Essential MTB Skills To Progress Your Riding | How To Improve On The Trail


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    Did you find these tips helpful?

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  3. daniel charlie fernandez

    daniel charlie fernandezBulan Yang lalu

    Yess, I remember when blake was a pro at dirt jumping but a beginner in mountain biking and now, look at him, head to head with Neil. I have also progressed a ton in a year thanks to you guys!, from clueless beginner, to double black diamond trails and jumps and drops and fast :)))) Thank you once more:))

  4. Nostalgic Shark3

    Nostalgic Shark3Bulan Yang lalu

    I did thanks as always. knowledge is power, and knowing is half the battle

  5. Alex

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  6. Adam Hobbs

    Adam HobbsBulan Yang lalu

    I accidently got the body positions mixed up so used climbing position on a downhill. The horn is now in me.

  7. LeadMunitions

    LeadMunitions24 hari yang lalu

    Im at the stage where i just what to feel like i can walk the following day after a ride.. 😹

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    I can't deal with how much of a nice guy Blake is

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    parabéns pelas dicas!!! (Brasil).

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    The horn 😂

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    I don’t like this trail

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    You sea roots I sea kickers

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    It would be nice to see beginner skills on a "beginner" bike

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    This is the rollercoastertrail isn't it?

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    Hey! You can listen to the introsong on Spotify:

  16. WK

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    Good stuff guys! Love your channel--We're building a pump track in the back yard right now. Been working on the base of the track with drainage pipes, will have it fenced off, etc.. Will have dirt delivered this spring=finish building it. Good riding!

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    ha ha ha love the face in the look ahead part :) :) :)

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    Can ugly people watch this too? I feel left out:(

  19. Jon The Beast Bowler

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    Yes use most of these Blake but the most tip I use is the breathing technique on big climbs! Ive been running to get my weight down n its working still a big lad 20 st 7lb. Great vid as always mate 👊🏻

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  21. Nazih & Chris Channel

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    😍 😍 😍

  22. Nazih & Chris Channel

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    🔥 🔥 🔥

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    WTF, you were in WA last week

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    Blake is the best thing to happen to GMBN!

  25. Roy Gunther

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    Very interesting tree opening at 5:04.

  26. Medieval Richard

    Medieval RichardBulan Yang lalu

    I want Blake to test my Carerra Kraken on a trail lol. I recently put Continental Trail King MTB - 2.4 tyres on for more grip via my rides. Love that bike! MR

  27. Adam Groves

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    Booking a holiday to Finale now, Beautiful people!

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    "this is 2 things in one" *lists 3*

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    Is this bike park wales??

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    That area is fantastic.. which spot is that

  31. Smokey McPot

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    you move like feather on the rocks

  32. SCoT7

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    Hey Blake, which saddle are you using? Thanks :)

  33. scotty Walker

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    About as helpful as a chocolate fireguard

  34. Sportys Business

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    Blake's not just a good rider, he's good at breaking down what he does into understandable chunks for muppets like me to follow. Now that's a talent! Thanks you beautiful person x

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    Go Samson Go!

  36. Dániel Köllő

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    5:19 hahahaha

  37. Mohd Faizat Bin M Noor

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    weight a bike in kg?

  38. Dan Force

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    thank you for shoing me

  39. Nostalgic Shark3

    Nostalgic Shark3Bulan Yang lalu

    How do you judge the speed you need for a beginner jump to pro jumps, and the different types of jumps like hips, gaps big and small, etc? thanks

  40. Buck Roger

    Buck RogerBulan Yang lalu

    Where's the strava speed tips 😅

  41. Doug Gore

    Doug GoreBulan Yang lalu

    Don’t really have to worry bout moving forward on my seat. My Fezzari la Sal peak has a super steep seat angle. Feels like I can climb anything in it. BTW your videos are the best Blake

  42. adrian moon

    adrian moonBulan Yang lalu

    Get your weight waaay over the front, but also in the middle... :)

  43. The Bike Hippie

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    Blake back on flats! All is right with the world

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    A like yuor video guy Blake is good waht yu a blast of the a good #progressibe in thes possess in the #progressibebike tambi a good posibitis of the asendi o desendin in trial bike medr cautel and security of the session's ride of thes lugars of the free mountain bike is Heavy yeeeaaaa guy Blake. Saluds a Tod's the guy's of #GMBN and #gmbntech chou 🗣️ yyeaaaa from the Santig of Chile 🇨🇱 🤘😀🤘

  46. bobtheguy6

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    What I've found helpful in progressing is trial by fire. Ride with someone or a group that is faster than you, much faster than you, and try to keep up with them for as long as possible, follow their lines, watch what they do and copy them. I've found that doing this often, like once a week, will make you progress much faster than you would normally.

  47. Joel Marble

    Joel MarbleBulan Yang lalu

    I feel like these are the essential beginner skills to riding on the trail and not necessarily skills to improve your riding. am I wrong? Great video nonetheless!!!!!

  48. Joel Marble

    Joel MarbleBulan Yang lalu

    @Shannon Hoyle I'm wrong but you say they are skills for ALL LEVELS... then you continue to practice them and progress. you literally just went on a rant proving my hypothesis. just because they are skills EVERYONE, including beginners, should PRACTICE doesn't mean they are advanced skills. if you drive a car looking 10 ft in front of you you will crash, just like on a bike. if you don't look for potholes or things in the roadway you could mess up your car or crash, just like on a bike. BASIC BEGINNER are wrong

  49. Shannon Hoyle

    Shannon HoyleBulan Yang lalu

    By all ways honing and improving your baseline skills, all your skills improve across the board. You dont get better at something by doing it once or twice, you get better by doing it over and over. Practice makes perfect and Use it or lose it are not just sayings, they are reality. These skills are for all levels, spend an afternoon or two actually focusing on these skills instead of the trails and watch what happens when you do go back to the trails. So sorry to say, but yeah you are wrong. Ride on people

  50. Piers B.

    Piers B.Bulan Yang lalu

    Those looking ahead facial expression - magic. Just pump that drop and have some fun on it.

  51. JR

    JRBulan Yang lalu

    Over 1 month of heavy rain in Liguria, press F to pay respect for Finale's trails.

  52. DB1

    DB1Bulan Yang lalu

    Love the vid thanks. About to upgrade my bike been riding hardtail for years, mainly trail riding. Basically got a choice of 2 bikes: Trek Roscoe hardtail with 650b+, or Jamis Dakar A2 full sus. Any advice from anyone would be greatly received I've never ridden full sus or plus size before. Thanks in advance beautiful people :-)

  53. DB1

    DB1Bulan Yang lalu

    @Daft Biker bought the Roscoe today picking up next week 😎

  54. DB1

    DB1Bulan Yang lalu

    @Daft Biker Thanks for the advice though much appreciated.

  55. Daft Biker

    Daft BikerBulan Yang lalu

    @DB1 I wish I could say yes but I've only ridden 29/27.5 Hardtails before!

  56. DB1

    DB1Bulan Yang lalu

    @Daft Biker Nice. I love the way it looks too. Have you owned a full sus yourself to compare it to?

  57. Daft Biker

    Daft BikerBulan Yang lalu

    @DB1 much higher level of components and lifetime frame warranty etc on the trek. Then again I'm completely biased owning a Roscoe and beating the shit out of it! Also plus size gives you confidence on corners and all around fun boost to your ride the harder you push it.

  58. David

    DavidBulan Yang lalu

    Blake brings sunshine to our snowy winter. BTW - I would love to see some fat bike snow skills and technique videos. It's global fat bike day on Saturday.

  59. Pete Vogel

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    Slightly bothered by that face at 5:18

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    Where's your Bum bag Blake ?? #blakesbumbag

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    @Blake Samson keep up the good work. more adventure vids for the summer 🤟🤟

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    paddy meehan haha left it off this time

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    this is the first time ive seen Blake in the gmbn fade jersey

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    7:15 Italian Blake

  65. The stuff we come up with

    The stuff we come up withBulan Yang lalu

    Nice vid as always

  66. Oran Fitzsimons

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    I swear he's on a different bike every single video

  67. Rupert Wenn

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    Minty has gone....he has a blue one now

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  69. maxthebax

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    No he uses the same one canyon strife

  70. Mark Turner-smith

    Mark Turner-smithBulan Yang lalu

    My mental block is still large jumps/gap jumps or large drops after crashes involving such things in the past - just mentally freeze up due to fear. Yet done Mountain Bike XC for years (since 1991 - 2003 then 13 years break from serious riding returning to XC racing 2015) never seemed to feaze me at all younger years but since my return to things 2015 & XC race big jumps or gap jumps on courses I have to basically take "B" lines just know not taking "A" costs lots in lap times. If a "flowing" section which has natural "pump" to it and naturally might bits of air do OK on and 90% of my skills good (get reasonable results - with a 12th overall veterans classin southern XC regional series first year back 2016 after 12yrs away!) just that little bit on big stuff in XC courses where you have to "think" on the jump rather than a flowing section. I know it lose me big time in racing.

  71. Greg Walker

    Greg WalkerBulan Yang lalu

    I have the same saddle on my bike just with red trim. I love it

  72. Greg Walker

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    @luke farrell Ergon SM Pro Men's saddle

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    What is it?

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    Another mtb dice video

  75. Marcus Julian

    Marcus JulianBulan Yang lalu

    Most basic habits which are easily understood, more easier forgotten but it impacts your riding tremendously. For advanced beginners like me these tips cant be said often enough and Blake does a fantastic job telling me😅

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    Very helpful video!! thanks Blake ❤❤

  77. Blake Samson

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    Bachir Soukar you’re are welcome 🙏

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    Quality content lads 🤙🏻🤙🏻

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    A lot of this I already know but still a really helpful video

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    "Oh someone called me beautiful and it was not my mom" 👌😂