1. Aj R

    Aj R10 jam yang lalu

    fkn got me with the hnr block

  2. Ivanna Franco

    Ivanna Franco10 jam yang lalu

    Real tacos doesn’t have lettuce or cheese

  3. JacobJakeTv International Pictures

    JacobJakeTv International Pictures10 jam yang lalu

    Esa werita hermosa me enamora tanto verla.

  4. / Lockuhma

    / Lockuhma11 jam yang lalu

    Smosh genius parody? Please happen

  5. Aido

    Aido11 jam yang lalu

    The first one is me at every resturant 😂

  6. Dark 123

    Dark 12311 jam yang lalu

    Do every Area 51 ever

  7. Miguel Ángel Hernández Mora

    Miguel Ángel Hernández Mora11 jam yang lalu

    Ningún mexicano, chingadamadre?

  8. sanni Bill

    sanni Bill11 jam yang lalu

    Every VSCO girl ever

  9. Speckro unicorn

    Speckro unicorn11 jam yang lalu

    Shane's Spanish is so good!

  10. AwesomeDudes

    AwesomeDudes11 jam yang lalu

    Willy’s is better....

  11. Uli-ssi

    Uli-ssi11 jam yang lalu

    Honestly, Shayne’s accent wasn’t bad on most words! Quite impressed with how good he’s getting in Spanish. 😘🥰❤️

  12. Mert Karan Kardeşler

    Mert Karan Kardeşler11 jam yang lalu

    :) harika

  13. sanni Bill

    sanni Bill11 jam yang lalu

    I watched this cause my uncle works at Chipotle XD

  14. ali life gatcha

    ali life gatcha11 jam yang lalu


  15. Melissa Meza

    Melissa Meza11 jam yang lalu

    Shayne did a rlly good impression of Spanish noice 🤠

  16. Murad Miah

    Murad Miah11 jam yang lalu

    Guys just remember 1/3 of food Is wasted you now know why...

  17. Nachito Sesmas

    Nachito Sesmas11 jam yang lalu

    vid idea:every wendys ever

  18. Erick Silva

    Erick Silva11 jam yang lalu

    Do every smosh ever

  19. Tyler Ferrell

    Tyler Ferrell11 jam yang lalu

    I use to work at Chipotle and this is completely relatable

  20. Gacha Serena

    Gacha Serena11 jam yang lalu

    ... i got a wendys ad o.0

  21. Henry Diep

    Henry Diep11 jam yang lalu

    Try EVERY Panda Express EVER


    PIZZA _TIME12 jam yang lalu


  23. SPLATS

    SPLATS12 jam yang lalu

    I eat my burritos at Firegrill burritos. If anybody lives in that portion if the world lol

  24. Daniels zeho gdp

    Daniels zeho gdp12 jam yang lalu

    Que buen español hahaha

  25. slimy cunt

    slimy cunt12 jam yang lalu

    Those bowls!

  26. Larcisa Albita

    Larcisa Albita12 jam yang lalu

    the burrito wrapping guy is the best!

  27. Milagros Bustamante

    Milagros Bustamante12 jam yang lalu

    Can u pls bring back food battle pl@ssssssssssssssssssssss

  28. Esjellz

    Esjellz13 jam yang lalu

    I came back to Smosh after 8 years, now its soooo different...

  29. •G a c h a• øwø

    •G a c h a• øwø13 jam yang lalu

    I watched this cause my uncle works at Chipotle XD

  30. Niuniu Cui

    Niuniu Cui13 jam yang lalu

    Every VSCO girl ever

  31. Lulu Moon

    Lulu Moon13 jam yang lalu

    When I was 7 I was cooking all Mexican food so when I was watching this I was laughing

  32. Stephen Mendoza

    Stephen Mendoza13 jam yang lalu

    “Spicy ketchup”

  33. random dete

    random dete13 jam yang lalu

    Will the Damian ever warp a burito? We will wind out in next episode of every Chipotle ever

  34. emeka62

    emeka6213 jam yang lalu

    So much delicious food being wasted. My eyes burn at the sight.

  35. SpectrumFlameGames

    SpectrumFlameGames13 jam yang lalu

    Who else is craving Chipotle right now??

  36. Dylan Nicholas

    Dylan Nicholas13 jam yang lalu

    Why do these videos get views

  37. أبراهيم النعيمي القيسي

    أبراهيم النعيمي القيسي13 jam yang lalu

    Hallo batrix

  38. UnSalted Kiddo

    UnSalted Kiddo14 jam yang lalu

    White rice has more flavor but brown rice has more nutrients than white rice lol

  39. Mock_NoVa

    Mock_NoVa14 jam yang lalu

    next do every ad ever

  40. PugLife10 1

    PugLife10 114 jam yang lalu

    *she would like UNA TORTILLAHHHHH* 😂😂😂

  41. XxxAthenaxxX

    XxxAthenaxxX14 jam yang lalu

    -casually just eating chipotle- *whoops*

  42. Trinity Medina

    Trinity Medina14 jam yang lalu

    “ *oh ho! quittin’ time!* “

  43. Gleaming_ Crystal

    Gleaming_ Crystal14 jam yang lalu

    Remember when Smosh actually used to be decent....?

  44. Danielle Thompson

    Danielle Thompson14 jam yang lalu

    Please do every vegan ever!

  45. Tom

    Tom15 jam yang lalu

    Is chipotle the Mexican food version of subway?

  46. Euder Araujo

    Euder Araujo15 jam yang lalu

    3:09 wtf

  47. Tilly Gauntlett

    Tilly Gauntlett15 jam yang lalu

    For ur next winter games u should do a snow flop. Like a belly flop into a pool but into snow.

  48. NoobYou Helmy

    NoobYou Helmy15 jam yang lalu

    every primary school ever

  49. Antonio Rodriguez

    Antonio Rodriguez15 jam yang lalu

    Remember when Smosh was good I was in like 6 grade I graduated high school 😭

  50. Dylan Lawrence - TheSpiderDoctor

    Dylan Lawrence - TheSpiderDoctor15 jam yang lalu

    I can confirm this is true

  51. Angela Bermudez

    Angela Bermudez15 jam yang lalu

    Is anyone else wondering where Noah is?

  52. Ece Özgürel

    Ece Özgürel15 jam yang lalu

    every back to school ever

  53. Savage Gaymer

    Savage Gaymer16 jam yang lalu

    every Pizza Hut ever?..

  54. notyourlord

    notyourlord16 jam yang lalu

    What's better, chipotle or taco bell?

  55. notyourlord

    notyourlord14 jam yang lalu


  56. cwolf201

    cwolf20114 jam yang lalu

    tossup, literally. one or the other occasionally sends me puking

  57. Ava Wilson

    Ava Wilson16 jam yang lalu


  58. Skeet skeet

    Skeet skeet16 jam yang lalu

    Well, now I know I'm never going here.

  59. Dylan Reeve

    Dylan Reeve16 jam yang lalu

    every ikea ever?

  60. Blueastronaut 43

    Blueastronaut 4316 jam yang lalu

    Every Wendy’s ever

  61. Goldjade14

    Goldjade1416 jam yang lalu

    This is why you go to a real burrito shop . Thank god I live in CA

  62. El Aula Del Wolf Wolf sensei

    El Aula Del Wolf Wolf sensei16 jam yang lalu

    Queso is the exact same shit than cheese

  63. Winsorvy

    Winsorvy17 jam yang lalu

    Remember when Smosh use to be relevant and funny to watch?

  64. Sacha Dil

    Sacha Dil17 jam yang lalu

    The food wasted in this video

  65. Julia Brennan

    Julia Brennan17 jam yang lalu

    ...was that a monty python and the holy grail reference over there at the end?

  66. Bea Herreman

    Bea Herreman17 jam yang lalu

    I love Chipotle. It's my favorite restaurant.

  67. mkay marcuz

    mkay marcuz17 jam yang lalu

    Is it just me but all your vids now are just every blank ever

  68. JulieAnn Larson

    JulieAnn Larson17 jam yang lalu


  69. Juan Daniel Balderas Cano

    Juan Daniel Balderas Cano17 jam yang lalu

    Chipotle es un asco, una ofensa a la comida mexicana

  70. Jasmine Young

    Jasmine Young18 jam yang lalu


  71. yvng franco

    yvng franco18 jam yang lalu

    first time watching a vid from this channel.... never again

  72. Labeled

    Labeled18 jam yang lalu

    I feel called out on ordering the bowl, but using chips to eat it.....

  73. EvanVolcano

    EvanVolcano18 jam yang lalu

    More like every E. coli outbreak ever

  74. raya eliz

    raya eliz18 jam yang lalu

    Doesnt the green bowl thingy there has cancer connected to it or something

  75. William Deese

    William Deese18 jam yang lalu

    I miss the old days 😔

  76. Humphrey the Elephant

    Humphrey the Elephant18 jam yang lalu

    Wow this channel is flaming doo doo

  77. cwolf201

    cwolf20114 jam yang lalu

    your communication skills are epic

  78. Lauren Terrell

    Lauren Terrell19 jam yang lalu

    If shayne could JUST be my date to my sisters wedding, that would be rad 🤘🏻

  79. Emdee

    Emdee19 jam yang lalu

    well guys guess what im getting for lunch

  80. cwolf201

    cwolf20114 jam yang lalu

    like that'll stop smosh cast from eating it outside of the video

  81. Variety Info

    Variety Info19 jam yang lalu

    This video is hilarious however I will not be paying more than $2.00 just for guacamole! No thank you.

  82. Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith19 jam yang lalu

    Why is this channel even trying anymore?

  83. Eduardo Sanz

    Eduardo Sanz19 jam yang lalu

    OMG Shayne speaking in spanish is so cool haha, im from Mexico he and spelled it correctly

  84. Whex

    Whex19 jam yang lalu

    Anyone remember back in the old days when there was still Anthony and it was *actually funny*

  85. Santiago lucero Lucero

    Santiago lucero Lucero20 jam yang lalu

    Make every Wendy’s every