EVOLUTION of WORLD'S TALLEST BUILDING: Size Comparison (1901-2022)


  1. FilmCore

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    Hope you enjoyed! What's your favorite building??

  2. Bukui Zhao

    Bukui ZhaoBulan Yang lalu

    Burj khalifa

  3. KageFuusha1

    KageFuusha1Bulan Yang lalu

    This video is bullshit because it left out the CN Tower.

  4. Hope Banda

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    Taipei 101

  5. Jenga Tech

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    One World Trade Center

  6. Levian & Z Nachtschatten

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  7. dark Lion

    dark Lion14 jam yang lalu

    They forgot titled tower

  8. EXOT1C_M1LL3R [Turtles]

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    I’m not the only one who sped this up

  9. KD - 04DF - Mount Royal PS (1485)

    KD - 04DF - Mount Royal PS (1485)17 jam yang lalu

    What the Heck happened to the CN Tower

  10. Hector Elera Melendez

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    y la Torre de Santiago????

  11. Mehdi Quliyev

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    Good animation👍

  12. Saturn314x

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    Doesn't look like Jeddah Tower or Kingdom Tower will ever be built, Dubai Creek Tower doesn't look it either. It just seems like Dubai wanted to scare off Jeddah from making the 1km skyscraper because they were going to make a tower taller than Jeddah Tower and they already had the foundations ready.

  13. Abdullah Malik

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    Where is Makkah Royal Tower??

  14. Xwasp Gaming

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  15. Toàn Khánh

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    Where landmark 81


    AVE HANANIHari Yang lalu

    my building is kuala lumpur


    AVE HANANIHari Yang lalu

    can you making building titanic

  18. Carlos Pavao

    Carlos PavaoHari Yang lalu

    The cooperation between Empire state building and Would traied centre is wrong at the screen. The two towers block was just 8 floors taller then Empire state, on the screen it looks 30 floors taller.

  19. Mount P

    Mount PHari Yang lalu

    Nice Video!

  20. linola92

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    How about the tower in Russia that's like 2500 feet tall did somebody forget

  21. Raghav pruthi

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    Today India is first sardar vallabhbhai Patel statue

  22. looxy s

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    Where Is the 9 11

  23. ThisIsSketchy

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    Those last 3 stcurctures are just asking to get 9/11'ed

  24. Axel hous

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    Y la torre de babel conchtumdre? xD

  25. Tyler Laster

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    Must be awesome supplying the world with oil lol

  26. Ajmal Musleh

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    This is sign of qiyamat or doom

  27. Mix Tips BD

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    What's about iconic tower of Bangladesh?

  28. mustafa zrary

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    علامة اخر زمان

  29. General Hawk Eye

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    I am so confused bcze Arab news in Saudi Arabia printed that the Dubai creek tower would reach only 961m in height,but the internet says something different.🤔🙄

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    It's just penises that gone sharper over time

  31. Valceanu Alexandru Vlad

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    where's the Shard?

  32. Eugen Birleanu

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    Thank you for this ! I enjoyed it.

  33. Paul Gelito

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    they forgot about the tower of babeli the bible

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  35. HRT Yoyomx

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    And Eiffel tour?

  36. All Game Man

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    I was in the burg khalifa

  37. All Game Man

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    Yo plz comment what places you have been too

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    What about cn Tower

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    What about the cn tower

  42. david groenevelt

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    This is fake the burj khalifa is the tallest building😡😡😡

  43. বাঙালী গেমার

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    Where is the Makkah clock tower?

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  45. Yous 436

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    In dubai?

  46. Yous 436

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    Is there the tallest building?

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    2:44 this is my country 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

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    Wheres teletorn its to high to see

  49. Shrek

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    How do you know what’s gonna happen in 2022?

  50. Left4trains124 The boss

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    You forgot the freedom tower in NYC

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    Eiffel tower?

  52. ProMo

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    Saudi Arabia: Get recked Dubai! Who’s the tallest now! Dubai: Hold my cement

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    Who's here in 2022? I'm here 2020



    Suwe gaada Indonesia

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    why chinese people country are so strong?Like Taiwan,China and Singapore?

  56. Nguyễn Minh Tiến

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    What about Landmark 81 in Vietnam ? It is 467 meters high. And the lowest building in this video is just 167 meters ? Please check vi.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Landmark_81

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  58. 不存在的隱形人

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    Where is Shanghai Central Tower more than 600 meters. One building in Hong Kong is also one of the tallest building in the world. Don't miss it, please.

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    *Nice Edit*

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    0/10 World Trade Center didn’t fall

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    Wheres the royal clock tower in mecca?

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    Name or link for the 2nd song? can't find it in the links above.

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    2:07 flashbacks start :/

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    0:31 is literally pp tower

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