Everything GREAT About Avengers: Endgame! (Part 3)


  1. Kaitlyn The TACO

    Kaitlyn The TACO2 jam yang lalu

    In Tony’s last moments Peter finally calls him “tony”

  2. Digimaniac X

    Digimaniac X8 jam yang lalu

    Old man Cap had to have lived in a different timeline. The time travel rules aside. How would he have fixed his shield in the prime timeline? Are you telling me supper pro isolated Wakanda T’chaka would let Steve in to get his shield fixed? And we have no evidence that Howard could fix it.

  3. MattMan Studios

    MattMan Studios8 jam yang lalu

    I like how you put the avengers who sacrificed everything in the thumbnails of these 3 parts A.k.a Cap(still alive) Natasha And Tony And you ended on 3000 wins and you said you’d never mention that again

  4. Unfamous Frashner

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    I want a cheeseburger after watching this (please understand this reference everyone, it's too special to not understand)

  5. liam williams

    liam williams12 jam yang lalu

    There is so much i didnt notice till i saw these videos. I really need to go watch it again. Also i was slightly disappointed thor was played for laughs but after some of the stuff you pointed out it was actually a lot better than i realised.

  6. myasincp

    myasincp22 jam yang lalu

    Clever. 3000 win counters

  7. Benjamin Hondorp

    Benjamin Hondorp23 jam yang lalu

    why am I getting teary eyed at a number counting up??!! what is this sorcery?


    FALLS LORDHari Yang lalu

    I love you 3000

  9. Nolan Long

    Nolan LongHari Yang lalu

    Cap was the first avenger but the last avenger to complete his purpose

  10. MintyOreos11

    MintyOreos11Hari Yang lalu

    Everytime I see any clip from endgame I get goosebumps

  11. avto walley

    avto walley2 hari yang lalu

    scorsese: MCU is not a cinema!!!!! i really want to punch him in his stupid face

  12. Draco Safarius

    Draco Safarius2 hari yang lalu

    Really enjoyed this, but that time travel explanation section was a mess. The best way to look at it is Bruce's explanation, but going more extreme

  13. Blaine st pierre

    Blaine st pierre2 hari yang lalu

    I'm 60 and grew up with Marvel comics, so I was already vested in these characters. These movies brought back that spark of imagination again. Sat in a theater with my son and cried as Nat fell to her death. I tried to hide it from my 14 yr old boy but he was crying too.He said to me dad its ok. It was one of those moments you won't forget.

  14. Arya Mathur

    Arya Mathur2 hari yang lalu

    The 3000 win points gave me goosebumps...

  15. Monika Tamelyte

    Monika Tamelyte2 hari yang lalu

    The 3000 sins just- I’mma go cry now

  16. arin

    arin2 hari yang lalu

    Natasha is avengers back bone. The whole time.

  17. Michael Myers

    Michael Myers2 hari yang lalu

    This movie is so GREAT that it requires 3 parts!

  18. Joseph Tay

    Joseph Tay2 hari yang lalu

    he put it on 3000 for a reasonnnn

  19. Ismael Cesar

    Ismael Cesar3 hari yang lalu

    It's funny how in Vormir, the soroundings of the mointain where red skull is, with all those dunes and lagoons. It almost looks like brazilian wet desert.

  20. Movie Hermit

    Movie Hermit3 hari yang lalu

    Looking at the negative comments towards Professor Hulk (and MCU hulk in general), it looks like Bruce was right in Ragnarok. No one really cares about him. (at least, most people) Honestly, I loved how they closed his story in Endgame. Really, it was incredible seeing Bruce live with peace, not fear of himself or Hulk or being chased around by the Government. It really goes to show, we can never beat our demons, sure, we can fight them, but that fight is never going to end. Just look at what happened to Bruce, his fear and hatred of Hulk just gave him power (especially after Wanda messed with his head) to keep Bruce locked away for 2 years. Just imagine that, you go from the fear of hurting others to fear of being trapped inside something else for the rest of your life in the blink of an eye. So, he turned things around. Like he said in Endgame "I always treated the Hulk like a disease, something to get rid of. But then I started looking at him as the cure". We can either fight a never ending battle against what we hate about ourselves, or accept them as a part of who we are and gain control of yourself, 100%. And with the comments about how Norton's Hulk is so much stronger than Ruffalo's, heres a list of all of MCU Hulks biggest feats: 1) Falling from the Helicarrier and into a warehouse and being fine 2) That time he punched that giant Chitaurui flying space turtle thing 3) Taking on a barrage of Chitaurui blasts without a scratch 4) Held out against the HulkBuster (specifically designed to fight him) 5) Needed to be dropped through a very tall building to be dazed enough for Bruce to get a hand on the wheel, giving Tony that opening he needed 6) Took two hits of the raw power of Thor and got up both times 7) jumped into Surtur's face without hesitation, got a few punches in and got flung back onto the bridge, only dazed for a few seconds 8) Convinced the Ancient One to give him the time stone, without which would have made reversing the snap impossible 9) Performed the snap that brought back half the universe AND LIVED (something we've only seen Thanos do) 10) Held up the collapsing compound WITH AN INJURED ARM (and he didn't even drop it, the water level was just rising) 11) Fought in the biggest battle in MCU history with previously mentioned SEVERELY INJURED ARM I'm not saying one is better than the other, I honestly don't care. As long as I enjoy the interpretations and stories. Getting angry that a (somewhat rebooted) character is different from a previous incarnation to better fit the evolving story being told as opposed to just having the same characters in different places with similar stories just makes sure that you don't enjoy an aspect of something you like. So, when you start to dislike something for the reason that it's different, even if it's a part of something you enjoy, think about what Professor Hulk taught us; you can either fight an endless battle or accept what you're fighting and find peace. Your choice

  21. Joel Dowdell

    Joel Dowdell3 hari yang lalu

    My theory is that cap lived his life in another timeline, time traveled back to the first time platform when it was unoccupied. After they came back from the time heist, before alternate nebula brought thanos and co. in.

  22. Z3d Da g4mar

    Z3d Da g4mar4 hari yang lalu

    This is the 3rd time I’ve watched this video With 30k likes And 3000 wins With 3 characters has died And this is the 3rd part Idk what’s happening

  23. RicoChey

    RicoChey4 hari yang lalu

    Did you just make me cry with a fucking counter?

  24. Filthy McNasty

    Filthy McNasty4 hari yang lalu

    Salt bae Thanos! lol I teared up when Thor realized he was still worthy; a powerful message indeed. Thanks for all 3 videos of Endgame. I only saw it once, but It will be on sale on Black Friday for about $8, then I'll buy the steelbooks for all 4 Avengers movies and I'll watch them over and over. What a great series. The MCU will not be the same without Downey and Evans.

  25. Hamiz Iqbal

    Hamiz Iqbal4 hari yang lalu

    You said tons has to be at least 4000 pounds but, 2200 pounds is 1.1 TONS in plural

  26. Zion Zix

    Zion Zix3 hari yang lalu

    When someone says "I had to lift tons of crates with my fortlift at work today" do you think they mean 1.1 - 1.9 tons? Don't you think about at least 2 tons?

  27. Julie Caccavo

    Julie Caccavo4 hari yang lalu

    You get a win for calling Cap’s moment with Mjölnir “Elevator’s Not Worthy.” Also I TOTALLY DIDNT CRY AT THIS VIDEO SHUT UP

  28. Zion Zix

    Zion Zix3 hari yang lalu

    Something in your eye? Allergies? Same...

  29. Jimmy Killeen

    Jimmy Killeen5 hari yang lalu

    Still not cinema I guess... Seriously fuck those who agree with this statement.

  30. Jewel

    Jewel5 hari yang lalu

    Yup. Just yup.

  31. will j

    will j5 hari yang lalu

    I figure that Steve being married to Peggy was always part of the same timeline. We just didn't know until Endgame.

  32. Aragami YT

    Aragami YT5 hari yang lalu

    I subscribed because of Part 1, 2 and 3.

  33. Robin Zitlau

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    3,000 wins... I didn't see that coming );

  34. TheBiosanity

    TheBiosanity6 hari yang lalu

    Why did you have to do that to me with the 3000 thing

  35. MrsNanna83

    MrsNanna836 hari yang lalu

    The "I love you 3,000" line worked for me, because we use the metric system in my (and almost all other countries lol) country. So "tons" would be at least 2,000 kg. 3,000 kg would be more. Duh. All I'm saying that to me that wasn't such a head scratcher. If we're going out on a limb, we could say that because Tony is very good with science - which uses the metric system - he thinks in metric?? I don't know. I loved the movie. Loved the 3,000 comment. Loved that the win counter ended on that. Who's cutting all these onions?!? *sobs*

  36. A Bird

    A Bird6 hari yang lalu

    The fact that the rules of time travel is clunky and gets changed several times in this movie does not matter to me or many of the fans, cap got his ending and everyone got to talk to their respective people (Tony's Dad for example), the rules will be "talked" about for a long time but I personally do not care, this was a massive bow on top of the massive franchise and gift that the MCU is.

  37. Dakota Benson

    Dakota Benson6 hari yang lalu

    She said I love you 3,000 because that’s how many minutes went into the entire MCU by the end of this movie

  38. Greta Van YEET

    Greta Van YEET6 hari yang lalu

    I didn’t even notice Steve’s picture on Peggy’s desk....I...I need a moment

  39. AtomicLight

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    This video has 666 dislikes as of november 11 2019

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    @AtomicLight My heartbeat is 666/66

  41. AtomicLight

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    My phone is at 66%

  42. Daniel Claggett

    Daniel Claggett6 hari yang lalu

    Now that endgame has come and gone, I am wondering who the next big bad is going to be. Not that I want Marvel to rush it or anything like that but it makes you wonder. I am hoping that Marvel won't start down the path of a huge bad guy until the very end of Phase 5 or 6 similar to how they showed Thanos at the end of the avengers. Give us time with the newer heroes coming in and to set up new worlds.

  43. Nicolas Clark

    Nicolas Clark6 hari yang lalu

    I have nothing to say about this movie without going into some long comment, so I will try to keep it as short as possible. All I can say is this movie was amazing. It is a fantastic conclusion. Heartwarming and heartwrenching at the same time.

  44. Christopher Franklin

    Christopher Franklin7 hari yang lalu

    Thank you for doing what you do. Talking intelligently and legitimately about movies like this is a dying art that I think is so important as a modern man. Keep up the good work sir!

  45. Russell Schwartz

    Russell Schwartz7 hari yang lalu

    Also, what a thrill to see you use the proper “Hollywoo.”

  46. Russell Schwartz

    Russell Schwartz7 hari yang lalu

    I think the most emotional thing Thor says in the gauntlet scene is he’s begging them not just to let him do something, but to let him do something “good.” As if he’s so beaten down by his failure that it’s invalidated all of the other good he’s done. And that... is very real.

  47. ThePWNagePWR

    ThePWNagePWR7 hari yang lalu

    2 Things that make me tear up, everytime. Sheldon's Noble Prize Speech in Big Bang Theory, and watching the Win Counter go up to 3000

  48. Samantha Powell

    Samantha Powell7 hari yang lalu

    Anyone else noticed how Rocket and Nebula held hands in complete silence. Not saying a single word to each other, just silently understanding the other's pain of losing the only people they considered family.

  49. Ryuu Shinzo

    Ryuu Shinzo7 hari yang lalu

    On the PTSD topic, I think that was a deliberate social commentary approach on what to do and what not to do. Also seeing how spidey took his stance when Cap shouted "AVENGERS" was something, his stance was basically a Wu-Tang stance. Lastly, I originally thought you guys were gonna break the win counter again and I saw it slowing down ya got me all teary eyed. I was thinking the 3000 and 1 but the 3000 hit home. This was a heartfelt Cinema Wins. I hate to say it but DC picked a REALLY bad time to do their hero collab.

  50. Wade Harshman

    Wade Harshman8 hari yang lalu

    Confession : I think Infinity War might be the better movie. I can't prove that, but if I'm sitting to watch an incredible Marvel movie, I'm probably choosing the "Empire Strikes Back" of the MCU.

  51. Zion Zix

    Zion Zix3 hari yang lalu

    It's a matter of preferance, obviously. I loved both movies, but for different reasons. I loved this movie because the heroes won at the end. I loved IW because the heroes lost at the end. Sometimes heroes need to lose before they win. They normally do that in the runtime of one movie, but to see them lose at the end of a movie was a fantastic choice in my opinion.

  52. Jimmy eatsom

    Jimmy eatsom8 hari yang lalu

    The moment I realized you were going to stop on 3000 wins, I did a literal LaughCry-NoseSnort. Somehow you recaptured the absolute smorgasbord of emotions that this movie threw at me on first watch, and I thank you for it.

  53. Zion Zix

    Zion Zix3 hari yang lalu

    Let me help you with that... smörgåsbord.

  54. Malcolm Hudson

    Malcolm Hudson8 hari yang lalu

    I know this has nothing to do with Endgame; but my question is: why hasn’t CinemaWins done the Rocky franchise yet?

  55. Zion Zix

    Zion Zix3 hari yang lalu

    I know this has nothing to do with CinemaWins, but when's CinemaSins gonna do Endgame? And when will Th3Birdman make fun of CinemaSins for that video?

  56. Andre van Rooyen

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    I'm just going to go cry for a few days real quick

  57. Toa Gatanuva

    Toa Gatanuva8 hari yang lalu

    Endgame will forever be for me what Titanic was to my parents

  58. Big Clay

    Big Clay8 hari yang lalu

    Can u explain where cap got his shield to give to Sam?

  59. Zion Zix

    Zion Zix3 hari yang lalu

    From the past...

  60. Freddy Jenkins

    Freddy Jenkins9 hari yang lalu

    Thank you, CimemaWins 🐐

  61. Tiara Bowman

    Tiara Bowman9 hari yang lalu

    I cried.

  62. Ryan Davidson

    Ryan Davidson9 hari yang lalu

    A ton is 1,000lbs. A tonne(SI) is 2,200lbs.

  63. Charlie Greene

    Charlie Greene9 hari yang lalu

    Wow, 3 whole parts. That a lot, but I bet it will barely compare to the length of the rango video

  64. Rishujeet Rai

    Rishujeet Rai9 hari yang lalu

    *CinemaWins for the Win guys!!!*

  65. Rishujeet Rai

    Rishujeet Rai9 hari yang lalu

    Ultron: Captain America...pretending you could live without a war. Captain Steve Rogers in Endgame: _Outsmarts hydra agents to avoid conflict. Returns back to Peggy and passes the torch to Sam to live a peaceful and happy life._ *Eat that Ultron!* *Also this is the first time I saw someone proving Ultron wrong.*

  66. Daniel Claggett

    Daniel Claggett6 hari yang lalu

    I 100% agree. I think it also plays into the aspect of Captains character that he is constantly self-less and only caring about the world or the team. For captain to live without war, he has to be selfish. He can't be living anymore looking for the next fight. Even though he has the power to fight, he knows that he can't. I just thought about this, another reason why Steve stays in the past is because he already knows how the future is going to happen. When and where, he has seen the end to it all. He can sleep peacefully that even when the world doesnt know who will win, he does. That is how he is able to live without war.

  67. Theinen84

    Theinen849 hari yang lalu

    I do like how they kinda sealed out a lot of potentials. Though, I wouldn't have been against them bringing back Vision and putting the rest of the stones on him. He's powered by one, insanely powerful and built from vibranium, with a regeneration factor. He could snap and still lay siege. Just saying, wouldn't have been against him finally getting to cut loose. But I guess he and Wanda had their goodbye in Infinity War and, Paul's absence as Vision or JARVIS makes me think scheduling/contract conflict.

  68. Rishujeet Rai

    Rishujeet Rai9 hari yang lalu

    Thanos: _I'm inevitable._ Scott: *Hold my Pym particles.*

  69. Ben Wallace

    Ben Wallace10 hari yang lalu

    i have a lot of feelings and thoughts and words about thor, (most of which i've expended on other platforms) so i'll just say this as a fat person, and it's something i want everyone to think about when considering endgame thor. how he experiences his fatness is just not representative the majority of fat people. i, and many other people, find it impossible to be disconnected from the way my body looks. it's entirely possible that new asgard was 100% accepting of his journey and struggles, so him being totally dissasociated from rude comments from other people is just unrealistic. it's extremely obvious that the creative team had no fat consultants or did any research on the fat experience. his portrayal and the stereotypes associated is something that should've been left in the past a long time ago and i expected better from a studio with as much impact as disney.