Film Theory: Who WON'T Survive Avengers Endgame! (Spoiler Free Predictions)


  1. sniper with guard dog

    sniper with guard dogJam Yang lalu

    War machine

  2. Eric Phantom

    Eric PhantomJam Yang lalu

    Perma-Death list: Black Widow Capt A Nebula Scarlett Witch.

  3. Liam Ready

    Liam ReadyJam Yang lalu


  4. Robin the Rockin Robin

    Robin the Rockin RobinJam Yang lalu

    2:33 Who's clues? blues clues!

  5. Sophii Sherman

    Sophii ShermanJam Yang lalu

    I bet banner is actually Loki

  6. Jose Mendoza

    Jose MendozaJam Yang lalu

    Good theories on Thor, captain America and iron Man. Now we wait for the movie.

  7. KnightFall Neko

    KnightFall NekoJam Yang lalu

    was that a reference to Halo: Reach at 16:50 ?

  8. Kaitlin Miller

    Kaitlin MillerJam Yang lalu

    You brought up peter's death and I started crying. Why did you have to do this to me?

  9. ninja guy7

    ninja guy7Jam Yang lalu

    I think it would be captain America and thanos cause ant man will go to his butt

  10. Backlog Rob

    Backlog RobJam Yang lalu

    The Black Widow solo film is gonna be Disney+ only?

  11. Pusheen Queen

    Pusheen QueenJam Yang lalu

    Matpats theory is right: Marvel watches it: shoot were going to have to reshoot the movi3

  12. Oğuz Tuna Kaya

    Oğuz Tuna KayaJam Yang lalu

    I think that Hawkeye and Warmachine will die

  13. Efram Kendal

    Efram KendalJam Yang lalu

    Black widow

  14. allisson Arias

    allisson AriasJam Yang lalu

    I think thore will die .

  15. Zlilliam Dolan

    Zlilliam DolanJam Yang lalu

    Antman goes Thanos:you made a mistake little one I had curry yesterday

  16. Slimeyy

    SlimeyyJam Yang lalu

    Iron man and captian america will die, the rest will stay alive.

  17. Ava Swiatmish

    Ava SwiatmishJam Yang lalu

    If Cap dies I’m going to die

  18. ojmardueno

    ojmarduenoJam Yang lalu

    Iron Man, Thor and Captain America will die

  19. Dorey

    DoreyJam Yang lalu

    Only Captain America will die sacrificing himself to bring back every one from the soul stone

  20. The Spider Slayer

    The Spider SlayerJam Yang lalu

    I think Tony’s fate is 50/50

  21. RA 16

    RA 16Jam Yang lalu

    Best theory ever. Who is the better hero Thor or Captin Marvel

  22. Dominik Reszka

    Dominik ReszkaJam Yang lalu

    I have a theory how they might introduce x man onto the mcu. So quick silver and scarlet witch got their powers from the stones (they were x man characters) so my theory is that at the end of end game stones will be destroyed on earth and their energy somehow will cause people to have powers or affect their genes so their kids will have powers. So what do you think about that theory (Im not a comic expert so sorry if something in my theory does not add up)

  23. ChippyBeaver

    ChippyBeaverJam Yang lalu

    I hope they pull a rick grimes for most of them. Like instead of killing them they go ok to live a normal life.

  24. Bob Bob

    Bob BobJam Yang lalu

    Tony and Steve will both die bc their contracts with marvel are finished after endgame

  25. TheGaming Oof

    TheGaming Oof2 jam yang lalu

    Gosh this movies plot is done

  26. WEGOBurger

    WEGOBurger2 jam yang lalu

    Cap dies, Bucky becomes The new cap, Tony retires, Thor goes with Captain marvel to space

  27. Airborne T_E_C_G Gaming & More

    Airborne T_E_C_G Gaming & More2 jam yang lalu

    Avengers- we won! Thanos- wears his infinity thongs and claps his cheeks, *referring to ant man* you should’ve aimed for the ass!

  28. Aquarium Gravel

    Aquarium Gravel2 jam yang lalu

    yes, black widow dying would be a great way to bring on the hulk, but can you imagine the blowback they would get from fridging one of the few female heroes in the ensemble?

  29. Al Bundy

    Al Bundy2 jam yang lalu

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  30. GHOsT :P

    GHOsT :P2 jam yang lalu

    RDJ will be the new Stan camio

  31. Knuf Wons

    Knuf Wons2 jam yang lalu

    This comment is a placeholder to pretend I was a perfect spoiler machine

  32. Philly Kid

    Philly Kid2 jam yang lalu

    I think tony will retire and be a father, and that cap will die and accept his death and be reunited with peggy

  33. Icarus

    Icarus2 jam yang lalu

    Pepsi man and Jesus both die in endgame

  34. John Conner

    John Conner2 jam yang lalu

    What about just making them retire?

  35. Isabelle Haigh

    Isabelle Haigh2 jam yang lalu

    Only the ORIGINAL avengers?! If you look closely you can see drax standing in every frame.

  36. Jennifer Moore

    Jennifer Moore2 jam yang lalu

    I think captain America will die

  37. your_ instincts

    your_ instincts2 jam yang lalu

    Thanoses *ASSHOLE* won't survive *ANT-MAN*

  38. J R

    J R2 jam yang lalu

    Tony stark dies :(

  39. AgentGreen13

    AgentGreen132 jam yang lalu

    Last time Hulk lost a loved one, it didn't go well for the Eastern seaboard

  40. Zach Willis

    Zach Willis2 jam yang lalu

    I think Cap is gonna die. Good chance for Stark to die too, but I think he's going to live and retire from being Iron Man. Then Marvel can use RDJ's star power for cameos. Thor's going to live so he can help build a new Asgard. Hulk... eh I just hope we see him.

  41. Levi Brady

    Levi Brady2 jam yang lalu

    People watching after seeing endgame: actually no on dies and there us a happy ending MatPat: makes serious video about how he was wrong

  42. simstoi06

    simstoi062 jam yang lalu

    Iron-Man 4: Tony has a child. There is a danger that threatened his child. For the last time he fights the danger as iron man.

  43. Artificial Human

    Artificial Human2 jam yang lalu

    No one dies in the movie it is leaked in parts and I saw the ending

  44. Jupiter

    Jupiter2 jam yang lalu

    I really hope Stark survives, he's an absolutely fantastic character and he has potential to have a great character arc. His relationship with Peter Parker is also one of my favorite in film right now. I think Stark will survive, but that's more a hope than a theory. I also think most of the original 5 will survive other than Captain America. As for deaths, Captain America is basically confirmed to die and I think Loki and Vision are permanently dead.

  45. BillyPlayzGames

    BillyPlayzGames2 jam yang lalu

    You’re wrong

  46. Ayah Kaddoura

    Ayah Kaddoura2 jam yang lalu

    Dude I'm disappointed that you haven't made an Avatar the last Airbender video

  47. Hail Satan

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  48. Grey Shard

    Grey Shard2 jam yang lalu

    i've seen this about Black Widow before, and sorry- a lot of people miss this about her character. Natasha was trained to be the Black Widow - someone who uses psychology and charisma to manipulate and get close to people and then assassinate them. After joining SHIELD she mostly doesn't use the "assassinate" part - but her training/talent is to use sex appeal and psychology to control things. With Banner/Hulk she was terrified of him to begin with - no control and very dangerous. Might not have consciously decided on this method of control, but after so many years it could be 2nd nature. The relationship with Banner/Hulk gives her a measure of control over the situation - something central to her character.

  49. Imapotato L

    Imapotato L2 jam yang lalu

    you know why blackwidow is gonna die cuz she cant shoot fricking bullets at thanos cuz thanos THICC

  50. Cameron Goode

    Cameron Goode2 jam yang lalu

    Avengers: Quest For the MacGuffin Part 2

  51. FabledPhil

    FabledPhil2 jam yang lalu

    Don't go opening night, remember The Dark Night Rises

  52. Jarry

    Jarry2 jam yang lalu

    kick ass

  53. Thekiller 1859

    Thekiller 18592 jam yang lalu

    When I was in the middle of the video I forgot it was about who will die forever

  54. Gaming with Andrew

    Gaming with Andrew2 jam yang lalu

    imagine the avengers steal the gauntlet and bring back everyone plot twist to ruin a movie lmao

  55. Nathasha Antoney

    Nathasha Antoney2 jam yang lalu

    Captain America will die I know for a fact

  56. Cheesy Maccool

    Cheesy Maccool2 jam yang lalu

    Who really fucking! cares on who wins! Jesus....... Is a movie. IDreporterrs sure like to milk the shit out anything, for a quick buck$$$.


    ENDLESS GAMING2 jam yang lalu

    Tony will not die cause he is not from the real 6 avengers . It's iron Man who will die giving Tony as a father figure for Peter Parker . After time he will train Peter making him a real part of avengers. As we know Peter works with shield to protect the earth from lava , hydroman etc . Well this would be great chance for Tony to lead him in his path .

  58. Syber Storm

    Syber Storm2 jam yang lalu

    Loopers already covered this but this seems like the sequel to that theory! This is gonna be epic, Iron MAn probs sacifice, self scafice and permaent death of character whether for money making or contrrcts or self decison. OOF black widiw, OOF iron man probs, OOF Cap,, and a few more, but Space Avengers 3 will be dope, Guardians of the Galaxy!

  59. anonymous person

    anonymous person2 jam yang lalu

    This antman expands in thanos ass is stoopid. He said it himself: "you should've gone for the head". So just jump into his eye n go into his brain and expand there. Less risky

  60. Elite Santa

    Elite Santa2 jam yang lalu

    “today we will look at all the main avengers” completely ignores hawkeye

  61. TylerThePug

    TylerThePug2 jam yang lalu

    Tony stark is going to sacrifice his life for captain America. And since visions infinity stone is gone, he’s not going to have any personality.

  62. Super Jay

    Super Jay2 jam yang lalu

    The reason Bruce won't turn into hulk is because hulk is traumatized from thanos but ok

  63. SpiritBot

    SpiritBot2 jam yang lalu

    Hawkeye dies. What's he gonna do, shoot arrows at Thanos?

  64. Logan Sliver

    Logan Sliver2 jam yang lalu

    I like it how every video I watch about endgame, no one talks about captain Marvel

  65. Kichona Cho

    Kichona Cho2 jam yang lalu

    Haven't watched the video yet but, as much as I hate to say it, if it was between Tony and Steve I have this awful feeling that Cap would die. Completely disregarding his budding romance with Sharon, it almost feels like his arc is over, Peggy's dead and who better to take over the mantle than his recovering buddy, Bucky. While Tony has Pepper to start a family and a almost fatherly mentorship with Peter that still warrants exploring or at the very least, cameos.

  66. Jack Leon

    Jack Leon2 jam yang lalu


  67. Jens

    Jens2 jam yang lalu

    What happens when no one's powerful enough to use the infinity gauntlet at the end?

  68. Angel Campoverde

    Angel Campoverde2 jam yang lalu

    A stunning and well done theory, I don't know what to feel..if youre right that would be extremely satisfying..if youre right it would be spoilers....dang...

  69. Tronic isaac

    Tronic isaac2 jam yang lalu

    I hate people who always spoil the worlds best movie which is gonna come out

  70. karim

    karim2 jam yang lalu

    bruh I TOLD you (edit) (edit) (edit) would die.

  71. Hrishi Sketch

    Hrishi Sketch2 jam yang lalu

    Yaa, I've seen the film and trust me it's just amazing!!!😍😍😍 And Professor Hulk is soo damn cool!!! Do watch the movie... And the best part is when Steve Roger became worthy of the Thor's Hammer (Mjolnir) !!! Trust me.. the film is damn satisfying to watch but also heartbreaking too!!! :)

  72. the poison maker

    the poison maker2 jam yang lalu

    Ahem.. EVRY BODY *YEA YEA*

  73. Freeman G

    Freeman G2 jam yang lalu

    My prediction: All original Avengers are going to die. Except maybe Tony. (He could still get injured and retire). Most of the secondary characters are going to die as well. And not all characters (if any) are going to return from soul stone (or time stone or whatever). Also, this is probably gonna be the last Avengers movie. *RIP Avengers* They fought a good fight. (PS. I think the movie is still gonna end with a huge cliffhanger LOL)

  74. aidan bae

    aidan bae2 jam yang lalu

    Theory man , *I don’t feel so good*

  75. Equine Addict

    Equine Addict2 jam yang lalu

    Thanos will die lol 😂

  76. AnarchyDoll Nightshade

    AnarchyDoll Nightshade2 jam yang lalu

    In the comic book Nebula gets the gantlet and restores thanos and banishes him elsewhere. So it would be cool if that happened and then they had to destroy many versions of this comic it's crazy 😅

  77. Me V

    Me V2 jam yang lalu

    Just check their contracts boom done

  78. Hmmm Hmmm

    Hmmm Hmmm2 jam yang lalu


  79. Erin

    Erin2 jam yang lalu

    I think Thor + Captain America will die and I think Black Widow will live.

  80. gowary

    gowary2 jam yang lalu

    *Hulk Smash* ! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  81. Clickbait37

    Clickbait372 jam yang lalu

    Nope, not even going to look at the comment section today.

  82. Daniel.m 1234

    Daniel.m 12342 jam yang lalu

    Do a theory on joker teaser trailer

  83. Terrible Content

    Terrible Content2 jam yang lalu

    Captain America,100% i've seen the footage lol.

  84. Yuri

    Yuri2 jam yang lalu

    Let's face it Mat pat is problem wrong

  85. H20DeathMask 25

    H20DeathMask 252 jam yang lalu


  86. Manga PizzaWizard

    Manga PizzaWizard2 jam yang lalu

    matpat i thought that thor said dont smash that would make him well not smash

  87. Just Sam

    Just Sam2 jam yang lalu

    Does anyone ever wonder if matpat accidently says it's just a game theory for film theory or vice versa on accident.

  88. BlackWind90

    BlackWind902 jam yang lalu

    I always thought Cap was gonna be the one to survive and "retire" and Tony the one to die...we did see in A.o.U. that he feared failing and see all the Avengers dying because of it, so it seemed to me a given that he would sacrifice his own life to prevent it, also, Strange's last words in Infinity War sounded to me kinda like an apologize other than an explanation, like he wasn't just telling him that their momentary sacrifice was the only way to win in the end, but also that his plan to make that one scenario in which they won included Tony's own sacrifice in the he was like "I'm sorry you're gonna be the one to actually die in the end". Also, I don't think fans would believe a scenario in which the world is gonna be in danger again in the next phases in which a Tony Stark would stay retire and not appear at all, especially being such a public figure and a man who declared his identity to the world earlier, people would know who he is and would expect him to do somthing and let's be honest, Tony would, even if he would just offer support with weapons and machines to the Avengers. On the other hand, if Cap retires, if he's not a sodlier and a leader....what is he really? One last thing is the actors age...Evans is 37, Downey is 54. Evans could just "take a break", with Cap passing on the Shield to either Bucky or Falcon, and disappear under the radar to return in like ten years as a older Cap for one last movie that by itself would be something fans out of nostalgia would pay to see.

  89. Avatar Eternal

    Avatar Eternal2 jam yang lalu

    Nah, Ant-Man won't be the one to take out Purple Dwayne Johnson. Goose is the one who will save the day in the end.

  90. Coopy 11

    Coopy 112 jam yang lalu

    Natasha die???!!!!! Don’t do dis to me matpat my girl will live!!!!!!

  91. Little Yoshi

    Little Yoshi2 jam yang lalu

    I bet who will die is you

  92. Vince Dreemurr

    Vince Dreemurr2 jam yang lalu

    Who else thinks Mat would be a great animator

  93. Piko

    Piko2 jam yang lalu

    Avengers: The final circle

  94. Jezreel Ric Lacia

    Jezreel Ric Lacia2 jam yang lalu

    I didn't wanna watch this at first because I was afraid there would be spoilers but then I read the entire title😂

  95. danwindows7

    danwindows72 jam yang lalu

    No shame on losing out to top trending to Mr. BEAST!

  96. Ted Kinney

    Ted Kinney2 jam yang lalu

    I feel like iron man is gonna die in the last scene

  97. Thundix

    Thundix2 jam yang lalu

    Matpat:Im a bit nervous Me:(holding the final tests)

  98. Rehmana Ather

    Rehmana Ather2 jam yang lalu

    Why are you spoiling the movie and tempting everyone!!!!

  99. Jeffery Phillips

    Jeffery Phillips2 jam yang lalu

    I will say, I don't know who all is biting the dust permanently, but for everything you just said, I hope it's not Tony. He needs to be allowed to retire.