Famous Dex - Pick It Up feat. A$AP Rocky [Official Video]


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    Comment "Dexter" if you want me to drop another song from the album

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    Dexter, lol I'm the 500th comment

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    this is how many times I’ve bumped the song 👇🏾

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    this shit sound🔥

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    Look at the likes

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    와 개쩌네.

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    idreporter.net/v/video-IYy4kzWrRAk.html Dance video 👍🔥🇨🇴

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    Algo bien si si s

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    Q U A L I D A D E

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    oh shit no cap dex almost became the next fredo santana or any other rapper that had a seizure wait is it bad i instantly assumed it was a drug related seizure?

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    Dexter from famous Dex ft A$ap Ricky and offset and quoted

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    Bruh Rocky's verse was taken straight from the bible

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    Shitt 🤘

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    Who Better? Like: Famous Dex Comment: Rich The Kid

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    Вырубай, вырубай, выпубай рэп.

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    Rip dexter

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    Tranquilo, encontraste un comentario en español 😎

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    Вырубай вырубай рэп

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    that girl in the thumbnail deadass looks like Megan Rain

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    What the fuck is a ateez


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    Dexter Dexter Dexter 💪 36019

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    i think some korean rapper can kill this.

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    Who is here from Ateez?

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    Rick james bitch I am dead

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    Hey yo big bro you fucking with that? Haaa okay cool good job, 1st That's my fucking brother right there Ya dig Dexter Ooh, huh Wait Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up Groove Baby girl watch how you move (What) I got them Vans on my shoes, ooh (I do) I pop a pill and I lose, wait Speed it up (Speed) Look at them diamonds they eat it up (Eat) Got me two bitches, I eat it up (You what?) I'm thinking of wifing and deleting them (Yeah), ah-wait ooh Pints in call up Rocket, ooh (Ah-what) My brother plug like a socket, ooh Kick in this door, yeah I got it (Yeah) Open the safe, you can't lock it, ooh (Ah-what) Sipping that Wok, yeah I go to the top Buss on yo bitch like a Glock, ooh She like to suck on my clock, ooh (Yeah) I get the money, don't stop Dexter! Nah I'm saying Like I, I, I know you like this beat too But you a fucking goofy tho (fucking lame ass nigga) Oh wait, ooh Word around, word around, word around town (Bitch) I heard this boy was a clown, ooh (Was a clown) Swim in yo bitch once I drown, ooh (I do) Calling my plug for the pound, wait Odd Future, yeah it's right on my clothes Bad bitch, yeah I watch her do coke (What) Broke as hell I used to sleep on the floor (Ooh, yeah) I never do it no more, ooh (Ah-what) Tellin' you broke it's no joke, ooh I used to kick in that door (Kick in that door) Wait, now I'm selling out them shows Water on my wrist, Fendi right on my clothes, huh (What) Hold on lil' mami you tweakin' (Baby you tweakin') A bad bitch, Puerto Rican (Puerto Rican), huh Get her off molly she geeking Call up your friends we'll be set for the weekend Dexter! Y'know waht I'm sayin? Like, no no no We can only chill for a weekend Then you gotta go Tell your friend too (I'm one of the prettiest motherfuckers you've ever seen) Ah-Dexter Order VLONE, color orange mango label Rotary phone (whew) in my old school Mercedes Smoke OG Grown (whew) when I'm Californicating I got 3 phones, business, conversation, and relation Hol' up, wait a sec', wait a min', wait a tic Jacob my wrist, nothing was fake on my wrist Four finger ring on my hand Say what you say to my wrist Talk to the hand, don't wanna resort to the hands What the face say to the fist (I'm Rick James, bitch!) Ha, funny as shit A fifth of the tab Suck on her tits Go back to the pad Watched Dexter's Lab on the 'Flix Speed it up, speed it up, speed it (Up) Just did this track and I beat it (Up) Acne my jacket from Sweden (Huh) My chicks don't exactly know English (Uhhh) They ain't about that action of no beefing (uh) I might as well go back to vegan (uh) My shit might go Platinum first week (uh) Play this shit back and repeat it (uh) Word around, word of mouth, word around town You the one doin' all the murder 'round town Pullin up, shootin, leave the burna Downtown Shoot it like the birdy cause they all fly South Whippin', whippin', whippin' the wrists I'm fucking your bitch and I'm up in your fridge I only tell stories tuck in the kids So how in the fuck can they fuck with the kid Ha, funny as shit I was missing a bit I'm back in my bag Back to the pad Watched Dexter's Lab on the 'Flix

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    whos the girl in the thumbnail w rocky?

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    Anyone know where the chorus is heard at 0:42 I feel it is familiar to me

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    If only ateez understood what he's actually saying

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    You bro i like you muisic

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    aqui estou eu por causa do Ateez, musica top

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    fuck ateez

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    Who here after got a seizure pray for famous dexter y’all 🤦🏾‍♂️🙏🏾

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    I keep seeing this, I hope hes alright 🙁

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    Who still listening on Halloween

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    I Love this Song

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    Asap went crazy

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    Goin crazy 🔥

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    anybody got the @ for the girl right to rocky in the van?

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    Algum br aq nessa porra??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? #BRASILEIROVÍRUS

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    Gokilla красавчик

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    This Song Is FIRE

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    Fuck off you stupid kpop stans

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    This goes hard

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    Who else came here cuz of Ateez performance video????

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    Hot get live 💪💪🍔🍔🍟🍟

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    i’m here just bc of ateez

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    Man Im here cuz of dexter period man 🔥 Smooth af boi

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    I got so excited about this song that I saw a mosquito on the wall and I killed it with a head banging.

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    Funny his jackets from Sweden

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    1:12 “my bad bitch puerto rican”🔥🔥🇵🇷


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    Cabronnnn fuegoooo 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💪

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    August anyone🥶💯

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    Anybody think of the show dexter while listening to this?

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    Dexter keep it 💯 big g

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    Dexteer 🔥💯