EXTREME Pause Challenge - Win $10,000


  1. Delaiah Santos

    Delaiah Santos2 jam yang lalu

    All this is srcipted

  2. Sandra Maher

    Sandra Maher3 jam yang lalu

    dont do that

  3. Nathaniel Galpin

    Nathaniel Galpin4 jam yang lalu

    Jenson is so fat

  4. Youtube Watching

    Youtube Watching4 jam yang lalu

    Omg wordtss utubev chanzl in thi witld he so idot.

  5. Jakub Swieczk

    Jakub Swieczk4 jam yang lalu

    Oh better for morgs lol hehe

  6. Bailey Shea

    Bailey Shea7 jam yang lalu

    Jill is rubbish at hide and seek 🖕

  7. KyleBeastMode38 Ima beast

    KyleBeastMode38 Ima beast7 jam yang lalu

    I bet he pays his family to do this

  8. OGFlamePro1 Online10

    OGFlamePro1 Online109 jam yang lalu

    When you realized MORGZ doesn't blink. Morgz fans:😳

  9. Gladys R

    Gladys R10 jam yang lalu


  10. common sense

    common sense10 jam yang lalu

    When he pretended to fart I think he went to far and something bigger happened 1:15

  11. Ashton Miller

    Ashton Miller10 jam yang lalu

    When morgz told me to sub i broke my finger

  12. Claudia Zuluaga

    Claudia Zuluaga11 jam yang lalu

    21:21 what dude

  13. Claudia Zuluaga

    Claudia Zuluaga11 jam yang lalu

    Pause at 21:19 he does a lot of expressions

  14. Zain Gulzari

    Zain Gulzari11 jam yang lalu

    Calm the f down it’s just a challenge no need to murder your whole family

  15. Roman Delgado

    Roman Delgado12 jam yang lalu

    He made my mouth blister you think that’s bad he made me lose a game of fortnite 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♀️

  16. The Eggs

    The Eggs15 jam yang lalu

    I’m just a kid that could roast a stupid 18 yr old named morgz


    CIRVUS TV15 jam yang lalu

    Lecgo morgz

  18. Chloe Getgood

    Chloe Getgood18 jam yang lalu

    Jenson’s 10000000000000000000000% better then you also bet your making lots of money selling your merch. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂.Don’t know why Kiera dated you

  19. Evan Muniz

    Evan Muniz19 jam yang lalu

    Don’t Try This At Home!

  20. Thanh Lai

    Thanh Lai22 jam yang lalu

    Fatih brate ...

  21. Жан Жунусов

    Жан Жунусов22 jam yang lalu

    он больной

  22. Bryant Hill

    Bryant Hill22 jam yang lalu

    This man is killing people... Like to undo | | | | |||| 👇🏻

  23. totadri alwar

    totadri alwar22 jam yang lalu

    Jill.is.an.ideat she is. In. Pause. She losed

  24. zacker dacker

    zacker dacker23 jam yang lalu

    Some people on IDreporter are making fun of you but I love your videos

  25. Lacson Arlon

    Lacson Arlon23 jam yang lalu

    Bad morgz mom

  26. Pufferfish Seas

    Pufferfish SeasHari Yang lalu

    *bald martin*

  27. Shyann Brannam

    Shyann BrannamHari Yang lalu

    Why is the swimming pool always so green and nasty all time

  28. make this secret e

    make this secret eHari Yang lalu

    wait gotta minute morgs out on the challenge that so unfair and martin dont even get some reveng thats so unfair

  29. Peter Parker

    Peter ParkerHari Yang lalu

    Poor mum and marti not llooll

  30. Peter Parker

    Peter ParkerHari Yang lalu

    Morgz is the best I am getting his merch

  31. Ivan Everett II

    Ivan Everett IIHari Yang lalu

    Um excuse me one match dosen't start a fire

  32. Ivan Everett II

    Ivan Everett IIHari Yang lalu

    Has he ever blinked!

  33. Ivan Everett II

    Ivan Everett IIHari Yang lalu

    Morgz honestly just tries to wave his money.

  34. Yuki im so like this

    Yuki im so like thisHari Yang lalu


  35. Nicolasgonzo87 _

    Nicolasgonzo87 _Hari Yang lalu

    You should do this but put a tarantula on their faces. Oh wait, you don’t have the balls to do it!

  36. Rebecca Zhang

    Rebecca ZhangHari Yang lalu

    Wow morgz doesn’t know the difference between to and too 0:29

  37. kieran heath

    kieran heathHari Yang lalu

    Patty mayo Raid his house NOW

  38. Desai Academy Margao Goa India

    Desai Academy Margao Goa IndiaHari Yang lalu

    Get Martin a Lamborgni

  39. T a T u M

    T a T u MHari Yang lalu

    I feel like it’d be more of an insult if sum one was to call ur mum morgz mum than ur mum gay

  40. Anastacio Pelaez

    Anastacio PelaezHari Yang lalu

    Yo r dead😵 mor g s

  41. ツTezzic

    ツTezzicHari Yang lalu

    Hold on... He lives in the UK am I right? Yet he say dollars instead of pounds? 0:50

  42. Isaque Ferreira

    Isaque FerreiraHari Yang lalu

    i don’t likemorgz mum

  43. David David

    David DavidHari Yang lalu


  44. David David

    David DavidHari Yang lalu

    Don’t burn it

  45. David David

    David DavidHari Yang lalu


  46. Aiden Aldridge

    Aiden AldridgeHari Yang lalu

    When you talk

  47. Anto Dot

    Anto DotHari Yang lalu

    The way Britts say the word pause. Pusssssss!!!!

  48. Chrissy Lowrance

    Chrissy LowranceHari Yang lalu


  49. Gorgonio Diaz

    Gorgonio DiazHari Yang lalu

    1:04 morgz sounds like a car or a airhorn

  50. Jason kenzieq Bishop

    Jason kenzieq BishopHari Yang lalu

    he sais fousand