Finding Queen Ants


  1. Julio Feliz

    Julio Feliz4 bulan yang lalu

    is that a lasius neoniger?

  2. Nick V

    Nick VTahun Yang lalu

    Did you give her your royal jelly?

  3. Something ¿

    Something ¿Tahun Yang lalu

    Do you know what a queen ant is?

  4. Terri L

    Terri LTahun Yang lalu

    Interesting but not helpful. Also, that wasn't a queen fire ant, right?

  5. isaiah

    isaiahTahun Yang lalu

    this video is 7 years old xd

  6. How to x TECH

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    Im in australia and its autumn and i cant find one

  7. James Bryan

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  8. Yash Saxena

    Yash SaxenaTahun Yang lalu

    Where do you find these? I’m also in NorCal but can’t find any myrmecosystus?

  9. Nao

    NaoTahun Yang lalu

    There was a fucking ant on my chest . And theres one on my neck while im typing this. Gg

  10. LIT_Vortex

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    That's not fun that's just sad 😤


    DYLAN DEPOLO2 tahun yang lalu

    comment xD if u think trump is a bitch

  12. rayva1

    rayva12 tahun yang lalu

    Kudos to you for a highly trained eye you ant expert!

  13. galli Halliwell

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    stupid pinkie is too fat 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Cheryl Dahl

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    Awesome video!

  15. Roberta Bebbs

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    you know after they get kidnapped they did their self back like the

  16. Roberta Bebbs

    Roberta Bebbs2 tahun yang lalu

    you know he was probably just showing you guys then after he showed us he put queen ant back maybe. you never know you never know

  17. Creeper Universe

    Creeper Universe2 tahun yang lalu

    Finally got another queen! Tapinoma Sessile I believe. But she looks sickly...

  18. Sebastian

    Sebastian2 tahun yang lalu

    Some of these comments make me cry...

  19. Roman Krumrey

    Roman Krumrey2 tahun yang lalu

    if you keep using a shovel that big and dig like that you will probably kill the Queen ant

  20. Cassius Mason

    Cassius Mason2 tahun yang lalu

    This is how everyone in the community does it.

  21. Antimidation

    Antimidation2 tahun yang lalu

    If you were upset by the video in anyway. I'd like to apologize, I recognize that something as normal for me as going to dig up some queen ants can come off as jarring and rather abrupt to others. Please try and understand that when I retrieve queen ants each spring I only take very few, and I can successfully raise their colonies for study and enjoyment, queen ants are not likely to survive the first year after mating which is why they produce so many alates. Taking 4 queens and helping them along is my hobby, i'm skilled and knowledgeable enough to micro manage them along to their first generation workers where they would of probably died in the wild. I don't always dig up queen ants, usually throughout the year you can find them walking along the ground and you can simply pick them up. I haven't raised many colonies of my own in recent years as I have completely stopped uploading....this video is 5 years old, but i still get comments on it so i wanted to address the people who voiced their concerns for the queen ants. I love ants, and for the exception of the one scene in this video, extracting them is a bit less abrupt and usually more easy going. Again, I apologize if that was hard for some of you to watch.

  22. Gtext11

    Gtext112 tahun yang lalu

    did you need that big of a shovel to catch one tiny queen

  23. Cassius Mason

    Cassius Mason2 tahun yang lalu

    For every 3 people with common sense, there is always 1 troll and 1 idiot who doesn't know anything about ants or wants to complain. Don't ever reply to these trolls or people lacking common sense or more people will just just follow, and unfortunately every single youtuber has the 3:2 ratio. Great videos btw.

  24. Gtext11

    Gtext112 tahun yang lalu

    Antimidation it didn't bothered me. I think its a great way of catching a queen its just that if you use a big shovel you can slingshot the queens

  25. Antimidation

    Antimidation2 tahun yang lalu

    I'm sorry that it bothered you. I don't always dig them up. At certain times of the year you can simply pick them up off the ground after mating flights. I didn't expect the soil in that particular area to be that hard, that scene seems to have caused some people to be upset.

  26. Lew James

    Lew James2 tahun yang lalu

    She didn't look very peaceful. Just sayin.

  27. Joe Rogans Scrotum

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    Lew James well no shit Sherlock she was just dug up

  28. Ronald Weasley

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    I would dig it and sell it for 4.5 dollars

  29. DPB

    DPB3 tahun yang lalu

    Look since a lot of you are starting flame wars on how and what queen ants are let me tell you. Queen ants come from eggs called alates. They are much bigger then regular eggs and tend to be appearing much later in a colonies life, also from these alates can come the male ants, but usually the females will come first. Also when there are queen ants waiting to mate when the time comes they are not called queens. Like the egg, larvae, ect.. they are also called alates until they mate during nuptial flights in which the male dies and the now called queen looks for a place to settle down and start producing her first workers. At this time she will not feed on anything and will use her muscle fat from her wings, which she will break off, to feed her young and her self. Once the workers are in full growth and ready to work then they will search for food. Now what do queen ants and male ants look like or alates. Female alates have a curved top in their thorax, have wings (before nuptial flights) and tend to be larger. Some times they can have larger abdomen but if you want to spot one, you will have better luck looking at a thorax. Male alates look much more like ground wasps and their heads are tilted down more. There you see now we can all stop complaining right? Any more questions?

  30. Evan G

    Evan G3 tahun yang lalu

    I have gone on some hunts and I can never find the queen.

  31. TheKickingGuy

    TheKickingGuy3 tahun yang lalu

    Omg some of these comments are so dumb like people acting like they know about ants when they don't saying queen ants are huge some one said they were white and fat and another said they were as big as a finger if you've never raised a colony or even seen a queen don't even say it's not a queen.

  32. a stoner named pablo

    a stoner named pablo2 tahun yang lalu

    Antimidation why don't you make videos anymore more 😕

  33. Antimidation

    Antimidation2 tahun yang lalu

    I appreciate you trying to do some damage control here. I never expected this video to have this many's bound to get some comments like that.

  34. jharvey edmonstons

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    wow thats awsome

  35. Esmeralda Martínez

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  36. TheKickingGuy

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    No he if he keeps her and raises a colony then he increases her survival chance and all her kids.

  37. ItzLambChopz

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    When the nuptal flight happens MILLIONS climb up my garden wall and then fly and some go on me. others are born with no wings

  38. Eamonn K

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    +Clumsy ninjaGaming cool, how many did you get?

  39. ItzLambChopz

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    +Eamonn K oh. well in 2015 there was a lot. I was playing with my friends then my mum called me and I saw alot

  40. Eamonn K

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    actually the queens lose their wings after they mate

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    dont bust the crust man

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    Just bust the nut

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    That's a pretty heavy metal user name.

  44. josh webber

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    Thats not a queen

  45. Joe Rogans Scrotum

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    josh webber you are a dumbass

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    absolutely positively a queen

  47. Justin Harrell

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    That is a queen...

  48. CarlsenTheAmazed [TehMalay Spartan]

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    My! It bit me :D

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    lol sam

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    Can you get me one?' I'll pay

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    "I'm gonna point with this pine needle cause my pinky is too fat" 😂😂

  53. LpsGenie Lps

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    im bipolar when it comes to ants im like "yess I found her"army ant running towards me (first instinct)roll her like a barrel!!naw to floppy.(second instinct)GIVE ME THE SHOE!!oops I killed the queen.BRING OUT THE TAPE!!I "safely"stick them right next to their queen.3 days later I unstick them.ITS ALIVE! =-O

  54. Nuch Zara

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    Wow, you are very good.

  55. Noro

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    i saw many ants -they suck- they look ugly and they keep moving around like they are trying to scare me i can simply step on them

  56. Sam W

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    Why didn't you kill the bitch?

  57. 1carrotcake

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    good job! I guess the queen didn't have much solider ants? sorry I dont' know much about ants.

  58. TheKickingGuy

    TheKickingGuy3 tahun yang lalu

    She probably just dig that so she may not have worker ants or majors

  59. stevenan93

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    that is one AWESOME shovel. where to get?!??!?

  60. smartmonkey777

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    the us gi shovels are pretty crappy they bend easy and expensive !!!!!!!!!! :amazon Military-Original-E-Tool-Entrenching-Shovel, get the Russian style :Special-Forces-Shovel-Hardwood-Handle.

  61. James Peters

    James Peters4 tahun yang lalu

    @stevenan93 You can probably get one on amazon or almost any sporting store, it's a folding shovel with a bladed edge.


    ELEANA DURHAM4 tahun yang lalu

    Queen Ant? Does not look like that. The one that I have seen before looks Very Very fat.. and it is white No wings no Legs it looks like worm or looks like caterpillar. And you have to Dig very far down to find it my Grandfather used to find them and dig them out. And I followed him around and watch

  63. Grammer Police

    Grammer Police2 tahun yang lalu

    You do know there are thousends of species and all queens are different in some way, Please shut up you know nothing about ants

  64. TheKickingGuy

    TheKickingGuy3 tahun yang lalu

    Omg you know nothing about ants maybe he found the kids or a maggot but not a queen ant.

  65. Flust

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    It's because that queen has not begun giving birth

  66. CarlsenTheAmazed [TehMalay Spartan]

    CarlsenTheAmazed [TehMalay Spartan]3 tahun yang lalu

    The abdomen is green...

  67. Alesya Kozinets

    Alesya Kozinets4 tahun yang lalu

    Queen ant's are big as a finger

  68. Jacob Burton

    Jacob Burton2 tahun yang lalu

    Yeah they can be tiny i have a queen and she is about the size of a pencil eraser and don't say that not a queen or a worker she lay a egg a few weeks ago

  69. Clone225

    Clone2252 tahun yang lalu

    No they can be quite tiny, such as solenopsis molesta. A lot of camponotus queens are, but so are the workers. Some queens are almost indistinguishable from the workers.

  70. Nina M

    Nina M4 tahun yang lalu

    "Oh look some fresh dirt!" *Stabs shovel into the ground and snatches ant in 2.5 seconds* You should help me kill the bitch that's invading my bedroom window.

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    +Maria Morris haha funny

  72. weirdokiller

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    @Maria Morris At least I didn't call him a potato.

  73. Maria Morris

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    don't fuck with joke. ...not funny...

  74. Maria Morris

    Maria Morris3 tahun yang lalu

    don't fuck with joke. ...not funny...

  75. weirdokiller

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    @Rqbbie I found the autistic in my house. It's on my computer screen and it's name is Robbie.

  76. Gingie Plays

    Gingie Plays4 tahun yang lalu

    Let me just sum this one up for everyone: A queen ant STARTS with wings as well as some males. He was mentioning "after" her flight. The flight he's talking about is the nuptial flight. AKA: mating. The males and females fly in the air and mate in the air. After the queen is done mating with several males, she falls back down to the ground and detaches both of her wings and begins to try and locate a new place to start her own colony.Where he found the queen, was where she decided to build her own colony. Great job on that find! I'm still searching for my camponotus floridanus queen :). Now that I saw this video, I might do this too! Thanks again!

  77. The Crazy Ant

    The Crazy Ant4 tahun yang lalu

    Queen ants don't have wings

  78. TheKickingGuy

    TheKickingGuy3 tahun yang lalu

    +Sheldon Summers some people no nothing about ants then try to correct people who do.

  79. Dannie Vaughn

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    Who me?

  80. jacob bogle

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    Your fucking dumb

  81. Dannie Vaughn

    Dannie Vaughn4 tahun yang lalu

    @Harry Swain they have both.,.. wings during mating, lose them after they mate..

  82. Aybike Nur Gürsoy

    Aybike Nur Gürsoy4 tahun yang lalu

    This one is not a queen; queens have wings.

  83. Jose Luis Enrique Perez Tapia

    Jose Luis Enrique Perez Tapia3 tahun yang lalu

    queens take off their wing after nuptial fly, the ones who have wing it's because their are still unfertil

  84. Justin Ware

    Justin Ware3 tahun yang lalu

    Pretty sure they shed their wings after mating.

  85. ANB1988BNA

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    What time of year do the queens take flight

  86. TheKickingGuy

    TheKickingGuy3 tahun yang lalu

    Depends on the species

  87. Vahe Boyajian

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    Can queen ants live in a ground drainage.

  88. shine shinee

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    thats not queen ant is horse ant queen ant 4x bigger

  89. TheKickingGuy

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    It is a queen ant you know nothing about ants so shut up.

  90. Chris Cuesi

    Chris Cuesi5 tahun yang lalu

    You must have served, i know this because that a military grade tool/spade only Military get. i mean u could probably get it from a friend or possibly get some kind of knock off but i like that spade you have

  91. Javi

    Javi4 tahun yang lalu

    Its a foldable spade, really common. Found in any hardware store tbh. Trench spades are also common too.

  92. Dwayne Krummeck

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    Awesome motivation and education for my first attempt, thanks a million, maybe i'll vid my attempt...

  93. RhinoVids

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    Yeah where are those body guards? You should have been swarmed messing with the Queen.

  94. Bug Barb

    Bug Barb4 tahun yang lalu

    @DesignerVids22 She is starting her colony and hasn't even begun to lay eggs, let alone raise them to workers/body guards.

  95. Dannie Vaughn

    Dannie Vaughn4 tahun yang lalu

    @sonerec725 a queen only mates once, she actually theoretically is loyal.

  96. sonerec725

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    Bro if a giant with a huge sharp shovel opened up your house would you stay and protect some bitch who data and lays around all day shitting out kids she was impregnated with by multiple different men, hell no u gtfo bro

  97. BakeBMDeezy

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    Oh cool, you found the queen ant. Now that bitch before your house gets invaded.

  98. BakeBMDeezy

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    @wilcon kim pujanes the best way to get rid of them is with a can of Axe and a lighter. Y'know, get 'em ready for hell.

  99. lilkp 07

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    Real talk!!! I just got rid of em fckin ants invaded my house.

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    Wow what the fuck !!!!!!!

  101. CalifornianAnts

    CalifornianAnts5 tahun yang lalu

    @Gregor Poeth Do you know where this takes place? This is in the foothills of Southern California. There are no Lasius there. There are Lasius way up in the mountain but that is absolutely a Myrmecocystus testaceus.

  102. Earl Felix

    Earl Felix5 tahun yang lalu

    I have 4 queens in my colony.

  103. Carlos Martìnez

    Carlos MartìnezTahun Yang lalu

    i have a colony with 7 queens

  104. Jamie Clark

    Jamie ClarkTahun Yang lalu

    quentiam Yeah but most people wouldn't know that lol

  105. Jamie Clark

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    I got 12! Lol

  106. JuDGE BoDiE

    JuDGE BoDiE2 tahun yang lalu

    obviously +thekickingguy if he has 4 queens in HIS colony note he has 1 colony and he has 4 queens and he had time to count the 4 queens in his colony then odds are they ARE poliginous otherwise he wouldn't have 4 queens in his 1 colony because they would have eaten eachother and deteriorated the amount of queens to 1 or less, because they could all die.

  107. Cheezus

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    urg how did u find?

  108. rippeter

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    i once had thousands of ants at my house in an annex and i saw a queen ant

  109. AI Theta

    AI Theta5 tahun yang lalu

    I found a queen ant but I think I may have really hurt it because it was lively and once I put it in a tube I noticed that its rear was kinda wobbly like it was detached kinda and now it just curls up and moves its legs.