Random guy plays public piano. Crowd goes mental!


  1. David Beyer

    David Beyer17 menit yang lalu

    FYI: Nordstrom store has a pianist playing by the escalators at times. Unfortunately people disregard him

  2. Manager of 3Monsters

    Manager of 3Monsters23 menit yang lalu

    This is Ben Toury...not just a random guy!! He’s amazing💞💞💞

  3. Sandra Grimes

    Sandra GrimesJam Yang lalu

    It’s like 2 people playing at the same time

  4. Robinhood38

    Robinhood38Jam Yang lalu

    EPIC Piano! Smoked it! And apparently he smoked the crowd too, they went 'mental' alright...they were in deep trance after that.

  5. The Bearded Discussion

    The Bearded DiscussionJam Yang lalu

    Think the only “mental” one here is the person who wrote the title.

  6. mattmacd2009

    mattmacd20092 jam yang lalu

    Crowd goes mental..........

  7. grodhagen

    grodhagen4 jam yang lalu

    I look forward to Part 2, in which the crowd goes mental.

  8. Sorin-Vasile Gherghinciu

    Sorin-Vasile Gherghinciu4 jam yang lalu

    O my God !!!

  9. Sandor Clegane

    Sandor Clegane4 jam yang lalu

    If he is random my cock is random.....

  10. ThoseBackPages

    ThoseBackPages5 jam yang lalu

    This is the way.

  11. John Doyle

    John Doyle7 jam yang lalu

    Yeah, he is very good, but the crowd going "Mental", nah.

  12. Angela Sanders

    Angela Sanders8 jam yang lalu

    Wow! I'm a rocking ...yeah 🙌

  13. Radio Bro

    Radio Bro8 jam yang lalu

    yeah, probably not random because of the person uploading this video. Completely planned, not random. Good performance though.

  14. Janette McGregor

    Janette McGregor8 jam yang lalu

    I thought the crowd went mental... their comatose

  15. Janette McGregor

    Janette McGregor8 jam yang lalu

    Great performance... but not a jazz fan

  16. Jane Patterson

    Jane Patterson9 jam yang lalu

    AMAZING!!!! WELL DONE, WELL DONE, SIR! No doubt thousands of hours of practice..BRAVO!

  17. rock of ages USA

    rock of ages USA17 jam yang lalu

    He did draw a crowd

  18. Anthony AUSTIN

    Anthony AUSTIN20 jam yang lalu

    He looked like he was in pain...but good job all the same

  19. Ed Eggleston

    Ed Eggleston20 jam yang lalu

    My son spent all his life learning piano and violin plays fantastic, and nobody cares! We are lost!

  20. Roosevelt Nickelberry

    Roosevelt Nickelberry22 jam yang lalu

    Whether you know it or not... playing like that takes a lot of stamina because those keys fight back...

  21. James Frost

    James Frost23 jam yang lalu

    Random guy............. sure.

  22. ThatsMrMoronToYou

    ThatsMrMoronToYou23 jam yang lalu

    Ha! Gaaay!

  23. Angelique Holmberg

    Angelique HolmbergHari Yang lalu

    Not very random… It's Henri Herbert, one of the top boogie-woogie and blues pianists today.

  24. Chris G

    Chris GHari Yang lalu

    Talent such as that is a blessing.

  25. gangelone999

    gangelone999Hari Yang lalu

    I could do that, I just don't want to

  26. theUsesOFnot

    theUsesOFnotHari Yang lalu

    OMG the title is laudable. Random guy is a piano playing genius, and the crowd goes mental lol. My local cemetery has more life in it.

  27. Dave Alexander

    Dave AlexanderHari Yang lalu

    I didnt see even 1 of those assholes PAY this awesome street performer. What JERKS!!

  28. Daniel Florin

    Daniel FlorinHari Yang lalu

    I went mental seeing that nobody went mental 🤔🤔

  29. Erik Muniz

    Erik MunizHari Yang lalu

    Good rock and roll riff.

  30. Bill Bateman

    Bill BatemanHari Yang lalu

    Great sound and keyboards. tight! BS title. Really?

  31. Neil Ladd

    Neil LaddHari Yang lalu

    The key man!!!!!

  32. Saxon

    SaxonHari Yang lalu


  33. Mary Daniels

    Mary DanielsHari Yang lalu

    Awesome WOW✌✌✌✌✌

  34. Steve Groot

    Steve GrootHari Yang lalu

    Ground hog day. He's been going there everyday for 50 years.

  35. DEN ROSE

    DEN ROSEHari Yang lalu

    brilliant piano playing. but how can this be *random* when theres this random piano sitting in the middle of a shopping centre and a guy is there filming the whole thing. still.. he did play good, and i dont know much about piano playing. just sounded good :)

  36. Nancy

    NancyHari Yang lalu

    The crowd went mental? You mean YOU went mental?

  37. dustyjoe71

    dustyjoe71Hari Yang lalu

    Crowd keeps their distance from the angered beast.

  38. Jasmine Bykerk

    Jasmine BykerkHari Yang lalu

    Um sorry the crowd did not go mental. I however did! That was incredible!

  39. Skittles31 skittles31

    Skittles31 skittles31Hari Yang lalu

    Henri Herbert is sooooooo HANDSOME...❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹💋💋

  40. Lukeamania

    LukeamaniaHari Yang lalu

    He is definitely above average that's for sure!