Everything You Missed in the Black Widow Trailer! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)


  1. Jorge arturo Martinez martinez

    Jorge arturo Martinez martinezBulan Yang lalu

    Siempre excelente su portal gracias.

  2. Samantha Dover

    Samantha DoverBulan Yang lalu

    A spoiler alert would have been f*cking nice!

  3. Jaime C. Schmidt

    Jaime C. SchmidtBulan Yang lalu

    This is low even for you NERDIST, making videos for the lame BW trailer but not for WW84? WTF it doesnt make sense... so F..K YOU

  4. Dry Rain

    Dry RainBulan Yang lalu

    better call saul is boring like walking dead. The only entertaining part of better caul saul is Mike's arc. It should be better call Mike.

  5. Vince Locke

    Vince LockeBulan Yang lalu

    Taskmaster is obviously Yelena Belova. Look at the way she mirrors Natasha.

  6. Pdubz21

    Pdubz21Bulan Yang lalu

    I’m calling it right now …widow didn’t die in end game …IT WAS HER SISTER! Blonde…then red?? Com’on


    THE GOOD CONTENTBulan Yang lalu

    I didn't miss anything you pretentious asshole!

  8. Adam Rogers

    Adam RogersBulan Yang lalu

    Life Model Decoy. Bring back Nat.

  9. Sailvian

    SailvianBulan Yang lalu

    Is it R rated??

  10. Audric Morton

    Audric MortonBulan Yang lalu

    Me: huh red guardian cosplay huh; also me: googling how do i make my own red guardian cosplay

  11. #TheReal #FobbDeep

    #TheReal #FobbDeepBulan Yang lalu

    Pinky Finger seams a little redundant... 😂😂😂

  12. Benevolent Surya

    Benevolent SuryaBulan Yang lalu

    Hey guys have you noticed that when Captain Marvel gains her power from the explosion, there are some plants which get affected by the same energy of the explosion. And this plant maybe the one referred in Iron Man 3, since both the energy exhibited by Captain Marvel and Aldrich Killian are kind of similar. Can you guys check on this?

  13. Ernest Pearsall

    Ernest PearsallBulan Yang lalu

    Personally my theory is that black widow will be replaced by her sister in the New Avengers bringing in a younger fresher face

  14. the taskmaster

    the taskmasterBulan Yang lalu

    I really hope they don't underutilize taskmaster

  15. Ty921

    Ty921Bulan Yang lalu

    I sense the end of this is going to have her waking up in the soul gem.

  16. Prison Riot

    Prison RiotBulan Yang lalu

    Nicolas cage should play red guardian

  17. Leary978

    Leary978Bulan Yang lalu

    It's also about DAN time! #seewhatididthere?

  18. White Devil

    White DevilBulan Yang lalu

    My prediction...that's not task master...its Iron Maiden.

  19. Lavisha Sharma

    Lavisha SharmaBulan Yang lalu

    I think the end credits would be something related to Falcon and the winter soldier.

  20. Alessio Alessi

    Alessio AlessiBulan Yang lalu

    Pretty sure we are going to meet a very different Task Master in this movie... especially because this Task Master is actually a woman! 😏

  21. J-Roc

    J-RocBulan Yang lalu

    Taskmaster is Rachel Weisz

  22. yawothol

    yawotholBulan Yang lalu

    Black widow BOOOOORING -_-

  23. BOJOY

    BOJOYBulan Yang lalu

    I hope blackwidow is alive.

  24. Anna N

    Anna NBulan Yang lalu

    I'm not ready to say goodbye to Natasha

  25. Sergio Cristancho

    Sergio CristanchoBulan Yang lalu

    Dan wanna make magic in click bait sense... try to find where and why does this leads to phase 4 or really ends phase 3? what we are not seeing besides the surprise cameos of many avengers.

  26. Dustin Bailon

    Dustin BailonBulan Yang lalu

    Could care less for this movie I find black widow very boring at least the version that we get in the movies but I'm sure it'll make a bunch of money.

  27. beyonce knowles

    beyonce knowlesBulan Yang lalu

    jesus this guy is annoying

  28. Michael Hardeman

    Michael HardemanBulan Yang lalu

    So technically even though we are now in Phase 4. This Black Widow movie is in the infinity saga.

  29. KEMO Cali

    KEMO CaliBulan Yang lalu

    I'LL BET 100$ that's Hawkeye with the Bow & Arrow on the Tank!

  30. Andres Bernal Jr.

    Andres Bernal Jr.Bulan Yang lalu

    Where did Dan get that’s sweater?!??

  31. Rick Kletke

    Rick KletkeBulan Yang lalu

    What if?... Black widow in endgame wasn’t black widow. What if she was actually a skrull and the real widow is with fury? Then this film won’t be set in civil war. Then she won’t die in endgame. Then she is still ready to kick ass

  32. Jay Flack

    Jay FlackBulan Yang lalu

    Disney/Marvel, uncharacteristically reacted slowly to having the first female lead comic movie-then, the me-too era arrived and DC beat them to a lady-film w/ WW. So, they doubled down with the Mary Sue-ing of Cap Marvel. Then, when they realize how awful the lead actress is for the Cap Marvel film they now do a solo BW film.

  33. PeterisPedro

    PeterisPedroBulan Yang lalu

    I think theres gonna be flashback where Clint comes to her aid in Budapest so we can finally get to understand what she meant by "Just like Budapest!" And also why General Ross looks so young

  34. nerdywilliams

    nerdywilliamsBulan Yang lalu

    only 1 thing : people's intrest in it

  35. Andrew Elder

    Andrew ElderBulan Yang lalu

    Dan low-key has become the Nerdist MVP

  36. Tony Moore

    Tony MooreBulan Yang lalu

    I want more Dan Casey!

  37. Alphabro125

    Alphabro125Bulan Yang lalu

    I Haven't seen endgame yet but I'm glad to see she survives it

  38. Theo K

    Theo KBulan Yang lalu

    I'm not saying that this movie's not a prequel at all but we know Marvel well enough to believe that it's just a prequel. There has to be a reason why they're making this movie after all other than just a send-off to the character.. Imo something doesn't quite add up in all this post-Civil War pre-Infinity War thing... I guess we'll find out in a few months...

  39. Nick Colonello

    Nick ColonelloBulan Yang lalu

    I mean, this movie could also take place in an alternate timeline like the one Thanos abandons for the showdown in Endgame in 2023. She doesn’t necessarily have to die.

  40. Luis Gabriel Pacheco

    Luis Gabriel PachecoBulan Yang lalu

    Yelena died as Black Widow in Endgame while Natasha is alive and hidden. They share a similar background so the emotional statement in Endgame is true, plus she's mourning for her so called "sister". The hair might be a clue as well, so is the vest. She might have gone through some procedure, or using some sort of technology to disguise the face. OR THE SECRET INVASION IS COMING! A Skrull has taken her place. Marvel would not have started a solo franchise for Black Widow unless they couod be sure that a trilogy is possible so, either Natasha is alive somewere or Yelena will become the new Black Widow. I'm more excited with option one.

  41. ورد الجوري

    ورد الجوريBulan Yang lalu

    #قرآن #quran ❤️

  42. Dude Guy

    Dude GuyBulan Yang lalu

    The Moth Man! Love your shirts Dan!

  43. Funk O'Matic

    Funk O'MaticBulan Yang lalu

    good things come to those who wait. and black widow HAS been WAITING a good long time...for her movie.

  44. Andy McGuire

    Andy McGuireBulan Yang lalu

    Still wish it wasn't a prequel. We know how her story ends, so this has less impact.

  45. marroni ugelli

    marroni ugelliBulan Yang lalu

    Did you go back to see Infinity war After knowing how that ended? We know sex usually ends,but we still enjoy it 🤔

  46. Sadhu Abhijeet

    Sadhu AbhijeetBulan Yang lalu

    You sound utterly frustrating. How did nerdist hire you

  47. bart florentino

    bart florentinoBulan Yang lalu

    Man i miss jess

  48. Sourav Durga

    Sourav DurgaBulan Yang lalu

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  49. T0K3N SM0K3

    T0K3N SM0K3Bulan Yang lalu

    hey, your friendly neighborhood BLACK NIGGA that didnt give two fucks about female captain marvel here.. (fell asleep in the theatre). down for this though, maybe because they didnt change much with her... dont fuck this up marv.. excuse me, i mean disney.

  50. Joe Rogan

    Joe RoganBulan Yang lalu

    How did I randomly get re subscribed to this channel??? I specifically remember unsubscribing like a year ago when Because Science got his own channel(that was the only show I watched on Nerdist, everything else is just trash). IDreporter is so fucked.

  51. Richard Deats

    Richard DeatsBulan Yang lalu

    Maybe just maybe her sister shows up in the next Avengers movie and will replace Natasha as the new Black Widow along side Captain Marvel, the Falcon / Captain America, the new Thor , Spiderman and others . Just saying maybe .

  52. Rudi Wicomb

    Rudi WicombBulan Yang lalu

    What if Natasha isn't dead but it was a brainwashed Yelena altered to look like Natasha that died in Endgame, Or a clone of the original Natasha that died. The Red Room is in fact a brainwashing and cloning facility, and Rachel Weisz ( Iron Maiden) is the original Natasha.

  53. Tanush Hemnani marvel and dc

    Tanush Hemnani marvel and dcBulan Yang lalu

    I like it

  54. Tony Payson

    Tony PaysonBulan Yang lalu

    All roads lead to Budapest.

  55. Gus Arango

    Gus ArangoBulan Yang lalu

    She had to die to get her movie.

  56. Alex Kruse

    Alex KruseBulan Yang lalu

    What happened to the hot lady that use to do these?

  57. hidraa redskull

    hidraa redskullBulan Yang lalu

    No one: Feminist: no man want to see a woman as a lead role on a action movie Marvel: Black Widow makes over 1.2 billion dollars Feminist: 😱🤭

  58. KuronoXD

    KuronoXDBulan Yang lalu

    My guess is Yelena dies saving her from Iron Maiden, and Natasha keeps her vest and dyes her hair blonde to honour her.

  59. Jonathan Ward

    Jonathan WardBulan Yang lalu

    Good breakdown, but you said jokes are forced and just not funny. Bring back Amy

  60. farasapt

    farasaptBulan Yang lalu

    I miss Jessica chobot.

  61. Denni Wintyr

    Denni WintyrBulan Yang lalu

    There was a guitar hero drum kit in that apartment (3:18).. seems an awfully specific piece of set dressing