Evolution of the iPhone ( iPhone 1 - iPhone XI )


  1. YMCooper

    YMCooper4 jam yang lalu

    I have the se as main and 4 as backup

  2. iblue monkey

    iblue monkey13 jam yang lalu

    I have the iPhone 11 Pro I don’t rlly like it

  3. iblue monkey

    iblue monkey13 jam yang lalu

    Not iPhone 1 It’s iPhone 2g

  4. Tlmb Gold

    Tlmb Gold15 jam yang lalu

    Phone 1 is the best

  5. Karson Davenport

    Karson Davenport19 jam yang lalu

    In the thumbnail that iPhone was fake

  6. Ewan Franso

    Ewan FransoHari Yang lalu

    I have IPhone 8 plus


    QUACKQUACK IM A DUCKHari Yang lalu

    I have an IPhone 11 Pro Max.

  8. מוטי אהרן

    מוטי אהרן5 hari yang lalu

    iPhone cost ton money for noting..... Only from IPhone 11 they start doing good but the price still overrated..... Apple have strongest tables so if they want they was doing strong smartphones long time ago but why they if ton idiots only care about the beand name and buy it anyway Lol.....

  9. Burnt potato

    Burnt potato5 hari yang lalu

    I have a iPhone 7 and it’s good

  10. Relope Tepie

    Relope Tepie6 hari yang lalu

    I have a 6s. It was a GIANT upgrade from the 4 i had

  11. Many Chococats

    Many Chococats7 hari yang lalu

    Why did he not include the IPhone 11 (just 11 not pro or pro max)

  12. Umrana Rahila

    Umrana Rahila8 hari yang lalu

    who remembers the original IDreporter sign?

  13. Mr. Mechanik

    Mr. Mechanik15 hari yang lalu

    My favorite IPhone... NONE.

  14. mahmoud nabil

    mahmoud nabil16 hari yang lalu

    xr is the best

  15. Kyana Morsell

    Kyana Morsell17 hari yang lalu

    The 3-4 was the most durable! A million cracked screens and it still worked

  16. Kyana Morsell

    Kyana Morsell17 hari yang lalu

    The 6s was the best!

  17. Kyana Morsell

    Kyana Morsell17 hari yang lalu

    The 5c was the worst one apple ever made

  18. Demonstrator

    Demonstrator17 hari yang lalu

    Really apple is getting better and better. EDIT: My favorite iPhone is the XR.

  19. Videoer og Filmer

    Videoer og Filmer18 hari yang lalu

    Me and my dad found hes old iPhone 4 it looks so difucalt

  20. Chen Gabriella

    Chen Gabriella18 hari yang lalu

    I have a iPhone 7

  21. Наташа Филиппова

    Наташа Филиппова19 hari yang lalu

    6с плюс нет

  22. Braziliannut

    Braziliannut19 hari yang lalu

    4,4s and XS were great

  23. LABA Ş

    LABA Ş22 hari yang lalu

    İphone 5s ❤

  24. Ariq Intisar

    Ariq Intisar26 hari yang lalu

    My favourite IPhone is IPhone 11 and IPhone 10r And IPhone 10i

  25. Emron Farahiem

    Emron Farahiem28 hari yang lalu


  26. Baliey Chatfield

    Baliey ChatfieldBulan Yang lalu

    My Favorite IPhone is IPhone 11 Pro

  27. The bevinator

    The bevinatorBulan Yang lalu

    Fuck wish I got a 6s instead of a 6

  28. Ms. Black ice

    Ms. Black iceBulan Yang lalu

    Iphone 3

  29. Maemaey//_ TwitchTV

    Maemaey//_ TwitchTVBulan Yang lalu

    I have the X

  30. Natalie Angel

    Natalie AngelBulan Yang lalu

    ok so does any care the big difference for five they did?!??

  31. Rosa Carreon

    Rosa CarreonBulan Yang lalu

    The IPhone 11 is the google prixal 4

  32. Marcus Jeffryes

    Marcus JeffryesBulan Yang lalu

    iphone 8 plus

  33. da h

    da hBulan Yang lalu

    Iphone 2g rggfwdtsp5rgf

  34. Future Merlin

    Future MerlinBulan Yang lalu


  35. Jamie

    JamieBulan Yang lalu

    From 4 GB to 128 GB 😯😯😯

  36. Fuzion Gamr

    Fuzion GamrBulan Yang lalu

    Ha the XR has bad battery life my battery was at 20 and it got to 2% fast

  37. Jan Skrovec

    Jan SkrovecBulan Yang lalu

    Im iphone 11

  38. Wew Gamer

    Wew GamerBulan Yang lalu

    iPhone 1 isn't a thing, it is called iPhone or iPhone 2G

  39. Adriana Dooki

    Adriana DookiBulan Yang lalu

    I had a 8 plus ( I now have a XR ) and it was pretty cool

  40. Stupid Username

    Stupid UsernameBulan Yang lalu

    I am getting an 11


    MARCUS SUBLETTBulan Yang lalu

    I reply to this with a XR

  42. Daniel son

    Daniel son2 bulan yang lalu

    Iphone 1 is now expired actually

  43. Adriana Dooki

    Adriana DookiBulan Yang lalu

    One time I was searching through my desk for the Pokémon game he borrowed from me and I found a iPhone 1 that belonged to him when he was 20 ( he is 41 now )