Euro NCAP Crash & Safety Tests of Tesla Model X - 2019 - Best in Class - Large Off-Road



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    Do the crash test of tesla cybertruck

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  3. Brent Marr

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    hey that airbag must hurt. and that snapping neck

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  5. Master Playz

    Master Playz21 hari yang lalu

    Never buy auto pilot car

  6. Aidan Sheehan jr

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    All the plastic falls off ;-;

  7. Aidan Sheehan jr

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    No hazards? O_O

  8. Tractors Chemer

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    Nice car.

  9. алексей калашников

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    0:32 а ни хера что пассажир шею сломал ? 0:10 - 100% батарею сняли , а это минус полторы тонны ... И ещё вопросик , если перевёртыш как задние двери откроются ?

  10. Keshav Maskara

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    Who meets with an accident at 50 km/h??

  11. Sorenkair

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    why are they throwing body parts at cars tho

  12. ТихоХод channel

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    Смотрю на манекенов ,едущих на велосипеде и переходящих дорогу...ничем не отличаются от настоящих по уровню развития

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  14. Branflakes 4547

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    1:54 I love how someone thought "how much would it damage the car if we slammed into a pedestrian at high speeds?"

  15. Mr. Wing

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    Best job in the world smashing new cars

  16. Vuong Son Thanh

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    The best car all the world

  17. stephen swanepoel

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    When are we putting airbags at the back of driver and passenger seats. Do you see the kids almost break their necks???

  18. Jose Daniel Zuniga

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    The purpose of airbags is to not have you hitting the dashboard or wheel. They are designed to cover the dashboard, not to cushion your head. But they deploy with such force and speed that will usually break your neck.

  19. Rai Playz Gamez

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    Why are they wasting such cars

  20. Brownass2

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    I love watching these coal and nuclear powered cars being destroyed.

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    steve jobs crossing the street

  22. I E

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    вы этот эксперимент зимой на скользкой дороге проведите..))

  23. R T

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    Looks like Euro Ncap is advertising a Tesla

  24. weAreNotAloneHere

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    I wonder what a airbag on the neck rest would do if it set off after the persons head went forward, in order to stop the head jolting backwards so fast. No expert just a thought thats more likely been thought of and tested before

  25. M0nkyyy

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    A car for people who can't drive.

  26. D. Brandtair

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    That doll that walks from behind those cars is even hard for a human watching this video to see on time. Impressive

  27. Karburators Benzīns

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    where is cybertruck crash tests? or they dont make them becauce that ugly shit is unsafe

  28. Road to 1M subs Subscribe if you are cool

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    Elon Musk his a genius he maked the Tesla’s so beatiful car

  29. Brockton Laughrey

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    You need more english practice broski.. The correct way: "Elon Musk is a genius, and has made the Tesla's very beautiful"


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    RIP English

  31. varun thej

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    Wow!!! The best thing happend to human history in the current and previous decade was tesla.,

  32. 19brownboy81

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    Teslas are ok for safety, but they’ll never be like the car in Demolition Man. Spraying out foam in a crash is much better.

  33. Rtriy

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    A sturdy roof frame 1:43

  34. Rtriy

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    Tesla the best airbag 1:23

  35. 19brownboy81

    19brownboy81Bulan Yang lalu

    Umboh How exactly is that the best airbag? All cars with side airbags are like/similar to this. You’ve obviously never been thrown into an airbag during an accident.

  36. Holnap 11 Ma 10

    Holnap 11 Ma 10Bulan Yang lalu

    Tesla King 😎

  37. Trigger Troll

    Trigger TrollBulan Yang lalu

    This is at 31 mph. Damm . No wonder people doing sixty and hit head on don’t survive.

  38. Roy Batty

    Roy BattyBulan Yang lalu

    That's brave smashing up a Tesla like that. If the batteries get damaged and ignite, it will take a minimum of 6 hours to extinguish the resulting inferno.

  39. Bruh Moment

    Bruh MomentBulan Yang lalu

    Roy Batty You must be seriously misinformed. Take some time to do research. Teslas are highly unlikely to catch fire, and they catch fire less than gasoline cars.

  40. Roy Batty

    Roy BattyBulan Yang lalu

    @Bruh Moment no, like the one that crashed and burned and took the fire dept 7 hours to extinguish...

  41. Bruh Moment

    Bruh MomentBulan Yang lalu

    @Roy Batty Oh you mean like the model 3 that crashed into a pole and the entire battery back just crumpled and didnt ignite?

  42. Roy Batty

    Roy BattyBulan Yang lalu

    @Bruh Moment Yea there is plenty of video evidence online to the contrary.

  43. Bruh Moment

    Bruh MomentBulan Yang lalu

    x808drifter Well... Yes. The batteries are actually very fire resistant. The are closed off from other cells, so even if one “ignites” it just kind of melts and doesn’t explode.

  44. Dulan Who?

    Dulan Who?Bulan Yang lalu

    the only issue is with electric cars the battery pack in an accident. it is cause if it gets damaged then the car is burnt out in seconds

  45. marcostj01

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    still safer than a combustion engine


    ZETMAN RMBulan Yang lalu

    And if I want to crash intentionally...

  47. Raja Orr

    Raja OrrBulan Yang lalu

    The lack of engine allows more shock absorption.

  48. Pedro Henrique Alcantara

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    I even got neck pain from seeing these beats

  49. Cold Fusion & Space XXX

    Cold Fusion & Space XXXBulan Yang lalu

    Who edited this video? Amateurs...

  50. AJ096

    AJ096Bulan Yang lalu

    Many Tesla’s were hurt in the making of this video. Viewer discretion is advised.

  51. Boco LWN

    Boco LWNBulan Yang lalu

    Awesome! Now I can watch IDreporter and text at the same time while driving 🙂👍

  52. fernando dasilva

    fernando dasilvaBulan Yang lalu

    Tesla the safest machine ??? Hummmm i dont think sooo

  53. Bruh Moment

    Bruh MomentBulan Yang lalu

    it is. they are the safest cars on the road...

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    When I try to approach a woman, woman 2:44

  55. stilover ok

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    MEANWHILE in mustang Human detected crash to the human

  56. J K

    J KBulan Yang lalu

    where does smog-like air come from at collision?

  57. Kieran Hewitt

    Kieran HewittBulan Yang lalu

    I think it's the reaction causing the airbags to inflate causing the "smog" to appear.

  58. Budleee Bazz

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    ah, if failed the 30km AEB for child,

  59. alexis casanova

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    Seeing that poor car crashing it hurt my feeling not gonna lie. 💔😢

  60. Josh McCullough

    Josh McCulloughBulan Yang lalu

    So cool.

  61. Kenny Vu

    Kenny VuBulan Yang lalu

    Instruction was not cleared. My ribs broke

  62. skattergraph

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    What a piece of engineering

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  64. Eric Tselovanskyi

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    25 or 60 km/h - you're good 30km/h - you're fucked

  65. Albert :)

    Albert :)Bulan Yang lalu

    Thanks Ncap for the work you do. I sure would imagine you had some happy engineers during those tests. Beautiful to see such a safe car. And for that pedestrian for whom the system reduced the speed to 16kph,I guess it is as good as falling off a bike 😁 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

  66. goober

    gooberBulan Yang lalu

    All this testing then comes down to a 5 star scoring system... How dumb.

  67. matSABUnadalahCERDIKIAWAN

    matSABUnadalahCERDIKIAWANBulan Yang lalu

    lane support system; yes barrier support system; no

  68. Effrey Jeppstein

    Effrey JeppsteinBulan Yang lalu

    Yeah nevermind the numerous teslas that plowed into the back of a police cruiser, or the numerous teslas that rammed into the back of firetrucks, oh and the one that drove under a semi trailer, or the countless videos on IDreporter of them not recognizing stopped traffic ahead on freeways etc etc 🤨

  69. Effrey Jeppstein

    Effrey JeppsteinBulan Yang lalu

    @Bruh Moment Cool fallacy, Bruh! Those weren't deaths caused by a computer error, rather human error And if you think a tesla or other lipo battery bearing vehicle can't burn a hole in the road when the batteries are ignited... think again 🤭

  70. Bruh Moment

    Bruh MomentBulan Yang lalu

    yeah nevermind the numerous cars that weren’t teslas doing the exact same thing, or the gas cars that catch on fire everyday

  71. Mac Doodles

    Mac DoodlesBulan Yang lalu

    I'm dying to see the Cybertruck

  72. 지나가는씹선비

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    야이 호로시키들아 모델x를 이렇게 뽀갤거면 차라리 날 줘

  73. Thamindu kavinda

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    Perfect car?

  74. Critical Role Highlights

    Critical Role HighlightsBulan Yang lalu

    So when is the scale gonna get an extra notch because Tesla raised the bar on safety? We're still waiting. A car 15% less safe doesn't deserve the same rating as this, you know.