Falling In Reverse - "The Drug In Me Is Reimagined"


  1. Falling In Reverse

    Falling In Reverse3 hari yang lalu

    Thanks for watching! We're playing this one live on The Drug In Me Is Gold Tour. Get tickets at fallinginreverse.com

  2. Hilary Pennacchio

    Hilary PennacchioHari Yang lalu

    Yes!!! I love this version!!! I'm seeing you guys in St. Louis!!

  3. Ryan Burrier

    Ryan BurrierHari Yang lalu

    Falling In Reverse thank you for this....Life needed this.

  4. Luis obed Jiménez miss

    Luis obed Jiménez missHari Yang lalu


  5. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeHari Yang lalu

    I'm the 300th reply. Ronnie, you and the band have grown so much. We love you man. Yall keep it up. Take your time like you've done with the last 5 singles. Quality over quantity my dude, and it's working perfectly. I'll be buying that album.

  6. Kirsten Harner

    Kirsten HarnerHari Yang lalu

    Falling In Reverse this is probably one of my favorites now- done both ways- My Mind Is Blown 🤯

  7. Emily Mallicoat

    Emily Mallicoat22 jam yang lalu

    so many memories from when i first found out about Falling in reverse. The drug in me is you was the album i had playing on repeat. the past few years have been so hard for me, with finally coming out as trans, and dealing with backlash from family. i just want to say thank you, for creating music that, without a doubt saved my life.

  8. Fvck Totvm

    Fvck Totvm22 jam yang lalu


  9. • Pixelated_Panromantic •

    • Pixelated_Panromantic •22 jam yang lalu

    Excuse me what

  10. malangope

    malangope22 jam yang lalu

    Your reaction is articulate, passionate, emotional and absolutely hilarious (at 7:13) 😂 Love you!

  11. FreeRonnieRadke

    FreeRonnieRadke22 jam yang lalu

    Insaaaaaane improvements in the complexity and creativity of the music during the last 1-2 years. I somehow felt that they went way too much off track with the last two albums... but it's just fuckin incredible how every song sets the bar higher. It's on a whole new level! Lovin' it! ♥

  12. Tony Martin

    Tony Martin22 jam yang lalu

    Thank you so much for such a beautiful rendition of your previous that gives proper focus to issues that we have. Voice is amazing!

  13. David

    David22 jam yang lalu

    If you were to do this with 'Stay Away" it would be just as beautiful

  14. lxlly.y

    lxlly.y22 jam yang lalu

    i am... shook. holy shit i’m literally speechless

  15. BasicPS

    BasicPS22 jam yang lalu

    We need Falling In Reverse in Sweden! I hope Sweden soon understand this kind of music. The vocals of Ronnie is out of this world!

  16. Eliza R. Motta

    Eliza R. Motta22 jam yang lalu

    What a song WAO! Thank you Ronnie and the band for give us this beautiful and powerful masterpiece

  17. Laura Jaramillo

    Laura Jaramillo22 jam yang lalu


  18. Vanessaxo

    Vanessaxo22 jam yang lalu

    The ROARing 20’s is really coming out with bangerz that really satisfies with my 13 year old self, but resonates my adult self.

  19. Ares Arts

    Ares Arts22 jam yang lalu

    Why is Lestat singing to Elsa?

  20. Dali Nuñez

    Dali Nuñez22 jam yang lalu


  21. Sad Cherry

    Sad Cherry22 jam yang lalu

    I just noticed the girl looks like the girl on one of his album covers

  22. I Love Cats

    I Love Cats22 jam yang lalu

    I was able to sing the lyrics over 4 times as I listen to this

  23. noxeon Gg

    noxeon Gg22 jam yang lalu

    Producer: How emotional do you want the song to be? Ronnie: Yes

  24. Melinity Gaming

    Melinity Gaming22 jam yang lalu

    idk why but i heard this from Alex Hefners channel first when he reacted to it, and i thought first that this song was remade due to Ronnie reacting to his older videos in his streams lol

  25. chrystal flatt

    chrystal flatt22 jam yang lalu

    can someone please tell me why I'm crying right now??? I thought I loved this song before but this version got me.

  26. JustJustJust Just

    JustJustJust Just22 jam yang lalu

    The amount of people shattered their pants after 4:51 ..

  27. Serena Trouble

    Serena Trouble22 jam yang lalu

    This made me cry, I remember being such a big fan when I was 15. And I was made fun of for it, so I strayed away from it. But this remastered piece literally made me cry so much.

  28. Stevie Ray

    Stevie Ray22 jam yang lalu

    FOREVER will have love for Ronnie. This was pure art 🖤

  29. Yaritza M. Venegas Carrasco

    Yaritza M. Venegas Carrasco22 jam yang lalu


  30. Juliana De Lancer

    Juliana De Lancer22 jam yang lalu

    Man this looks like a mixtape between Ozzy Osbourne and AFI..

  31. JamievsKane

    JamievsKane23 jam yang lalu

    My soul has been shook to its core. a Beautiful reimagining of an already amazing song. I just fell in love with Ronnie all over again

  32. Matheus Canteri

    Matheus Canteri23 jam yang lalu

    Best music !

  33. Ayberch

    Ayberch23 jam yang lalu

    Fuck!!! That was sick

  34. Emily Kit Kemmerer

    Emily Kit Kemmerer23 jam yang lalu

    This is for the ogs

  35. matthew barcomb

    matthew barcomb23 jam yang lalu

    Damn guys right in the feels

  36. Vincho19

    Vincho1923 jam yang lalu

    holy shit this guy can do it all!!!!

  37. CalMSalt

    CalMSalt23 jam yang lalu

    The re-imagining i didn't know i needed.

  38. Meaya Pritchett

    Meaya Pritchett23 jam yang lalu


  39. DanielSam 19XX

    DanielSam 19XX23 jam yang lalu

    Supposed to be in 007 soundtrack, this is so good and amazing!

  40. Sarah Shea

    Sarah Shea23 jam yang lalu

    I was NOT expecting that ending, hell yeah.

  41. Sha L

    Sha L23 jam yang lalu

    Ronnie definitely grew as an artist but also as a human being. Really proud, this is beautiful 🖤

  42. Ana Escobedo

    Ana Escobedo23 jam yang lalu


  43. Kim Undercover

    Kim Undercover23 jam yang lalu

    I wish I could like more than once

  44. illip 112

    illip 11223 jam yang lalu


  45. Jack Skatter.

    Jack Skatter.23 jam yang lalu

    Oh my god, wow just wow. I was apprehensive hearing he redid one of my favorite songs but damn. Its amazing.

  46. Preston stelly

    Preston stelly23 jam yang lalu

    You should do a version of coming home like this!🤘 I like this alot

  47. Alina Echelon

    Alina Echelon23 jam yang lalu

    What a masterpiece 💙 I've got goosebumps everywhere and who the f*** is cutting onions in my room😭😭

  48. Ally Fuentes

    Ally Fuentes23 jam yang lalu

    130k likes to 2k dislikes I've lost myself You tried to save me it won't work this time

  49. courtney batista

    courtney batista23 jam yang lalu

    This gave me shivers. I love this so much.

  50. Zoe Hudson

    Zoe Hudson23 jam yang lalu

    😢❤️🖤 from the first lyrics tears knew what to do, I started crying, it hit me different to the original, the original hit me too but this ❤️🖤 I love it... New song favourite again :) Keep up the great work 🙂

  51. Daniel Gentner

    Daniel Gentner23 jam yang lalu

    This Work of Music is a Masterpiece ;)))

  52. Ninja Yodin

    Ninja Yodin23 jam yang lalu

    There wasn't one moment where I didn't have Goosebumps. The music industry so desperately needs more work like this being done! Absolutely fantastic! 🤘😎🤘

  53. shelby campbell

    shelby campbell23 jam yang lalu

    Watching this makes me feel like Ronnie would be the perfect role for Lestat in a remake of interview with a vampire.

  54. The MovieZilla Podcast

    The MovieZilla Podcast23 jam yang lalu

    It's like a bomb with a long wick love this song I've already listened to it about 100 times

  55. Cheyenne Lynn Parker

    Cheyenne Lynn Parker23 jam yang lalu


  56. DOUBLE O.G.

    DOUBLE O.G.23 jam yang lalu

    I like it, fucking weird though but I like it

  57. MiloJim

    MiloJim23 jam yang lalu

    This was amazing live 😍

  58. Eugene Eugenio

    Eugene Eugenio23 jam yang lalu

    The pain...

  59. Gaara's A Serial Killer

    Gaara's A Serial Killer23 jam yang lalu


  60. Goth Girl

    Goth Girl23 jam yang lalu

    Hear me out guys hear me out at 2:50 you can see when Ronnie says fail you can see in his teeth he has fangs on now I think it's a hint that they are going to remake the song I'm Not a Vampire but what if they're remaking the entire album think about that

  61. ThinkkTwiice

    ThinkkTwiice23 jam yang lalu

    After following Ronnie for years I'm so happy for him and his bandmates that they are blowing up and solidifying their spot amongst the great bands.

  62. Shaggy'sScoobySnacks

    Shaggy'sScoobySnacks23 jam yang lalu

    I'm emo again

  63. Macie Nicholas

    Macie Nicholas23 jam yang lalu

    Thank you for blessing me with this masterpiece.

  64. okay...

    okay...23 jam yang lalu

    this style suits the lyrics so much better though

  65. Natali Villanueva

    Natali Villanueva23 jam yang lalu

    Beautiful! I remember the FIRST time I listened to you guys was when you opened with Black Veil Brides, back in 2013 (it was around my 13th birthday) it was a night I would never forget! Then I looked you up and this was the song that made me a fan. Thank you for rewriting this beautiful masterpiece and making my now 19 year old self so incredibly happy! I wish nothing but the best for you guys and will keep on listening!