I Gave My Fire Ants a Monitor Lizard


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    AC Family, the Fire Nation dines on a dragon tonight! 🦎🔥🔥🔥🐜🐜🐜 Hope you remember to hit LIKE, leave me a COMMENT, SHARE the video with all your friends, and of course SUBSCRIBE (hit the BELL to join the notification squad) if you haven't yet! I'd truly appreciate the support! Thank you for watching! ❤🔥🐜 Let me know what you thought about this week's episode! Ant love forever!

  2. alan

    alan2 hari yang lalu

    Been here since the you had the carpenter ants

  3. Kirstin Rose

    Kirstin Rose2 hari yang lalu

    Growing up a jehovah’s Witness I wasn’t allowed to celebrate anything. My teacher got me some ant colonies and I was a artist. My job was to report on them and update the ant colonies in a picture. At the end of the school year I had a art book that looked like a flip book and another book like a Journal that had a very detailed daily report. I love ants. I know live in the desert and we have some great ants out here. I give them the 🐁 🦎 🐦 and 🐰 my cats kill. They don’t eat them so I give them to the ants. I have so many videos of them eating

  4. C Trey

    C Trey3 hari yang lalu

    i bet it took 4 days to finish 😂🤣

  5. Cameron Webb

    Cameron Webb3 hari yang lalu

    woof bro I’ve been subbed since twenty k

  6. Philip Grimler

    Philip Grimler11 hari yang lalu

    @Frostbyte 7 Put in carnivorous plants(that is if Antscanada is willing to go round 2 with the fire nation)

  7. Captain Cookie

    Captain Cookie3 jam yang lalu

    What happens if you pop those bumps on your arm

  8. Rich boy The goat

    Rich boy The goat5 jam yang lalu

    Imagine if an earthquake happen and it fall and break

  9. Tony Jiang

    Tony Jiang5 jam yang lalu

    we have enough ants in the world. definitely dont need fire ants

  10. Sutton Todd Artistry

    Sutton Todd Artistry6 jam yang lalu

    3 days

  11. Brett Kerr

    Brett Kerr7 jam yang lalu

    Are these the ants that some tribes in the Amazon used as a manhood initiation, where they place the boys hand in a reed glove full of ants? That would be brutal. In Australia the worst ant I've been bitten by are Jumping Ants, I don't know their real name lol but they bloody hurt. Made my foot swell right up for a few days.

  12. Md Iqtidar

    Md Iqtidar7 jam yang lalu


  13. Fuko Shogi

    Fuko Shogi7 jam yang lalu

    I go for 3 days

  14. Garl Vinland

    Garl Vinland8 jam yang lalu

    Elates: Dance??? Would anybody like a dance???

  15. Maurice Fuqua

    Maurice Fuqua8 jam yang lalu

    This guy is super excited lol

  16. Boating Brothers

    Boating Brothers9 jam yang lalu

    6 days

  17. Pub Exploit

    Pub Exploit10 jam yang lalu

    Dude sounds like he is narrating a 3 year old tv program lol

  18. richyboyy 1

    richyboyy 110 jam yang lalu

    Feed them a lived geco

  19. darthspeaks

    darthspeaks10 jam yang lalu

    If it wasn't for ants we be up to our butts in rotting animal corpses. They are truly the janitors of the earth.

  20. KushSmokin SauceWalkin

    KushSmokin SauceWalkin11 jam yang lalu

    Just sayin, a large portion of Savannahs end up dying because they're 99% wild captured as eggs, or juveniles. It's super sad we import millions into the US and UK, and 90% of them die within 3 years from obesity. This carcass even looks like it has some stuck shed in spots. Sad that we cant figure out how to care for them, so they're just seen as feeders. Feel free to talk to your friend about possibly getting AWAY from an animal that we just CANNOT SEEM to produce in captivity. I love monitors, I have an Ackie, Sav, and a Blackthroat. My words come from experience.

  21. Stack Money Jay

    Stack Money Jay12 jam yang lalu

    That lizard is dead so its not an versus

  22. Edward Brant

    Edward Brant12 jam yang lalu

    Doesnt it smell

  23. igloo man

    igloo man13 jam yang lalu

    I dont understand how he keep the ants inside that aquarium dont they spread in his home??

  24. Broc and the plushies adventures! F plushies!

    Broc and the plushies adventures! F plushies!13 jam yang lalu

    *_this really just should've just been spooktober special_*

  25. cederick cotton

    cederick cotton15 jam yang lalu

    Luckily For The Ants The Lizzard Was Dead

  26. I love gta rp 2667

    I love gta rp 266715 jam yang lalu

    2 days

  27. Jacob Amacher

    Jacob Amacher16 jam yang lalu

    I was eating glazed donuts.

  28. Frankie Basile

    Frankie Basile17 jam yang lalu

    I wish I could use Raid on your fire ants...

  29. KOB Entertainment

    KOB Entertainment20 jam yang lalu

    I’m afraid of big cats my fear is being eaten alive

  30. Damian Neumann

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  31. Shihoo Lee

    Shihoo Lee23 jam yang lalu

    2 days

  32. Johnny Dang

    Johnny DangHari Yang lalu

    How long would it take for da ants to finish a bunny? 🤔

  33. kane Peters

    kane PetersHari Yang lalu

    You should feed them a raw steak and a cooked steak at the same time.

  34. Zenmachi

    ZenmachiHari Yang lalu

    Soon human meat will fall in the sky

  35. number 1 pack

    number 1 packHari Yang lalu

    I'm over here itching Iike a mf i keep feeling like stuff crawling on me now

  36. Phantom Fisherman

    Phantom FishermanHari Yang lalu

    Feed it a dead ball python PLEASE

  37. Kilohoku Akahi

    Kilohoku AkahiHari Yang lalu

    2 days

  38. Luis Luna

    Luis LunaHari Yang lalu

    14 years

  39. Jeffrey Bruch

    Jeffrey BruchHari Yang lalu

    Your a asshole for this

  40. Kevin Olschesky

    Kevin OlscheskyHari Yang lalu

    Fire Ants are wasps , not ants

  41. Bramson Bambival

    Bramson BambivalHari Yang lalu

    Hey hey guys who's better emerald nation or fire nation

  42. Lynn Gary

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    916 reptilians disliked this video

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  46. Anonymous Penguin

    Anonymous PenguinHari Yang lalu

    3:44 Your welcome

  47. Daniel Sanchez

    Daniel SanchezHari Yang lalu

    4 days

  48. shallah777

    shallah777Hari Yang lalu

    Those ants wasted some meat

  49. Brysn

    BrysnHari Yang lalu

    2019:can they eat a lizard? 3019:can they eat this planet??

  50. LYTE Yearz

    LYTE YearzHari Yang lalu

    4:29 You're welcome 😊

  51. Ricardo VS

    Ricardo VSHari Yang lalu

    But can they eat a live one?

  52. Andy Bernard

    Andy BernardHari Yang lalu

    This entire video felt like those last few sentences of a school paper you needed to meet the page count.

  53. peter reich

    peter reichHari Yang lalu

    To the man behind the voice: Get a new one, its extremely annoying. You sound like a cheap robotic version of Coyote Peterson of Brave Wilderness. Trust me you actually might get more subs

  54. Jae Nova

    Jae NovaHari Yang lalu

    Put ur face in there for 60 minutes and come back n give us feedback! lol since u so curious

  55. Andy M

    Andy MHari Yang lalu

    Hope he picked up hid jaw from the floor....

  56. John Smith

    John SmithHari Yang lalu

    Do you think the ants would go in the water if you put there food in the river ?? I wonder if they would make a bridge from their bodies ??

  57. idc moto

    idc motoHari Yang lalu

    pac-man frog should be next on the list

  58. Rodrigo Rodrigues Machado

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  59. Joshua Mckay

    Joshua MckayHari Yang lalu

    Filipino antman feeds thanos to fire nation

  60. Gabriel Martínez

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    You know I gotta love how your friend just rings you up about animal corpses.

  61. Delton Smikle

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    *meet the firenation* Me : ThInKs Of AvAtAR

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    Virgin queen and males.... VIRGIN

  63. No1GreyGhost

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    Because protein is the building block of ant life.

  64. Yemen Knight الفارس اليمني

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    Ugh man idk how did I get here...I'm scared but amazed lol

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