

    My favourite thing about Fall is people looking at me less like I'm a crazed maniac when I'm wearing weird or dark lip colours.

  40. Margo Strong

    Margo Strong18 hari yang lalu

    Heresy love how you do this

  41. Margo Strong

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    Herfst. Second time trying. Darn spell check

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  43. Hala Fts

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    I'm from Algeria i really love and i hope some day i can meet you in person..

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    Oh my god where is your headband from?

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    9:53 I died 😍😍

  46. Sylvia Louise Meechan

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    I’m trying to figure out which shade of Marc Jacobs Accomplice concealer you use! Nikki! I’m a pale girl too and have to have this concealer! 🙏🏻❤️😘

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    Maravilhosaaaaaan 💜

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    I love how similar lots of dutch and german words are

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    You are my inspiration in makeup nikkie🥺💜💜💜💜💜 I love you💜💜💜

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    Stunning as always. Love the lip along with the whole color palette.

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    Rose are red Violets are blue The video starts At 1:52

  52. Catherine Robinson

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    "....to make them look even more catty." Me, in my head: "It's Cady" 😂

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    This look is STUNNING! You are so creative! Love ya!

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    Spring had sprung, fall has fell! Goodbye summer, you were hot as (clears throat)

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    does anyone know what her headband is?

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    Where did you get that headband?

  57. Rosa Celia

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    Would you ever do a video on your earrings and where you got them? I’m in love with them 😭

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    I like so much the background song it's so comfortable

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    What is this blush brush? Thank you for answer.

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    Am i the only one who thinks that look is everything? I mean i swear i fell in love with itttt. its smth else😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    Nikki: "I think we all can agree that fall has arrived" Me: "You should come to Louisiana"

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    My favorite thing about Herfst is that I can wear sweaters to hide all my insecurities. ♡

  63. Mohini R.

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    Does anyone know what brush she is using for bronzer?

  64. Makayla Bowser

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    Did you go to like a makeup artist school that teaches you like how you did your makeup like the techniques you use or did you teach yourself because I want to become a makeup artist like you. And Fall is my FAVORITE SEASON of ALL

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    I don’t think I can say herfst

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    nobody: not even nikkie: Florida:🔥🌧🥵