Everton v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 12/07/19 | NBC Sports


  1. Giuseppe Dossi

    Giuseppe DossiBulan Yang lalu

    so many actors, eh hollywood is calling

  2. Mike Mancuso

    Mike MancusoBulan Yang lalu


  3. Alex Clementino

    Alex ClementinoBulan Yang lalu

    8:19 You see it don't you?

  4. Ball Bandars

    Ball BandarsBulan Yang lalu


  5. R- STYVE

    R- STYVEBulan Yang lalu

    Chelsea defenders they need to be strong enough and to collaborate each others and having comunication.


    KAYKE BROTHERteamBulan Yang lalu

    Go Everton

  7. Carlos Escudero

    Carlos EscuderoBulan Yang lalu

    8:20 the guy on the right side sticking out his tongue XD

  8. Adam Brough

    Adam BroughBulan Yang lalu


  9. Asante Perry

    Asante PerryBulan Yang lalu

    I'm a Chelsea fan, but Everton deserved the win.

  10. Gorgeous George

    Gorgeous GeorgeBulan Yang lalu

    Liverpool fan and this took me back to those horrible derby's of the '90s. This is opening old wounds. I can't stand Ferguson!

  11. Mícheál Flaithbheartaigh

    Mícheál FlaithbheartaighBulan Yang lalu

    It's nice to see the real Everton back.....It's been a while !

  12. TheGreatGambino

    TheGreatGambinoBulan Yang lalu

    Kovacic definitely is the reason for Everton's 3rd goal.

  13. William Sampson

    William SampsonBulan Yang lalu

    wow, Chelsea had zero chemistry and teamwork. They looked like they were playing a pre-season game while Everton was in mid-season form.

  14. TRD Jungle heat

    TRD Jungle heatBulan Yang lalu

    Name of the song at the end?

  15. Zahidul Chowdhury

    Zahidul ChowdhuryBulan Yang lalu

    Who is the ball boy?

  16. Arris Akabidin

    Arris AkabidinBulan Yang lalu

    KEPPA OUT....... ZOUMA OUT.......

  17. Kenyan Music

    Kenyan MusicBulan Yang lalu

    great highights

  18. Nicholas Mushonga

    Nicholas MushongaBulan Yang lalu

    what is the use of Christensen's height. HE LOST A SOFT AREIAL TUSSLE WITH CALVERT. AND YOU PEOPLE YOU RUSH TO BLAME ZOUMA!!!!!!

  19. J.J Rangel

    J.J RangelBulan Yang lalu

    Where are all the American Pulisic fans at ? Lol

  20. Joseantonio Garcia

    Joseantonio GarciaBulan Yang lalu

    Lol I love how he celebrated with the ball boys

  21. Synnic 10

    Synnic 10Bulan Yang lalu

    To be honest with that defense that chelsea has and the tactical defensive point of view in my opinion a lot to improve and even the keeper and chelsea fans out there i have no hate for the club but it's an opinion y'all can disagree or agree

  22. Sue Rocks

    Sue RocksBulan Yang lalu

    Hey Kepa, Sarri says hiiii

  23. William P Thomas

    William P ThomasBulan Yang lalu

    If rudiger ever gets healthy it has to be him and tomori as the starters cause zouma and Christiansen are shockingly bad.

  24. Denis Gutierrez

    Denis GutierrezBulan Yang lalu

    La defensa central de chelsea muy floja, muy troncos. Tienen que mejorar en ese sector

  25. skech_one

    skech_oneBulan Yang lalu

    Nice game Everton congratulations keep that hunger alive

  26. Hhla8485

    Hhla8485Bulan Yang lalu

    I feel Everton's positive energy. Good for you!

  27. C

    CBulan Yang lalu

    Play Kean more.

  28. Teofilo Da Silva

    Teofilo Da SilvaBulan Yang lalu

    I love Chelsea to go 2 liga like L.City😭😓🤣😂

  29. Teofilo Da Silva

    Teofilo Da SilvaBulan Yang lalu

    It's clearly that Chelsea is all mas up on the last man's 😭🤣😂

  30. Iboro Udoh

    Iboro UdohBulan Yang lalu

    @6:30. Yup! That's one angry bird alright.

  31. sh peimaei

    sh peimaeiBulan Yang lalu

    This win belongs to Duncan Ferguson return to be hero again which is in his blood. Congratulations Big Dunc .


    ALONE4EVER_ SADBulan Yang lalu

    Hey guy 👋 go check out lastchapta ft scentriic (greenlight)...go now

  33. Moothoo Veeren

    Moothoo VeerenBulan Yang lalu

    Duncan is the man to bring glory back at Goodisson Park. Dont go looking for second best, when you have the real and genuine man. Money cannot buy passion to motivate

  34. Cash K

    Cash KBulan Yang lalu

    Congratulations to Everton

  35. Damion Anderson

    Damion AndersonBulan Yang lalu

    Zouma is the worst defender in the world

  36. Rahmansyah Siregar

    Rahmansyah SiregarBulan Yang lalu

    Bek chelsea kurang semangat 😢

  37. Pos 2gosis

    Pos 2gosisBulan Yang lalu

    😧Chelsea -----------> Next 😎Son heung min

  38. IE

    IEBulan Yang lalu

    Big Dunc is one of the most entertaining people in the Premier League. I hope he stays manager of Everton for a long long time. Makes Everton games very fun to watch. Very uplifting person.

  39. BetSystemChannel

    BetSystemChannelBulan Yang lalu


  40. Justin Chicharito

    Justin ChicharitoBulan Yang lalu

    13:10 The goal was so good that even Kepa cheered

  41. Andrew Gunner

    Andrew GunnerBulan Yang lalu

    LOL yeah right

  42. 0riginal _Panda_Child

    0riginal _Panda_ChildBulan Yang lalu

    Mustafi: *exists Chelsea Defence: hold my beer

  43. melvyns1975

    melvyns1975Bulan Yang lalu

    NBCSN > Sky Sports and BT put together

  44. Gamal Gad

    Gamal GadBulan Yang lalu

    I think we will watch another Kloop in the PL for everton 😂😂😂

  45. ThisIsTheTruth

    ThisIsTheTruthBulan Yang lalu

    The Big Club Everton smash the small Club of 2006 Chelsea

  46. Alex Alexo

    Alex AlexoBulan Yang lalu

    Lampard at fault again the gap between the defence line n midfield was wide open he could told mount to drop down a bit while Kante help the defence but he didn't do that this where the tactics needs to come in to play when u don't have a space to play flawless game u need to adjust

  47. fb schafer

    fb schaferBulan Yang lalu

    Man that focking match was lit but too bad Chelsea lost

  48. Nakfa Eritrea

    Nakfa EritreaBulan Yang lalu

    Everton they doing well

  49. Serpent2008

    Serpent2008Bulan Yang lalu

    Lampard don’t know how to coach. He using Pulisic to play the whole game now, Pulisic is weak he only good for 30 minutes.

  50. Karl Tanner from Gin Alley

    Karl Tanner from Gin AlleyBulan Yang lalu

    thanks for your opinion, Mexican

  51. Jonas sillva

    Jonas sillvaBulan Yang lalu

    Algum Brasileiro Torcedor Do Chelsea Por Aqui ? Deixa Like 👍

  52. LJ ABM

    LJ ABMBulan Yang lalu


  53. LJ ABM

    LJ ABMBulan Yang lalu


  54. LJ ABM

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  55. LJ ABM

    LJ ABMBulan Yang lalu


  56. LJ ABM

    LJ ABMBulan Yang lalu

    KURT HAPPY ZOUMA and ANDREAS CHRISTENSEN is not a big team player. They are middle class defender that look good but not good enough. KURT HAPPY ZOUMA have been given so much chance this season but he blew almost every chance given. So as ANDREAS CHRISTENSEN. They must go & find a middle class club. They cannot play for chelsea. Its against the world order, its against the nature. KURT HAPPY ZOUMA & ANDREAS CHRISTENSEN HAVE TO GO!!!!

  57. Andrés Feliciano

    Andrés FelicianoBulan Yang lalu

    I like this Ferguson fellow's celebrations.

  58. darkhumphrey

    darkhumphreyBulan Yang lalu

    Everton beat Chelsea... I've seen it all

  59. Ryan Scails

    Ryan ScailsBulan Yang lalu

    Everton's done fairly well against Chelsea in recent years actually.

  60. Miqsa Saputra

    Miqsa SaputraBulan Yang lalu

    Nggak Kepa nggak nadeo lagi ngelawak mainnya 🤣🤣😂😃😁

  61. Will Sniff

    Will SniffBulan Yang lalu

    LOVE Calvert-Lewins workrate. Dont see a hardworking honest striker like that much anymore. Many would have gone down at the first contact on his first goal

  62. Pedro Leal

    Pedro LealBulan Yang lalu

    United fan, seeing Ole, Ferguson and Lampard taking charge of their respective clubs is truly moving to me. It must take great character to be able to welcome that massive amount of pressure. That handshake at the end was class too.

  63. joey varela

    joey varelaBulan Yang lalu

    Song as the end?

  64. Songs In 60 Seconds

    Songs In 60 SecondsBulan Yang lalu

    Duncan... Duncan Ferguson....

  65. James Ebola

    James EbolaBulan Yang lalu

    How can Chelsea lose to bottom of the table team?

  66. James Ebola

    James EbolaBulan Yang lalu

    @Mícheál Flaithbheartaigh He probably threatened to beat the stuffing out of his players unless they won.

  67. Mícheál Flaithbheartaigh

    Mícheál FlaithbheartaighBulan Yang lalu

    Because Duncan's Everton bulied them off the park

  68. James Ebola

    James EbolaBulan Yang lalu

    @Lazyatthecake - I did. That's why I'm asking...

  69. Lazyatthecake -

    Lazyatthecake -Bulan Yang lalu

    Watch the footage and you'll find out

  70. Osman Aguilar

    Osman AguilarBulan Yang lalu

    what defenders should chelsea buy in January? realistic options please

  71. Osman Aguilar

    Osman AguilarBulan Yang lalu

    @Lazyatthecake - lol what about ricardo carvahlo

  72. Lazyatthecake -

    Lazyatthecake -Bulan Yang lalu

    John Terry