FICO Score - Dave Rant


  1. June Ortiz

    June OrtizTahun Yang lalu

    My FICO is my life all of you no credit score and horrible credit having fools are falling for his right wing trick hook line and sinker. Muhahahaha

  2. Marine Comm

    Marine CommTahun Yang lalu

    I closed all of my accounts 1 year and 8 months ago but still have a score. How do I get it to 0? Please Help!

  3. Romeo Reyes

    Romeo Reyes2 tahun yang lalu

    credit score don't only mean the absent of cash any more. 70% of employers check your credit to hire, car insurance and home owners insurance are also effected by credit. getting an apartment or leasing a car is based on credit promotions at some jobs are based on credit. even if you never borrow money how do you justify all the other things credit effects?

  4. Mitchell Riddle

    Mitchell Riddle2 tahun yang lalu

    i did all those things being debt free. don't lease a car either man. keep listening to dave you got this romeo!

  5. Ma'dam Butterfly

    Ma'dam Butterfly3 tahun yang lalu

    Yeah ok I think I'm in love 😍😍😍

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  7. Gustavo

    Gustavo3 tahun yang lalu

    fan of the show but do you have sources confirming this

  8. TomcatRyan

    TomcatRyan3 tahun yang lalu

    The problem is companies beyond banks now use FICO score. Has Dave ever tried to get Auto or Homeowners Insurance with a ZERO FICO score..... Now a days auto insurance companies rarely ask for your DL number they want your social security number. To hard to run a DMV check when they can pull your FICO in 30 seconds.....and guess what ZERO FICO score you get their ultra high risk rate....... Listen to Dave Ramsey's show you will notice he doesn't advertise any Auto or Home Owners Insurance companies because they ALL use FICO scores now....... Now go try to check into a hotel or rent a car without a credit car. These are minor issues for Dave but he shouldn't just gloss over this for his listeners.....You take your family on vacation you better be ready for a $1,000 dollar block on your debit card when you check into that Hilton.

  9. cosmosgato

    cosmosgato2 tahun yang lalu

    Yup FICO scores are used in many things. Also Dave is wrong. Your FICO score goes down if you use too much of your available debt. The people with the best FICO score use credit for convince and pay off the balance immediately.

  10. Jade Bartlett

    Jade Bartlett2 tahun yang lalu

    That is what your emergency is for to use for that emergency trip. I have used debit cards for all my traveling purposes!

  11. TomcatRyan

    TomcatRyan3 tahun yang lalu

    For me its not an issue I am aware of these policies and use a credit card at check in and it pay with a debit card at check out. For a family who doesn't travel and suddenly has to go out of town for a family emergency or something and then gets hit with a double whammy at the rental car counter and the hotel,,,,,, Yeah it might be an issue for them since Dave never even mentions this little debit card quirk when he tells everyone to cut up their cards.....

  12. Account Inactive

    Account Inactive3 tahun yang lalu

    if you're checking into the Hilton on vacation and 1000 dollar hold hurts you, you're doing something wrong. I have no trouble with hotel rooms or rental cars with my debit card. I'm a trucker so I use these services often.

  13. working shlub

    working shlub3 tahun yang lalu

    FICO.... fair issac corporation.

  14. John Bobbitt

    John Bobbitt3 tahun yang lalu

    I have 0 score as well. Best feeling ever!

  15. LightningBlueMeanie

    LightningBlueMeanie3 tahun yang lalu

    All I have is my school, home, and car payment. All of which are very reasonable. Plan on keeping it that way.

  16. LightningBlueMeanie

    LightningBlueMeanie2 tahun yang lalu

    I am repaying it. There is extremely unreasonable debt and manageable debt. Meaning if I make 20k a year but my degree cost me 120, thats unreasonable and that the fault of the person. I probably worded my original comment wrong.

  17. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson2 tahun yang lalu

    yep and it's not in GamerNRetro's favor either

  18. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson2 tahun yang lalu

    There's no such thing as "reasonable debt." It's never a good idea to owe someone money.

  19. Cameron Looper

    Cameron Looper2 tahun yang lalu

    GamerNRetro That is a decision literally worth millions of dollars.

  20. sumit bafna

    sumit bafna3 tahun yang lalu

    mathematically, your FICO score cannot be less than 300. You sir are factually incorrect.

  21. jcrowley1985

    jcrowley19853 tahun yang lalu

    A zero score means "no score" in a sense that you dont have bad credit but rather unmeasurable credit

  22. Diego Lara

    Diego Lara3 tahun yang lalu

    Credit cards are a scam how did I qualify for a $5000 dollar balance with American express when I just 22 years old? They truly wanted to get me into debt. About 4 years later I had to settle the debt with them because I could not pay it back. So get rid of what ever is in your wallet unless its a debit card or cash. :)

  23. working shlub

    working shlub3 tahun yang lalu

    right on only

  24. BULLPUPS09

    BULLPUPS093 tahun yang lalu

    +terminaterjohn People tend to spend more when they have a credit card. You'd save more money than the perks credit card companies give you each year just by not having a credit card.

  25. Michael Lambert

    Michael Lambert3 tahun yang lalu

    +terminaterjohn I agree... some of the perks are amazing... credit cards are good for this reason if they are used responsibly of course.

  26. terminaterjohn

    terminaterjohn3 tahun yang lalu

    +Diego Lara I have 4 credit cards, visa, mastercard, and Amex but you get rewards and such for the cards. They're not life changers but it's pretty cool to get perks throughout the year if you pay your stuff on time. I don't consider credit cards as debt if you're going to pay them off each month. I think it's worth the perks throughout the year. Just don't buy more than you can afford.

  27. Dejan L

    Dejan L3 tahun yang lalu

    scam is you borrowing without repaying. that's stealing borrowing without repaying

  28. Diego Lara

    Diego Lara3 tahun yang lalu

    In the last year I have been able to pay off half my credit card debt, saved 10 thousand dollars as an emergency fund and now I have started a YNAB 4 budget that will allow me to save a few more thousand this year and pay off my personal loan that I used to consolidate my credit cards to pay lower interest in just 2 years. After that I will be able to start paying off my student debt as for the moment I am just paying the interest of 100 a month which is okay with me because its a small portion of my budget. I have health insurance and am now putting money on a 401k for retirement. What a turn around compared to just 12 months ago! Thank you Lord for answering my prayers.

  29. Team706

    Team7064 tahun yang lalu

    Amen brutha

  30. Ricardo del toro

    Ricardo del toro4 tahun yang lalu

    Oh, and I pay zero in interest rates. Zero. And SPG points are awesome! :)

  31. alfred sanchez

    alfred sanchez4 tahun yang lalu

    Dave, Would you know any books about the history of a fico score. I'm interested in learning why we need a fico score

  32. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson2 tahun yang lalu

    @alfred sanchez well done Brotha! You look super young too. Remember what DR said: he's met with thousands upon thousands of Millionaires and not one has ever made their money off credit cards. Oh, that and "Wanna built wealth? Stay out of debt period." Oh and one more: student loan debt is never good debt.

  33. alfred sanchez

    alfred sanchez2 tahun yang lalu

    Ya this video help me understand my fico score I'm debt free. my fico score was 666 now is zero 😊

  34. alfred sanchez

    alfred sanchez2 tahun yang lalu

    Thanks Mike for this video

  35. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson2 tahun yang lalu

    Just watch his videos. He explains the FICO score pretty well and he KNOWS what he's talking about.

  36. starsofvita

    starsofvita4 tahun yang lalu

    Ive never had any debt nor a fico score. How can i buy a house? Manual underwritings 20% down is alot. I cant imagine putting $40,000 down on a $200,000 house. Im in my mid 20s. Please help

  37. The Polaris Airship

    The Polaris Airship3 tahun yang lalu

    Lots of solutions to this. 1: Don't buy a house until you feel comfortable putting 40,000 down on a 15-year mortgage for a $200,000 house. 2: Buy a less expensive house. 3: Don't buy a house until you can pay for the whole thing in cash (it's possible)

  38. working shlub

    working shlub3 tahun yang lalu

    most banks credit or not want 205 down.

  39. Cum Bucket

    Cum Bucket4 tahun yang lalu

    Save your money in a mutual fund until you have twice the money of the price of the house.

  40. Joseph Johnson

    Joseph Johnson4 tahun yang lalu

    Overall, I agree with Dave. Cash is King, etc. However, the one thing that he seems to leave out / gloss over is the fact that most employers use credit reports and the fico score in their hiring process.

  41. Justin Lane

    Justin Lane4 tahun yang lalu

    If you read "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Mr. Ramsey, then you would know the difference between good debt and bad debt.

  42. Cum Bucket

    Cum Bucket4 tahun yang lalu

    @David Boeger Yes but the risks out weigh the rewards for debt for most people. Too many things can go wrong when you're over leveraged. If whatever assets you own are owned without debt, no matter how much they go down in value you will never go bankrupt because you don't owe money to begin with. Remember banks go bankrupt too.

  43. Milan Broz

    Milan Broz4 tahun yang lalu

    @Doggy Knows Style They will tell you it is posiible but themselves are still poor, if it were the case, then every other person would be rich...

  44. Cum Bucket

    Cum Bucket4 tahun yang lalu

    What makes people think that they are so smart that they're the only ones that can make money with so call "good debt"?

  45. Milan Broz

    Milan Broz4 tahun yang lalu

    Where is the guarantee you will not end up with bad debt? Give me an example of a good debt please. Based on your personal experience please.

  46. Justin Lane

    Justin Lane4 tahun yang lalu

    I'm 22 and I have a I love debt score of 767. Trying to get above 800.

  47. Cameron Looper

    Cameron Looper2 tahun yang lalu

    Tales of The Gamer Woohoo! Maybe when you hit 800 you can ask the bank for the massive lump some of money back that you pay in interest to get your FICO score up and throw a party and go on a few vacations! If you could pull that off you better really enjoy it because those are the only vacations you will take for the rest of your life. Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo need your payments for the month, and dont forget the flease payment.

  48. Cum Bucket

    Cum Bucket4 tahun yang lalu

    Man if only I could go back to 22 years old and do things the right way. I guess most of us think we know best at that age.

  49. Darren Kirby

    Darren Kirby4 tahun yang lalu

    @Tales of The Gamer If you were saving money to an emergency fund, and saving money in various sinking funds (like for a replacement car, etc.), getting a loan would be a moot point. And why would you ever go to a payday loan source in the first place??? Worst source of money possible, except for possibly the mob/mafia.

  50. Justin Lane

    Justin Lane4 tahun yang lalu

    @Dwayne No but I don't have to use payday loans if I need money.

  51. Dwayne

    Dwayne4 tahun yang lalu

    Why? Do you get a toaster from the bank?

  52. G R

    G R4 tahun yang lalu

    Ohh! Great fico!! Get me a car and house great fico!! Lol

  53. G R

    G R4 tahun yang lalu

    Lol i like it when he rants, because its true.

  54. Mary Cole

    Mary Cole4 tahun yang lalu

    well said

  55. Bronco Surveillance

    Bronco Surveillance4 tahun yang lalu

    I also have a zero fico score and don't use credit.

  56. Arvind Talukdar

    Arvind TalukdarTahun Yang lalu

    The whole point here is to spend as little money as possible. By the time you can afford to pay off a car outright you may not want it because of how much you had to suffer to get the cash. So in many ways debt makes you believe money is cheap, and things are easy to get, particularly cars and homes. Regardless of how many ccs you have, live on a budget, and don’t make impulsive purchases.

  57. working shlub

    working shlub3 tahun yang lalu

    all i have is a mortage and thats cards .no car loans.

  58. Bronco Surveillance

    Bronco Surveillance3 tahun yang lalu

    My comment looks like it was misleading. I do not use Credit and the Credit I have used I am trying to get out of it by paying it off. I only have a Mortgage payment. I shouldn't have it for much longer.

  59. Michael Lambert

    Michael Lambert3 tahun yang lalu

    +Bronco Surveillance May I ask, do you have a mortgage? Or do you rent or have a paid off house? I'm just wondering how anyone can have a zero credit score.

  60. jvolstad

    jvolstad4 tahun yang lalu

    Those Federal Reserve notes you have in your wallet? Debt. I have a FICO score of 800+. Use my credit cards all the time. How much interest do I owe? None. When I purchase something using a credit card, I will pay off the credit card in full each billing cycle.

  61. Cum Bucket

    Cum Bucket4 tahun yang lalu

    @David Boeger I remember in 2009 when the Japanese yen started to rise because banks had to sell yen as fast as possible. They couldn't capture the near zero interest rate spread because the yen was rising too fast. Very dangerous stuff no matter how you look at it.

  62. Cum Bucket

    Cum Bucket4 tahun yang lalu

    @typeav To each their own but debt and wealth are basically fundamental polar opposites.

  63. Armando Villa

    Armando Villa4 tahun yang lalu

    @Isaac Lee Credit Card purchase does nothing when you compare with CASH but you build what is called credit, next time you need an emergency fund loan or purchase a house or whatever your credit is the primary source for qualification follow by your income. I have found myself with tons of cash and no credit, can not get the properties I want at that moment. This days having credit probably is more important than having cash. Now this doesn't means that Dave is wrong or any of that, is jus that he really do not need credit because his living standards and not everybody is responsible to follow his steps.

  64. Isaac

    Isaac4 tahun yang lalu

    And what does using a credit card do for you exactly? Why is it important to you to have a high credit score?

  65. George McGovern

    George McGovern4 tahun yang lalu

    @MonstrotousM666 From our friends at wiki: Federal Reserve Notes are backed by the assets of the Federal Reserve Banks, which serve as collateral under Federal Reserve Act Section 16. These assets are generally Treasury securities which have been purchased by the Federal Reserve through its Federal Open Market Committee in a process called debt monetizing. (See Monetization.) This monetized debt can increase the money supply, either with the issuance of new Federal Reserve Notes or with the creation of debt money (deposits). This increase in the monetary base leads to larger increase in the money supply through the fractional-reserve banking as deposits are lent and re-deposited where they form the basis of further loans.

  66. Igor Hawkingz

    Igor Hawkingz4 tahun yang lalu

    Its videos like these is why I remain subscribed to Dave Ramsey

  67. Rich Santoro

    Rich Santoro2 tahun yang lalu

    Me too.

  68. droptozro

    droptozro4 tahun yang lalu

    I have a good FICO score... and the only debt I've had in the last 6 years has been a mortgage. Just used that "good" score to go get another mortgage on land. Can't really afford it otherwise at this point. Land is quite expensive. But the goal is to pay that land debt off quickly and be completely debt free and stay that way... even without a mortgage debt. Hopefully, never again.

  69. mskayshante81

    mskayshante814 tahun yang lalu

    I'm glad to have seen this video. My husband and I are in the process of repairing our credit (college loans and credit card debt). By this time next year, we should be close to being debt free and I most certainly will be eliminating every card and storing up my money!