Ex-‘Smallville’ Star Kristin Kreuk ‘Disturbed’ Over Past NXIVM Link


  1. Damiana Oliva

    Damiana Oliva20 hari yang lalu

    Shyness? Oh yeah, sure

  2. Patrick McNees

    Patrick McNees29 hari yang lalu

    Kristin is so hot.

  3. Fuzzy Butkus

    Fuzzy ButkusBulan Yang lalu

    I guess Matt Damon had it right. Fiona was a crazy little sex puppet because Scotty didn’t know.

  4. Dorian Seabra

    Dorian SeabraBulan Yang lalu

    I do believe but recocgnize...

  5. Emma Madison

    Emma Madison2 bulan yang lalu

    She is the one who introduced Allison into it

  6. White Ranger Tiger Power

    White Ranger Tiger Power3 bulan yang lalu

    What slows it down is her bein dam Canadian lol or would’ve bein with Lex and Clark all the time at cons but yeah border crossings very stricted can’t do it to many times

  7. Rommy MadCat

    Rommy MadCat3 bulan yang lalu

    Well she cant sing lmao

  8. Ravage Gonza

    Ravage Gonza4 bulan yang lalu

    I knew Lana wasn't part of it, I'm so proud of her!!

  9. gatot cka

    gatot cka4 bulan yang lalu

    lol the group name itself sounds like a pornsite


    OMARGOD5 bulan yang lalu

    It has to suck for Kristen. She left before things got weird but her name seems to be popping up a lot unnecessarily and only to drum up drama.

  11. David Johnson

    David Johnson27 hari yang lalu

    It was always bloody weird, it just started to get OBVIOUS.

  12. Fuzzy Butkus

    Fuzzy ButkusBulan Yang lalu

    Yeah but she was a crazy little sex puppet. Scotty didn’t know

  13. Murder Crime Italia

    Murder Crime Italia6 bulan yang lalu


  14. Mark Baland

    Mark Baland6 bulan yang lalu

    Allison Mack is probably Kirsten Gillibrand’s daughter... www.foxnews.com/politics/court-documents-reveal-gillibrands-father-worked-for-nxvim-sex-trafficking-group

  15. Shivani

    Shivani7 bulan yang lalu

    They look so sweet and innocent, who would have thought? It makes me sad when I think about how much I loved Smallville as a kid.

  16. Jay Con

    Jay Con7 bulan yang lalu

    Hollywood full of satanist, pedophiles and sex slaves

  17. Mary Teresa

    Mary Teresa7 bulan yang lalu

    Kristin had nothing to do with it.

  18. WLZ Yee

    WLZ Yee7 bulan yang lalu

    This is going on the wall of wierd

  19. Marc Chapleau

    Marc Chapleau8 bulan yang lalu

    The beautiful Allison mack always made my heart melt. her smile is irresistible. She's bubbly and adorable. When i heard about that mess i was in shock. I am very sad for what's going on now with her. I am sad for all the victims and i cannot imagine Allison in prison for years. :(

  20. Daywoo

    Daywoo8 bulan yang lalu

    If you turn the branding the other way you can make out N.S. for Nancy Salzman! She is a top co-conspirator as well ans many others I'm sure. Including someone whom was put in prison a couple years back from a different case involving child rape.

  21. Samuel Luciano

    Samuel Luciano8 bulan yang lalu

    If she's in that group I'll join, I will gladly be the Clark Kent of sexville

  22. Amber's Art

    Amber's Art3 bulan yang lalu

    You want to be in a cult that trafficks children for sex and does experiments on women? I dont think so.

  23. Rick James

    Rick James9 bulan yang lalu

    Embarrassed she got caught & that her income may suffer from this revelation.

  24. shogrran

    shogrran9 bulan yang lalu

    how dumb can you be not to question something like this

  25. OneEyed Jacks

    OneEyed Jacks9 bulan yang lalu

    This whole thing is a freak show.

  26. jared pope

    jared pope10 bulan yang lalu

    Sooooo the sex cult guy prefers vegans aye

  27. frances simmonds

    frances simmonds10 bulan yang lalu

    Aww is she disturbed. I was disturbed by her twitter post. She should take some responsibility. Own up to her, considerable involvement. Does she feel any remorse for introducing Alyson Mack or others who may have been influenced by her? She talks of "the brave women who have come forward.." while downplaying her own involvement and refusing to speak about it. Be brave, take a stand, speak out!!!

  28. Priscilla Guzman

    Priscilla Guzman10 bulan yang lalu

    I was rewatching smallville and now I don't think I can watch it

  29. The Menagerie

    The MenagerieTahun Yang lalu

    What a creepy, disgusting woman.

  30. Giovanni Trampedoni

    Giovanni TrampedoniTahun Yang lalu


  31. 420 gamer

    420 gamerTahun Yang lalu

    wasnt it Chloe lana and lois who were transformed into those sexual witches? looks like chloe never let those epesodes go.... now we will never see a reuniting of the smallville show. :(

  32. Mike Killagreen

    Mike KillagreenTahun Yang lalu

    The meteor rocks got to Chloe.

  33. What the Hell

    What the HellTahun Yang lalu

    Here from shane s tweet

  34. londry Boner

    londry BonerTahun Yang lalu

    Omg yo she played Catherine on Beauty and the beast. It was a good ass show in my unpopular opinion.

  35. Ashley Kutcher

    Ashley KutcherTahun Yang lalu

    Crazy wtf

  36. Gidget Gacie

    Gidget GacieTahun Yang lalu


  37. Sarah

    SarahTahun Yang lalu

    Anyone catch that shape shift with the blonde news anchor woman speaking.

  38. Meital Dahan

    Meital DahanTahun Yang lalu

    Who else is here from shane's tweet?

  39. newyork knucklehead

    newyork knucklehead9 bulan yang lalu

    @Outlaw right here

  40. Outlaw

    Outlaw9 bulan yang lalu

    Who else doesn't know who Shane is?

  41. Ashley Stout

    Ashley StoutTahun Yang lalu


  42. Christine MacNeil

    Christine MacNeilTahun Yang lalu

    Yas 🐷🐖🐽

  43. NoizyGnar

    NoizyGnarTahun Yang lalu


  44. walking with rachel

    walking with rachelTahun Yang lalu


  45. glen cavan

    glen cavanTahun Yang lalu

    Who here from Shane 😂😂

  46. Denny C. Le

    Denny C. LeTahun Yang lalu

    Here because of Shane lol

  47. Alex Christy

    Alex ChristyTahun Yang lalu


  48. Christine MacNeil

    Christine MacNeilTahun Yang lalu


  49. Elle -11

    Elle -11Tahun Yang lalu

    Who came from shane dawson twitter????!!

  50. - Alicia -

    - Alicia -Tahun Yang lalu

    *Who came from shane* 🤤😍

  51. wealthy black man

    wealthy black manTahun Yang lalu

    Feminazi fascist scum!

  52. stephanie daigle

    stephanie daigleTahun Yang lalu

    It's Craaaaaazy how Far woman will go to "please" their men!!! I don't think it's fair to charge Allison cuz I DO Believe she was Extreeeemely Manipulated and extreemely blackmailed into this cult!!!!

  53. Chewy98TA

    Chewy98TATahun Yang lalu

    Kristen should start her own sex cult. I've been spanking it to her since she was 18 like most of you so getting members should be easy for her especially with previous cult recruiting experience.

  54. rfelton77

    rfelton77Tahun Yang lalu

    scotty doesn't know....

  55. Eric BarryOfficial

    Eric BarryOfficialTahun Yang lalu

    Somebody slaveeee meeeee!!!!!

  56. Rebeca Silva

    Rebeca SilvaTahun Yang lalu

    This is horrific!! Smh. Thank GOD Kristin is not apart of this. She is better than this!

  57. Daniel Simanowitz

    Daniel SimanowitzTahun Yang lalu

    She’s also been in the cult these people can’t hide anymore...

  58. Shaun Haley

    Shaun HaleyTahun Yang lalu

    You can just see how "owned" mack is.. Wow

  59. Catspaw

    CatspawTahun Yang lalu

    Allison & Kristen's former Smallville co-stars may never look at them the same way again.

  60. david

    davidTahun Yang lalu


  61. MrRaini67

    MrRaini67Tahun Yang lalu

    Nooo, only his natural protein, this fcker

  62. toomuchtime

    toomuchtimeTahun Yang lalu

    Warning white Hindi people = creepy usually sexual cult.


    CARTOONIVERSE1Tahun Yang lalu

    She's going to make a plea deal against him & say that she's a victim *too* .

  64. Nwa

    NwaTahun Yang lalu

    See what baffles me, people blame religion/Christianity and God for being the problem. No, the problem is all of us who try to convince others that there is no good and then quickly get brainwashed into believing in a lie made of by men asserting themselves the powers of God. Once you know, love, serve the one true God creator of heaven and earth, the truth of his power will set you free.

  65. jomiloju ayodele

    jomiloju ayodeleTahun Yang lalu

    Somebody saaaaaaave her

  66. vunobi

    vunobiTahun Yang lalu

    I been a huge Smallville fan ever since the series first aired and I was shocked in disbelief that Allison Mack aka Chloe Sullivan was capable of committing evil acts on countless female victims for a deranged lunatic of a cult leader, Keith Raniere. Kristin Kreuk is extremely lucky that she left before all the craziness had happened. I know that people have doubts in Kristin's side of the story but we shouldn't jump to conclusions until further evidence emerges in this twisted story. What Allison Mack did affected us fans that loved her for her performance in Smallville but now she will be remembered as a monster. She literally broke our hearts. I hope Raniere burn in hell for destroying women's lives and self esteem!

  67. Janice Huang

    Janice HuangTahun Yang lalu

    I agree with you 100%. As someone who loves to go back and watch it every once in a while, it is really heartbreaking. I try not to think about it when I do re-watch those episode. Chloe was a character that really grew on me.

  68. Anon

    AnonTahun Yang lalu

    Kirstin kreuk has a small tattoo in the same place that the other girls were branded... Coincidence? Probably not.

  69. Casimir III

    Casimir IIITahun Yang lalu

    Why did she leave?

  70. Jose Barton

    Jose BartonTahun Yang lalu

    They werent held down and marked. They choose it.