1. derpy minecraft

    derpy minecraftJam Yang lalu

    U posted this video on my birthday

  2. Amanda Steele

    Amanda Steele2 jam yang lalu

    What josh is playing?

  3. Aria c.

    Aria c.3 jam yang lalu

    I play on mobile and it is easy

  4. Leonor Caldiera

    Leonor Caldiera8 jam yang lalu

    A IDreporterr has 15 children

  5. Goat Effect

    Goat Effect9 jam yang lalu

    I love you

  6. Yani Santos

    Yani Santos9 jam yang lalu

    Lov ur vids☺

  7. Indah Septarina

    Indah Septarina14 jam yang lalu

    Wait u flim 8 vids in 1 day!😱😱😱

  8. BellieBellie Doggy Blogs

    BellieBellie Doggy Blogs18 jam yang lalu

    Preston beat them!!!

  9. raynemikael rubian

    raynemikael rubian18 jam yang lalu

    Mobile is hard

  10. James Whelan

    James Whelan19 jam yang lalu

    Preston I got your March on Roblox

  11. Ash Lally

    Ash Lally20 jam yang lalu

    Preston play super hero simulator

  12. Courtney Gatewood

    Courtney Gatewood22 jam yang lalu


  13. Tracy Gibbons

    Tracy GibbonsHari Yang lalu

    Preston mobile is so easy

  14. Andrew Misiukiewicz

    Andrew Misiukiewicz2 hari yang lalu

    I have 7brothers and sisters including me

  15. All About Andy

    All About Andy2 hari yang lalu

    This is how many times that Preston say dad coming

  16. Keneene Betty

    Keneene Betty2 hari yang lalu

    Mobile is easyer

  17. Juozas Zlatkauskas

    Juozas Zlatkauskas3 hari yang lalu

    100 levels

  18. phương phạm

    phương phạm3 hari yang lalu

    Preston use shift lock it's helpes u sense your so bad at the obbey lol Sorry can't spell

  19. Lena Arnold

    Lena Arnold8 jam yang lalu

    phương phạm mean

  20. Sofia Hernandes

    Sofia Hernandes3 hari yang lalu

    Play esckp ball pit its eaey if you do thank you.

  21. Aged HerculesBTW

    Aged HerculesBTW3 hari yang lalu

    How is it escape slender man when your going towards slender man that don't make sense

  22. Mr. Doggotin

    Mr. Doggotin3 hari yang lalu

    its not even scary but sub to them

  23. Zane the Legendary

    Zane the Legendary3 hari yang lalu

    Moibel is easier

  24. BUZZ KILL 69

    BUZZ KILL 693 hari yang lalu


  25. Brenlee Nelson

    Brenlee Nelson4 hari yang lalu

    How old is he actually asked Sam right now

  26. Brenlee Nelson

    Brenlee Nelson4 hari yang lalu

    How old is Sam little brother

  27. Quinn Pace

    Quinn Pace4 hari yang lalu

    i think peanuts make peanutbutter

  28. Brittney To

    Brittney To4 hari yang lalu

    WHEN YOU SAID PEANUTS I can’t eat it cuz you know (I CANT SPELL)

  29. miguel ohara song Maslanka

    miguel ohara song Maslanka5 hari yang lalu

    I love your cat

  30. Conner Wood

    Conner Wood5 hari yang lalu

    You also need fire

  31. Conner Wood

    Conner Wood5 hari yang lalu

    Mobiles pretty easy preston

  32. Pamela Batchelor

    Pamela Batchelor5 hari yang lalu


  33. Andrea Escamilla

    Andrea Escamilla5 hari yang lalu

    Actually my mom plays Roblox And i tell her i will buy her 100000 Roblox if she lets me stay up at night

  34. Dana Vecchiarino

    Dana Vecchiarino5 hari yang lalu

    Hey everyone!! Im bored so I'm going to give out my roblox user! It is Livalittle_LIV, Bye!

  35. Anna’s -

    Anna’s -6 hari yang lalu

    Do the Crazy Bank Heist obby it’s so cool

  36. Jessica Prado07

    Jessica Prado076 hari yang lalu

    You watch naruto so do i.

  37. Misty Night

    Misty Night7 hari yang lalu

    I'm like 9 and I go to bed at 1:00 pm

  38. Misty Night

    Misty Night7 hari yang lalu

    Mobile dang hard obbys impossible

  39. Marcin Bielak

    Marcin Bielak7 hari yang lalu

    Get ur saren under the green blue yellow

  40. Sharon Tohh

    Sharon Tohh7 hari yang lalu

    Slender slender man


    JAVIER HERNANDEZ8 hari yang lalu

    👑 🎃 👕 👖

  42. Donovin Joplin

    Donovin Joplin8 hari yang lalu

    The mobile version of Roblox is trash

  43. doctor_no_name

    doctor_no_name9 hari yang lalu

    Instilling say you're dying on this level press then he

  44. Teresa Clayton

    Teresa Clayton9 hari yang lalu

    Slender man is not scary

  45. Darius Ha

    Darius Ha10 hari yang lalu

    on the guessing one you don't guess you look under the lines first

  46. Mary Intlekofer

    Mary Intlekofer10 hari yang lalu


  47. Jovani Bacante

    Jovani Bacante10 hari yang lalu

    Slendy patendy

  48. Flawn Amnesia

    Flawn Amnesia10 hari yang lalu

    Hey preston can you give me robux please

  49. JazLevmum Claytom

    JazLevmum Claytom11 hari yang lalu

    To so the colour one is by moving your camera to all Fake = camera gose through it Real = camera can't go through it ROBLOX NAME treeckoman202 Plz add me

  50. Reid Patterson

    Reid Patterson13 hari yang lalu

    On Roblox

  51. Reid Patterson

    Reid Patterson13 hari yang lalu

    My mane is sf5280