FaZe Rain vs FaZe Rain (IRL)


  1. JonG

    JonG2 bulan yang lalu

    d e bra d Håvad ;)

  2. stew

    stew4 bulan yang lalu

    whats the music at 0:22 and 4:07

  3. sicher nixct

    sicher nixct4 bulan yang lalu

    Respect for uploading that 😂😂

  4. Ju1cy Frag

    Ju1cy Frag5 bulan yang lalu

    How Rain Says fuck fu*ck*

  5. BK4L

    BK4L6 bulan yang lalu

    what if......... *they’re brothers?*

  6. kingm0nsta

    kingm0nsta6 bulan yang lalu

    ahhh i member this :') rain is the only one still on the roster rain looks completely different nostalgia is epic

  7. Bol Blancs

    Bol Blancs7 bulan yang lalu


  8. Elias TL

    Elias TL8 bulan yang lalu

    Faze rain (Håvard) is The brother to my teacher! Håvard’s brother is named Kristian and him and Håvard come from a place in Norway called «Florø» FAZE RAIN (HÅVARD) PLEASE REPLY Kan du svare?

  9. Spizei

    Spizei10 bulan yang lalu

    you cocky shit

  10. Harry

    Harry10 bulan yang lalu

    What crosshair is he using?

  11. nichoals85960679 nicholas

    nichoals85960679 nicholas11 bulan yang lalu

    dude where is your crosshair

  12. Noob Gamer

    Noob Gamer11 bulan yang lalu

    Im from Norway and the other faze rain is Also from Norway

  13. Domi

    Domi11 bulan yang lalu

    Faze Niko vs Optic Niko?

  14. Kristian, Liseth

    Kristian, LisethTahun Yang lalu

    FaZe Rain Håvard is my cousin

  15. Kristian, Liseth

    Kristian, LisethTahun Yang lalu

    He’s the best

  16. Jude Valen

    Jude ValenTahun Yang lalu


  17. Jude Valen

    Jude ValenTahun Yang lalu

    The other rain should be reign

  18. T -Gay

    T -GayTahun Yang lalu

    Spoiler Faze rain won

  19. Kidneb94

    Kidneb94Tahun Yang lalu

    The REAL rain is unbeatable dude, i tell u

  20. Nagato

    NagatoTahun Yang lalu

    i love rain so much .... and his clutches also

  21. mcpejavis - Grand Summoners

    mcpejavis - Grand SummonersTahun Yang lalu


  22. SGames - Norsk Gaming

    SGames - Norsk GamingTahun Yang lalu

    Faze Rain aka Håvard is best because he is norwegian and that is best

  23. Gh0stCrab

    Gh0stCrabTahun Yang lalu

    How the fuck is he mge? His movement and aim is terrible

  24. clouds

    clouds10 bulan yang lalu


  25. MR. Nobody

    MR. NobodyTahun Yang lalu

    Why do you have the same gamertag?? Like what the hell?!

  26. matthew sosnowicz

    matthew sosnowiczTahun Yang lalu

    This is an excellent example of skins not equalling skill

  27. Ambrose To

    Ambrose ToTahun Yang lalu

    u suck m8

  28. Sean R

    Sean RTahun Yang lalu

    Watching this video, around 0:48 and 2:20 but generally the first map they played with AK, it looked like this guys cross hair would automatically move to where the pro cs player rain could peak from WITHOUT the screen moving. Is this some kind of aim lock or something?

  29. Sean R

    Sean RTahun Yang lalu

    wtf is up with your crosshair. just me or is it moving arund the screen?

  30. WaffleZ TTV

    WaffleZ TTVTahun Yang lalu

    FaZe rain is better tbh

  31. soft Cakwei

    soft CakweiTahun Yang lalu

    Rain won


    DAVE NATHANAELTahun Yang lalu


  33. Acid - soda

    Acid - sodaTahun Yang lalu

    I'll be honest when I say that I'm surprised Rain hasn't left your joke of a CS team. Karrigan, Niko, and Rain are the only good players and you can't have only 3.

  34. Eb_K kemy

    Eb_K kemyTahun Yang lalu

    U shud of had a 1v1 in csgo then a 1v1 in cod

  35. Unbox Madness

    Unbox MadnessTahun Yang lalu

    Who noticed the f word finger in the thumbnail XD

  36. sebastian

    sebastianTahun Yang lalu

    Norwegian one was best on csgo

  37. Joakim

    JoakimTahun Yang lalu

    Maikelele was not playing on his own setup, If he was then it would be a different story

  38. VitalzCF

    VitalzCFTahun Yang lalu

    why does his crosshair move so weird on my screen LOL

  39. Bass Boosted Dubstep

    Bass Boosted DubstepTahun Yang lalu

    Man, ur so bad. :D Why you're spraying in 1v1 map, where you just Tap.

  40. MC Black Empire

    MC Black EmpireTahun Yang lalu

    why the fuck is rain so terrible lol get out u shitty gn2

  41. Cole Finnigan

    Cole FinniganTahun Yang lalu

    I think FaZe Rain is better

  42. breadl0af

    breadl0afTahun Yang lalu

    Your recoil seems weird... Ur probs cheating with rcs on 100% lmao, and for you people who dont know what cheats do or what settings / features they have, please stfu.