FC Barcelona - SCC Napoli (4-0) HIGHLIGHTS


  1. Yunus

    Yunus2 jam yang lalu

    Eljif elmaa seri üzgün :(

  2. Teodor Cuculea

    Teodor Cuculea2 jam yang lalu

    First goal îs offside. Second goal îs legit.

  3. Rebaz Hamed

    Rebaz Hamed3 jam yang lalu


  4. Nurdal Uzun

    Nurdal Uzun4 jam yang lalu

    Pro Barcelonaaaaaaa

  5. Need you now

    Need you nowJam Yang lalu

    the first two goals is offside but nvm

  6. Stefano Marano

    Stefano Marano4 jam yang lalu

    Thieves !!!

  7. Stefano Marano

    Stefano Marano4 jam yang lalu

    Ladri !!!

  8. Need you now

    Need you nowJam Yang lalu

    Che cazzo di arbitraggio è? Una truffa !!! 2 fuorigioco che se succede in italia l'arbitto deve uscire sotto scorta !!! Una merda

  9. Сергей Старцев

    Сергей Старцев5 jam yang lalu

    And the winner is..... referee!

  10. spart icuz

    spart icuz5 jam yang lalu

    I hate that dam Barca jersey, who ever is responsible for it should be sent to prison.

  11. hen ko

    hen ko7 jam yang lalu

    Viva barça !!!

  12. Lenine Awono

    Lenine Awono8 jam yang lalu

    Come-back FC vs Napolie

  13. Onda Latina

    Onda Latina10 jam yang lalu


  14. hebbe keke

    hebbe keke10 jam yang lalu

    wasnt the 2 first goals offside? or is that rule gone now? have i missed something,

  15. hen ko

    hen ko7 jam yang lalu

    Where is messi???

  16. chigo bet

    chigo bet11 jam yang lalu

    So barca's fans are saying that frankie is the best Middlefielder in the word but imagine what would happen if he choses other club :D

  17. less kiss

    less kiss11 jam yang lalu

    Imbrogliando anche in un'amichevole con 2 goal in fuorigioco

  18. Dybalax 10

    Dybalax 1011 jam yang lalu

    The debate is over, Ronaldo is the real GOAT of football not leofraud pessidog. Messi once again showed he’s a terrible captain by faking an injury to not play against Atletic Bilbao. Ronaldo would never fake an injury to not play a difficult match, and if he was he would be cheering and managing from the sideline unlike pessidog who was would instead blame Higuain or Kevin Durant. If UEFAlona ever want to win the UCL they should sell Messi who is holding the team back from success.

  19. Gerardo Torres

    Gerardo Torres14 jam yang lalu

    Griezzman te best

  20. less kiss

    less kiss11 jam yang lalu

    SSC* Napoli

  21. Max Ros

    Max Ros14 jam yang lalu

    Che taccart

  22. Cesar Martinez

    Cesar Martinez15 jam yang lalu

    4:40 👯‍♂️ kiss cámara pls !!!!!

  23. Piergiuseppe Travaglia

    Piergiuseppe Travaglia15 jam yang lalu

    Che cazzo di arbitraggio è? Una truffa !!! 2 fuorigioco che se succede in italia l'arbitto deve uscire sotto scorta !!! Una merda

  24. Coolsjam kingdom

    Coolsjam kingdom16 jam yang lalu

    the first two goals is offside but nvm

  25. Redzer Lima

    Redzer Lima16 jam yang lalu

    Where's Messi

  26. cancarella nevsky

    cancarella nevsky16 jam yang lalu

    2 goals from offside..🙈

  27. XtremFlips !

    XtremFlips !17 jam yang lalu

    Go Antoine Griezmann

  28. Safwan Sudin

    Safwan Sudin18 jam yang lalu

    offside..bitch please..

  29. Benny Xavier Benny

    Benny Xavier Benny18 jam yang lalu


  30. Edgar Almonacid

    Edgar Almonacid18 jam yang lalu

    Taba adelantado en el primer gol

  31. Pahmi Pamungkas

    Pahmi Pamungkas18 jam yang lalu

    Goal offside 🤔

  32. S.h현수

    S.h현수19 jam yang lalu

    Where is messi???

  33. Golden Miss

    Golden Miss19 jam yang lalu

    Viva barça !!!


    KIZIL MASKE19 jam yang lalu

    Se acabo el futbol a ITALIA,

  35. Sebastian GedenGunner

    Sebastian GedenGunner19 jam yang lalu


  36. Tarjan Tamang

    Tarjan Tamang21 jam yang lalu

    off side goal wtf

  37. HighLights FaMa

    HighLights FaMa21 jam yang lalu

    SSC* Napoli

  38. ciro laezza

    ciro laezza21 jam yang lalu

    Imbrogliando anche in un'amichevole con 2 goal in fuorigioco

  39. All Time Awesomeness

    All Time Awesomeness22 jam yang lalu

    7.7 million subscribers and 7.7 million viewa😮

  40. Konrad Mazur

    Konrad Mazur22 jam yang lalu

    Milik was the best on the boisko

  41. boo sailor

    boo sailor23 jam yang lalu

    stronger without messi

  42. Andrew Jones

    Andrew Jones23 jam yang lalu


  43. Yan ar go

    Yan ar go23 jam yang lalu

    Ils sifflent pas les hors-jeu ?🤔 si non pas mal dembele 👌

  44. Ferko Miko

    Ferko Miko23 jam yang lalu


  45. Fury Donnie

    Fury DonnieHari Yang lalu

    No spanish people here?

  46. mark jeffers

    mark jeffersHari Yang lalu

    That's the Spanish league over for another year then lol barca will win the league by 15 points

  47. mark jeffers

    mark jeffers11 jam yang lalu

    @Fabio Bianco I know but as good as they were last year then add griezman and de jong you'd have to say they are stronger tho I see they have lost their first match maybe athletico can compete with them after all

  48. Fabio Bianco

    Fabio Bianco11 jam yang lalu

    A friendly match doesn't mean anything.

  49. Huỳnh Minh Vũ

    Huỳnh Minh VũHari Yang lalu

    The editor should have cut the Griezmann’s pass to Suarez in the slow motion scenes rather than just the goal from Suarez. It brings back the good Tiki Taka feeling.

  50. Nico Criq

    Nico CriqHari Yang lalu

    Les hors jeu ne compte pas en amical ?

  51. Səfər 10

    Səfər 10Hari Yang lalu

    ❤️ Força Barça ❤️

  52. FIFPRO 17

    FIFPRO 17Hari Yang lalu


  53. Quỳnh Trang Phạm

    Quỳnh Trang PhạmHari Yang lalu

    Napoli is good but Barca is better

  54. Need you now

    Need you nowHari Yang lalu

    Your awesome?

  55. Team Coco&Mino

    Team Coco&MinoHari Yang lalu

    Griezmann et dembele !

  56. Shift Plan

    Shift PlanHari Yang lalu

    Cool that these friendly games are played without offside now


    ANDY JONESHari Yang lalu


  58. Somkid Anektaweepon

    Somkid AnektaweeponHari Yang lalu

    No offside rule in this match ?!?

  59. a

    aHari Yang lalu

    Where is liverpool 4-0 highlights....hahhahahahah

  60. Lelouch

    LelouchHari Yang lalu


  61. shan Tri

    shan TriHari Yang lalu

    1st n 2nd goals its must be offside, but 3rd n 4th goals its the best goals


    ABDOmORSITV10 jam yang lalu

    shan Tri first goal is offside second goal is not

  63. Thangminngam Hangsing

    Thangminngam HangsingHari Yang lalu

    If this is a CL Napoli will beat back barca by 6 - 0 comeback Because Barca always struggle in CL 2nd leg

  64. Md Masum

    Md MasumHari Yang lalu


  65. 7ebkah

    7ebkahHari Yang lalu

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  66. Adrian Circu

    Adrian CircuHari Yang lalu

    Unde e mesii


    SON GAMINGHari Yang lalu


  68. ziyad hzeen

    ziyad hzeenHari Yang lalu



    FEELING LOVEHari Yang lalu

    FC Barcenola you support Like /LIKE

  70. steven middlehurst

    steven middlehurstHari Yang lalu

    Barca the masters bottle job ok at home bottle necks away the might of liverpool

  71. Puppet lover

    Puppet loverHari Yang lalu

    Your awesome?

  72. cantonment boy icekid

    cantonment boy icekidHari Yang lalu

    Please if you are a Barcelona fan hit like on my comments

  73. Dexter Morgan

    Dexter MorganHari Yang lalu

    All the money in the world. Still can't win the Champions League.

  74. Csozombie

    CsozombieHari Yang lalu

    the match looks like in 90s football match.

  75. Puppet lover

    Puppet loverHari Yang lalu

    اكو عرب بالفيديو

  76. rigoberto lopez

    rigoberto lopezHari Yang lalu

    Que d÷fensa tan mala.

  77. Sultan Haidary

    Sultan HaidaryHari Yang lalu

    Proudly I can say, I was there in that stadium to watch this game! It was such an awesome place to be!!!!🤗

  78. dangee kuber

    dangee kuberHari Yang lalu

    Messi where go

  79. Ben Kruistum

    Ben KruistumHari Yang lalu

    If I was Napoli i'd walk of the pitch after the first 2 goals. What's the point playing a game without offside rule?! The ref and linesmen in the MLS are even worse than the league itself lol.

  80. Osama Mohamed El shorafa

    Osama Mohamed El shorafa4 jam yang lalu

    First goal def an offside. second one is def legit

  81. josue lopez

    josue lopezHari Yang lalu

    "SUAREZ 10"

  82. Joanna

    JoannaHari Yang lalu

    Il fuorigioco non esiste per il Barcellona?ridicolo

  83. Johany Lizcano

    Johany LizcanoHari Yang lalu

    This is NOTHING/Barca fan

  84. Jesus Villanueva

    Jesus VillanuevaHari Yang lalu

    Where’s messi

  85. Leandro Goretta

    Leandro GorettaHari Yang lalu

    The referee's assistant needs glasses

  86. Joanna

    JoannaHari Yang lalu

    3:49 Que alguien agarre a esas LOCAS 😂

  87. Carlos Romero

    Carlos RomeroHari Yang lalu

    No sé ustedes pero veo a Griezmann ser el sucesor de Killer-Benzema. O bien le falta mas precisión o de por si es medio malo. Tenemos un Hazard.

  88. Nurdin Nahar

    Nurdin NaharHari Yang lalu

    Why Messi doesn't play??

  89. android informazioni/trucchi

    android informazioni/trucchiHari Yang lalu


  90. آزۆۆ

    آزۆۆHari Yang lalu

    where are messi ! 😒

  91. Ozi Sound Of The Rock

    Ozi Sound Of The RockHari Yang lalu

    M no good attitude to G 😂

  92. Gerardo Jiménez

    Gerardo JiménezHari Yang lalu

    No deben vender a Rakitic, de hecho deben hacerse de un jugador con las características del croata o como Isco. Bueno, aunque ahí está De Young