fine (Official Video) - Mike Shinoda



    ДЛИННЫЙ НОС6 jam yang lalu

    Песня норм но фильм скорее всего окажется дерьмом как обычно

  2. arch barcia

    arch barcia6 jam yang lalu

    Mike shinoda a clever rapper

  3. Arrijal Istighfarotudzdzilal

    Arrijal Istighfarotudzdzilal9 jam yang lalu

    Sometimes I think Mike wrote this kinda song just to make him feel free from remind himself about his very closest best friend. Keep strong, keep fighting. It's hard to tell the truth from deeper heart even it's easy to say.

  4. Panda Painti

    Panda Painti18 jam yang lalu

    Are you okay Mike? Please if you are Not get you some help. I am not able to lose another great person💕

  5. Yamil Cordi

    Yamil Cordi20 jam yang lalu

    Hi Mike, this song need some screams, where i can send you my demo ?

  6. Whitney B.

    Whitney B.20 jam yang lalu

    That's the same set from Godhead- Trapped In Your Lies!

  7. Eliesu

    Eliesu21 jam yang lalu

    eu. Tó aqui meu amigo Mike shinoda

  8. Dariya Dotsenko

    Dariya DotsenkoHari Yang lalu

    Soooooo coool!!!!!😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍

  9. Epic Noob

    Epic NoobHari Yang lalu

    Could you imagine if pro musicians quit accepting ridiculous sums of money, equated their destinies to public school teachers, and demanded fans quit idolizing them for their esoteric talents?

  10. Tomoe Kuro

    Tomoe KuroHari Yang lalu

    Ok but the props are so cool and the song is so good

  11. Maxojir

    MaxojirHari Yang lalu

    Pretty spot-on for how the world's going to be coming apart around mid-century

  12. Mayara Sberse

    Mayara SberseHari Yang lalu

  13. Alexis Chagollan

    Alexis ChagollanHari Yang lalu

    Will someone please make this an hour version?

  14. Alexis Chagollan

    Alexis ChagollanHari Yang lalu


  15. Biertje Bommetje

    Biertje BommetjeHari Yang lalu

    Listen to this when u play your game xbox ore playstaion is fine u have to got to make dragon ball songs it will beter then steve aoki

  16. MALi Moor

    MALi Moor2 hari yang lalu

    Does anybody know how much this video cost to make?

  17. Caboose

    Caboose2 hari yang lalu

    "One More Light" "Who cares if one more light goes out" "Fine" "This light we can't ignore"

  18. Kiiara Be

    Kiiara Be2 hari yang lalu

    now is 2020 and Mike is still the same... never get older.. Love it!!! #FINE

  19. Corn Dog Shaun

    Corn Dog Shaun2 hari yang lalu


  20. V F

    V F2 hari yang lalu

    Russians are like "Wut" Gotta save Mike :o

  21. Dan Nesmith

    Dan Nesmith2 hari yang lalu

    A fine song. (Npi) Mike has the power to make it go away with just a wave of a hand. I'm jeolous.

  22. Nicole Brown

    Nicole Brown2 hari yang lalu

    For these past five months, I've been in my emo phase. Paramore, Fall out boy, and Linkin Park. I was listening to "numb" and had tears in my eyes because of Chester. Mike has always been so talented......I love it. He and Linkin Park were so progressive; they did things that picked up years later in advance.

  23. MrDude88

    MrDude882 hari yang lalu

    I wish Fort Minor returns.

  24. Fer Sanchez

    Fer Sanchez2 hari yang lalu

    Era de esperar

  25. CydiosXero

    CydiosXero3 hari yang lalu

    Almost Nine inch Nailish

  26. JaceMD015

    JaceMD0153 hari yang lalu

    I don't know is it only me or is this a tribute to Points of Authority video or maybe inspired by it?

  27. Kevin Núñez

    Kevin Núñez3 hari yang lalu

    Give this song more recognition....

  28. Suicide is the only way for me Goodbye

    Suicide is the only way for me Goodbye3 hari yang lalu

    I'm made of pure evil and coldness and death.

  29. einjel315

    einjel3153 hari yang lalu

    >be mike shinoda in this music video >best friend dies because of depression >is so distraught that he destroys the whole world just so everyone gets the peace they want/deserve "everythings's gonna be fine"

  30. James Shreeve

    James Shreeve3 hari yang lalu

    Sounds like Metroid Prime

  31. samuel lee

    samuel lee4 hari yang lalu


  32. Konnapha P. Chamnanvanakit

    Konnapha P. Chamnanvanakit4 hari yang lalu

    So​ smart​ MV music.​❤️




  34. максим

    максим4 hari yang lalu

    а что тут Чадов забыл?

  35. Илья Швец

    Илья Швец4 hari yang lalu


  36. uwu

    uwu4 hari yang lalu

    mike che no da

  37. Solidios Studios

    Solidios Studios5 hari yang lalu

    heres a hint to the musicvideos technologie ---------------- i feel the chip building up inside

  38. Rabota AllDay

    Rabota AllDay5 hari yang lalu

    Лайкай коммент, если считаешь, что это ссанина и ты ожидал большего.

  39. Chad Edick

    Chad Edick5 hari yang lalu

    Does anyone know where I can find this movie to watch in the states? The title is translated to “The Blackout”. I have tried to find it on IDreporter but I cant

  40. Emma Last Name • 16 years ago

    Emma Last Name • 16 years ago4 hari yang lalu

    Is it


    CAR3ON TRAP5 hari yang lalu

    I think He shud find a new Singer & re-start the LINKIN PARK..jst like PINK FLOYD..

  42. GoDluvsTacos

    GoDluvsTacos5 hari yang lalu

    This is fucking amazing and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

  43. Fujita

    Fujita5 hari yang lalu

    i'm hoping that someday, post malone and mike shinoda will collab :)

  44. Manny Snav

    Manny Snav4 hari yang lalu

    Fujita yeah, but a collab with Eminem would be badass

  45. Soranology I

    Soranology I5 hari yang lalu

    The most powerful song personally for me to start this new year. The beat, the simple yet touching lyrics, the MV, all just overwhelming.. Thanks Mike for rekindle the uplifting tunes the LP always produced since the last decades. Everything will be just fine (with multiple explosions and heavy bullet rains exploding in my head).....

  46. Fattio The Rapper

    Fattio The Rapper5 hari yang lalu

    i wish i was this good LMAO

  47. jamie

    jamie6 hari yang lalu

    Let’s go champ! Glad you’re still doing music. We were all a little jaded after Chester passed but we are ready for your return 🙏

  48. BLINK.

    BLINK.6 hari yang lalu


  49. Gréta Fodor

    Gréta Fodor6 hari yang lalu

    Mike: * looks at comments * Comments: Chester Chester Chester..

  50. Olga Topnikova

    Olga Topnikova6 hari yang lalu

    This track is FINE!!!! Mike you are amazing!

  51. Danilo Vučeljić

    Danilo Vučeljić6 hari yang lalu

    Zvuci interesantno.

  52. K G

    K G6 hari yang lalu

    Amazing Mike ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  53. II_TH13F_II N00b

    II_TH13F_II N00b6 hari yang lalu

    The video in background is it just a vid or is it a movie??

  54. Antonio Manoel

    Antonio Manoel6 hari yang lalu

    @II_TH13F_II N00b "The Blackout"

  55. II_TH13F_II N00b

    II_TH13F_II N00b6 hari yang lalu

    @Antonio Manoel what's the name of the movie??

  56. Antonio Manoel

    Antonio Manoel6 hari yang lalu

    It is a Russian movie that have this song on the soundtrack.

  57. MMO fighter

    MMO fighter6 hari yang lalu

    Аванпост получился идеальным)

  58. Angga Fajar Setyawan

    Angga Fajar Setyawan6 hari yang lalu

    Please mike no more don brocco!!please ask open for youtube you can see...hybrid theory linkin park tribute pt🙏🙏🙏🙏 ask him vocalist for duet with linkin park on concert

  59. Alejandro Lodes

    Alejandro Lodes6 hari yang lalu

    The effects are a lot way better than the last movie of Terminator =P


    KENAII GARCIA6 hari yang lalu

    Name mobie

  61. John Cluphf

    John Cluphf7 hari yang lalu

    Jesus Christ this is horrible!! I can't even believe what I'm hearing

  62. Camilla Castilho GG

    Camilla Castilho GG7 hari yang lalu

    ❤love this guy, ESSE TEM TALENTO!

  63. Amal

    Amal7 hari yang lalu

    Everything is gonna be fine....

  64. VNWLDR

    VNWLDR7 hari yang lalu

    Hi there! Would this track fit the vibe?

  65. Tyler Durden Games

    Tyler Durden Games7 hari yang lalu

    Mike Shinoda will begin the III World War

  66. Ana Clara Dantas

    Ana Clara Dantas7 hari yang lalu