Ferdinand, Hoddle, and Lineker celebrate Spurs' winner!


  1. Ijaz Ijz

    Ijaz Ijz6 jam yang lalu

    These same guys celebrate too much when barca beat loserpool

  2. Spanish Ball

    Spanish Ball23 hari yang lalu

    200 Liverpool fans disliked this video

  3. C1PH3R 1.0

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  4. Supra Beheq15

    Supra Beheq1523 hari yang lalu

    End game.

  5. Moby Whale

    Moby Whale23 hari yang lalu

    Ajax should be in the final What a British poor boring final that was...congrats anyway!

  6. Ultimate Yaska

    Ultimate Yaska23 hari yang lalu

    Why people complaining "they didnt celebrate for liverpool they celebrated for Tottenham" Gary lineker player of spurs Rio Ferdinand player of man utd Hoddle player of spurs Thats why they didnt celebrate for liverpool

  7. Captain Misery

    Captain Misery24 hari yang lalu

    even as a liverpool fan im so happy for hoddle ☺️

  8. whitehot75

    whitehot7526 hari yang lalu

    I’m told the game will be streamed on the IDreporter channel. Will this be available in the USA?

  9. Francesco Bonfiglio

    Francesco Bonfiglio26 hari yang lalu

    Now Sarri must be sacked.

  10. Charlie-Michael Pope

    Charlie-Michael Pope28 hari yang lalu

    I wanna see Tottenham limbs this Saturday COYSSSS

  11. Cynric J44

    Cynric J44Bulan Yang lalu

    Look at lloris legging it in the background😂😂

  12. Aaa AAA

    Aaa AAABulan Yang lalu

    44 starting players maybe 10 British players English clubs by name mercenary by nature how much better our game was b4 greedy premier league and dodgy fifa & eufa

  13. Kris Zhao

    Kris ZhaoBulan Yang lalu

    0:03 nearly pushed glen to a another heart attack

  14. sj11791

    sj11791Bulan Yang lalu

    This is hilarious in so many ways.

  15. Willie Caldwell

    Willie CaldwellBulan Yang lalu

    Crowd of divkheads and huddle dodgy heart😎😎

  16. 신승희

    신승희Bulan Yang lalu

    뒤에 요리스 뛰는거보소

  17. Calvin Coolidge

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  18. Ильдар Хайрулин

    Ильдар ХайрулинBulan Yang lalu

    0:13 I wonder what Gary's saying

  19. Uplifting Biscuit

    Uplifting BiscuitBulan Yang lalu

    Real football fans enjoy watch other football teams do well... brilliant 👍🏼🇬🇧

  20. Fabio Jordao

    Fabio JordaoBulan Yang lalu

    E ainda se diz fan do cris

  21. Kazap !

    Kazap !Bulan Yang lalu

    I am sorry but those guys celebrate everyone haha actually good actors

  22. Bruno Valverde

    Bruno ValverdeBulan Yang lalu

    Lucas .. Lucas .. Lucas é do Brasil. 😎

  23. Fevik

    FevikBulan Yang lalu

    3 british wolves

  24. Jhon Nedved

    Jhon NedvedBulan Yang lalu

    Quiero ver la cara de ferdinan y Lineker con el Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona. Where is Messi.

  25. James Long

    James LongBulan Yang lalu

    Liverpool and Spurs in the CL SFs, Man City’s 2 games to clinch the title, the EFL play-off games. All English CL and EL finals. This last few weeks have witnessed some unforgettable moments for English Football.

  26. Glug

    GlugBulan Yang lalu

    That Ferdinand impression of Rio is so accurate.(it's almost as though he's there) !!

  27. Oloruntoba Owojaiye

    Oloruntoba OwojaiyeBulan Yang lalu

    Best reaction, left me in tears, A man utd legend rooting for Spurs

  28. Can Ölken

    Can ÖlkenBulan Yang lalu


  29. EaZy pLayZ

    EaZy pLayZBulan Yang lalu

    Silence orange people lol

  30. Sarawut Pratum

    Sarawut PratumBulan Yang lalu

    Lake two 4-0. 55555

  31. gary wong

    gary wongBulan Yang lalu

    Rio, u have the blood to be the next MU manager

  32. 김상우

    김상우Bulan Yang lalu

    한국인 없나용????

  33. Anush Vardazaryan

    Anush VardazaryanBulan Yang lalu

    they celebrate for spurs and they dont celebrate for Liverpool idiots

  34. Richard Haynes

    Richard HaynesBulan Yang lalu

    Not much else if anything in life can create moments like this. Football is special.

  35. MOM my SON

    MOM my SONBulan Yang lalu

    Absolutely same with me

  36. E T

    E TBulan Yang lalu

    hahaha.. and this is LM new song : idreporter.net/v/video-dP8t6im6RkQ.html

  37. Conor Graham

    Conor GrahamBulan Yang lalu

    00.14 linekar says ‘fock’ silently

  38. Samvel Vardanyan

    Samvel VardanyanBulan Yang lalu

    4-0 😋😋😋

  39. Maya maya

    Maya mayaBulan Yang lalu

    Lucas Moura made the Tottenham fans increase, even the rival idols, changed teams, now cheer for Tottenham.

  40. Terence Flynn

    Terence FlynnBulan Yang lalu

    Rio thinking Hoddle will have another heart attack is my highlight of the season hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  41. Chip yard

    Chip yardBulan Yang lalu

    Best commentary all season

  42. 구원문

    구원문Bulan Yang lalu

    와 리오 퍼디난드 위원 완전 흥분하셨는데요?

  43. M Yazdani

    M YazdaniBulan Yang lalu

    As a Arsenal fan great to 6 English Clubs in European Finals.. these 3 , 2 our Spurs Players and Rio Man United Player so what do we expect. I just love to see Liverpool Win over Spurs !!! They Won UCL 5 Times before and surely they will.

  44. spitfire1962

    spitfire1962Bulan Yang lalu

    To all those on here asking where the reaction is to the Liverpool result, I think the Liverpool result played a part in what we see in this video, as no one could believe, that after what happened at Anfield (Everton’s real home), that this match could be as exciting. Well it was and with a last minute goal, it made it more unbelievable. At the end of the Liverpool game, they concentrated on the players and supporters of LFC, they also had 2 ex LFC players on the panel along with Gary and Rio.

  45. Deddy Haryanto

    Deddy HaryantoBulan Yang lalu

    I remembered when they felt so happy for Barcelona won on the first leg . And what happened after that ? Lol. Wish all the best for Liverpool . YNWA

  46. Vancouver_Spurs

    Vancouver_SpursBulan Yang lalu

    I'm calling it now...an English side will win champions league

  47. David Redgrift

    David RedgriftBulan Yang lalu

    Im gonna make a prediction, an English team will win the europa league

  48. SGCDG

    SGCDGBulan Yang lalu

    spurs did not deserve to go to the final.. pure luck. shame for soccer.. now 4 english clubs in the final. money talks. i do not see the fun in watching only english clubs in the CL final.

  49. spitfire1962

    spitfire1962Bulan Yang lalu

    SGCDG Don’t Watch then. Who cares

  50. Fran Moura

    Fran MouraBulan Yang lalu

    Ferdinand = me!! "Ooooh my God! Woooow!!" 😂😂😂😍😍😍 Great day in football history!! ⚽ Football is really mad!! 💪💪💪

  51. Cristian Simon

    Cristian SimonBulan Yang lalu

    Lineker and maradona we are friends!!!!

  52. Paweł P

    Paweł PBulan Yang lalu

    Rio gets mad xdd

  53. M J

    M JBulan Yang lalu

    Geil 😂😂😂😂👌👏

  54. joe pesci

    joe pesciBulan Yang lalu

    Very funny Ferdinand celebrates like a monkey

  55. Todd Hellyar

    Todd HellyarBulan Yang lalu


  56. Some One

    Some OneBulan Yang lalu

    So fake 😂🤮

  57. Ana Cronica

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  58. Tina Lena

    Tina LenaBulan Yang lalu

    WTF 😱idreporter.net/v/video-96aXaKLBI-A.html

  59. William Lima

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  60. 9

    9Bulan Yang lalu

    ahahah,so ragazzi 😃

  61. adrian blade

    adrian bladeBulan Yang lalu

    After the many trophyless and mockery Spurs had to go through, I wish that underdogs Spurs beat Liverpool.

  62. Kati B

    Kati BBulan Yang lalu

    Brazilian players are fantastic! A++

  63. adrian blade

    adrian bladeBulan Yang lalu

    What a game by Spurs(espcially from their new Brazilian player)and tactical master class from Pochetino after break. Having spent little to nothing on players this year, Spurs fully deserved the win and I(as an arsenal fan and idc what others will say)honestly want Spurs to lift the CL 🏆

  64. Tim Dyer

    Tim DyerBulan Yang lalu

    The most unexpected and outstanding comeback in this year's Champions League

  65. The lilywhites

    The lilywhitesBulan Yang lalu

    Amazing view woww

  66. Jaehoon Lee

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  67. moha dridi

    moha dridiBulan Yang lalu

    Rio u are so pathetic

  68. بدر الكيم

    بدر الكيمBulan Yang lalu

    اكو عرب هنا اني اطرش بزفه

  69. Roberto Rodriguez

    Roberto RodriguezBulan Yang lalu

    Como a habrá celebration en Liverpool que su hormona no jugo nada

  70. George Gegeshidze

    George GegeshidzeBulan Yang lalu

    Let us show their reaction after Liverpool defeated Barcelona:)

  71. Rahul Upadhyay

    Rahul UpadhyayBulan Yang lalu

    they should make a meme for this

  72. toppa toppa

    toppa toppaBulan Yang lalu

    Ferdinand talking like a road ran. Never left him

  73. Billy Reid

    Billy ReidBulan Yang lalu

    And 87 year between thum the last time they actually win the league uefa money league shud b renamed joke

  74. 파박피스

    파박피스Bulan Yang lalu

    What a crazy game!! It's unbelievable.

  75. Son Guko

    Son GukoBulan Yang lalu

    0:07 who noticed Hugo Lloris running out of the goal ? 😂😂😂

  76. naisid

    naisidBulan Yang lalu

    Last second Winner!

  77. nalong731

    nalong731Bulan Yang lalu

    이분들 누구임?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  78. 구원문

    구원문Bulan Yang lalu

    리오 퍼디난드랑 게리 리네커인데 선수 출신 해설가들입니다. 영국 내에서 인지도가 꽤나 높습니다. 리오 퍼디난드 위원의 경우에는 박지성 선수와도 한 솥밥을 먹어서 우리나라에서도 잘 알려져있죠

  79. Blink Windows

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  80. Cyrax toske

    Cyrax toskeBulan Yang lalu

    Sta je izdrkavanje. Gledas fudbal na tv-u a iza tebe se igra. E to je izdrkavanje.


    ДРАКОН ШАХТЁРBulan Yang lalu

    Уже седые *звёзды*.

  82. El Pariente

    El ParienteBulan Yang lalu

    ----FINAL UCL----- ⚽️Liverpool VS Spurs 2-3 ⚽️

  83. Luis Cueva Calahorrano

    Luis Cueva CalahorranoBulan Yang lalu

    Río ferdinad la leyenda de liverpool supera lo q payaso q eres ridículo

  84. Scuzz Tube

    Scuzz TubeBulan Yang lalu

    They actually was watching Prince Harry's baby being born.

  85. Rashidy Shabani Shewedy

    Rashidy Shabani ShewedyBulan Yang lalu

    Your are Reo to happy Spurs

  86. Maka Loeloe

    Maka LoeloeBulan Yang lalu

    My Amsterdam heart is bleeding. AJAX 4 EVER! ❌❌❌

  87. Fox TV-Real Man

    Fox TV-Real ManBulan Yang lalu

    Welcome 💪ajax❤💙ToT👏🐓👍 #Great match ever in #UCL History.!

  88. Sim-Lab Pro Cup [iRacing]

    Sim-Lab Pro Cup [iRacing]Bulan Yang lalu

    Good play of Tottenham. It was a 50/50 match. It stull hurts because it was in the last seconds but I never said it was done after 2-0. Two fast goals and some bad luck can destroy every thing. Have fun in the finals. Loves from an Ajax fan.

  89. Fox TV-Real Man

    Fox TV-Real ManBulan Yang lalu

    Welcome 💪ajax❤💙ToT fans👏🐓👍 #Great match ever in #UCL History.!😉✌

  90. Михаил Манойленко

    Михаил МанойленкоBulan Yang lalu

    поставьте лайк пущай бриты думают что я что то крутое написал

  91. meesa magill

    meesa magillBulan Yang lalu

    Rio checking Glenn was ok was so sweet

  92. Adam Przyszło

    Adam PrzyszłoBulan Yang lalu

    Ok ok.. Show me their reaction after Liverpool win

  93. Andy Carruthers

    Andy CarruthersBulan Yang lalu

    😂😂😂 fantastic glad glenn was ok after🙏 but has an ex fours legend glenn that is not me 😆 I’m really chuffed for him gary as well 👍👍👍👍

  94. 김영우

    김영우Bulan Yang lalu

    신들도 경기에 관여한다는 사실! 겸손하라 그리고 바르게 배려하라

  95. เจนณรงค์ ศุภผล

    เจนณรงค์ ศุภผลBulan Yang lalu

    From Thailand Like !!!

  96. DM MD

    DM MDBulan Yang lalu

    Lucas deserves a statue

  97. liam holloway

    liam hollowayBulan Yang lalu

    Probably biased as I’m English but best week in champions league history

  98. Kieran Genovese

    Kieran GenoveseBulan Yang lalu

    This bollox is all show.

  99. Ste Comer

    Ste ComerBulan Yang lalu

    How these pundits celebrate spurs winning but the same pundits were elated when Barca beat Liverpool at the camp before being obliterated at ANFIELD.still it was nice to Rio had stopped sniffing the marching powder did anybody else get on his eyes in barcelona.its a testimony to Jürgen klopp that in the short space of four years and not a trophy won he has managed to alienate LFC to the arse lickers and ex United players who fear what's about to unfold,walk on jurgen create the new dynasty.

  100. carlos GB

    carlos GBBulan Yang lalu

    Teniendo el partido atras de ellos y mirandolos por la tv

  101. CM TOXIC

    CM TOXICBulan Yang lalu

    У меня была такая же реакция)

  102. Kanal5909

    Kanal5909Bulan Yang lalu

    Arsenal against Napoli in quater-finals: from 0-0 to 2-0 and from 0-0 to 1-0. Arsenal against Valencia in semi-finals: from 0-1 to 3-1 and from 0-1 to 4-2. Thrillers.

  103. Matheus Macedo

    Matheus MacedoBulan Yang lalu

    The reaction is really funny!

  104. Joe Burns

    Joe BurnsBulan Yang lalu

    Gary 0:13 lol

  105. Dj Nem

    Dj NemBulan Yang lalu

    Mais um brasileiro fazendo história no futebol mundial! Viva Brazzziiilllll!


    NWO TEL-LIE-VISIONBulan Yang lalu

    These guys seem desperate to sell something?