Filipino Mythical Creatures Rap


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    forgot how the tikbalang makes you get lost. and you have to turn your shirt inside out to find your way home .. 😂😂😂😂😂

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    ayos to kag astig

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    The flip the aswang is not a ghoul

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    lets say Mayweather is mythixal...🤣🤣🤣😂

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    wow its look great my favorites manananggal and tikbalang

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    Tagalog siya tingnan mo ang video yong rekangboll

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    Mayweather isn't a creature lol that's a human

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    Wow! This is fun. If u want to lecture kids and make dem wonder, this video is recommendable to watch. Surely, they will get amazed.

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    Bastos kayo sabi niyo s*x kantutan yun eh!!! Ewwwwwww

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    Grabee tong vedio na to . Dati nong nasa samar pa ako lagi ko tong pinapanood kasi naaliw ako din nahinto yung panonood ko nito , Din nong pumunta ako ng Savemore nakita ko na naman si kuya na kumakanta ng About Turon kaya hinanap ko na naman tong vedio na to. Ngayon kaya ako napunta na nman sa vedio na to dahil napanood ko vedio na about don sa Kay kuya kim house tour.So wala lang Share ko lang hahaha😂 -2019 hi guys.

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    Our cultural studies teacher put this on 😂

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    Mayweather did beat Pacquiao

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    1:09 damn that girl was really happy

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    Your scaring me with the SCARY PEOPLE

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    Hahaha red hourse thats really powerful btw Si tikbalang nagulat ! Hahaha

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    What does nanay mean

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    Who is Filipino like this comment 👇

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    Filipino Ako

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    Mananangal ang pangit

  23. Rhianna Sophia Bernal

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    Maganda pakinggan pero nakakahawa😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    The third look a like a tennis ball

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    I love it how Mikey can change his voice so well..

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    This is why I'm staying in America.

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    I want philippines more idk why is so fun there ;-;

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    Hindi daw totoo pero diwende totoo? Sinasabi mobang diwende ako? Porket maliit ako! (Jk Lang ang comment NATO Hindi ako negative)

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    Lesson learned. Tennis ball explain everything.

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    Do you know my ninong has a third eye

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    0:06 had me ded😂

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    so.... hindi totoo yung kapre may kepre dito sa alubijid misamis oriental bisaya kami at may kapre dito pere nawala na kasi pinutyl na ang tree nya


    ANIMAL RESCUE5 hari yang lalu

    Si paquao mythical

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    This song Its the best!

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    Tikbalng: I’m hung like a horse Me: O.o

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    Totoo dwuende at mananaggal

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    Ay naman si white lady real din

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    puta dami kong tawa dto lol!

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    Me:~Reads Note~O-~Sees the small note under~THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD!!! ;-; I should get more friends.

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    I’m Filipino 🇵🇭 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ :D

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    I love how the third eye is just a tennis ball

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    Lol ik

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    Have some filipino translations and facts (I'm a filipino myself.) "Tabi tabi po!" Means "excuse me" I can confirm that Duwendes might possibly be real, my old filipino teacher said he had been cursed by some twice, and once by a kapre. The Kapre watch over their territory, which are places populated with trees. But if you harm one that belongs to a Kapre, then they will harm you by coming to you at night, then sitting on your chest (they are very heavy) and will suffocate you till possible death. The Mananangal actually is kind of similar to another myth, the one where it's only the head with it's organs still attached (some of them anyway) The Serena also has a companion, a giant snake-like creature that emerges from the sea to eat the sun and moon, to make it spit it back out you have to create a lot of unbelievably irritating noise so that the creature would spit them out of annoyance and dive back down. There is a creature who looks like a dog, yet does not act like any animal you've seen. They have bright, glowing orangish yellow eyes, making them have a more dog-like appearance. But if you get close enough they will pounce on you. Not sure how big it is but hopefully you are fast enough to outrun this thing. Now another one is... Kind of like a zombie, but it is human in the day. It eats a human at night and leaves a stalk of corn (or possibly rice?) Where the body once was. There is also a way to tell if someone is a Mananangal through the eyes. Eyes normally cast a reflection, right? Their eyes don't. They're empty. (Either that or something else, there's many ways.)

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    My favorite is the tikbalang

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    Mayweather is too beautiful-

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    Tikbalang and mananangal is the best rappers😂

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    Tikbalang is perfect

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    PART OF MY WORLDDDD (aka from the little mermaid xD)

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    the tikbalang and the sirena are the coolest voice

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    These pokemons look weird bro...

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    There not pokemons there are monsters in the philippines okay!

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    Between looks like i had THIRD EYE with some night i dont know the white lady is true i had seen him while nakakatakot and white house located in baguio and btw im a filipino

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    :( there is a big tree beside us and our roof there is a noise there is a foot ano kaya iyon i comment niyo po thank you i am half american anf filipino ako

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    Bruh the mermaid is gay

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    2:45 look down it says: *Except duwende they are real*

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    I have kept on watching this videoo its soo coool

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    I had a 3rd eye when I was young so I use to play with dwende my family was scared of me so we had to go to church twice a week luckily my 3rd eye is gone but I miss my dwende friends and also I'm Filipino

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    So... ' The third eye ' is real??

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    Nice voice serena.....

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    3 boys and 3 girls = 6 mythical creatures

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    Exept mayweather