Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side Of Heaven


  1. Максим Незатыкаев

    Максим Незатыкаев2 jam yang lalu

    Great Job!

  2. Patrick Greenaway

    Patrick Greenaway3 jam yang lalu

    I cried every second of this

  3. Corey Vaughn

    Corey Vaughn4 jam yang lalu

    What sucks in my opinion is a lot of thoughts and support goes to the combat only veterans. Don't get me wrong, they surely go through more hell than the non-combatants, but I've seen three suicides now on the submarines I've served on thanks to operational tempo of supporting all the interdiction, show of force, deployments, ..etc.etc...and it's like you're still required to support a life you don't even get to live, your life is just the boat and all the work that goes with it. Honestly, if nothing else, lets just make some time of real effort to fix the mental health issues that really make everything else worse. It's easy to give someone a handout or even a home of their own, it's hard to make the day-to-day effort to make sure they're doing ok in the upper department.

  4. Zach Hart

    Zach Hart6 jam yang lalu

    As a type 1 diabetic i know the fight everyday life can bring thank you for all the service of the men/women of the this country

  5. William Winder

    William Winder9 jam yang lalu

    I say this to all those who have served. No matter were or when. No matter for what reasons or peoples. THANK YOU

  6. Tipsani tk

    Tipsani tk9 jam yang lalu


  7. Tipsani tk

    Tipsani tk9 jam yang lalu


  8. Dylan Straub

    Dylan Straub11 jam yang lalu

    I cried when I watched this because I know every word is true.

  9. Cyber Mentor

    Cyber Mentor12 jam yang lalu

    this is so heart breaking

  10. Cajon Jackie

    Cajon Jackie13 jam yang lalu

    I served my country for my entire life, SHIT, I was born on a military base and so were my brothers and sisters but never the same base, oh no no no no, always different because we never lived in the same place for more than a couple of years. When I was 6 I was deployed, with my father, to Germany as part of the occupation army we went by ship and returned by jet and stayed there for over 3 years. My father served in Korea and Vietnam and I remember my mother in hysterics when he was almost sent to Cuba for that whole missile crisis shit. I served during the seventies, hunting Russian submarines from the air, knowing "If I ever have to do my job there will be nowhere to return to" that "the world will have ended while we were out here trying to kill Russian sailors." As a flight crew member I remember talking with the rest of the crew about that and we decided to simple crash the plane when we were done. The military cost me my entire family for I never got to know any of them, not aunts, uncles, cousins or grand parents, NONE OF THEM. And when my father retired my desire to keep moving had set in irrevocably and that's when, and why, I joined the Navy But I was never shot at so I guess I never had any strain, right?

  11. Kirill

    Kirill13 jam yang lalu

    самый эпичный клип который я видел, 100 раз пересматривал его и все ровно слезы на глазах...

  12. Black Bandana

    Black Bandana16 jam yang lalu

    Respect for this song!

  13. EzRoXeL2345

    EzRoXeL234516 jam yang lalu

    79k people dont know what they are doing with their lives...

  14. Gavs1980

    Gavs198017 jam yang lalu

    Песня о том как бравых вояк поимела своя страна

  15. Gavs1980

    Gavs198017 jam yang lalu

    Блиать, а кто им виноват? Они шли в чужую страну УБИВАТЬ!!! Все вопросы к своему правительству, вы всегда будете цепными псами ...

  16. Luca Baldi

    Luca Baldi18 jam yang lalu

    And theres people who still hate soldiers.... Hate war and the ones who start it. Not the chess pieces that have to fight

  17. Maria Yareli Vazquez

    Maria Yareli VazquezHari Yang lalu

    I love this song

  18. Shannon Buhrmaster

    Shannon BuhrmasterHari Yang lalu

    Now, I know I must be way out of my league here but, I wanted to ask if you guys could come to the First Veteran Hero Awards that we’re doing in Southern California. I would love for you to give one of the awards away to one of our Hero Veterans. Thank you for the consideration and hope you at least approve me using your song in one of my presentations.

  19. Shannon Buhrmaster

    Shannon BuhrmasterHari Yang lalu

    I work for a veteran military organization and when I saw this video that my son showed me it made me cry and helped me remember why I do what I do. I created a PowerPoint show with (this) your song to be able to outreach to our communities. I hope that you will allow me to use it to post.

  20. Rick M

    Rick MHari Yang lalu

    Whoever dislikes this video should chock themselves!!

  21. Lilian James

    Lilian JamesHari Yang lalu

    Sooo Powerful Amazing

  22. BeefyT.N.T

    BeefyT.N.THari Yang lalu

    who the fuck disliked this, u ain got a soul if u disliked this


    MIGUEL LEALHari Yang lalu

    You must ask to the government for the missed veterans, not the people.

  24. גאיה אזולאי

    גאיה אזולאיHari Yang lalu

    not an American, but this song gets me near to tears every time I watch it. Keep going and wish you all the good I can.

  25. Rafael Artavia

    Rafael ArtaviaHari Yang lalu

    3:12 so, if nobody watch this video those guys are going healthy.

  26. Frank Bevilacqua

    Frank BevilacquaHari Yang lalu

    I watch this video over and over so. Freaking great always with a tear in my eyes

  27. Savage Snayle

    Savage SnayleHari Yang lalu

    For British people, for over 300 years, it is the Covenant, you serve and protect in battle, we serve and protect you when you come home...........but mostly the government stops us living up to our covenant. Even if they who serve are our brothers sister or children..........

  28. Sasha Darkcore

    Sasha DarkcoreHari Yang lalu

    not an american here but omg u need to take care of soliders :'(

  29. Chuck Norris

    Chuck NorrisHari Yang lalu

    I didn't know we fought wars so we could watch youtube videos.

  30. Zorkrait

    ZorkraitHari Yang lalu

    Шикарный клип как и сама песня ,👍

  31. Chad Kiser

    Chad KiserHari Yang lalu

    Its sad how he blames God . People Lost there heart for Gods heart so thats why this world is the way it is. Everyone wants to do there own selfish thing

  32. Pasi Turunen

    Pasi TurunenHari Yang lalu

    There is no limit or nationality why you shouldn't have tiers in your eyes. We are warriors till Walhalla!

  33. Jose Coss

    Jose CossHari Yang lalu

    Cant watch this video without tearing up..

  34. Sergei Gudkov

    Sergei GudkovHari Yang lalu

    Продам гараж а клип хороший

  35. Hey_TK

    Hey_TKHari Yang lalu

    idc who you are if you can watch this without hurting youre apart of the problem.

  36. Руслан Арепьев

    Руслан АрепьевHari Yang lalu

    Клип, конечно, офигенный!!! Но воевать вас никто не заставлял!!!

  37. michael beaman

    michael beamanHari Yang lalu

    26 years Army, retired, two wars, two ex-wives, two kids...I struggle every day. Thank you all who served. I can't play these guys loud enough!

  38. Артем Платонов

    Артем ПлатоновHari Yang lalu

    Не сдавайся

  39. 2218_Authority

    2218_AuthorityHari Yang lalu

    Thank you for your service.

  40. Paul Bontenbal

    Paul Bontenbal2 hari yang lalu

    I can sing this full song❤️❤️❤️

  41. Lone Wolf Tiras

    Lone Wolf Tiras2 hari yang lalu

    An incredible song, but American soldiers are invaders who kill people in their own countries. Fuck the american government

  42. Jon Detwiler

    Jon Detwiler2 hari yang lalu

    At the beginning of the video it says that "we are failing are veterans." I'm not failing anybody. The government is failing our veterans. Just like they're failing the rest of us. I may not be an enlisted soldier but I am I kid from Chicago with a poor family. I've been soldering my entire life. So don't say I failed anybody. The only failures here are the crooked politicians.

  43. Lekko

    Lekko2 hari yang lalu

    what a song...

  44. Space Lord

    Space Lord2 hari yang lalu

    Ffpd did something on Facebook for every share money gets donated to the places in the credits

  45. Ouroborus

    Ouroborus2 hari yang lalu

    While they put there lives on the lines we kill each other over power, human raise and fucking pot

  46. дима фетисов

    дима фетисов2 hari yang lalu

    I am CRYING!

  47. jason dorn

    jason dorn2 hari yang lalu

    Its high time this country and its citizens respect and care for our men and women in uniform. From our military to police officers to first responders and EMT's to fire fighters.

  48. Archer Sterling

    Archer Sterling2 hari yang lalu


  49. Daniel Thomas

    Daniel Thomas2 hari yang lalu

    I would like to thank and honour five finger death punch for shinning such a beautiful light in darkness. A salute to all.

  50. GoofyOldGuyPlays

    GoofyOldGuyPlays3 hari yang lalu

    One needs to take into consideration the underlying stats in the figures mentioned here.

  51. keshque1

    keshque13 hari yang lalu

    Never stop crying, cussing that day...... I lost my boy, brother, friend and buddy Justin love you brother

  52. Armando Kumbara

    Armando Kumbara10 jam yang lalu

    Sorry for your loss, be strong

  53. Maria Woods

    Maria Woods3 hari yang lalu