Faouzia - Born Without a Heart [Official Performance Video]


  1. Sakura Haruno

    Sakura Haruno27 menit yang lalu

    Fazouia the meaning of this song has hit me hard to the core 👇Like if it did too

  2. Mikko

    MikkoJam Yang lalu

    If Loitc Nottet and Au\Ra had a baby, pure perfection

  3. Quatina Spencer

    Quatina SpencerJam Yang lalu

    I love you so much girl you are amazing

  4. Rochu Mindurry

    Rochu Mindurry4 jam yang lalu

    creo que ya me estoy volviendo súper fan, soy de Argentina y te conocí por Instagram, sos preciosa y el talento y sentimiento que transmitís al cantar es increíble ya vas a ver cómo vas a crecer 😍♥️

  5. Manar Delhi

    Manar Delhi4 jam yang lalu


  6. Tya Nightcore

    Tya Nightcore7 jam yang lalu

    Good ^^

  7. sarah Sheekhoo

    sarah Sheekhoo14 jam yang lalu

    I love you

  8. Footballista

    Footballista14 jam yang lalu

    I just CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO THIS SONG !!!!! this is one of the best songs I have ever heard in my 26 years living !!!! Legendary and just Extraordinary !!!

  9. Coolcat Rules12

    Coolcat Rules1215 jam yang lalu

    This is one of my favorite songs I even made a gmv on my channel check it out

  10. Alexander alex

    Alexander alex15 jam yang lalu

    She song good

  11. Fernandalindinhaa Lindinhaa

    Fernandalindinhaa Lindinhaa16 jam yang lalu

    U top 20 born without likee yeah you a dont' me born no to for memesUwU

  12. Ella Wilson

    Ella Wilson20 jam yang lalu

    Ya I wasn’t born without these scars

  13. mariaclara Gouvêa

    mariaclara Gouvêa21 jam yang lalu

    Heartless Born No! We Only Make Armagas Pills Not to Be Holidays

  14. Alycorn X

    Alycorn X22 jam yang lalu

    All of those people who disliked confused it for the like 💓😜 silly people 😅

  15. LAITH laith

    LAITH laith23 jam yang lalu

    come on her voice is out of this world she deserve more i still cant understand how powerful her voice

  16. ninguém liga

    ninguém ligaHari Yang lalu


  17. Xxwolf _LaurenXx

    Xxwolf _LaurenXxHari Yang lalu

    "CAN U BLAME ME NOO~~~"no we will never blame u we here for u alway ;)

  18. Summira Reddy

    Summira ReddyHari Yang lalu

    U idiots who ever said they dont like faouzia go to hell u should be ashame for how u hurt other people

  19. Golden Sea

    Golden SeaHari Yang lalu

    This dong deserve more recognition its not fair

  20. Rama San

    Rama SanHari Yang lalu

    I love this sone it's one of my favorites ♥️♥️

  21. Snowbunny Redd

    Snowbunny ReddHari Yang lalu

    I fell ya girl and good voice its amazing 😁😁

  22. Margarito De Jesus

    Margarito De JesusHari Yang lalu

    Love your IDreporter. I love you.

  23. Teressa Cozine

    Teressa CozineHari Yang lalu

    This song describes me so well

  24. Maria Salazar

    Maria SalazarHari Yang lalu

    Your singing is really good wow 😍😍

  25. GachaShelly idk

    GachaShelly idkHari Yang lalu


  26. GachaShelly idk

    GachaShelly idkHari Yang lalu


  27. GachaShelly idk

    GachaShelly idkHari Yang lalu

    Is it just me or does it look like she's lip syncing, but I love this sound so IDC

  28. Jiselle Lopez

    Jiselle LopezHari Yang lalu

    not bad girl you go

  29. William Yaniel

    William YanielHari Yang lalu

    She sings so good

  30. Wolfie Kun

    Wolfie KunHari Yang lalu

    *sniff sniff*...so good So good

  31. Spoken Today

    Spoken Today2 hari yang lalu

    She sounds like a boy with deep voice 🥺😪

  32. ashadie rasyid

    ashadie rasyid2 hari yang lalu

    beutyful girl n I love she voice

  33. ZipporaTheDragon

    ZipporaTheDragon2 hari yang lalu

    i've heard this song over and over again and everytime it starts faouzia's voice enchants me again I'M SERIOUS THIS IS SO AMAZING

  34. Baba Rafly

    Baba Rafly2 hari yang lalu

    I'm like

  35. Nounes Tiforgh

    Nounes Tiforgh2 hari yang lalu

    Amazing voice Omg i'm in love with u

  36. Learnednoufa Rekt

    Learnednoufa Rekt2 hari yang lalu

    Beautiful voice ❤️

  37. AurellQaa

    AurellQaa2 hari yang lalu

    Angel of mean

  38. Ramses Ramses

    Ramses Ramses2 hari yang lalu

    Such a nice voice

  39. Syairah Alya

    Syairah Alya2 hari yang lalu

    I know she'll be more famous maybe starting next year... She might even became a grammy award winner. But it'll take time. We'll support her with all we can! As long as she is still doing this out of passion and love. The chance of seeing her rising to the top is very high💕

  40. Beatriz Pinheiro camargo

    Beatriz Pinheiro camargo2 hari yang lalu

    Minha irmã acha que essa moça é um bode