Etiquette, Manners, Charm Finishing School by Gloria Starr


  1. Brenda Kowalewycz

    Brenda Kowalewycz14 hari yang lalu

    Lol how else do you use a knife and fork? That’s exactly how we eat normally in Australia? Do Americans use the fork in their right hand and the knife in their left?

  2. Caelem517

    Caelem51729 hari yang lalu

    Question for you about formal dining: I’ve been told you should never cut your bread/roll at dinner, only tear it in half to butter it. Is this true?

  3. Caelem517

    Caelem51729 hari yang lalu

    Thank you!

  4. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr29 hari yang lalu

    Yes, you do not cut your bread. Breaking the bread is correct.

  5. Noelia A. Castillo

    Noelia A. CastilloBulan Yang lalu

    I love you!

  6. Gloria Starr

    Gloria StarrBulan Yang lalu

    Noelia A. Castillo Thank You, let’s make manners more important!

  7. The Story So Far

    The Story So Far2 bulan yang lalu

    I have finished off the finishing school non Hindus are stupid.🕉🤘🏽

  8. Joygernaut M

    Joygernaut M2 bulan yang lalu

    I really love that blouse where did you get it?

  9. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr2 bulan yang lalu

    Joygernaut M Thank you! I had had it for years and do not remember where I purchased the blouse.

  10. Sup Dude

    Sup Dude3 bulan yang lalu

    That coffee cup is beautiful!

  11. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr3 bulan yang lalu

    Thank You for adding your comment / compliment.

  12. Pople BackyardFarm

    Pople BackyardFarm4 bulan yang lalu

    subbed - I went to Charm school as a young lady and wanted to brush up :)

  13. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr4 bulan yang lalu

    Pople BackyardFarm I host s Modern Day Finishing School of Influence and Affluence Details at

  14. marie campanero

    marie campanero4 bulan yang lalu

    I love and appreciate that you do these videos!

  15. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr4 bulan yang lalu

    marie campanero Thank You so much for your lovely compliment!

  16. 11marylena

    11marylena4 bulan yang lalu

    I love that blouse she is wearing

  17. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr4 bulan yang lalu

    11marylena Thanks so much!

  18. beeski

    beeski4 bulan yang lalu

    Very informative, thank you for sharing!

  19. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr4 bulan yang lalu

    beeski Thank You, comments always appreciated!

  20. tubefreakmuva

    tubefreakmuva5 bulan yang lalu

    She's right!

  21. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr5 bulan yang lalu

    tubefreakmuva Thank you!

  22. Christie A

    Christie A7 bulan yang lalu

    We wouldn't call it "entrée" we call it "hors d'oeuvres" they are both different concepts.

  23. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr7 bulan yang lalu

    Yes, I agree and different cultures call it something different.

  24. MarianaLeno

    MarianaLeno8 bulan yang lalu

    I'm so glad that you mentioned "chew with your lips closed"... I have found soooooo many people making noises while chewing, opening their mouths and chasking with their tongue... I'm sorry, i just can't deal with it!!!!!!!

  25. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr8 bulan yang lalu

    Thank You for your Positive Comments.

  26. Zohreh

    Zohreh9 bulan yang lalu

    I back to hear her say, “the rules of the table are the rules of business”

  27. gu goop

    gu goop9 bulan yang lalu

    Thank you my mom taught me well!

  28. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr9 bulan yang lalu

    gu goop Excellent!

  29. manweller1

    manweller110 bulan yang lalu

    Thank you for uploading this 💜

  30. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr10 bulan yang lalu

    manweller1 Many thanks for your positive comments!

  31. JulieAnkha N.

    JulieAnkha N.10 bulan yang lalu

    Such good information. They need to teach this in high school/college. Even famous people on tv could learn a thing or two. Ive seen actors with salad on their fork. Flipping the fork all around like an airplane coming into the hanger. Seems like it was 1st time using cutlery.

  32. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr10 bulan yang lalu

    JulieAnkha N. I agree, everyone can benefit from etiquette lessons. Many famous, wealthy people need the basics and beyond when it comes to manners and the Social Graces!

  33. Jon Campos

    Jon Campos10 bulan yang lalu

    I think of all the times that I've grabbed a roll and broke it in half and then slathered it with butter. That's a pearl-clutcher.

  34. Synod Legionnaire 1

    Synod Legionnaire 110 bulan yang lalu

    Lovely gorgeous lady. Just watching and listening is of great quality.And thanks for the tips always good too refresh a little table discipline.

  35. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr10 bulan yang lalu

    james rumble Many thanks for your compliment!

  36. Carmen Rodriguez

    Carmen Rodriguez11 bulan yang lalu

    Lovely video, always timely.

  37. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr11 bulan yang lalu

    Carmen Rodriguez So pleased to know that my videos have added value!

  38. Roy gunewardene

    Roy gunewardene11 bulan yang lalu

    Well mannerd, well spoken, excellent. All the best

  39. Roy gunewardene

    Roy gunewardene9 bulan yang lalu

    u most well come madam.

  40. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr11 bulan yang lalu

    Roy gunewardene thank you for such a lovely compliment!!

  41. julie-anne thomas

    julie-anne thomasTahun Yang lalu

    So if your an actual princess and you don’t have manners? Someone help.

  42. Gloria Starr

    Gloria StarrTahun Yang lalu

    julie-anne thomas So if you are (grammar correction on your comment) a Princess, hire an expert to teach you!

  43. Venus Libra

    Venus LibraTahun Yang lalu

    I just watched my new favorite person of 2019. Thank you so much for sharing this video and your talents with us❤️

  44. Gloria Starr

    Gloria StarrTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you for such a Lovely Compliment! Lady Gloria Starr

  45. Winter Rose

    Winter RoseTahun Yang lalu

    My dad taught me this as a child once and ever since it has been very handy, not here in the states but in Europe.

  46. Viajando Y Aprendiendo

    Viajando Y AprendiendoTahun Yang lalu

    Very useful video. Thank you!

  47. Jamarcus Young's Video Station

    Jamarcus Young's Video StationTahun Yang lalu

    I like that women

  48. Barbara  Aspengen

    Barbara AspengenTahun Yang lalu

    I love this so nicely done

  49. Gloria Starr

    Gloria StarrTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you Barbara for the positive feedback on my videos! Lady Gloria Starr

  50. vilma juarez

    vilma juarezTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you very much Gloria Starr, you have tought me very much! Thank you again; hugs and kisses to all!

  51. Joy

    JoyTahun Yang lalu

    I wish you were my nanny, and I'd be a proper lady :'( Thank you for this lesson

  52. Gloria Starr

    Gloria StarrTahun Yang lalu

    Joy Thank you!

  53. Really Robert

    Really RobertTahun Yang lalu

    She is iconic.

  54. Zenobia Beckley

    Zenobia BeckleyTahun Yang lalu

    Lovely 💐

  55. Missprivina xoxoxo

    Missprivina xoxoxoTahun Yang lalu

    I love your channel

  56. Gloria Starr

    Gloria StarrTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you! I do so appreciate your compliment. Lady Gloria Starr

  57. Crystalised Gaming

    Crystalised GamingTahun Yang lalu

    Please make a video of Omani table manners

  58. Gloria Starr

    Gloria StarrTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you for your comment. I have not yet been to Oman and I am receptive to going to your beautiful country! I have worked and trained in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai, Doha and Saudi. I would be delighted to train and coach in your country! Please view my web site and then contact me to move forward.

  59. T P

    T PTahun Yang lalu

    This is so informative. I feel classy & elegant!!!

  60. Vara

    VaraTahun Yang lalu

    Mam, you urgently need to make a video for us men helping us how to act properly, when sitting at the table with a lady with beautiful and big, well, breasts to be blunt. It is such a torture, the most beautiful thing nature has created right there in front of you, while having to suffer for who knows how many hours, and worse even, having to look at the bill at the end and not even being sure if the dinner was in vain.

  61. Gloria Starr

    Gloria StarrTahun Yang lalu

    Just because you buy a woman dinner does not mean you are going to get lucky..... YES, I have created many videos for men. Such as How to dress for date night. These videos for men are "How to be a Gentleman of Style and Substance. Lady Gloria Starr

  62. sage bates

    sage batesTahun Yang lalu

    Gloria is so glamorous!

  63. Gloria Starr

    Gloria StarrTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you! Lady Gloria Starr

  64. Sherrie Wood

    Sherrie WoodTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you kindly Gloria for an informative video.

  65. DE Carr

    DE Carr2 tahun yang lalu

    This is excellent!

  66. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr2 tahun yang lalu

    +Thank you for the lovely compliment. Lady Gloria Starr

  67. Sonny12681

    Sonny126812 tahun yang lalu

    George Washington had a huge interest in exactly what this lady is teaching in this video. The proper Table manners that people use in the United States was actually created by George Washington himself.

  68. Morgan Olfursson

    Morgan Olfursson2 tahun yang lalu

    I was eating at Costes in Paris with a couple of friends last summer and next to our table was a bunch of extremely ill mannered tourists . After about 30 minutes and 5 very audible burps coming from our extremely loud neighbours , i really couldn't take it and walked to their table kindly suggesting that before eating at Costes or any restaurant for that matter they might maybe benefit from the services of and etiquette coach . To which one of them answered , if i'm going to learn etiquette i will choose etiquette Business or First . I didn't understand it at first , then burst out laughing , thinking the joke was actually hilarious , unfortunately he didn't understand my hilarity, and i sadly realized this person was actually being serious. So i went back to my table with a nice dinner parties story .

  69. Klaus O'Shaunacey

    Klaus O'Shaunacey2 tahun yang lalu

    Wow her properness and no nonsense attitude reminds me of Professor McGonnagall! I love it!

  70. Klaus O'Shaunacey

    Klaus O'Shaunacey2 tahun yang lalu

    Honestly, that's pleasing to hear. Shows that you don't have to be raised with etiquette to truly be a lady or gentleman.

  71. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr2 tahun yang lalu

    Klaus O'Shaunacey Thank you Klaus. I was not raised with this knowledge but acquired and studied Etiquette and Manners as an adult. I have trained and coached in 60 + countries. I simply love the work. Lady Gloria Starr

  72. Rebel Soscha

    Rebel Soscha2 tahun yang lalu

    World class.

  73. Brucia Vernelle Nkima

    Brucia Vernelle Nkima2 tahun yang lalu

    Love your manners and accents. It looks so sophisticated. I wish all American would speak in such a neat way😢

  74. Dom

    Dom2 tahun yang lalu

    So happy videos like these exist

  75. WorldOfEmmi

    WorldOfEmmi2 tahun yang lalu

    You put knives on the right of the plate and forks on the left but where do you put spoons for soup or foods other then dessert?

  76. Just Quirky Thoughts

    Just Quirky ThoughtsTahun Yang lalu

    WorldOfEmmi The dessert spoon would be above the dinner plate and the soup spoon would be to the left of the dinner knife and (this might be optional) the teaspoon.

  77. Deborah Graves

    Deborah Graves2 tahun yang lalu

    Please make a separate dessert video using very tall, stemmed dessert dishes and show where to put the fork and spoon when the dessert is finished.

  78. 7,892 views Hannah

    7,892 views Hannah2 tahun yang lalu

    😧 This is a struggle. I come from a long line of un-classy women. I've got to change 20 years of bad habit....

  79. tainalady

    tainalady7 bulan yang lalu

    You have to start somewhere my dear ... is a matter of discipline

  80. Nicky C - With Neopolitan Puppy Halo

    Nicky C - With Neopolitan Puppy Halo11 bulan yang lalu

    @SD W Same thing here, that's why I am reviewing and practicing from these refined ladies.

  81. SD W

    SD W11 bulan yang lalu

    Me too girl

  82. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr2 tahun yang lalu

    You can DO day at a time. Just "up your game."

  83. Bumpy Ride

    Bumpy Ride2 tahun yang lalu

    Does Gloria Starr live in Arkansas?

  84. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr2 tahun yang lalu

    It does not matter where I live. I work all over the world, anywhere a client needs me.

  85. Changyu Yan

    Changyu Yan2 tahun yang lalu

    This is really informative and helpful. Thank you very much!

  86. JG

    JG2 tahun yang lalu

    She looks so elegant 😍

  87. Paris Mercury

    Paris Mercury2 tahun yang lalu

    Classy Lady.

  88. miss royalty

    miss royalty2 tahun yang lalu

    I love her manners

  89. Tommy Difranco

    Tommy Difranco2 tahun yang lalu

    I wish more women behaved with such class and manners like this-Im not really a fan of the way things are today-just my opinion

  90. Madelyn Gordon

    Madelyn Gordon5 hari yang lalu

    Every person should be taught class and manners in my opinion.

  91. 98765

    98765Tahun Yang lalu

    I agree

  92. 없어수지

    없어수지Tahun Yang lalu

    I think we can all agree on making this a topic in school. Every human should be familiar with this etiquette and class.

  93. Virtual Insanity

    Virtual InsanityTahun Yang lalu

    I wish more men know they should let women in first and hold the doors for them... Just this little, dear male, just this little!

  94. Gucci Del Taco

    Gucci Del TacoTahun Yang lalu

    Men too.

  95. Christina George

    Christina George2 tahun yang lalu

    I still use manners where ever I go people give me looks well they could have it to.

  96. 523morena

    523morena2 tahun yang lalu

    So informative. Thank you

  97. Faith

    Faith2 tahun yang lalu

    Thank you.

  98. Dana Calhoun

    Dana Calhoun2 tahun yang lalu

    Any suggestions on Saudi Arabian online stores? I have similar cups, but they're champagne andtumblers. I'd love some coffee cups and saucers to complete the set.

  99. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr2 tahun yang lalu

    My preference is to purchase in a store so I can hold the cups. The Middle East has lovely china sets in the stores!

  100. Doug wicz

    Doug wicz2 tahun yang lalu

    Great video, thank you.

  101. G Q

    G Q2 tahun yang lalu

    What happens to the cutlery when the next course arrives? Do I have to pick it up and keep it for the next meal or the waiter will?

  102. Lily Gazou

    Lily GazouTahun Yang lalu

    Gloria Starr thank you. I had the same question.

  103. G Q

    G Q2 tahun yang lalu

    Perfect! Thanks for replying Gloria :)

  104. Gloria Starr

    Gloria Starr2 tahun yang lalu

    When you are finished with the current course, place your used utensils on the plate. The wait staff will remove these items and will bring you a new set of utensils for the next course that will be served.

  105. Rachel nolan

    Rachel nolan3 tahun yang lalu

    You are so cool!!!