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    Greetings, Ant Lovers! Happy to see you guys joining us for this week's update on the Phoenix Empire! Remember to VOTE for a name for the Queen in the card poll! Anyone care to take a stab at creating an official flag for them? Please remember to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE (hit the BELL and choose ALL) if you enjoyed this ant video! Thanks so much for watching and supporting these ants! I am certain it won't be long until this colony explodes! Lots of love to all AC Family! Ant love forever!

  2. Flower P

    Flower P7 hari yang lalu

    Boom Bear BB something local

  3. corso calfurni

    corso calfurni9 hari yang lalu

    ma sei italiano o canadese? Comunque sono nuovo del canale ma mi piace un sacco, io ho delle famiglie di api, che sono diverse ma capisco la gioia di avere famiglie di insetti

  4. ifoundthistoday

    ifoundthistoday13 hari yang lalu

    Melisandre, often referred to as the Red Woman, was a Red Priestess in GoT

  5. DERP

    DERP16 hari yang lalu

    My kids absolutely love your channel

  6. shizzle burger

    shizzle burger13 jam yang lalu

    I got a ant colony its Fire ants too but They got killed by Birds Beacuse My kid Opend my Bird cage when i was asleep :(

  7. the seer

    the seer18 jam yang lalu

    *me a long time antcanda fan* wait didn't they die a while ago also, my teacher was talking to us about ants and he pulled up one of your older ones that how i got addicted

  8. Adam Ohm

    Adam Ohm23 jam yang lalu

    Maybe new fire ant colonies are gatherers/scavengers rather than hunters when they are just starting out. Trying to kill a creature when there are only a few dozen workers would be suicide for the colony. Their self-preservation instinct will disappear once they build their numbers.

  9. Scuba Guy

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    if you ever need a crap load of fire ants again, just take a trip to Florida. We have tons of those invasive ants.

  10. JeanPierre Barton

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    what's the music at 9:13 ?

  11. Zenpaper

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    It feels like watching a baby grow! All those important and memorable milestones that will come and be gone forever! You sounded like a proud father! Ant Dad!

  12. Randomgamer YT

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    Queen Amaterasu was a good name, and makes perfect sense, along with Queen Hestia

  13. ido dolev

    ido dolev2 hari yang lalu

    To help get more ants

  14. Ashlyn Smith

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    4:37 is when he starts feeding

  15. Pesuyna Studios

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    Loving Empress Ember the queen of the Phoenix empire.

  16. Zazzper McSilver

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    I remember when this kid had like 30k man, he hasn't changed one bit.

  17. Wolfpack

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    Fire ants “ these milworms AAAAAAHHHHHH”

  18. star flower25

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    What did you do with the remnants of The Fire Nation?.

  19. Jolly

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    I wonder what happens whenever you put a pregant queen into a big terrarium. I dont reallt understand why they have to start small.

  20. ArmyMenMan

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    luv your vids! Keep up the good work! :D

  21. Xander Medlin

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    I know why it’s called the Phoenix Empire, a Phoenix is reborn from the ashes and the Fire Nation is reborn.

  22. Finn Osmond

    Finn Osmond5 hari yang lalu

    To AntsCanada its a ant colony, to me its a Chihuahua colony

  23. Jepoy Bonto

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    Everybody gangsta till the ants are scared

  24. Nancy Kuetbach

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    *sees mealworm* i ate one of those last friday and it was surprisingly yummy

  25. Ethan Mouse

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    I watch this channel because of his calming voice and his.knowledge

  26. Sarah-Jayne Handley

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    Queen ant and worker ants your mission should you choose to accept it is to successfully create lots of the army so you can make more so you can make your huge colony as always if you are any of you ant force get caught or killed The head of secretary disavowal any knowledge of your action this comment will self-destruct in five seconds good luck 🐜

  27. Sarah-Jayne Handley

    Sarah-Jayne Handley8 hari yang lalu

    Name her Royal Majesty Sofie

  28. Psycho Shatterer

    Psycho Shatterer8 hari yang lalu

    "A rock hard pocket of *POOP* "

  29. knight panic

    knight panic8 hari yang lalu

    They need protein so the queen ant can lay more eggs

  30. Cheez-it Jeef

    Cheez-it Jeef9 hari yang lalu

    Ants are incredible creatures!

  31. Karlie

    Karlie9 hari yang lalu

    Tbh I like the name- Queen Ember

  32. Michelle Westropp

    Michelle Westropp9 hari yang lalu

    Love this story line x

  33. 1980tazzy

    1980tazzy9 hari yang lalu

    Call me out and I have found a black ant and it was laying eggs but it did not hatch ever make a video why

  34. Zodiaccc

    Zodiaccc9 hari yang lalu


  35. Paratrooper06

    Paratrooper069 hari yang lalu

    Give them some hi vis food

  36. Trina Patel

    Trina Patel10 hari yang lalu

    If the need meat to grow faster than why don't you feed meat first then introduce them to sweets.

  37. The unknown

    The unknown10 hari yang lalu

    the fire nation will always be remembered may they Rest In Peace

  38. Sammy Rumour

    Sammy Rumour11 hari yang lalu

    Wow, so fasinating to see the very start of a new colony in such minuscule details. Truly impressive what you have managed to capture on film. Knowing the colony are experiencing different events for the very first time, it makes me wonder if the information gained along with the memories and knowledge of how to (or how not to) react is passed down to younger siblings as the colony grows. I'm so looking forward to see the progress of the Phoenix Empire over time!

  39. xd RedZone

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    HOLY Crap ur channel has grown since the first time i was here they finally recommend ur video I would sit here for hours and just binge watch ur videos

  40. DegradingBear Plays

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    Ac question of the week: Ant colonies need protein because protein both helps the brood develop and the Queen lay eggs. I think.

  41. Kumajiro WhoAreYou?

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    Wonderful! I love them!

  42. Clearly Epic

    Clearly Epic11 hari yang lalu

    The video footage of the ant larvae “swallowing” is INCREDIBLE! Amazing high definition footage! Well done!

  43. niall merrigan

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    Should of named her lady lava

  44. jacob Beach

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    We had so many good Christmases with the fire Nation 💪😓👍

  45. gl!ch ki6

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    Ants vs spiders Ants vs other ants Ants vs *mites that suck blood and turn ants into zombies* And now... Ants vs mealworms

  46. PrivateEyeYiYi

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    The music on these videos is scored so well that it really enhances the experience. Nice job!

  47. EverydayWith Eli

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    The queen of fire

  48. HashimTheDream

    HashimTheDream13 hari yang lalu


  49. CandiedCorvid

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    Fun fact... humans also create meconium. Much like the little lumps of baby ant, meconium develops while a human baby is in the womb. While the ants make little nuggets, humans first bowel movements is sticky and tar-like and is a really gross green.

  50. Staci Young

    Staci Young14 hari yang lalu

    So the larve grow faster

  51. Sabrina Miller

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    Hey how big of a colony is needed if they were to eat an adult male?

  52. Jesse Lee

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    Oh I cannot wait to start my own colony. I'm hoping it will get my little brother into it as well. Luckily fire ants are native to my area. I'm gonna watch all your videos and learn everything I can. I didnt even know stuff like this existed till I found your channel. So looking forward to see how big and awesome Phoenix Nation gets.

  53. Jesse Lee

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    Sorry Phoenix Empire my bad

  54. ProtMythic

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    giant ant colony just sprung up outside my house, 1.5 million views inc

  55. ssjwes

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    Some school systems should get with you and have you make educational packages.

  56. machopi

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    i'm watching this while having a monocle on, sitting in a swivel chair, petting a can of bug spray and laughing with malicious intent

  57. AC

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    I’m used to hearing Fire Nation, tho

  58. Radical bruh

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    I love them

  59. IntensoPower

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    Feels like the beginning of a StarCraft game

  60. Patrick Faulk

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    I have fireants all around me and any good fireant is a dead one. You know they will eat your house too??????!!

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    Some really incredible footage here!! Goooo Phoenix Colony!!

  62. Munchy Bear

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    I’m so sad the fire nation perished but I am so excited that I can see the start of a new colony. I have only been watching for about a year 😊

  63. china samuel

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    Me when I don’t eat from 8:00 to 3:00: I’m starving I’m going to die Empress ember : um are you Sirius?

  64. sans the skeleton

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    Qotw: protein is needed for building strength and muscle to help the next generation (and it helps the colony to grow faster)

  65. Nuggety Riots

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    I wish i could name it the phoenix union