1. j c

    j c28 hari yang lalu

    so ok to kill a cricket and serve it to ants that you didnt want to kill ummm ok I guess that makes sense... 😬

  2. kwebbelchannel

    kwebbelchannel2 bulan yang lalu

    you don't even know where you are talking about there are no princes only workers and 1 or more queens

  3. Majyst m

    Majyst m2 bulan yang lalu

    do you think when someone randomly finds an ant colony and makes a video about it they need to first research them to make sure they can be scientifically accurate about them? Makes you a asshole if you think that.

  4. Simon Nilsson

    Simon Nilsson2 bulan yang lalu

    in my mothers old house we had a large back garden , the path was 4 foot paving slabs all the way down... some cracked so we had to pull them all up we removed 4 - 4 foot paving slabs to find absolutely massive nests under each one all interconnected must of been thousands upon thousands of ants more then i've seen in my entire life , we called in someone to deal with it they came and inspected it only to call in 3 others to help him deal with it ..it was that big.

  5. Skills Zone

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    20th comment

  6. Fernando Jr Billedo

    Fernando Jr Billedo10 bulan yang lalu

    The pupae most likely are alates in a few days they will hatch and nuptail flights will happen get testubes and be prepared the virgin queens and drones will be seen coming out of a hole signing a nuptail flight will happen the queens are probably going to be fast but slower they are a decent size for a queen if they are black crazy ants put the queens together before they lay eggs if you do the queens work together and make a super colony. Pls take this advice

  7. Kmxqe 1837

    Kmxqe 183710 bulan yang lalu

    6:01 pill bug tries pulling the food away lol

  8. ItzzPotato

    ItzzPotatoTahun Yang lalu

    I just make a mound of dirt then shovel a piece of an ants nest and put it there to see if they would stay and make their nest there! An turns out, they did!

  9. ItsJoshK Gmaing

    ItsJoshK GmaingTahun Yang lalu

    Ant princes and prissiness are called eyelets.

  10. Joel Kelly

    Joel KellyTahun Yang lalu

    Ant princes and princesses are called ' Alates, '

  11. Moesy Pittounikos

    Moesy Pittounikos2 tahun yang lalu

    kach the colony

  12. Davin Aubade

    Davin Aubade2 tahun yang lalu

    why ants in the wild grow fastser.

  13. Ant Queen

    Ant Queen2 tahun yang lalu

    there u go, one big thumbs up from me!! i recently got my new ant queen so im sooo exided on how it wil go!! it is a Camponotus Hercaleanus queen, they are huge!! im not sure which ant spieces you got there under that basked...

  14. Dinosaurs Terror World

    Dinosaurs Terror World2 tahun yang lalu

    was this woodlice trying to eat the cockroach because he or she is a herbivore not a carnivore

  15. Asrael 0

    Asrael 02 tahun yang lalu

    I'd ask for the queen of the colony

  16. Charlie Yang

    Charlie Yang2 tahun yang lalu

    Omg your roasting and exposing the ants.

  17. Connor Anderson

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    Charlie Yang no? It's not 1000 degrees out? Do you see ANY sun? No so put a tampon in and shut the hell up

  18. Hannah H.

    Hannah H.2 tahun yang lalu

    Is it weird that I'm watching this to get rid of my bug hating side? Not liked the creepy crawlers since I was young and my entire kitchen tile (underneath it I mean) was infested with larvae (fly possibly?) and we spent hours killing hundreds as they crawled out

  19. Sweet'nSour

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    Hannah H. Hm I've always enjoyed watching insects as a child. Of course I've never had any infestations like that lol

  20. iinsaneocto 5

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  21. Miguel Newman

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    There is no princesses and prince u idiot

  22. Nebula Galaxy

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    Miguel Newman if there is only one queen for each colony and no other generations how does the any population stay alive?

  23. Miguel Newman

    Miguel Newman2 tahun yang lalu

    There is only one queen for the whole colenny mabye more for diffrent species

  24. opezskiller

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    Life Of Elli technically it's not the proper term it's actually "alates"

  25. Cloud The leopard Gecko

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    I would squish all the eggs

  26. Jake Hughes

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    i'm doing this

  27. Yo itz clayton 2004

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    I'm not sure if I heard this right princes and princesses are you fucking kidding me

  28. Sweet'nSour

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    Boi your like 10 why tf you cussing lol

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    BRUH TALK ABOUT SAVAGE. That That WoodLouse Came He was So savage. He tried To Take iT But The Ants Were Like... keywordsuggest.org/gallery/183167.html (look that up) That was the reaction. BRUH IT WAS HALARIOUS The Woodlouse Was Like.... Dang. Its just a cricket... Gosh. LONLEYY... I AM SO LONLEYY... I HAVE NOBODY!!!! FOR MY OWWWWNN!!!! (cX) Made My Day Subcribe To This Girl She Is Amazing Show Her some Love Shoutout To Leopard Gecko!!! :)

  30. OBO

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    They are iridimyrmex

  31. Nicholas Edwards

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    OBO really I thought they where Lasius

  32. Charlie Glover

    Charlie Glover2 tahun yang lalu

    i find this fascinating but they still make my skin crawl. ugh.

  33. Nightmare Rei

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    I would have had no mercy for those ants. But then again, all the ants we have out here are invasive species anyway.

  34. Cheryl Dahl

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    Thanks for saving the ant colony! :)

  35. Ali786killer

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    Can I see ur face please

  36. Caden Shelton

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    Woodlouse savage

  37. BV ivan

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    What camera are you using?

  38. fishman10988

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    I know I've already said it before but I love your videos :D wish I had friends like you that I knew in person that shares my often nerdy passion for insects lol

  39. XxGamerxxBritishxx _

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    Plus ants actualy pollinate as well as probably lay eggs on ur veggies or somethings

  40. XxGamerxxBritishxx _

    XxGamerxxBritishxx _3 tahun yang lalu

    I think your mum thought of a bad idea...

  41. Leornado Waters

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    u saw the queen>?

  42. Eight Jane

    Eight Jane3 tahun yang lalu

    do you think you could make a few informational videos? like how a queen starts a new colony and how the whole prince\princess ants start. I have fallen in love with your videos and I'm very curious about how the hierarchy and everything works

  43. The Half Brit

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    woodlose you got your but kicked by ants STEAL THEIR FOOD AND DIE

  44. The Half Brit

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    thats a huge colony

  45. Armored Wings

    Armored Wings3 tahun yang lalu

    I never thought of ants as being fascinating! I'd still be very careful myself as I've been bitten by fire ants before (I now know where they got the name), but they are cool little things!

  46. Kitty Siciliano

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    are you vegan or vegitarian

  47. cxL3B

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    are u stupid or retarded

  48. Left Seven

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    Kitty Siciliano same shit

  49. meaghan levy

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    That's what I call teamwork.

  50. HB Frisby

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  51. Neetly

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    what those are called rolly pollys

  52. Sweet'nSour

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    Nathin Kai they have different names. Their real name is wood lice I believe


    COURTESY CARPENDER3 tahun yang lalu

    ya served his ass right,trying to steal lol

  54. iipanda msp

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    The eggs and stuff make me cringe. They milk the woodloce 😁😁😁😁

  55. Gillzer

    Gillzer3 tahun yang lalu

    Just amazing great video enjoyed the time lapse :)

  56. stephan de Zwart

    stephan de Zwart3 tahun yang lalu

    I have a quick leo question for you guys: my leo just shed but it did not go very well ( i had to remove all the skin on her head). Now that she is done shedding she is kind of acting weird like: scratching her head alot and pushing her face against objects in her terrarium she also closes one eye alot, like it hurts. Reply is you know what is up or what i did wrong. Thank you.

  57. Fiona Shepley

    Fiona Shepley3 tahun yang lalu

    If you didn't moisten the skin before getting the skin off, you may have caused irritation. Or maybe there's a bit you missed.

  58. Novalize

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    I like how the one ant passed what I assume is a princess egg to another! They was pretty cool

  59. Diego Lopez

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    Why did u block Davesquatch on Instagram!!??

  60. Andrew Fan

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    lol woodlouse vs ants tug of war

  61. Michael Peck

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    Can you do more geckos ;p ps i love your channel

  62. Piefairy

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    You can keep the larvae and cocoons and boost your colony because larvae and cocoons have no pheromones scent.only workers have a scent

  63. Darkwolfie

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    I really love how you are going more ant videos, keep up the good work!

  64. ilavalolipop

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    Does anyone else get weird, almost hypnotized feeling from watching lots of ants running around? lol

  65. Hafizi

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    Plz say good

  66. Hafizi

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    So how are your ants doing?

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    EW EW EW

  68. Stoytime Willaims

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    Noooo make a video about your ants

  69. Stoytime Willaims

    Stoytime Willaims3 tahun yang lalu

    Noooo make a video about your ants

  70. Shark Bait

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    Thank you for not being like most people and killing anything that's in your way. I really appreciate people like you who actually care

  71. Erin Nguyen

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    Woah that's a lot of ants!! It's insane!! Lol u basically have 2 ant colonies. 😂 love your videos by the way.


    CHELZA WILLIAMS3 tahun yang lalu

    That reminds me of the Bread Bug from pikmin 1&2

  73. TJPlays

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    For some reason the music reminded me of Alice in wonderland

  74. Leopard Gecko

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    haha :)