Emma Chamberlain & Ethan Dolan Speak On Their Relationship & React To Jake Paul's Wedding 7.12.19


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    you are a good paparazzi!

  3. Reba Boles

    Reba Boles7 bulan yang lalu

    I love your

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    dipa datta7 bulan yang lalu

    Ķ0&9()990, . .. ?;'@@)(&(99

  5. Gemma Kerr

    Gemma Kerr7 jam yang lalu

    “I’m a ghost, I just float around” I love emma 😂

  6. Gabriella Lambert

    Gabriella LambertHari Yang lalu

    “I never felt them” ok Ethan! 😂 That person in the lift must of heard all kinds of stuff! 😂

  7. ngaire black

    ngaire black3 hari yang lalu

    nobody: emma: literally i’m ghost just floating around

  8. Michu05 R.m.m

    Michu05 R.m.m6 hari yang lalu

    Seriously you act like a kindergartener. Girls can have friends that are boys with out liking each other. We learned this in elementary school. Grow the f*ck up

  9. Michu05 R.m.m

    Michu05 R.m.m6 hari yang lalu

    Please be kinder to these people

  10. rose crowther

    rose crowther13 hari yang lalu

    How does Ethan look that good after a workout omg

  11. Sarah Nay

    Sarah Nay15 hari yang lalu

    i can’t watch this video it physically pains me

  12. jo o

    jo o17 hari yang lalu

    2:59 "she will take good care of you" Ethan:"😬"

  13. jo o

    jo o17 hari yang lalu

    Ethan: "He's at the house building sum ." Me : little does he know he's getting pranked

  14. Lieve Vlindertjes.

    Lieve Vlindertjes.18 hari yang lalu

    That guy is drinking from a empty bottle.

  15. Katelyn Kischnick

    Katelyn Kischnick19 hari yang lalu

    Why is she wearing two bras

  16. giselle seron

    giselle seron24 hari yang lalu

    no one: emma: i- i- i’m just- uh- a ghost

  17. Martha Thomassiny

    Martha Thomassiny24 hari yang lalu

    CEO: of Let me ask u this

  18. Lily Lamble

    Lily Lamble26 hari yang lalu

    How come no one noticed Emma opening her arm to Ethan and he rejected??! 0:21

  19. Daisy Siranee

    Daisy Siranee26 hari yang lalu

    Wtf let them live their life

  20. Erin Julia

    Erin Julia27 hari yang lalu

    They were such good sports, if that happened to me i would flip shit

  21. Hussain B

    Hussain B27 hari yang lalu

    why is ethan looking 10x more hotter here

  22. Canvas 2

    Canvas 2Bulan Yang lalu

    Dolan twins get invited and they decide not to go gr8

  23. hanna jochems

    hanna jochemsBulan Yang lalu

    Can you just stop bothering people? This isn’t human behaviour jeez

  24. Alyssa Buchleitner

    Alyssa BuchleitnerBulan Yang lalu

    That guy in the background 🤣🤣

  25. emmy a

    emmy aBulan Yang lalu

    3:07 I thought that was Joe Goldberg

  26. alex grace

    alex graceBulan Yang lalu

    omg i remember when this came out

  27. billie eilish

    billie eilishBulan Yang lalu

    This is actually inspiring me to workout

  28. Wolvv_ _ _ Jama

    Wolvv_ _ _ JamaBulan Yang lalu

    Wait why did Ethan go with Emma *if your remember the video turning into Emma chamberlain* I thought Ethan never wanted. To go back their again and grayson wanted to go 😕?

  29. Ruby-Jean Jones

    Ruby-Jean JonesBulan Yang lalu

    This....my friends.....is where it all ended

  30. AvexGab

    AvexGabBulan Yang lalu

    I wish they were still together. They were so cute. I feel like the whole emtha and ethma stuff totally put them off.

  31. atunaisa Vaka

    atunaisa VakaBulan Yang lalu

    She literally is the like the best she doesn’t like thinks she rich and do something to other ppl feel bad she is the best

  32. Catherine and Nick

    Catherine and NickBulan Yang lalu

    This interview is still my favorite😂

  33. Liv Loeffler

    Liv LoefflerBulan Yang lalu

    Ethan- Grayson is at home building some crap! * Little did Ethan know he was getting pranked*

  34. Breylynn Trussell

    Breylynn TrussellBulan Yang lalu

    Not yet 🤦🏼👀

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    Louise ThomasBulan Yang lalu

    I miss this 😭

  36. Lowkey lofi

    Lowkey lofiBulan Yang lalu

    Emma is obviously annoyed

  37. Moon自殺

    Moon自殺Bulan Yang lalu

    Id be embarrassed to be a fan and wait outside of some place for them, get a life man lmao

  38. annaoop

    annaoop2 bulan yang lalu

    Its sad because they try so hard to explain themselves but they really don’t owe people that

  39. Lotte’s World

    Lotte’s World2 bulan yang lalu

    I just love fragrance -Ethan Dolan

  40. dolans lvst

    dolans lvst2 bulan yang lalu

    who.. *talks* to people like this?

  41. Brooklyns world454545

    Brooklyns world4545452 bulan yang lalu

    Why does everyone keep asking if they are dating if they are they are and if they aren't they aren't we just need to let them be because there is stuff that people want to keep private

  42. lmao hi

    lmao hi2 bulan yang lalu

    ethan is literally so perfect wth

  43. Hessa Aldereih

    Hessa Aldereih2 bulan yang lalu

    Where’s Grayson? “He’s at the house building some shit” LOLL 😂 Poor Grayson always left out😂

  44. Hessa Aldereih

    Hessa Aldereih2 bulan yang lalu

    Emma is so freakin cute

  45. Beautiful Cuts

    Beautiful Cuts2 bulan yang lalu

    This should be titled Ethan Dolan drinking air for 3 minutes straight

  46. Rachel Castillo

    Rachel Castillo3 bulan yang lalu

    tbh I miss ethma, even if it wasn't even a thing, I still miss it, tbh I don't even like Emron. I'M SORRY DON'T COME AT ME! 💀

  47. Mariana Ch.

    Mariana Ch.3 bulan yang lalu

    i'M a gHosT

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    who’s here after Emma and Aaron? 😳

  49. amourszn

    amourszn3 bulan yang lalu

    I wish they still hung out..😭

  50. SM peace

    SM peace3 bulan yang lalu

    Noooo hate but maybe theyr doing this on purpose?

  51. кαѕєу

    кαѕєу3 bulan yang lalu

    for some reason i dont want to watch this because of how scared i am..

  52. Makayla Blake

    Makayla Blake3 bulan yang lalu

    Omggg the impression was spot onnnnn💀 what is this guy’s accent?

  53. Sarah Ward

    Sarah Ward3 bulan yang lalu

    I’m getting second hand awkwardness from this😂

  54. cascadestars

    cascadestars3 bulan yang lalu

    seriously......... who cares? who cares who is making out with who?!

  55. Clara holo

    Clara holo3 bulan yang lalu

    Its they're Private life ya'll not ok

  56. Annabelle Scott

    Annabelle Scott3 bulan yang lalu

    Why r u being a beyotch

  57. Alexis Monica

    Alexis Monica3 bulan yang lalu

    am i like the only one who sees Ethan and Emma as just friends?! i think it would be kinda weird for them to be a couple! people are only shipping it because Emma is like the only girl-friend the twins have (i’m guessing)

  58. Chillz Ville

    Chillz Ville3 bulan yang lalu


  59. Elise Doman

    Elise Doman3 bulan yang lalu

    Honestly who dose this guy think he is

  60. serena vera

    serena vera3 bulan yang lalu

    be a good fan and let them have their own time. don’t wait for them outside of a literal SOUL CYCLE CLASS. they never get a break i swear

  61. Deanna T

    Deanna T4 bulan yang lalu

    Ethan did get invited lol

  62. ForEva Maeva

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    What the hell is wrong with this guy And here I am giving him views

  63. JackyrCheese Peeza

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    The probably can’t go to this soul cycle anymore